Moon in the Mirror

By Phil Plait | January 27, 2010 7:30 am

You may know me as a buster of the Moon landing hoax claims, debunking the dumbosity of people who think the Apollo missions were faked.

But I have been leaked a picture that makes it clear that the truth behind Apollo was far, far bigger than anyone has ever suspected. In fact, it’s a real Thriller.

Reader Dan Brennan from the Unmanned Space Flight bulletin board sent this picture to me:


It’s a shot from Apollo 11 of Buzz Aldrin in the command module, a screen capture from the amazing (but Flash-heavy) site We Choose the Moon. Before I even read the content of Dan’s email I knew what he wanted to show me. Can you see it? Look just to the right of Buzz, at what should be a gauge on the control panel… but actually shows what looks for all the world (well, all the cis-lunar space) like Michael Jackson!

In fact, I think it is Michael Jackson.

jackson_apolloThe evidence is overwhelming. Sure, he looks like he’s wearing an eyepatch, but given his wardrobe choices over the years, is an eyepatch all that unlikely? And look at this picture for comparison — my Photoshop skillz are unmatched (happily for millions of satisfied Adobe customers). The resemblance is too strong to be coincidence.

So what’s the deal? You might think that Buzz was a fan, so he had a picture of Jackson taped to the console — though Michael was only about 11 when our first mission to the Moon launched, so that’s silly. The gauge in the panel is visible in other images, and you can tell there’s a glass cover on it. That means the face is not taped on, but is in fact a reflection!

The conclusion is clear. What’s going on here, obviously, is that a time-traveling Michael Jackson stowed away aboard the Apollo 11 capsule to experience the mission for himself.

I mean, c’mon. How do you think he learned how to moonwalk?



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  1. Clearly Big Boss helped fake the moon landings for the Patriots.

  2. Slapping my head and sighing in bemusement. I was never able to learn to do the moonwalk. Maybe I should have time travelled back to 1969 so I could hang out with Buzz in the LEM watching Neil take his first step.

  3. MPG

    It’s obviously Space Micheal, the future boss of dance-based TV station Space Channel 5. There’s even a “save the astronauts” section in the first game. What more evidence do you need!?

  4. That’s not MJ. It’s the guy (sometimes called “The Man”) who directs all of the Big Evil Conspiracy’s hoaxes.

  5. the bug guy

    Sorry Phil, but that’s clearly Heath Ledger in Joker makeup wearing the eyepatch. :)

  6. Sam Beaven

    @the bug:
    Have you ever seen them both in the same room at the same time? Huh?

    In all serious though, this is clearly an effort by the mind-control reptilians to use Phil to discredit The Truth in order to forward their New World Order of Lies and Flimflam. Somehow.

  7. Oh Phil, I think you made up that whole post, just so you could use that really really bad line – How do you think he learned how to moonwalk?

    Keep up the good work.


  8. Pi-needles

    No, no, its another sign from the FSM – he sent an (almost) invisible pirate up there to protect them! 😉

  9. Hannu Siivonen

    It wasn’t Michael Jackson. It was the weird white guy who later pretendet to be him. He’s much, much older than Jackson. Didn’t you know Jackson’s body was found in the basement of Neverland Ranch, when a search conducted during the pedophilia scandal (the latter one). I read it from The Sun (or something) so it must be true

  10. ND

    Looks more like Eric Draven from The Crow, with an eye patch.

  11. Petrolonfire

    Sure it isn’t really *Janet* Jackson who the Apollo crew have smuggled aboard for … er .. fun .. ? She’s older than Whacko was, no? So why’s she wearing one eyepatch? Well she’s got to cover something up somehow! 😉

    Given the choice of Jackson’s I’d prefer Janet over Michael anyday & I bet Buzz would too. 😉

    (Especially now! 😉 )

    Mike Collins loneliest man in the history of Humanity? Or was he eh?? Was it really Janet Jackson and Mike Collins up there in the LEM as those first feet hit the lunar regolith? Squeezy but I bet they could’ve got Janet in there with Buzz, Mike & Neil! Now there’s an eye-opening lunar conspiracy -a woman smuggled in with them – and did she, could she, have secretly been the first woman on the Moon? 😉

  12. Gus Snarp

    That is clearly Number 2 from Austin Powers.

  13. Ken

    @the bug guy: Yes, it was The Joker, stowed away aboard Apollo 11. I don’t know why nobody bothers to read the full mission transcripts. There’s clearly a section where The Joker reveals that both Mike in the CM and Neil in the LM have triggers that will blow up the other spaceship. In the end, Adam West and Burt Ward show up and save the day.

  14. Charlie Young

    Thanks for that, BA. Now I can’t get the image of MJ out of my mind to see that gauge for what it really is.

