Here's something Kevin Trudeau wants you to know: he's contemptible

By Phil Plait | February 12, 2010 11:03 am

Kevin Trudeau, convicted scam artistHey, remember Kevin Trudeau, the guy convicted of fraud, the larcenous liar who mercilessly (literally) plugs away on informercials to sell his books like Natural Cures "They" Don’t Want You to Know About, books that tell people to turn away from real medicine so they can die of cancer if they follow his quackery?

Yeah, that sweetheart.

Well, he’s at it again. He just doesn’t think that his reputation can get any lower, despite being able to comfortably limbo underneath a mosquito’s belly with room to spare. Trudeau recently urged his minions to send protesting emails and text messages to federal judge Robert Gettleman — the hero who raised a fine against Trudeau from $5 million to $37 million, to better match the money Trudeau defrauded out of people for his books. Gettleman is currently working on potentially revising his order after an appellate court found his ruling too broad.

I can’t imagine Trudeau’s actions will help his case any.

And, oddly enough, Gettleman doesn’t think so either. Especially since some of the notes were threatening. Seriously folks, how stupid must you be to send threatening emails to a frakking federal judge?

Well, they are loyal to Trudeau, so I guess that answers that.

Anyway, Gettleman had Trudeau hauled into court yesterday, where he slapped the fraudulent huckster with a contempt of court charge:

Gettleman ordered Trudeau to turn over his passport, pay $50,000 bond and warned he could face future prison time.

Gettleman, on his own authority, can sentence Trudeau to up to six months in prison. In addition, the judge referred the matter and the emails to the U.S. Marshals Service, which investigates threats to judiciary.

It would certainly be interesting indeed if Trudeau were thrown in jail for the rest of his life, with the added rule that he is not allowed to sell any wares whatsoever in books, magazines, on TV, radio, or any and all future media. If you think that’s too harsh, then maybe you need to familiarize yourself with Trudeau’s past antics. Some purveyors of alt-med quackery may be honest in their beliefs, but if you read Trudeau’s history you may find yourself being just a wee bit skeptical of his pure motivations.

I love seeing justice being served in cases like this. I really hope judge Gettleman throws the book at Trudeau… and that’s something Trudeau really doesn’t want you to know.

Tip o’ the coral calcium to BABLoggeee Chris Babarskas.

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  1. Peptron

    I remember home in Canada when I was checking the new channels I had on my new TV service, I got curious and wanted to check some US channels I had. The thing I ended up seeing was that guy. The first minute was ok, but after that I started to think that it was a comedy skit making fun of paranoid schizophrenics.

    It looked like that:
    He started talking about the marvels of medicine, and the likes and how people need to keep themselves in good health, etc. Up to then it was sane sounding. But then we see the camera pan to a flag of the US and then he starts to talk about how he is being under constant surveillance by the US government and corporate spies, that he is under constant threat by secret services and that he is actually putting his life in danger by telling us about his secrets; which he of course will because he is so good and doing the good fight against the secret state police and other dictatorial overlords. Watching the rest of the show (well, the first 5 minutes) I then started to think that with somebody that is so obviously fraudulent like that, well, maybe he really IS under surveillance by the US services and that the FBI is really the side doing the good fight…

  2. He and his idiots will just say that “THIS PROVES THE GUMMINT IS TRYAN TO SHUT HIM DOWN SEE HE’S RIGHT WE MUST FOLLOW HIM AND DO HIS HOLY WORK ON EARTH”. It’s a no-win situation. Do nothing and he continues to hurt people. Do something and his followers will just becomes more detached.


  3. Did I read that right? Kevin Trudeau is looking for a place on Fox News ? Here’s the quote, “In a recent on-air radio broadcast, Trudeau talks about wanting to land a TV show. If Fox gave him the chance, he said he’d be: “Bigger than O’Reilly. Bigger than Glenn Beck.”

    Oh please Fox. Do that! That would be so FOXy . Add another reality challenged dufus to your roster of yahoos. Please.

  4. Gus Snarp

    My poor elderly mother in law believes everything this guy says. She bought 4 copies of his book. He and her chiropractor are the only people she trusts on medical issues. Which is what makes people like this truly evil. Not that they sweep in some other conspiracy fantasy types who just really want to believe this sort of thing, but that they get credulous old folks who just don’t know any better and aren’t all there.

  5. Chris

    I cheered when I saw this. It amazing how often he’s on TV. Every single day. I’ll be happy when I don’t have to see him any more. Now if we could only get rid of that colon cleanser guy.

  6. Amazing the audacity to tell people to threaten a judge.

  7. Astro_Nuke

    I remember, when I was just starting grad school (for astrophysics), seeing the coral calcium infomercial in the break room of the motor pool of my old National Guard unit. I started complaining to a fellow soldier about how that infomercial was a load of crap.

    My buddy thought that I was in no position to judge, because Mr. Trudeau was on national television, while I had not even completed my first semester as a grad student, yet. I have run into that attitude time and time again. But now that I am almost done with my thesis and have a couple peer-reviewed papers under my belt, it’s I can’t really be an astrophysicist because they only exist in movies and comic books and are old, so my opinion is not valid.

    The point to all of this is that as scientists we need to do more outreach. Let people know that we are out there in the community. At the same time when we are teaching, we need to reinforce the fact that getting on t.v. does not give weight to an opinion. That’s why I am a fan of this sight, even if Phil is preaching to the choir 😉

  8. Gary Ansorge

    I just hope the FBI manages to round up those idiots that sent the threatening emails. First it’s a judge, then it’s a president. I guess those “intellectually challenged” folk don’t understand their IPP addresses can lead right back to them.

    It’s about time we started seeing some of these conmen(and women) paying a price.

    Next: pro death anti vaxers in court. One can only hope.

    Gary 7

  9. North of 49

    This is a wish come true (and I didn’t even pray for it — not that I would have — though I did wish awfully hard).

    My preferred fate for Trudeau and all his ilk, the con artists, woomeisters, phoney wise men (and women), megachurch patriarchs and media Father Conklins, is almost exactly this.

    My dream sentence for such two-legged vermin: To be stripped of their assets and put to life at hard labour for crimes against humanity. “Real” life, that is. No parole, no time off for good behaviour, their only way out a (recycled) pine box. So that others willing to lie, cheat and steal for money, fame, power and influence would — perhaps — think twice, and save us the trouble of hunting them down and quarantining them.

    Judge Gettleman, this is an excellent start. Thank you.

  10. Scottynuke

    Ah, schadenfreude, thy name for today is Trudeau. :)

  11. Actually, a fitting fate for these guys would be to end up with some really debilitating disease, one which could only be treated by modern medicine. Then sit them down with their own quack books and say, have at it!

    Not that I wish debilitating disease on anyone.



    BTW, anyone else think that guy bears a remarkable resemblance to Eddie Haskell, from Leave it to Beaver?

  12. Neither do I kuhnigget (wish a debilitating disease on anyone), but I think in this case I will make an exception. Just for the educational opportunity.

  13. Ray Burleigh

    I just read “Oxygen: The Molecule That Made the World” by Nick Lane. I’m not convinced by about some of his evidence, and I question some of his reasoning, but the chapter on vitamin C showed how much our understanding has advanced since the fad for mega-doses of vitamin C began in the 1960s. The author describes a dozen metabolic roles for vitamin C including detailed descriptions of cellular structures and molecular interactions, especially the mechanisms by which the required level of vitamin C is maintained inside the cells. The science is impressive. It reinforces the importance of vitamin C in the diet but should end forever any claims about the benefits of mega-doses of vitamin C. But those claims persist in the folklore. People don’t understand the incredible advances in our knowledge of medicine, phisiology, metabolism, and biochemistry that have been made in the past 50 years. It is a far more fascinating and inspiring story than Trudeau’s tired paranoid delusion.

  14. I saw Kev on several cable channels this past weekend in what looked to be several different and new infomercials. I was sad to see it.

    But this? THIS MAKES ME HAPPY 😀

    I’ll be even happier if Kev goes to jail prison.

  15. Seriously folks, how stupid must you be to send threatening emails to a frakking federal judge?

    Dover seems to come to mind for some reason.

  16. This is what happens when you whip people up into paranoid anti-governmental frenzies to boost your cause. The idiots start thinking they’re above the law.

  17. It reminds me a little of Kent Hovind. He threaten the judge when his hearings didn’t go his way, and was surprised threats didn’t work. I think the results will be the same. Eventually, Mr. Trudeau will end up in jail and penniless, and it will be over a silly thing like this.

  18. Howie Feltersnatch

    I hereby nominate Mr. Trudeau for the Biggest Douche in the Universe award. I think he can take it from John Edward (the talking to dead people douche, not the former vice presidential candidate philanderer douche).

  19. Lou

    another great idea for punishment would be to lure these charlatans to rendezvous with “wealthy investors.” Then we can don skimasks and anally rape these monsters and take a leg. That would be mad lolz. Why can’t we have any cool vigilantizm in america?

  20. Sili

    with the added rule that he is not allowed to sell any wares whatsoever in books, magazines, on TV, radio, or any and all future media.

    Lovely though that sounds, I have to say that I think he’d have a pretty good first amendment case. And I’d hope the ACLU would back him.

    I despise the man, but if he can be gagged by the courts, so can the rest of us (well, the rest of you).

  21. culwin

    Lock him up and throw away the key.
    Irredeemable crook.

  22. Robert E

    I’d like to see some real close scrutiny of his (and/or his companies) tax returns.

  23. alfaniner

    Trudeau, Edward, Browne. The three frakheads I would most like to see in jail for the rest of their lives.

  24. lawboy


    The first amendment provides no cover or protection for those who lie. The FTC shuts down companies who make fraudulent/exaggerated claims about their products all the time, and the 1st Amendment provides them no “get out of jail free” card.

  25. Steve Dutch

    I was interviewed on the radio by a 9-11 truther (big mistake) and during the commercial breaks I noted that the ads were dominated by crackpot tax avoidance schemes and crackpot alt meds. All the wingnuts who think Big Whatever is profiting at their exopense should follow the money and see who is really making the money.

  26. RFW

    Freedom of speech? It’s commercial speech, intended to make money, so it’s not as free as ordinary speech. There is such a thing as “truth in advertising.”

