Captain disses illusion

By Phil Plait | February 5, 2010 12:19 pm

Captain Disillusion is the reigning superhero of skepticism, and his video exploits are legendary.

Of course, he’s also a filthy liar, saying I don’t like cats:

[Shh! I have to say I like cats, because if I don’t then my cat will steal my breath in the middle of the night and kill me.]

Click through to see the rest. He’s funny. And Bolingbrook Babbler somehow caught wind of this as well, to my chagrin. Of course, it’s one of the few MSM outlets that gets quotes from me right…


Comments (21)

  1. Steve

    Hey! The Captain is a MSTie!

  2. Michael Swanson

    There is something fundamentally wrong with people who don’t like cats. This is an indisputable fact.

  3. It’s a good thing I’m the only one home due to the loud cheer I gave when I start hearing the MST3K theme!

  4. I thought it sounded suspiciously like the MST3K theme.

  5. “Cats are the crabgrass in the lawn of life.”

    — Snoopy

    There. I said it.

    And, that said, I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of this guy’s videos. Wow! Fantastic!

  6. NewEnglandBob

    I dislike Captain Disillusion videos. They are juvenile and not funny nor informative.

  7. Hopefully soon yo will be catapulted into fame.

  8. Awesome. I’ve enjoyed Derren Brown, especially his “Messiah” video, but I have to say he’s fallen in my eyes after this.

    Captain Disillusion is my hero.

  9. Old Muley

    My 10-year-old daughter recognized all of the MST3K goodness right away.

  10. John Paradox

    Wow! I watched the video, and by this time my lungs were aching for air.

    J/P=? 3K

  11. Gary Ansorge


    If your cat is anything like a Siamese cat I once had mooching off me, beware of CAT VENGEANCE.

    I once chastised my Siamese for scratching the furniture, swatting it with a piece of newspaper. She waited 8 hours then, just before I retired for the night, she left me a warm, noxious “gift” under my pillow,,,never did figure out how she managed to get it under two pillows w/o disturbing the pillow arrangement. The critter was sitting in my bedroom doorway watching me as I came flying off the bed.

    I didn’t see her for two days, until I’d cooled down.

    GAry 7
    PS I never swatted her again. She never pooped under my pillow again. I think we were even.

  12. andyo

    At least this was better than Avatar.

  13. Brian

    OMG! This was such a FUN episode of CD! Msting TAM7 was freaking hilarious, and then on top of that Derren Brown reveal and the nod to Symphony of Science at the end. Bravo!

  14. quasidog

    Love CaptainDisillusion. He is the most interesting skeptic out there as far as I am concerned. He makes me think without offending me with an ego so many other skeptics display….. and he is funny. He was one of the first channels I subscribed to on you tube when I signed up.

  15. KingMerv00

    I post this everywhere I see this video:

    I was the one that caused the “horrible, horrible, silence”. Sorry about that. :)

  16. Last Hussar


    Just Another Whiney Yank.

    I look forward to his masterly take down of Gandalf, proving that the ‘magic’ was just Weta studios effects.

  17. John P: You left out the M. But you knew that!

  18. It’s been a while since the last CD vid but this series of 5 made it totally worth the wait.

  19. Cobey

    Oh my god, Steve Novella hitting the bong on the 3rd video made me cry laughing. LMAOOO

  20. This is too funny. Love the MST take on things. :)

  21. Sili

    I didn’t know Novella was a pothead. But that does help explain his need to munch on babies, I guess.

    Don’t apologise, KingMerv00. Performing like that takes guts. And I’m sure you’re better than the guy Randi debunked.

    Oh yeah. And on behalf of Denmark, I apologise for that dowser. I’m not less embarrassed for having once flirted a bit with the concept. (I think, I recently disabused a colleague of the belief, though.)


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