  15. Mike

    “Moon in the Mirror”. You should have saved that title for your post on Obama abandoning the Moon.

  16. Thomas Siefert

    @Charlie Young
    Hope you’re not a pilot :-)

  17. Chris

    So when God travels through time to put his image on a cheese sandwich, it’s pareidolia, but when MJ appears in Apollo 11, you accept it without question.

  18. Andre

    Looks more like the Joker with an eye patch actually

  19. Speaking of moon landings… Bad news for NASA on the Constillation front.
    Click name for story.

  20. Chris G

    Hmmm, I think it looks more like a Borg leader. The eyepatch is clearly an early version of the enhance vision doohickeys we see in future movies! Not only is this proof of time travel, by the Borg, no less, it turns out that Star Trek was/is a series of documentaries!

    Resistance is futile….

  21. iamvanguard

    That’s not Micheal Jackson. It’s Jigsaw, from all the ‘Saw’ movies.

  22. Gary Ansorge

    20. Chris G

    “Star Trek was/is a series of documentaries!”

    Should have been, was/is/WILL BE a documentary.(Ok. So? I’m a nit picker.)

    Ah, Michael the Time Traveler. What a talented guy. Now we know how he ended up so pale. He got bleached when he passed too close to the sun during his time traveling.(The sun seems to be heavily involved in time travel. Both StarTrek AND StarGate used it.)

    Gary 7

  23. Stanley H. Tweedle

    How about ‘Man In The Mirror’?

    Look up some of his other songs too! They’re fab’!

  24. Stanley H. Tweedle

    And he didn’t wear an eyepatch!

  25. Chip

    I don’t quite see Michael Jackson but instead one of the kids from Southpark with an eye patch. Probably Cartman. Also, what’s the big bright reflection to the upper right? It looks like the Moon or Earth through a window and there’s an Astronaut in a white spacesuit running along a dreadlock.

  26. John Paradox

    Sure it’s not Fearless Leader, the boss of Boris and Natasha?

    Speaking of hoaxers, I have on my RSS feed “Internet Archive: Mediatype- movies” and there are a lot of ‘video proofs’ about the Apollo landings being faked. Some of them include:

    Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Astronauts Ceiling Cable Supports Were Made Stronger Than Previous Simulations
    Apollo 8 : Footprints in Beach-Sand Seen in The Fake Moon Orbit Telecast
    Apollo 14 : Astronaut’s Space-Suit Buttock is Torn- Exposing His Underwear in The Nevada Fake Moon Bay
    Apollo : Disney used Fake Miniature Astronauts in The Photos
    Metal Framework & Lifting Clasps Seen in Disney’s Fake Moon Rocks in the Nevada Fake Moon Bay

    Some of the best examples of Pareidolia I’ve ever seen.


  27. That’s not Micheal Jackson. It’s Keith Richards!

  28. Leslie S

    Some website claiming to be the official website of the moon just renamed a crater after a very famous Bollywood actor (Shah Rukh Khan) and Michael Jackson not too long ago. The story about the Bollywood guy though is getting an insane amount of attention and after looking at the site, I’m worried about the scams they’re probably running now on his fans (And Michael’s).

    I’m trying to tell people that this is a con job and that a) you can’t just change the name of a crater and b) you can’t sell land or a spot on a moon colony. It claims NASA will want ordinary civilians on the moon along with scientists and for 16 bucks, you’re in! It’s making me want to tear my hair out trying to inform people, especially in India, about the fraud. Everyone is so thrilled an Indian has a “piece of the moon” that they aren’t paying attention to the red flags.

  29. Douglas Troy

    Moon in the Mirror … *snicker*

  30. molybdenumfist

    or running a nuclear power plant… Doh!

  31. Todd

    No way this is Michael Jackson. It’s got to be General Chang!

  32. bassmanpete

    I mean, c’mon. How do you think he learned how to moonwalk?

    Ronnie Hawkins was doing the moonwalk in the 50s, before MJ was even born. There used to be a clip on youtube but I can’t find it now.

  33. Larry


    I looked really hard at the photo to try to find the image you see. Reason being that the glass covered instrument looks like a common gyroscope (similar to what you have in any aircraft). As a part of the Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHARS) it shows the pilot the attitude (specifically the roll angle) of the (space-) craft relative to the reference…usually a nearby planet, at least for the aircraft I’ve flown…

    Until I saw your artistic enhancement of the Michael Jackson picture, I was unable to decipher your ‘pareidolia’… Then again, I have trouble seeing the picture in those Magic Eye 3D posters, too. :-)

  34. Fake! If it was really a reflection of MJ, the eye patch should be on the other eye! Wait… Unless MJ *is* the instrument????

  35. Haha,I admire Michael Jackson! He was the most talented to ever do it! We will never ever have someone like Michael Jackson! RIP to the KING!


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