    You can lie to your friends, you can lie to your kids, you can lie to your grandma, but you can’t lie in an advertisement.

  27. jest

    The guy never had an honest face in my books. He’s one of those people who thinks they know it all, and goes out to make money off of poor saps who believe it.

  28. Just Me

    I don’t know what the fuss is about. I LOVE this guy. He said eating 10 cloves of garlic a day would cure my depression. It did!!

    My wife couldn’t stand it and moved out. Now, I’m happier than ever!

    God Bless Kevin Trudeau!

    -and if he goes to jail, can they make room for Alex Jones as his bunk mate?

    Just asking in case anyone is listening.

  29. Daffy

    Sili, the 1st Amendment does not, and was never intended, to protect fraud.

  30. llewelly

    11. kuhnigget February 12th, 2010 at 1:08 pm :

    BTW, anyone else think that guy bears a remarkable resemblance to Eddie Haskell, from Leave it to Beaver?

    That’s completely un-called for. Eddie Haskell was nowhere near as much of a deceitful, manipulative thieving creep as Kevin Trudeau is.

  31. MartyM

    Honestly, the first time I saw this guy on TV is thought “hmm.. I wonder what he has to say in his books.” But as I researched his books I saw a lot of complaints that he did not disclose anything and kept teasing his readers to buy the next book for the answers. That screamed “scam”, and since I’ve had no respect or interest in his woo.

    That was a few years ago. I’m in a much better place now that I have Sagan’s “baloney detection kit” always on hand.

  32. J Earley

    It would seem to me that if you caused someone to not get real medical treatment, knowing that it would cause them to die, and that you did it for monetary gain, then you have committed 2nd degree murder. You committed fraud, a crime, knowing that your fraud would cause someone to die. Not manslaughter. Murder.

  33. jest


    Careful with that thing… it might accidentally go off if you walk too close to a deli.

  34. MartyM


    LOL!!! I don’t like baloney either.

  35. mike burkhart

    I thought it is illeagel to send threts to a judge?

  36. mike burkhart

    I’ve got a better idea lets hook him to a lie detector that will have a voice that says incorect when lies put it on tv and ask him about the stuff in his books this idea comes form the Star Trek episoide Mudds women I recently got Star Trek on Dvd digitaly remasterd and with up dated specal fx it looks grate

  37. ND

    Victor Prime, the Ghost-Who-Waddles,

    It’s not a no-win situation. You’ll have a core group of loud people supporting him but putting the spotlight on this guy fining or sending him to jail if he breaks the law is the correct thing to do. It’ll keep the more reasonable people from getting duped by this guy. The fact that this core loud group exists is not a win for Trudeau. Specially when they send threatening messages to a judge.

  38. Katharine

    Mandatory psychotherapy.

  39. Katharine

    Re: idiots preferring altmed stupidity over actual medicine –

    Most humans are notably unimaginative.

  40. SLC

    And, oddly enough, Gettleman doesn’t think so either. Especially since some of the notes were threatening. Seriously folks, how stupid must you be to send threatening emails to a frakking federal judge?

    Judge Jones in the Dover case received so many threatening emails and slowmails after his decision that he and his family had to have the protection of federal marshalls for several days. The anti-evolution whackjobs are every bit as stupid as the quack medicine whackjobs.

  41. Leeann

    what’s funniest about all this is that everyone who thinks this is a GOOD thing because kevin “brainwashes” people, actually are the ones who are being brainwashed!!! This man has done nothing more than relay information that has been in the alternative health field for DECADES. these aren’t HIS “theories”–they’re proven facts in the alternative health world….a field that doesn’t charge half the amount of money contemporary medicine charges you. b/c they actually want you to be healthy. the government doesn’t want you to be healthy…it’s not some fantastical conspiracy theory, it’s common sense. the healthcare industry and big pharma is a multi-billion dollar industry….you think it makes that much money by keeping people healthy? get real. we’re not sick because we’re deficient in advil, tylenol or nyquil. we’re sick b/c our food is processed and stripped of it’s natural nutrients so our bodies are starving for vitamins that we should be consuming with fresh healthy foods daily. we’re not depressed, anxious, and suffering from insomonia b/c we’re deficient in zoloft, xanax and ambien. these are MAJOR warning signs you’re not treating your body well…change your diet and change your lifestyle and you won’t need medicine. should you never go to a doctor? no way. go to the doctor, get blood tests, see whats going on inside your body and then fix what needs to be fixed the old fashioned way, by taking care of yourself. not popping a pill. ever ask yourselves WHY the government is going after kevin so heavily?? he sells BOOKS for god’s sake. he’s exposing the truth. these past charges of fraud from his younger days are addressed by him in the books and i’m sure if the government was after each and everyone of us, they would be able to dig up nonsense from our past to make us look like common criminals as well. i can’t even count the number of FACTS i’ve read in kevin’s books, that have been around for YEARS, suddenly splashed on the television as “news”. “breaking story, diet soda actually makes you gain weight!” no kidding!

    I support kevin and alternative health 100%. do yourselves a favor and open your minds a little and you’ll start to understand what is actually going on.

  42. Daniel

    While we are at it, lets throw all Chiropractors and idiots like James Van Praagh and John Edward in the cells next to him. These are just as contemptible.

  43. MadScientist

    The only appropriate method of influencing a judge is to present your case in court. Harassing a judge is a criminal offense (and so is threatening a judge of course). On the other hand one judge I’d known received death threats on a fairly regular basis and just ignored them (although he was assigned police escorts due to the numerous threats). I wouldn’t be surprised if threats against judges presiding over criminal cases were frequent and if the judges frequently just ignored the threats.

  44. zulufluff

    Hmm…Trudeau may need to order his “Debt Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About” book from Hey Kev – it’s only $10. Brother, can you spare a dime?

  45. Gary Ansorge

    42. Leeann

    Well, I don’t know about you but personally I’m a lot healthier than most other 66 year olds and I’ve been relying on the products and processes of “traditional, reality based medicine” all my life. It’s what saved my life when I had a fractured skull and concussion and then contracted malaria. No amount of “alt-med” could have done that.

    I suspect life span and health has a great deal more to do with the role of the genetic dice than with the “evil” machinations of our food and medical producers. (Oh, wait! We ONLY live on average 76 years(USA)? ,,,and how does that compare with “traditional” hunter -gatherer societies? Gee, maybe techno, profit based societies actually DO promote the general welfare.)

    GAry 7

    GAry 7

  46. John Paradox

    RE: Fraudulent claims.
    Way back in the days of B&W TV, there was a commercial for a shave cream that supposedly demonstrated how it could allow a razor to ‘shave a piece of sandpaper’. It didn’t, the alleged sandpaper was a sheet of paper with sand loosely adhering to the paper, so it could be pushed off with a finger or any moderately solid material. The company had to withdraw the commercial (as to payments, etc. I don’t recall fines or other such, but it was a long time ago).


  47. j davies

    Hopefully at some point Trudeau will see the inside of a jail. Then he could write a new book-“Prison Sex Techniques “They” Don’t Want You to Know About.’ Better yet he could meet the infamous ‘tossed salad man.’ Jelly or syrup Kevin??

  48. Katharine

    OMFSM, Leeann, you must be off your meds.

    Alternative health is not health, nor does alternative health occupy a separate universe from normal medicine.

    The government is not actually as nasty as you make it out to be – my parents are feds and they tell me pretty frequently that it’s often the higher-ups that are the morons – the bureaucrats and the administrators who don’t have a background in the field (for instance, why do presidents frequently appoint a non-scientist or non-physician to Secretary of Health and Human Services?)- rather than the people with the training who do the daily work of the agency. Politics has a nasty way of interfering with what the government’s supposed to do, and as a consequence, people without the ability to dispassionately evaluate the situation mistrust them more than they should and they don’t have an accurate picture of what actually goes on. ‘Big Pharma’ may have its issues, and it has a lot of them, but your alternative health idiots have way more issues than ‘Big Pharma’ ever did.

    Pharmaceuticals, in my mind, exist primarily as something that may be a little overused and American healthcare may be a little screwed up, but part of the responsibility rests with the patient to keep themselves healthy. The vast majority of Americans act their shoe size about health and everything else, including you, nutbag Leeann. It is incumbent on the public to eat right, to not abuse alcohol, to not abuse tobacco, and to make good decisions. It is not the fault of those who provide care that so many people are bleeding stupid. There are plenty of things that those of us in the biomedical scientific community (I’m an undergrad headed toward getting my PhD in a biomedical science) can do to improve what we do, and we try REALLY HARD to improve, but the public has got to sack up or ovary up and pull its own f**king weight.

    Grow up.

    Oh, by the way, this Kevin Trudeau freak that you fanatically jill off to is the idiot who produced Enzyte, the useless, totally unnecessary, and hazardous ‘male enhancement’ drug. How’s that for ‘taking care of yourself’?

  49. Katharine

    Also, I think you altmed morons could benefit from taking a course in basic biology – or does that go over your tiny-brained little heads?

  50. Sir Craig

    Leeann @ 42:

    • Excessive use of UPPERCASE usage: check
    • Inability to properly capitalize the first word in a sentence and other examples of improper grammar: check
    • Abundance of misspelled words: uncheck (only found “insomonia”)
    • Manic paranoid strawman examples of governmental influence: check
    • Using “b/c” as shorthand for “because” because…umm…you didn’t want your rant to run too long(?): check
    • Failing that point miserably: check
    • Failing the “Minchin Metric”*: check
    • Hauling in the Bible and threatening us with hellfire and brimstone: uncheck

    Judges’ final score: 6/10

    Not bad – had you godwalloped us rational heathens with a “hooked on phonics” style of writing your rant would have been perfect…

    * And try as hard as I like,
    A small crack appears
    In my diplomacy-dike.
    ‘By definition,’ I begin,
    Alternative Medicine,’ I continue,
    ‘Has either not been proved to work,
    Or been proved not to work.
    You know what they call “alternative medicine”
    That’s been proved to work?

  51. Eunice

    KT is selling hope to desperate people. Why is it taking so long to put him out of business? The problem is that he is a consummate con man and he has already worked out his next sidestep of the legal system. I think that solitary confinement in federal prison and banning all forms of communication with the outside world for the rest of his life would be fitting punishment. If he falls ill in prison, let him read his own books.

