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By Phil Plait | February 8, 2010 3:31 am

Of course I have like 20 minutes before I have to leave to catch a plane (yes, at 3:30 frakking in the a.m.) but I had to let y’all know about this: a video with a lot of famous and not-so-famous geeks singing the "Boom-de-yadda" song:

And now I can honestly say I’ve worked with WHil WHeaton! WH00t! You can find out who’s in it and all that on Boing Boing. It was created by Elaine Doyle and Olga Nunes, and I thank them for letting me be in it!

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  1. Lonny Eachus

    It would be really cool if someone would tell us who everyone is, in order. Boing Boing has a list, but it’s not in order.

    I recognized Wil and Bruce and Neil and of course your intrepid self, and maybe a few others, but I am not sure about some. It would be nice to have them all identified.

  2. The Playboy Scientist

    That’s from Discovery Channel, isn’t it!

  3. Stanley H. Tweedle

    You took it from the Discovery Channel!

  4. Great video, Phil! Thx for sharing it… i like everything but the guy saying “I love the whole world” for the first time… I think his name is Richard something… (haha ;D)

  5. Yeebok

    Splendid choice of pic, Phil :) I agree with Lonny though, it’d be nice to have an in order of appearance list if you know of one.

  6. Who is that geeky guy pointing at Earth?
    You can sing?

  7. Jerome

    From Olga Nunes’ site (

    01. We love momentum – Elaine Doyle & Olga Nunes
    02. I love to engineer – David Beaumont & Google Zurich
    03. I love this bakery — Hank Green (Brotherhood2.0, Nerdfighters)
    04. I love the blogosphere — Cory Doctorow (BoingBoing)
    05. I love the whole world – Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy)
    06. And all its messed up folks — Lawrence Lessig
    07. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada — Miss Cellania (Neatorama)
    08. I love your suffering — Allan Amato
    09. I love cryptography — Bruce Schneier
    10. I love entangled sheets — Olga Nunes, Belinda Casas, Chuck Martinez, Jeremy James, Joanna Gaunder, Lee Israel
    11. And kite photography — Charissa Gilreath
    12. I love the whole world — Jason Kottke (
    13. I love a mystery — Neil Gaiman
    14. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada — Mr. Toast
    15. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada — MC Frontalot
    16. I love elections – Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden (Making Light)
    17. I love transistors — MC Frontalot
    18. I love weird pillow talk — Team Genius
    19. I love your sister — Neil Gaiman & Maddy Gaiman
    20. I love the whole world — Octavio Coleman Esq.
    21. The future’s pretty cool – Wil Wheaton
    22. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada – Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden (Making Light)
    23. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada – Team Genius

    There’s links to the individuals on there; I just don’t want this to get held up in moderation. (Well, nevermind, I guess it got held up anyway :-) Phil, delete this if there’s dupes.)

  8. Shawn
  9. Teshi

    Not only can Phil sing, he can sing in tune!

    List of everyone here:

  10. Pieter Kok

    WHil WHeaton, do you pronounce that like Stewie Griffin pronounces “Cool Whip”?

  11. Rift

    Lovely singing voice, Phil. Who knew?

    I recognized Neil, but I’m afraid I’m not sure which one is Will, Haven’t really seen him since ST:NG.

  12. Andrew

    I just woke up and this made my morning. If you want the full list of who sings each bit go to

    Neil Gaiman and his daughter jumping on the trampoline for the “I love your sister!” line is brilliant. This generation of geeks has the coolest heroes.

  13. Most excellent! I don’t know why, but that commercial always makes me smile, and this does as well.

    @Rift (#7), Wil was on The Big Bang Theory last season (Sheldon’s nemesis). He was also on an episode of Criminal Minds that was disturbing. And I’m sure that if you search Dr. Plait’s blog, you’ll see plenty of pictures of Will. I bet there may even be a blog category (I’d suggest searching under mancrush). 😛

    @Peter Kok (#6) Well, yes, that’s all part of the joke (including that episode where Stewie actually kidnaps the entire cast of ST:TNG). 😀

  14. John Paradox

    Larry Lessig I recognized from the Colbert Report set, which I recall him being guest.
    Bruce Schneier I recognized from ‘cryptography’. Wil I recognized, as well as Phil.* Others I could guess at. (e.g. GOOGLE sign = Google Zurich?)


