In which I am neologistic

By Phil Plait | January 28, 2010 12:00 pm

[Apparently, as commenters have, um, commented, I wasn’t the first to make this word up. But I did do it independently, and until someone can prove time traveling pundits didn’t steal from me in the future, I’ll still it to be mine. Hold on, I’m getting a note… apparently I’ve already left a comment making this same joke. I guess future me read this update and used a time machine to steal this joke from present me. Sneaky.]

The other day, while commenting on Twitter about the comedy of Mike Adams’ toddler-like tantrum about skeptics and how his advice which can lead to people getting sicker or even dying should absolutely make him eligible for an Internet award, I coined a new word, and I feel that everyone should see it:


I hereby grant free license for its use. You may thank me later, as I know you will when a situation arises where you need to use this word. And it will.

In the meantime, if you are so inclined and have an established Twitter account, please vote for Rachael Dunlop for a Shorty Award. She is a good friend and a tireless fighter of quackery and alt-med health threats. You can read more about her here.


Comments (19)

  1. Bubba

    I won’t vote for her. Mike Adams says she’s fat.;)

  2. That’s a good chunk of a Twitter post all by itself.

  3. Lewknukem

    Unfortunately you didn’t appear to coin that word, only re-coined. First use according to google for Schadenfreudelicious was back in 2005. Too bad that word was already cromulent.

  4. stefan

    “MMR Scare Doctor Acted Unethically”
    A good article and I think it might qualify for your newly coined term.

  5. This link should submit a nomination for Rachael Dunlop: – It opens up Twitter and pre-fills with appropriate wording.

  6. Can you vote for someone more than once? ūüėČ

    Already voted for her. <3

  7. Chip

    That’s right up there with Will Ferrell’s “Scrumtrulescent!” but in a Germanic sort of way, though Will’s term has positive connotations. I think Olberman has used the term “Schadenfreudelicious” once with regard to Faux News.

  8. Larian LeQuella: You can but only the most recent one counts.

  9. jtradke

    Sorry, but the skeptic in me must point out that this is not a new coinage. Language Log scooped you:

  10. Phil, phil, phil…

    The least you could have done was to do an internet search on Schadenfreudelicious and you would have seen its use in prior art. You let me down. You let yourself down. Research and evidence should come before ego-fueled proclamations.

  11. I want to make a song with that, right now. Sadly, I have a cold, so I can’t sing/rap for now. But, some day.

    Don’t worry, all my music is free. No profiteering here.

  12. 6,390 Google results and plenty of prior art? Sounds a little credulous of you, Phil. It seems that all the sceptics on this page are in the comments.

    “A neologism? Phil, that’s a word you just made up.”

  13. ccpetersen

    Heh. So,I went to vote for Carolyn Porco in science and the page blipped out to blank (white screen of death) when I voted. When it came back, it looked like my vote didn’t go through. So, I tried to vote again and I think the second time it went through twice. I wonder if they’re having massive hits on the page? Anyway, I hope it doesn’t mess up Carolyn’s count. Nonetheless, I’m now leery of voting over there since the page was acting so strangely.

  14. Bill the Splut
  15. Bill the Splut

    I came up with that in September 2003:

    But it’s kind of obvious when you think about it. It’s like how everyone on 9/12/2001, from Lileks to Zippy the Pinhead, came up with the “Hey, Mr Taliban, tally me bananas” joke. Even though the joke made no sense, and trivialized the event. One internet douchebag actually tried to sue everyone in the world who also simultaneously came up with it. He was not successful.

  16. Phil, you’ve coined others, don’t feel down! What about “embiggen?”

    You motivated me to stake my claim on a new phrase we can all use well:

  17. OKI, it looks like there are other extremely smart people out there who made this word up independently of mew.

    But Patrick (#10) you can’t prove that they didn’t use a time machine to steal the idea from me in the future and bring it to the past. So you’ve let me down too.

  18. I didn’t invent that word, but back in 2006, I coined a variation of the S word (Schadenfreude, not the other one) that you might find amusing:

    Give it a looksee, please. Thank you.


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