  52. Leeann

    Gary (btw, your age of 67 means the foods you were brought up on were by far more nutritious than the foods kids today are being brought up on. for example, an apple today compared to an apple grown 30 years ago has only 1/3 the amount of nutrients)- of course modern medicine is the route to choose when you fracture your skull. you think if i’m in a car accident and my arm is hanging by a thread i’m going to ask for a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice? absolutely not. load me up on pain killers and find me the best damn surgeon there is to sew that sucker back on. modern medicine has done WONDERS for humankind. to think that alt med is AGAINST mondern medicine (yes, i capitalized for effect, Craig. obviously i know how to spell insomnia, it was a typo…my deepest apologies that it upset you so much) is to be ignorant of what it’s about. why does it have to be contemporary med vs. alt med? why can’t they work together toward complementary medicine? that’s the best of both worlds. i will give the benefit of the doubt and take the blame that perhaps i didn’t clarify that well enough. and Katharine, despite your unecessary slander towards me, i will reiterate that i never once said it was the fault of those that provide care. i truly believe MOST doctors are in practice because they genuinely believe their way of healing is the best way and they genuinely want to help people. it’s not their fault, it’s what they were taught in med school (which their textbooks and what’s written in them are usually funded by big pharma, fyi). i also don’t think our entire government is “nasty”, but it definitely has it’s corrupt parts. as does any society, however.
    Katharine, i think you agree with me more than you realize…and again, i’ll take the blame for that in not clarifying my standpoint. however, you contradict yourself when you say it’s up to the patient to care for themselves then you try to mock me by quoting that i believe people need to take care of themselves? so i’ll just leave that at that.
    what alternative medicine is about is PREVENTION. if our foods weren’t stripped of nutrients and drugs weren’t shoved down our throats so readily, we wouldn’t rely so heavily on modern medicine. that’s all. if my father was having a heart attack, i would not be sticking acupuncture needles in him and telling him to “think positive thoughts”…i would be calling 911 and i would support any medicine they gave him to keep him alive. but being on blood pressure medicine for the rest of his life is not the cure. changing his diet and his lifestyle is. it’s common sense. that’s all that alternative medicine is. but that gets lost in this society of quick-fixes and over-night-solutions.
    our health care industry isn’t health care…it’s sick care. it does nothing to help prevent sickness, it only helps when you are already sick. it’s WONDERFUL in the cases of emergency but it’s not how to truly be healthy. our bodies are designed to fight infections and all alternative health does is try to remind us that we need to consume the proper foods and support our body’s natural ability to fight diseases and keep us at optimum health.
    i will forever not understand how advising people to eat natural foods and give your body what it needs to function is viewed as “quackery”? alas, to each his own.

  53. Mac

    Stolen this from a blog I read, but its really good and very relevant.

    Dara O’Brien. Some NSFW language.

  54. ND


    “they’re proven facts in the alternative health world”

    Please elaborate on how these are proven as facts in the alt-med world. What is the methodology used over in your world? How are alt-meds researched?

  55. Sir Craig


    1. Learn basic HTML formatting if you want to emphasize something- using UPPERCASE makes you look like a twit;

    2. Learn to read or at least build up your comprehension skills – I said I only found one typo in your rant, which gave me some hope regarding your education, until…

    3. Learn proper grammar – people might take you a bit more seriously if you didn’t type like a junior high cheerleader;

    4. Understand who and what it is you are trying to defend – this is someone who has told cancer patients his coral pills would cure them, not someone merely pointing out nonsense “facts”.

    You know, never mind – you just have too much going against you. Go enjoy some homeopathic tea (that’s hot water you imagine tastes like tea, because caffeine is bad, mkay?) and let the grown-ups talk…

  56. Leeann

    Craig, if you would like to enter an adult conversation entailing the topic of the thread, then I would certainly be glad to engage. if you would like to bash my use of a colloquial form of conversation on a randon internet site, i have no time for it. is that your only defense? i could tell you what degreeS i hold and what my IQ is, but that’s uncalled for in such a casual conversation. you don’t know your audience, at all.
    I’ve noticed you have a very cold and negative energy…try eating an organic piece of fruit now and then and perhaps you’ll perk up. why not agree to disagree? you have your medicine, and i have mine.
    i have first-hand experience in reversing “in-operable tumors” and given hope and life to patients who were told there was “no cure” and who had as little as 6 months to live. this is not a war, Craig. it deeply saddens me that’s it’s being turned into one. do some research, talk to people who have gotten cures (oh wait, the FDA says only FDA approved medicines can “cure” diseases. we can only say we have “helped reduced the signs and symptons of _____”. ever wonder why such things as “heartburn” are now labeled as “Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease”? it’s because the FDA made it a law that “Diseases” can ONLY be cured by medicine.). I’ve seen autism reversed, cancer obliterated, depression lifted, bi-polar disorder subsided…the list goes on. my career helps people and gives them hope when modern science has turned it’s back on them. because they can’t offer them a cure in the form of a bottle, they’re told there “is no cure”. oh wait, i’m sorry…you didn’t want to discuss the topic at hand, you only want to scrutinize my grammar. proceed.

  57. Leeann

    ND, I’m sorry I didn’t address your question in my last post. My facts are shown to me everyday in my practice of alternative medicine. Also, if you just do some research you will find an entire world of people who have cured themselves or have been cured with natural remedies. I assure you, you will be greatly disgusted and appalled at the measures parts of our governments have gone to to make these CURES unknown to the public. Unfortunately, this information is suppressed and hidden because natural cures cannot be patented. Which means billions cannot be made from them which is why the FDA is trying to suppress them. Why would the FDA want people curing themselves with teas, fruits and vegetables which costs pennies compared to drugs that can be bought for hundreds of dollars? Look, it’s actually FOR the benefit of my career that people take modern medicine and become unhealthy. Unfortunately, people come to me as a last resort because nothing else has worked for them. However, I’m not out to become a millionaire. I want to help people and make them as healthy as they can be. Alternative medicine is free advice. It’s looking to save you money and save your life. If people choose to throw that away, well that’s their right. Bless them and I hope they live long and happy lives regardless. Such negative hatred on this thread just reinforces my way of living all the more. Be well, all. :)

  58. scottb


    Why aren’t you traveling around the country visiting all the children’s cancer wards and healing them?

    I’ll bet those teas, fruits, and vegetables would be paid for by grateful parents.

    Or is it that you only have the guts to peddle woo to adults?

  59. Leeann

    Scott, love the sarcasm. I treat children as well. I would love to cure all children but the ones in cancer wards have already chosen modern medicine. Well, their parents have chosen to radiate their bodies. Which is their choice and their right as Americans. That doesn’t make me mad. What makes me made is that there is a more successful alternative that is being hidden from the public. This War on Cancer was starting in the 70s I believe? And the cancer rate has grown exponentially since then. “We’re” losing this supposed war. It’s not working and there IS a better way. Kevin’s books only look to inform people of alternative ways. If you choose a different right, then all the best to you. But just know that there ARE other options.
    And let me clarify what I wrote a few lines up. I don’t mean to make it sound like alternative medicine is a miracle and a cure-all. Some cancer patients, who have already been turned away from doctors, still do die. It’s not a miracle. It’s biology. Treat your body well, give it the best nutrients you can give it and you will find yourself in better health. It doesn’t cure everybody. People do die. People have been dying from diseases since the beginning of time. That’s life. Again, I wish it wasn’t alternative medicine vs. contemporary medicine. They should work together. Modern medicine is a great quick fix, but it’s not the long-term solution. That’s all “my world” is trying to get across. I practice this because it works. It’s worked for me, for my family and for my patients. I believe in it and I would do it, and do do it, for free. I treat patients who can no longer afford the treatments or maintenance programs due to the current economic situation. I treat them for free because they need the treatments and I just want them to remain healthy. Maybe they’ll pay me when the husband finds another job or maybe they’ll refer a friend to me. But that’s not why I do what I do. It’s not a war, people. I wish that could be realized.

  60. scottb

    How many cancer patients have you cured? What “treatment” cured them and what types of cancer were “cured”?

    How many of your cancer patients have died? What is your success rate per treatment type? Why did they die?

  61. ND

    “My facts are shown to me everyday in my practice of alternative medicine. Also, if you just do some research you will find an entire world of people who have cured themselves or have been cured with natural remedies.”

    This is unsatisfactory. How do you know it’s your treatment that’s helping and not a placebo affect or the body healing on its own?

    What sort of cases do you treat?

    Anecdotal evidence or personal experience does not add up to hard evidence or fact. Do you understand why there are strict on doing research in science or medicine?

    The FDA is not in the business of patenting drugs and making money off of it. This is a conspiracy theory.

  62. Keith (the first one)

    Leeann, maybe you would be taken seriously if you didn’t make so many false claims. You one about an apple today having only a 1/3 of the nutrients of one 30 years ago is a particularly outrageous piece of nonsense, no doubt “learned” from one of your alt-med bibles. Today’s food is just as nutritious (if not more) that that of 30 years ago, which is partly why we have a much longer life expectancy in the western world.

    This guy KT is a con-man, a fraud, and a quack and should be dealt with like any other. The only alt-med that does work was adopted by and improved upon by science based medicine years ago. Everything else is just wishful thinking.

  63. Moose

    Hey Trudeau: Bogus.

  64. Charlie Foxtrot

    “for example, an apple today compared to an apple grown 30 years ago has only 1/3 the amount of nutrients”

    [citation needed]

  65. gaiainc

    Leann, I re-read your posts. What a load of self-righteous, inane, stupid crap. By your reasoning, my 3 yo patient who developed type I diabetes or my 9 yo who developed ALL weren’t fed the right foods and did not have the right thoughts or whatever else they or their parents didn’t do right so they ended up with the diseases that they did. Even better, clearly my SIL didn’t think the right thoughts or do the right things or eat the right foods, so my niece was born with Down’s syndrome. Do you have any idea how self-righteous, callous, and ignorant you sound? Seriously. Can you say “blame the victim”? and if you can’t, perhaps you should learn. And you wonder why there might be some negativity on this thread.