    *Also, Larian, Wil was clean-shaven on an episode of NUMB3RS a while back.

  15. Michael I

    There are currently scene-by-scene credits in the “full credit list” section at

  16. Pi-needles

    LOL! Neat. 😀

  17. Oh, oh, oh! One of the “benefits” of surfing at work: They don’t use firefox or adblock, so I see all the banners. Normally I totally ignore them, but if you see a banner for the Communications award, I would suggest a nomination for one particular Bad Astronomer! In the aprt where it asks for his phone number, feel free to put unknown (unless you happen to actualy kknow how to contact him). They accepted my form that way.

  18. There is a list of everyone in order at Olga Nunes’ blog:

    I was most honored to be in a video with Phil Plait!

  19. Scott K

    Follow the trail of links to the source, and there’s a full accounting of credits:

  20. JeffS

    Here’s the original comic:

    It’s full of xkcd in-jokes, so you may want to go through the archive if you’re not a regular reader.

  21. Robert E

    Who was in bed with the Muppets?
    I found that a bit disturbing on some level.

  22. BigBadSis

    After all these years that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you sing! Now I know why I’m the opera singer and you’re not. (smiley face here — and why you know HTML and I don’t.)

  23. I was unaware of this whole Boom-de-Yadda thing, and now have a delighted and slightly soppy grin on my face.

    You, sir, are physically made out of Win.

  24. col

    @MarkHB: soppy grin? I well up every time I see the original for some reason, and my throat was enlumpened watching this one – now *that’s* soppy!

  25. @Pieter Kok

    Blast! I was totally going there before you beat me to it!

  26. WildSoul

    Olga Nunes has the list of performers by the lines they sing.

  27. StevoR

    Nice videoclip & I second (# 3.) Yeebok’s comment that that was a :

    Splendid choice of pic, Phil! :-)

    I really love that image of Saturn & the tiny blue dot that is Earth. That has to be my all-time favourite astronomical image ever. Just wish I could find a giant poster of that specific photo somewhere. Does anyone know if such a poster has been made of it &, if so, where I could I get it? :-)

    Was Felicia Day in there somewhere? If so then I missed it, if not, then I wish she *had* been! 😉

    BTW. Thought you may like to know if you didn’t already that a Gamma Ray Burst (GRB 970508) was recently the “feature article” on Wikipedia.

    See :

    Actually, there’ve been a few good one astronomy ones on there lately!

  28. Robert

    To those looking for the complete credit list (in order)

  29. BigBadSis

    StevoR: How do you wonderful geeks make that smiley face when you comment?

  30. Sili

    I don’t know any of those people (well, within error bars).

  31. Cindy

    Phil, like many observational astronomers, probably honed his singing skills by singing along to the music blaring to stay awake. Then there is my thesis advisor who who do Tuvan (Tuban??) throat singing.

    BigBadSis (30): Most browsers will translate a colon, a dash, and a right paranthesis as a smiley face. “:-)”

  32. Hey, Miss Cellania (#18)! It was cool to see you on the video. You were one of the few I recognized right away. :)

  33. BigBadSis, you’ve heard me sing before. You just don’t remember. Probably blocked the memory or something.

  34. CB

    Very uplifting, thank you!

  35. ttrygve

    I think your bit actually had the best audio, video & even singing quality of the whole selection!

    Well done!

  36. BigBadSis
  37. StevoR

    @ 30. BigBadSis Says:

    StevoR: How do you wonderful geeks make that smiley face when you comment?

    As (32) Cindy said. : – ) without the spaces gives you :-) !

    ; – ) without spaces gives you. 😉

    On a less positive note : – ( without spaces = :-(

    & : roll : without spaces givs you :roll:

    Cheekily : – P gives U 😛

    & a cool note to end on 8 ) (no nose this time & again w/o spaces) produces 8)

    Surprised the BA hasn’t already taught you these & just remember we all have to start somewhere! 😉

    Hope that’s handy for you & others here. :-)


    PS. Ah, I see from your post 37 that you’ve got it. Oh well, hope this stillhelps. 😉

  38. TrevorAlan

    I HAVE THE SAME iMAC DESKTOP WALLPAPER AS YOU!!! Actually mine switches between a few Saturn pics, but that is the best space photo evah.

  39. Anonymous

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