    BTW, the fictional war on cancer was clearly declared by a bunch of idiots who had no understanding of what cancer is and that, shocks of all shocks, it’s not one single fricking entity. A good reason why more people are developing cancer is because they are living long enough to do so. Kevin Trudeau only knows how to fleece people of money. That’s it. He has no secrets except the secret of getting people to give him money. He’s a parasite and an ass. There’s nothing redeemable about him.

    All this conspiracy mongering about how Big Pharma or the FDA or the medical field or whomever you’d like to choose as your bogeyman insults the whole medical field, all who work at pharmaceutical companies, and a lot of members of government. Basically you’re saying that thousands of people are keeping their mouths shut about these miraculous cures and keeping them from their loved ones who have cancer or whatever illness you’d care to choose all in the name of money. Might as well come in and slap all of us in the face. It would be a lot more honest. So, yeah, your posts make me angry. You’ve insulted me, my colleagues, and my patients. How am I not supposed to be angry?

    And in full disclosure, my mom was a naturopath. I love her to death, we are close, and she nannies for my son. However, I got a medical degree for good reason.

  66. Smootched by a glass eyed grandma

    My favorite thing about The Trudeau Show is the great pictures of him that are being snapped. His befuddled, slightly morose affect gives me a smile every time I see him. I hope he gets soaked by the judge and share’s a cell withg the Girls gone wild guy.

  67. John Ferguson

    I fear that most of Kevin’s critics have not read any of his books. The main premise of our judicial system is justice which requires factual knowledge and excludes predjudice. Some demand proof of benefits of nontraditonal remedies. On p. 1 of Natural Cures K. describes how conventional M.D.s who diagnosed his mitral valve proplapse refused to believe he was cured by a procedure that was illegal in the U.S. in spite of their own tests. They claimed that there was no cure. I was taking a drug to lower my cholesterol until I read about the serious side effects. I switched to red yeast rice and lowered it by 109 pnts. Sceptic might scoff, but last year Good Housekeeping recommend this herbal remedy that has no serious side effects. Discover (scientific mag.) has an article on the benefits of curcumin in fighting pancreatic cancer. St. Johns wort is recommended by other tradional mags. for depression; no side effects. Several warn about dangers of mercury esp. in FDA approved vaccines. When we categorically reject natural treatments, we do ourselves and others a great dis-service. Natural remedies are routinely prescribed by M.D. s worldwide. Are we missing out on something of great value in this country? I read K’s books. I do not believe every word, but there is a wealth of information that could literally save thousands of lives. He points out that the human body was designed to heal itself if we don’t abuse it. It is interesting to note that since K’s books were published there is much more emphasis on “natural” and organic foods that are less contaminated by harmful additives. Why do we condemn those who are trying to improve our health care just because their ideas depart from tradition?

  68. John Ferguson (71): You ask why I condemn Trudeau? It’s because

    1) He’s provably wrong in his claims,

    2) he’s provably a fraud and a liar, and

    3) his advice can kill people.

    But gee, other than that…

  69. Mark Hansen

    John Ferguson, have you actually checked with the CDC (or your regional equivalent) on how much mercury is in vaccines? In the case of regular childhood vaccines, the answer is nil. None. Not a drop. The only vaccine that has mercury or, more accurately, thiomersal is the flu vaccine. Which is also available in thiomersal-free form. But you are certainly free to vaccinate yourself the “natural” way… just make sure afterwards you stay away from anyone with any sense.
    BTW, when someone is vaccinated, the resulting biological reaction to the dead/attenuated virus is natural. The only thing missing from the “way nature intended” is the deleterious side-effects, such as death and disability.

  70. ND

    “On p. 1 of Natural Cures K. describes how conventional M.D.s who diagnosed his mitral valve proplapse refused to believe he was cured by a procedure that was illegal in the U.S. in spite of their own tests.”

    This would require me to take what he wrote at face value. He has the warning signs of someone out to make money. He’s not medically licensed yet he’s pushing cures.

    “I read K’s books. I do not believe every word, but there is a wealth of information that could literally save thousands of lives.”

    How do you know this?

    “He points out that the human body was designed to heal itself if we don’t abuse it.”
    Yes and…? Doing hard drugs (cocaine etc), smoking, hard drinking, excessive sun tanning are forms of abuse and mainstream medicine warns against this too. How does this give KT credibility? This also brings up the issue, how do you know some of the alt-meds are doing work when the body might be just healing itself?

    “Good Housekeeping recommend this herbal remedy that has no serious side effects.”
    I didn’t realise GH was a serious medical journal.

  71. Gaiainc

    Per the Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database (pay site, no ads accepted, reviews current literature with citations), red rice yeast is often found contaminated with statins. Really natural, that. The body can heal itself, but sometimes that is not the desired response ( can anyone say keloids?). The day I base my medical practice on lay magazines instead of medical literature is the day my medical board should strip me of my license.

  72. Kevin

    I believe much of what trudeau says is true…which is where the danger lies. Truth mixed with lies or misleadings is more dangerous than blatant lies. To join his Natural Cures Website costs something like $2500 PLUS a monthly fee.

    His newest money maker is this type of multi-level ‘secret society’ thing called the Global Information Network (GIN). Supposedly 30 or so renegade members of various ‘secret societies’ have gooten together in order to teach you and I (the commoners) the secrets of wealth, health, and happiness…secrets that up until now have been reserved for the elite and ruling classes. Check it out…kind of eerie. Google ‘Global Information Network”. $1500 to become a member PLUS $150/ month and that is to get to level 1. There are 12-13 levels each step costs lots more.

  73. I’m not a college graduate, or a politician or anybody important to society for that matter.
    I am one individual who lives in the world who believes that weather Mr. Trudeau is correct or incorrect in anything he says should be left up to each and every person to decide on their own as to who and what they believe. If they choose to pay their own money to buy his books, and other things offered, it is their money after all to do so with. What is the difference in investing in a book to get advice on how to lose weight or buying another bogus (lie) workout machine that does nothing? The only people Mr. Trudeau is hurting are those who don’t want the world to know that they don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a medication that has more side effects that cause more illness in the long run. Seriously people, think about it. I’m actually not a very educated person but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that many years ago when the only medicine there was, was actually grown on a tree or vine or in a plant or flower and WOW people actually were living much longer back then. Sure he has made money, lots of it I’m sure, the way I see it he’s had to in order to speek freely in a country we are suppose to be allowed to do so and keep himself out of prison. He has made it perfectly clear that he’s not a doctor and if you should choose to follow through with any of his advice that you should do so under a doctor’s supervision. I personally can’t afford the expensive organic foods recommended but just trying some of the more simple advice given, has proven to me to be effective! Quite frankly, I’ll bet most people criticising his advice have tried some of these things as well. All I know is, my daughter at 9 years old was suffering from IBS and was prescribed Zelnorm by the doctor. She took it for 1 month and I took her off of it myself because I was afraid for her to be on a medication for a long period of time due to the side effects. Just a few months later, it was taken off the market because people were dieing that were also prescribed Zelnorm. My heart sank needless to say! So am I going to be charged with something by publically voicing that I truly believe that doctors and pharmacies do work together to make money on the amout of drugs they prescribe and fill? Am I going to be bombarded with emails because I believe that the FDA does know that before putting a drug out there that it can and will kill people? So what if they are sued millions of dollars, by the time people have died they will have made enough money off of one drug they can comfortably pay any lawsuit they face. Is there a cure for cancer? Absolutely!!!! To make it avaiable in the U.S. would bankrupt the U.S. Billions of American’s are paying dearly to seek false hope from doctors with tests and drugs and treatments. Sure if caught early enough it is treatable, but the thing is, with the actual cure, it wouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg to pay for it and they wouldn’t be suffering from the treatments and torment the endure, but let’s not forget those who go through it all “and still die!” Not to mention the amount of people dieing from Cancer these day’s is unreal and it’s because of the “drugs we take” and the “foods we eat” that our FDA has approved!!! Let’s face it people, Mr. Trudeau is one man and I don’t believe he stands a chance. He will do prison time probably or end up dead and it sicken’s me to see that when a man stands up for what he believes in and risks his future for his people, that he is put through hell for it. He is trying to save lives. I don’t see that to be wrong, but if we were all cured of our illnesses, alot of people would go broke! In the meantime, the rest of the world living one day at a time and struggle to even find healhcare and finances to buy the drugs just sit and wait for a better day and hope to survive the people getting richer from our struggles. Aspartame causes cancer. Anyone can look that up on the internet and read about it. It makes you fatter while you believe the FDA that while drinking diet drinks you will lose weight only to find out 20 years later you’re dieing with cancer and haven’t lost a pound not to mention that diabetics are doomed unless they are highly educated. I thank God for doctors, but I don’t put all my faith in any one of them at the moment. Especially after one gave my husband an injection that he had a reaction to and almost died and without investigating why, gave him yet a second injection two weeks later. Of course my husband allowed the second since he “had faith in the doctor!” Only to come even closer to dieing the second time. Nobody cares about what I have to say I’m sure but I feel relieved atleast voicing that Mr. trudeau should be left alone and the people should be allowed to make their own decisions on what they concume or believe!

  74. BRENDA (#77): That’s all well in good, but when someone lies to you to sell you something, that’s called fraud, and it’s illegal and immoral. See my comment (#72). Caveat emptor only goes so far, and while I disagree with your comments about the FDA, they are irrelevant. All that matters is that Trudeau is a liar and a fraud.

  75. I would like to add, I invite all to feel free to criticise my spelling, grammer, and anything else you wish to criticise me for. Keep in mind, I’m not a college graduate and i wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I do, on the other hand, have common sense and know that consuming bleach in my toothpast will eventually cause some health issues and when my doctor tells me to microwave any packaged meats and hotdogs before I eat them because they are full of bacteria that there is a problem with what the FDA is doing to our foods. These bacteria can cause serious illness to my unborn child! Again, it’s ok for any of you to insult my intellegence. I won’t be offended. I just hope that you don’t live in denial. There isn’t a person on earth that doesn’t believe in atleast one natural remedy or two. If one or two works, why is it so impossible that there could be millions? Mr. Trudeau talks about electromagnatic chaos. It causes cancer. You get it from a microwace, cell phones, computers. OH WAIT! When he say’s it- it’s a lie, but when it’s on the news that labtops cause prostrate cancer- it must be the truth. Oh and- the lable say’s on baby formula that you absolutely should not microwave to warm the formula. I guess that’s just to prevent getting it too hot right? I’m not on here to play childish name calling games or even to challenge anyone on how smart or ignorant they are. I just simply don’t understand why people are so harshley judged period. But that’s the world we live in right? The bottom line is he is being ridiculed for having the desire to expose more options to the world on how to be healthier. Why does Kroger carry organic foods? Are they going to be accused of trying to kill people for offering an alternative food? There are so many things to argue about in this world. I just don’t get why time is waisted on putting a man behind bars for saying oranges cures scabies! Seriously? So many pills are given for acid reflux. Why can’t a doctor advise that “IF YOU CHANGE YOUR EATING HABBITS- YOU WON’T HAVE ACID REFLUX?” OR if you lose 50 lbs your blood pressure will likely be cured. Get off the pork for christ sake! Oh I forgot, you can drink all the soda you want loaded with caffeine and take a pill for your blood pressure. Don’t worry about what the pills are doing to your liver and kidney’s they can give you pills to fix those problems too. Go ahead and insult me and call me uneducated! It’s ok! Call me stupid! Is it possible I’ll live to see my great grandchildren born and hold them in my arms while your 6 feet under? The point is, Mr. Trudeau isn’t crazy and he’s not a con! I guess thousands of celebrities that you pay to go see at the movies and admire are idiots as well, because they choose to eat organically and not load their bodies with toxins in order to look good on screan. Take some of the money you have in the bank, visit some of the companies that make and ship foods around the world. Investigate what they put in these foods in order for them to be able to hold a shelf life. Go into a feed mill and do tests on the animal feeds and then come tell me these chemicals aren’t killing people. Check out the hormones injected into the animals to make them produce milk or grow faster and bigger. Then think about what your child is eating for dinner! It is America. We are each intitled to believe what we choose. So let me believe what I wish and try not to judge me for it ok? In the end I will have my judgement day just as you and the people allowing the country to be basically murdered! If only I were fortunate enough to have gone to college and been a phychiatrist! Maybe then I would be able to figure out what goes on in people’s minds and why they refuse to admit they are wrong and how they sleep at night knowing people are losing a mom or a dad or a child due to greediness! If you don’t have scientific proof it isn’t true! I guess now you’ll tell me there is no God because you can’t touch him. Am I going to be criticised because I choose to believe there is a God? Are preachers threatened jail time for preaching? People are allowed to have whatever religion they choose. Why should believing Kevin Trudeau not be allowed and not be the people’s choice. People believe God can make miracles happen. I’d like to see that one challenged!

  76. Phil, So you want me to believe that while my young daughter was being prescribed Zelnorm, that people weren’t already dieing from that very drug? How is that not fraud? How is that not a lie? I haven’t read all of his books. I have read 2. I believe there is very much to benefit from while seeing a doctor and taking some medications. My point is that Kevin is not all wrong in the advise he gives just as doctor’s aren’t. He specifically say’s he is not a doctor and to seek advise from a doc before trying any of his advise. If what he did with the emails to the judge is true then that was wrong but don’t deny that politicians and government isn’t corrupt to a point. Why would he be so stupid as to do such a thing? He’s a smart man!

  77. Frode

    Brenda.. check your facts, modern medical science has improved our life expectancy enormously. In the early 20th century, the life expectancy was 45 years, at best. You are being lied to, and it is severely hurting your life expectancy, and that of your loved ones, if you believe this man.

  78. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving swine. :)

  79. Brenda: I’d like you to sit back and realize that the decent things in this guy’s writings aren’t exactly new information. It’s pretty common knowledge that we should eat better and move more.

    Just because Trudeau crammed a bunch of common sense ideas in with his scams doesn’t lend any validity to his dangerous and life threatening nonsense.

  80. LS

    Brenda is absolutely correct. I just wanted to make a quick comment. I have read a couple of Kevins books, and btw its really obvious when people make comments without even reading any of his books. It’s called getting all sides of the story, it’s what you do to make any informed decision. I just wanted to say that it because of people like Kevin Trudeau that I have completely turned my life around. It’s because of people like him that I don’t get sick anymore. It’s because of people like him, that I cured my depression and completely eliminated my acid reflux. It’s because of people like him that I knew the economic recession was coming when the idea itself was laughable to most. It’s people like him that said that there was going to be a terrorist attack in the US that was going to be blamed on osama bin laden months before it happened, it’s because of people like him that I am prepared for the devaluation of the US dollar and the global depression and time will prove those predictions right. Do none of these points have any value to any of you? Instead of insulting people like me, shouldn’t you be wondering how these people know these things? It’s because they know how the world really works and unless you do in depth research on ALL sides of every story you will be blind and worst of all, helpless to control your own life. How about instead of sitting in front of your computer reading this and thinking “how could this person be so stupid”, how about you go behind “enemy lines” and see what his side of the story is without using wikipedia as your main source of knowledge.
    Eat this orange to cure your scurvy, or take this pill that only had to prove itself more effective than a placebo in two tests out of how ever many it takes. What sounds like snake oil to you?

  81. Rick NT

    Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps this knight of honesty is putting himself at risk in order to expose the corruption in our government and major industries? I know this man and I have had several integrations with him and I find him to be straight forward with those who have eyes to see and ears to listen!

    We, the people, have been beaten into submission and have been promised that our government will take care of everything. Does that sound familiar to you? Do you know your history and what it tells you about government “taking care of everything”?

    The citizens of our country have been lied to and robbed! Did you know that I now have to pay 65% of all I earn to taxes and entitlements? Have you ever seen a congressman or CEO slash his own pay before eliminating jobs or increasing taxes? Look people, there are natural cures that have been outlawed or covered up in order for the pharmaceutical industry to sell more drugs. There are cover ups regarding water, “Blue Gold” and Cancer cures. We need to wake up, smell the aroma of honesty and make changes.

    No, Kevin is not a criminal. He is a pioneer of honesty and he wants YOU TO HOLD THE GOVERNMENT TO THEIR TASKS OF PROTECTION ONLY< WITHOUT INITIATORY FORCE OR COERCION AGAINST ANY INDIVIDUAL"S RIGHT TO HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY. Get your head out of the sand Phil and really look into why Kevin does what he does.

    By the way, on one of his infomercials the other day I heard him say that he is not taking any money from the sale of his latest book. Look inward friend and find your reason for attacking this fine man!

  82. Rick NT (#85): Um, yes, Trudeau is a criminal. He was convicted of credit card fraud.

    But you are correct when you say “The citizens of our country have been lied to and robbed!” Trudeau was the one who did it. Maybe robbed is the wrong word, but defrauded is certainly true.

  83. I posted a silly YouTube wherein I read a short excerpt from one of Trudeau’s books. Many commenters assumed I was mocking him (even though I made zero commentary and read ONLY Trudeau’s words) and became almost violently incensed.

    I took the YouTube down.

    These people are WHACKED.

  84. My guess is, those who are so quick to see KT in jail are likely those who’s work involves contaminated foods, pharmacies, medicine etc. It’s simply a nobrainer that everyone wants to live a healthier life and feel good and to see the people they love not suffer from sensless illness caused by our food and drugs unnecessarily. I just don’t understand. Ok so what if he was convicted of fraud years ago! It doesn’t change the fact that he could be right with the natural cures he chooses to share with the world. Seems to me his background has been more investigated than that of our president! And why is that?????? HMMM! He could be a threat to the money hungry people who somehow find justification in people dieing from pills they are given by doctors and pharmacies when they know it can do major damage to your health! WHERE IS THE ARGUMENT FROM YOU ALL ON THAT? NO ONE SEEMS TO BE DENYING THAT THIS IS TRUE!

  85. Why does it seem like after the first paragraph, the Trudeau supporters rants seem like a lot of boilerplate stuff?

  86. Salome

    If Kevin Trudeau were the magnanimous sweetheart his followers insist he is, he’d be sharing these “secrets” for free. But he’s not, is he?

  87. angel in Indy

    Obviously someone has posted a link to this blog on one of the crazy nutcase websites. They’re coming out to attack. Time to play “spot the logical fallacy bingo”

  88. There was a time when everyone lived the lifestyle that Trudeau is promoting, when cures were plants and herbs that were pick fresh from the forest and there was no pesticides on any of the crops. There were no greedy doctors or pharmaceutical companies. The average lifespan was also 35.

  89. Richard Wolford

    Brenda, care to cite a few references regarding food and drugs causing illness? Do you think chemo causes cancer? He’s not right, Brenda, he is demonstrably false. And he’s no threat to those money-hungry organizations since, well, he’s not a charity now is he? How much money did he make exactly, and maybe we could compare that to the average salary of a medical researcher. Hey, actually, I’ve got an idea. Inject yourself with cancerous cells and then cure it with herbs. Let’s see how convinced you are about these “natural” remedies. Oh, and herbs are all you get, nothing else.

    So let’s see, I’ve got argument from nature, conspiracy theory, plenty of strawmen, argument from ignorance, and let’s see, is there a false dichotomy in there too? Is that a bingo?

  90. Steve13

    Did someone actually say “knight of honesty”? I didnt know people said stuff like that in real-life

  91. ScottW

    My experience with Trudeau (and I met him in passing, a brief and normal exchange, nothing to report) was a few years ago, when he decided to branch out into the billiards world.

    Trudeau had connected with a long-time professional pool player by the name of Mike Sigel, and decided that he wanted to start a new professional pool tour, which was called the IPT – International Pool Tour. He made lots of promises – foremost of which was that he was going to fund it personally for at least a couple of years, while he built up the sponsorship income to a sufficient level. The payouts were going to be far greater than the tournament payouts of the time.

    A lot of folks in the pool world – pros and amateurs alike – jumped on board. And there *was* a minority who knew of Trudeau’s past, and either held back and/or urged caution. But, this was Amazingly Good News for pool, and many many folks chugged that particular Kool-Aid – some because they thought their passion (pool) would flourish, some because they thought *they* would floruish (big payouts).

    The IPT did get going and ran, IIRC, three events. The first was a “King of the Hill” event that was set up so that the participants worked their way down to a single player, who then played Sigel for the “King of the Hill” position. The next two were more normally-structured tournaments.

    The payouts for the first two events *were* significant. First place prize was several hundred thousand. The third event… let’s just say that, at the end of the day, after several conflicting stories, the IPT wasn’t writing the payout checks as planned. People were pissed. And to their credit, they worked up a plan to make the payouts as promised – but in portions, over time. This went on for months and months.

    A fourth event in the UK was cancelled about a week or so before it was due to occur – and many of the participants (mostly in the US, but many were overseas as well) had already booked travel.

    On the fraud-related front, the IPT also had a paid subsciription model on their website (sound familiar?) and many people who had signed up before things went south tried cancelling later on, and there were quite a few reports of issues getting their memberships cancelled.

    The IPT morphed somewhat and apparently is still in operation – and is still (as it was from the get-go) a vehicle to advertise Trudeau’s other interests. When it first got started, the IPT had their own high-end pool tables that they would haul around and set up for tournaments – and these sported “Natural Cures” ads on the sides.

    I haven’t followed the IPT and its activities in some years. But, I’ll say that there appear to be a lot of pro players still associated with it, from poking around the site a little. The names may be unfamiliar to most/all of you, but I know them, and they’re the top of the crowd these days. Take that as you will.

  92. ScottW

    @50 Katherine:

    Trudeau had nothing to do with Enzyte. That’s a different guy who went to the pokey.

  93. James


    Your arguments are hysterical and irrational. You present your statements in a wall of text, incoherently rambling from point to point. I don’t have the time nor the inclination to address these things point by point. But rest assured, all those questions you’ve asked have been clearly addressed time and time again on this and other skeptic’s blogs. If you care about your health and well being, you would do well to do some actual research.

    One point I do want to address, however, is this ridiculous conspiracy horse-hockey you and other alt-med believers regurgitate over and over again: that “Big Pharm” and “Western Medicine” and the government (and whatever other bogey-men) are killing people for profits. “Look at how much money they make” you and your ilk shriek. Yet you and yours never seem to turn this conspiracy lens onto those who claim they can cure you of all your ills, “just buy my book!” Or sign up for their costly seminar, or pyramid-scheme organization. You’re so ready to accept that there is a grand, powerful, far reaching cabal of “Big Pharm,” greedy doctors, and shadowy corrupt government officials twisting their mustaches, Snidley Whiplash style, as they plot to become wealthy while poisoning the people. Yet the idea that a proven con-artist and fraud hasn’t changed his spots and continues to shovel bollocks for a buck is beyond the pale?

    How? How is it more likely that there is a giant global conspiracy to hide the amazing, stunning, spectacular results of “natural” medicine than a faker and con got caught? I would never suggest that corporations and/or the government have individual best interests as the core of their operations. But lets use a little bit of logic here, shall we. The larger the lie, the greater the conspiracy, the more stunning the truth, the harder it is to keep secret. And the fact that eating better can make you healthier has never been a secret. But there is zero factual evidence that organic/macrobiotic/miracle diets or rubbing mugwart extract on your forehead can cure cancer or autism or Alzheimer’s, or especially gullibility.

    Trudeau is a con-man, a fraud, a faker, a snake-oil peddler.

    P.S. I’m not a “college graduate, or a politician or anyone important” either (except to my own family), yet I still understand how to present a coherent argument, use paragraphs and punctuation, and not type in all caps…

  94. James

    Oh, and let’s not dance around another important nail in the alt-med coffin:

    If homeopathy, or herbal tinctures, or crystals, or acupuncture, or any other pseudoscience junk actually worked, Glaxo-Smith-Klein would be all over it…

  95. ScottW

    Busting on folks for spelling/grammatical errors, when there are far more glaring issues to take with the content of their comments, is IMHO weak and petty.

    Argue on the merits, not the presentation.

  96. @John Ferguson #71 – To take issue with two of your Trudeau examples from my area of expertise:

    1. Curcumin has no effect on pancreatic cancer in people. It kills cells cancer cells in a Petri dish but your body metabolizes it too quickly for it to reach significant concentrations.

    2. St. John’s wort has a major side effect: it increases the rate of metabolism of hundreds of other drugs. Therefore, it can decrease the effectiveness of other things you may be taking. In 2000, some heart transplant patients in Switzerland experienced organ rejection while taking SJW because it caused their anti-rejection drugs to fall to subtherapeutic levels.

    The problem with many of these hucksters is that they spout off a little science to make it seem to the average person that they know something “alternative” – something that medicine doesn’t. In fact, we do investigate many of these alternative approaches and when they are shown not to work, they are not adopted into medical practice.

    I don’t fault the average person for falling prey to some of these things they may not understand fully. However, I have trouble generating any sympathy for people who continue to defend frauds like Trudeau after they have been so extensively shown to be con-artists.

  97. Charlie Young

    I think BRENDA is a computer generated commenter shilling for Discover Cards.

  98. Charlie Young
  99. Charlie Young

    Oh, and Phil, the saying is “well and good” not “well in good”. Just sayin’.

  100. James


    If you’re referring to my comments, perhaps you missed the entire first three paragraphs?

    My technical criticism was a short post script to a much longer argument about the merits. As I stated, I am not highly educated (formally, anyway), and am in fact a high-school dropout. I think it is blatant laziness to make similar claims as a pre-emptive attempt to dissuade criticism. Presentation matters a great deal, like it or not.

    And you are free to not read my comments if you find them “weak and petty.”

  101. Charlie Young

    “Hear, hear!” James!

  102. Charlie Young

    A lack of education is no excuse for lack of clear and reasonable thinking. It is also no excuse for lack of clear and reasonable communication. As far as Brenda’s rant goes, it is hard to follow and impossible to take her seriously, in my opinion. Thus, my snide comments above. A random commenter would make almost as much sense.

  103. ScottW

    @101 James:

    My comment wasn’t directed at any one person. There were many such comments on this page that I was referring to.

    Besides, do you feel that a critique of the one paragraph of your comment has to apply to your ENTIRE comment? The first part (and majority) of your comment quite nicely fits with part of my post – “Argue on the merits”.

  104. It’s really ironic, I think, that Trudeau’s first supporter came in at comment “42”.
    Don’t Panic. Reality-based dimensions are this way; crawl towards the light.
    P.S. His supporters don’t really need to point out that they aren’t well-educated. Just sayin’.

  105. Queen B

    Trudeau is a man of many talents; memory improvement (my fav), Real Estate, balding cures, alt medicine. He is just short of Elohim. What can’t this guy do?
    Phil, i know you have a 1099 from Pfizer for over $100k

    /end sarcasim

    Trudeau is just a popular MLM master hearding the sheeples.

  106. Thank you Charlie. Let me just say, I have been called worse by better! Yes, if you choose to stoop to levels of insulting me for simply choosing to have my own opinion then I can do the same. Forgive me for being less fortunate than you by not having the ability to argue useing terms that most of the real world doesn’t even understand. We redneck people from the backwoods just simply prefer english. Thanks! I so apologise for being beneath you! Actually, no I don’t because I’m not! I did run across this site while looking up recent information on KT because I have read a couple of his books and noticed on the news that HCG was now being questioned as a safe effective way to lose weight and remembered KT had recommended this in one of those books. It just simply raised my curiosity. I’m not a huge follower of his, just interested in what he has to say. I go to the doctor when I’m sick and so does my family. I’m not stupid enough to try and inject myself with cancer cells and then try and treat myself with whatever cures anybody claims to have nor would I do so with someone I love. Quite frankly, until I read the books, I was actually quite ignorant to just how dangerous our foods can be and how sick we can become from the drugs we are prescribed. It simply never occured to me to really sit and consider the possibilities that these things could be so dangerous. Then my Dad died with cancer! He visited doctors regularly and not one found that he even had cancer until 3 days before he died. He had tumors all over his body. My sister and I were forced to make the decision to have him taken off of life support because there was no hope of him living a day without it. Needless to say, after knowing he saw doc after doc trying to find out why he was so sick I became a bit more sceptical of doctors when all they wanted to do was hide the pain and shove pills down his throat to cover up the symptoms. I was holding his hand when he took his last breath. So forgive me for being a bit angry when I believe there is some truth to some of the things KT says. I’m not a desperate person looking for false hope, I just feel there is truth to it and alot of it makes sense. The fact that I’m not as educated as some has nothing to do with why I feel as I do.My lack of schooling doesn’t make me less of a person or able to think and believe what i do. I live in the real world. I don’t live in denial. And I do see that it’s people who have a high education and money to throw around do try and take advantage of the less fortunate. Don’t try and deny it. I could say the same to those who are extremely educated. Maybe during all those brain washing sessions they should’ve given lesson’s on respect for all humans. My original intent was not to attache anyone besides the thousands who allowed my daughter to be prescribed Zelnorm while knowing people had already died from takeing it. I DON’T NEED AN EDUCATION TO SURVIVE. I’M DOING JUST FINE! AND IF I CHOOSE TO USE CAPS IN MY WRITEING, I BELIEVE I AM FREE TO DO SO! It would be nice if some of you would get off your pedistols and get your heads out of the clouds and stop thinking you are somehow more of a person than I am. I am not belittled by your insults and quite frankly, in my opinion, you are making an ass of yourselves by not sticking to the truth and trying to flatter yourselves by bashing me or anyone else who don’t meet your standards. Obviously this is a no win argument on eather side! I’m honestly sitting here trying to figure out why I’m waisting my time when apparently some of you are on a major ego trip. Hope it hurts when you fall! To those of you who choose to believe in anything KT has to say, please remember inspite of all the arrogant jerks who think they “know it all” it wouldn’t make a difference if Kevin Trudeau wrote it or an angle sent from heaven, they would still put anyone 10 feet under for trying to do the very same thing KT has done. FACT! I don’t need a degree in anything to figure that one out! I have no time left to argue with people who’s head is bigger than the average toilet seat. Do us all a favor and stick your head in one and see if you can pull it out! On that ( immature just as you have been) note, if you’ll excuse me, I have contaminated chicken to fry for dinner. God bless all!

  107. And by the way, I don’t expect apoligies or even for any of you extremely knowlegable guys to feel a hint of guilt. What I do expect is some serious name calling and bashing to begin. Please, show your true colors by getting a giggle at my expense. It will show that you truly feel that we little people who meen nothing to society due to a lack of education are simply a waiste of time in the world. Unless we can use the same big words that are on the backs of lables that can’t be pronounced, which eventually kill us, we are simply to0 ignorant to have common sense and have no right to an opinion of our own or to even voice it for that matter. I didn’t realise a professional presentation, or perfect spelling or grammer was a requirement to post a comment for the world to read. I’m not ashamed to express my opinion, beliefs or feelings to anyone! If you feel I am a menace to this discussion then forgive me for attempting to share my thoughts with such a royal audiance!

    101. Charlie Young Says:
    February 18th, 2010 at 10:13 am
    I think BRENDA is a computer generated commenter shilling for Discover Cards.

    102. Charlie Young Says:
    February 18th, 2010 at 10:17 am
    …or a troll.

    And why are you on here Charlie?

  108. Charlie Young

    OK, Brenda, point taken. I still am a firm believer in proper spelling and grammar as tools for effective communication. Also, a clear thought process makes your points more effective. You come off as an angry person and anger tends to turn most people against you.

    I am still wondering why your name links to a Discover Card site.

  109. Probably because she simply typed “discover” in the “website” area of the comment form. Nothing to do with the card, but more to do with the word, I’d wager.

    Let’s see how it turns out when I put in “OMFSM” in the website area here… :)

  110. ND

    Brenda: “but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that many years ago when the only medicine there was, was actually grown on a tree or vine or in a plant or flower and WOW people actually were living much longer back then.”

    Are you sure about that? Really? Living longer than today? How do you know this?

    Charlie Young:
    You’re clicking on http://discover and the browser is trying to find the closest site matching this, which is It’s probably using google and taking you to the top site.

  111. Charlie Young

    Scott W and ND: Thanks for clearing that up.

  112. @LeeAnn
    >>i have first-hand experience in reversing “in-operable tumors” and given hope and life to patients who were told there was “no cure” and who had as little as 6 months to live.

    Really? Where is your Nobel Prize in Medicine? Because I’m certain that the (alt)medical team that can do that would win such a prize that year.

    You want to say that alt-med makes people think happy thoughts, fine, I’ll believe that. You want to say you’ve reversed cancer, I want to see your accolades from the medical and scientific communities because if you have reversed cancer, you are truly on the cutting edge of advancing medical technology and treatment, and I, for one, support advancing medical treatments – as long as it is verifiable that they work, not just a bunch of anecdotes and happy thoughts.

    And if your answer is “the traditional medical establishment is keeping me/us down”, all you are doing is demonstrating that you are a liar and belong in a cell with K.T.

    Oh, can you cite a peer-reviewed journal article that comes close to supporting the claim that an apple grown last year has 1/3 the nutritional value of the same variety of apple grown in or near 1949?

    Some other notes:
    >>Why would the FDA want people curing themselves with teas, fruits and vegetables which costs pennies compared to drugs that can be bought for hundreds of dollars?

    The FDA doesn’t care whether people cure themselves or pay other people to cure them. The FDA is responsible for preventing frauds from killing people with fake potions and snake oil. That’s why the FDA demands things like actual research into the efficacy of a treatment before approving it for the general population. Mistakes are made, and sometimes bad treatments get approved, but that’s better than any alt-med has ever done… their treatments are not approved, and no alt-med practitioner has ever realistically tried to jump the simplest of FDA hurdles.

    It is, in fact, alt-med that profits big time on people’s ignorance and ill-health. They make up their cheap potions and hand-waving acts at low cost and sell them at comparably high prices to anyone who is stupid enough to buy them. Contrast this with big pharma which spends billions of dollars on research only to have their treatment rejected by the FDA on the first go, so they have to go back and spend more billions. Finally they get approved and release a drug that and sell it hoping to recover the cost before the people who make generics get into the fray.

    >>I am one individual who lives in the world who believes that weather Mr. Trudeau is correct or incorrect in anything he says should be left up to each and every person to decide on their own as to who and what they believe.

    What each and every person believes is certainly their own business as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. However, whether a person is correct or incorrect is a matter of fact and is not open to interpretation. Either Trudeau’s claims are verifiable or they are not. There is no wiggle room. Time and time again, his claims have not stood up to scrutiny. You can believe them if you like, but they are incorrect… absolutely wrong, and if you deliberately choose to believe things that are known to be incorrect, well, what does that say about you?

    >>Eat this orange to cure your scurvy, or take this pill that only had to prove itself more effective than a placebo in two tests out of how ever many it takes. What sounds like snake oil to you?

    Neither. “Eat this orange” was a treatment that was based on research at the time. Since they could not, at the time, produce vitamin C artificially, citrus fruits (limes, actually) were used to treat scurvy. If that happened today, they’d say take a pill – and that would be a superior solution since space on ships is limited and pills keep better than fresh fruit.

    A better example of the point you are trying to make would be this:

    Eat this apple to cure your inoperable cancer even though there’s no proof and everyone who has done this treatment has died in the usual time you’d expect someone to die of that particular cancer, or take this chemo which has sent the cancer into remission in 65% of patients?

    >>Look people, there are natural cures that have been outlawed or covered up in order for the pharmaceutical industry to sell more drugs.

    Such as? If they’ve been outlawed, there’d be documentation. This should be a startlingly easy to verify claim. Please provide a reference in a peer-reviewed journal regarding the efficacy of the outlawed treatment, and a legal reference where it is outlawed.

    AFAIK, the only thing that comes close to validating that claim is marijuana, and even that is a bit of a stretch since the medicinal value of marijuana is not really well documented.


    It’s easy to convince people here. Just provide your evidence. Not anecdotes and stories, just some evidence that would stand up as actual research. Why is that so much to ask?

  113. Thank you Scott. Charlie, forgive me for coming off as angry, my attitude only came about at the point of being called a troll. Although I am a bit angry that regardless of evidence you have, compared to the evidence I have , which is simply based on my life’s experiences, that my findings are irrelevant and mean nothing. Of course it’s necessary to fight any argument in most cases with ammunision such as scientific evidence, I won’t dissagree with that, but I base my strong beliefs on this matter with proof shown to me in daily life. Of course medicine is a must in alot of cases, it simply sickens me though that it seems to be the only alternative in the eyes of most doctors. Why would it be such a terrible thing if a doctor told you that you have the option of trying natural remedies and coach you through trying them depending on your illness v/s instantly giving you only one option which is taking pills that have more side effects than the original illness. If you can’t eat a grapefruit because it could interfere with your meds, and could actually kill you, there’s something wrong with that picture to me considering grapefruit is good for you. Why would a doctor not try telling you that you’re 100 lbs over weight, that you should put down the soda loaded with caffeine, exercise and drink more water in order to drop your high blood pressure? Instead they prescribe medicine that you will be on for the rest of your life which will eventually cause serious liver problems. It’s a quick fix. If you’ve changed your diet, lost weight and drank water instead of soda for a month or two and no longer have high blood pressure, your trips to the doc and the pharmacy would stop. That would be devistating to the pockets of your doctor and pharmacy if every person with high blood pressure actually suddenly became healthy. It’s because so many people are ignorant to how easy it could be and have so much faith in their doctor. Again, a quick fix. After a bit of a push and insight from reading books like KT’s , it has helped make me personally aware of what we are doing to our bodies and I do take responsibility for allowing a doctor to control my health up to this point and that of my children. I am now more concous of what I eat, drink, and am cautious of how much advise I take from my doctor. If I have a minor illness I will try the simply home remedies first before being prescribed a pill that will eventually eat away at my health. I can count on one hand the times I have seen a doctor in a year. Most people can’t say that. My husband was perfectly healthy at 39. At 40 he went for a simple physical and was instantly put on 3 different medications. He is now takeing 6 on a daily basis. Not one doctor has advised him of any healthy information that would push him to take care of himself better. So, those are my facts and my evidence. My final post is this, if Kevin Trudeau is a fraud, in my opinion, then he is a fraud to only those who want him gone. In the eyes of people like me, he has been an informant and has braught awareness to so many on issues that are hidden purposely! If these remedies have been known for so many years and are no secret, then why is it he is called a liar? Best of luck to Kevin and I only pray someone is eventually finally able to show the required evidence necessary to open they eyes of millions of people and that the sick finally stop being taken advntage of.

  114. James

    I’m calling poe. Otherwise, this whole line of argument has gone right to plaid.

  115. T. Pain

    Here’s the deal in a meal. Trudeau is whats called a marketing Cultist. He takes peoples emotions for a joy ride that ultimately crashes. Even other marketers despise him. Next step for his cool aid drinking flunkys would be an encampment in the jungle near the old Jonestown trailer park where they’ll all wind up ass up and broke. maybe even dead. Anything the judge does to put this social parasite away should get his Honor a nobel prize. And if these zombie robots of Trudeau threatened me because I was the judge, I’d make sure they were on the same gallery at Stateville Penitentiary serving time with this scumbag scammer..

    I’m hoping this sets in motion an Investigation of Trudeau’s Global Information Network pyramid scam as well. This netted him a quick quarter million at the Hyatt Regency convention fraud last July. He ripped off a few hundred people for a grand apiece upfront with supreme fraudulent marketing and charges them a hundred and fifty bucks a month for GIN information they could get virtually for free elsewhere? And after seven months, not one member has made any money in the downline. Hope the FDC and FBI check that out fast.

    Plus when they check out the old (poker) hand at scam who is KT’s partner in crime on the Gin Pyramid Scam-no doubt at least in the number two positon on the pyramid– that should raise some statutory eybrows. None other than the mother F—– of all mail order scammers, the infamous Mark Hamilton of Neuvo Think, aka Society of Secrets, and now in rapacious redux, flourishing on the internet, the NeoThink society.

    If for no other reason these guys should be off the internet with long prison time only because their scandalous frauds give the G a good reason to ‘protect us’ thus achieving their goal of somehow getting involved in e-commerce. Thus mucking it up for the rest of us.

    But in a country that sometimes admires a decent gangster or honest ‘bad guy’, especially if he robs from the power elite to give to the poor, nobody likes social parasites who claim to be Powe Elite themselves, and then rip off the poor gullible hopefuls, of their hard earned
    dollars. Especially in this economy.

    Back in the days, we’d string em up. Maybe the Judge will do the best deed of his career and make sure the likes of Trudeau and Mark get what they deserve. Hopefully they can share a cell with their buddy Madoff.

  116. Heather

    I have not read one valid example of him being a fraud here? Just obnoxious remarks? If he’s a fake/crook/ blah blah blah please give an example, such as: I tried the herpes cure & I still break out.

  117. Cindy

    I was considering ordering Kevin’s Natural Cure book. Before ordering it, I decided to check customer reviews on him. I noticed not a few, but astounded to see literally hundreds of negative reviews. People who had received their bills, had ‘add on’ charges, inflated shipping charges, had called prior to the return date, could not get through on the website, did not have calls returned. People complaining the books did not offer anything other than common-sense advice, things they didn’t already know, and cures that didn’t work. You can find specific examples on different sites.

    Now I’ve read he’s been fined to pay $50,000 bond for fraud charges in court,and having his passport taken away. I hope there’s restitution as well for those people who are out of their hard earned cash.

    With his millions in riches, I wonder if anything goes to charity to help the underprivileged. Rather than padding his pocket, I’m sending the money to the child I sponsor in Africa who needs it.

    Last night, I heard an infommercial for his “Your Wish is Your Command” discs! Even during the time the guy is facing fraud charges, the stuff is still being advertised! They cost a mere $292.00 for 14 discs. I had been given some as a gift. The people that attended the seminar had to pay $10,000 each for a seminar in the Alps! The same information was repeated over and over in the discs, about having to be ‘teachable’ , learning basics of something, and be willing to change. Nothing earth shattering, ‘or guarded secrets of the Brotherhood’ as touted in the ads in getting ahead. Except that people are told that ‘only some’ get chosen to move ahead, and be taught furthur..after paying more. Even to join the website was $10.00 a month, to bee- mailed newsletters.
    But once they have your money, they have it. How can his stuff still be advertised, people still being taken, after the guy is charged?! Now many more unsuspecting people are losing their money?! Should not there be consumer protection?

    You can also find information on your own about ‘How to get Out of debt’ or natural remedies on websites, in libraries, without having to buy the books. The many comments about the Natural cure book said there were no cures give in the book, that you had to subscribe to the website, and even after that, he’s not allowed to divulgecure information or will be charged by the FDA.

    As for get rich-quick schemes, you don’t need a seminar guru telling you how to magically create wealth…there’s only one way….drive, dedication and HARD work.

    All I can say is, like the old saying ‘Buyer Beware”. Before putting out a bunch of your har-earned cash, do your research, be informed. Check the Better Business Bureau, consumer web-sites. When there’s hoards of complaints, obviously that’s a big red flag!

  118. Ken

    I haven’t looked through all the posts but as I have been in and around companies of kevin’s for many a years I can guarantee that refunds are not an issue and is a particular focus of Kevin and the management team to ensure that people who don’t feel that they have had decent value can return the books for a refund, no questions asked.

    Over the past 10 years the number has been staggeringly low as a % of the people who have bought the books. That said, it’s still probably thousands of people because so many have been sold 50m+ at the last count

    Whether you like or loathe him, I can guarantee that he has helped a lot more people and has more fans than detractors.

    If you bought the weight loss cure book, natural cures or more natural cures in addition to the your wish is your command then you can call or email and arrange a refund if you aren’t happy (you get 90 days for the your wish, 30 days for the books)…..If 2,000 email at once, it will naturally take a while to respond, but every one will get answered and logged.

    Telephone numbers and email addresses are published on the order confirmation dockets and emails along with parcel tracking details (on the email)

    Debt cures and free money I’m sure is the same, however they are distributed by a non-Kevin company. Again I’m sure they have a transparent system in place. If not call the 800 # on screen next time you see the particular ad you bought from and the call center (usually outsourced) will give you the relevant contact details….they ALWAYS have emails and phone numbers for you in case of these situations

    On a personal level I can tell you he is a gentleman and has a very genuine desire to impact peoples lives in a positive way and anyone who ever meets him face to face will be able to attest to that fact

  119. liz

    You people are really blind. Keep on living in your little bubble like fairy tale world. When people like Kevin warn others, you should be actually using your brains and thinking. Hmmm can this be true? Let me do my own homework and figure out if this is true. There are thousand and thousands of doctors out there backing up research done similar to Kevin’s. Wake up and smell the toast burning ! Do your homework and stop being upset at people who are trying to warn your lazy asses! check out Dr.Len Horowitz, listen to Sherry Shriner. These are just a few. Listen to radio show “The Edge”. People have died trying to get the truth out like Kevin but weren’t able to for long. Look into Dr.Rebecca Carly.

    Having said that. Kevin has only one side to the real story, there is more truth to discover but that’s by listening to Sherry Shriner that you’ll understand.

  120. liz (#123) You misspoke. What you really should say is that “people can die trying Trudeau’s nonsensical ‘remedies’ like coral calcium instead of going to an actual doctor who studies this sort of thing, instead of a convicted felon and credit card fraud.”

    But that’s an easy mistake to make.

  121. Mark Millar

    Maybe it takes a crook to catch a crook and the crooks this guy is going after make him look like he is just entering Kindergarten – Right. Right? I said Right!!! Get my drift. Wouldn’t surprise me that they would want to shut him down. What?- Should I rather want give my money to the honest guys like Bernard Madoff, any wall street bank and a list of others. Wasn’t Bernie an upstanding citizen only a few short years ago. Why don’t you go after them or do you find it easier to catch minnows as opposed to whales? You guys really love the big time crooks and have nothing but contempt for the robinhoods – little wonder humanity progresses so slowly. It surprises me that it doesn’t need to wear gloves to keep it’s knuckles from getting scrapped as they drag along the ground (neanderthal in case you didn’t get the joke).

  122. Larry

    1. It can’t be wrong to express an opinion.
    2. It can’t be right to express an opinion as fact
    3. The only “facts” in the universe are mathematical. Everything else is an opinion. It may be a socially accepted opinion, but it’s still an opinion.
    4. It can never be wrong to respect another persons right to their opinion.

    I don’t like hearing that either conventional medicine or alternative medicines “cure” anything. It is my opinion that medicines facilitate cure but only the body and the mind can actually manifest a cure. If you break your finger and have it surgically repaired is it cured? Try lifting a heavy book from a table and the answer will become clear. Don’t get it repaired and you may never be able to lift another book.

    Sometimes, the mind and body require assistance to restore health. Denying yourself such assistance is irresponsible. Recommending to another that they deny themselves of assistance is equally irresponsible. Abusing said assistance? Yes, irresponsible. Taking advantage of assistance by not taking care of yourself? Of course. But the greatest crime is with-holding the knowledge of proper personal care from those that need it most.

    If we took 1% of the financial resources directed at medical research and put it back into health education…there might be alot less need for medicine be it alternative or conventional.

    Of course, that’s just one man’s opinion.


  123. Absolutely none! Just look at footage of a colonoscopy, that is done after a 12 hour fast and an enema. Nothing in there but pink skin. They just want your money. If you want to be parted from your money that bad, send it to a charity who will actually do some good with it

  124. alex

    To the astrophysics student:
    Making up theories about what happened in a galaxy at gazillions light years away and gazillion years ago that no one will be ever be able to verify and spending taxpayers money on that – how does that differ from Kevin?

  125. anonymous

    i hate kevin trudeau. he is convincing americans to buy products that could give them the idea that things that will kill them, like stopping using medical drugs, is good. i cant believe how he can get away with so much!!! and now hes trying to convince people that your brain makes a frequency and if you can change it the universe will bend to your will! how can people believe such nonsense? well, since kevin is tricky, using self-conciousness tactics and knowing how some things like sicknesses can go away by themselves, thats how he can do this. he knows that when just one of his prepostorus (did i spell that right?) ideas “works” for the user, works as intheir problem is solved itself and they just slap a cause for the solution on his ideas, we all start believing everything he says is ture. hes even got a freaken 3 hour radio show because of all his “fans”! kevin trudeau is scamming alot of people out of alot of money, and it seems like nothing can stop him. well we need someone to step up and expose this money-crazed lunatic for what its worth. we need to imprison this freak. we need to stop him from brainwashing innocent american citizens into paying like $1,000 for all the crap he thinks up. i obviously can’t do much since im only 13, but still.

  126. sunnybaskins

    ok people, continue taking government regulated pharmaceuticals. you know, the ones the cause more problems and side effects. keep supporting the evil big pharm companies. all this guy is saying is that there is natural unharmful ways to treat things. will they work for everyone? maybe not, just like certain medications dont work for everybody. kevin is just capitalizing on knowledge that has been around for thousands of years because he is a buisnessman. why dont you try doing some research on natural medicine for yourself. that way you wont have to rely on tv personalities or the government to tell you what is best. believe it or not, the big pharm companies dont have our health in best interest. its all the money and control. sorry

  127. ABC123

    i don’t see what the big deal is. he just seems to be presenting some homeo/natural remedies and cures, that’s all. sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t. i doubt he has claimed that YOU MUST DO IT, that is your decision not HIS, you followed his program then IT WAS OF YOUR OWN DOING. He just appears to be giving some alternatives to the MEDICAL CORPS (which is about making money and also to make sure YOU DIE AS WELL). I’d go holistic rather than a CORPORATE DRUG DOCTOR ANYDAY, no problems so far. If kevin claims that his programs will CURE TOTALLY WITHOUT ERR then that is going a little too far, i agree, no reason to send the guy to jail though. Besides, if you want OFFICIAL DATA on HOLISTIC REMEDIES, you won’t get it because the whole thing is run by DRUG PUSHERS who are making GARDENING and HOLISTICS ILLEGAL because it doesn’t make them rich while they kill you, so on that note i stop here. How can he have OFFICIAL REPORTS WHEN THOSE TYPES OF REPORTS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED AS THEY DO NOT MAKE THEM MONEY FROM KILLING? DUH! Think PEOPLE!

  128. Amright

    All you Trudeau haters are brainwashed by the mass media. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep eating your processed junk foods, drinking tap water and taking your pharmaceutical drugs and eating your factory farmed animals. You will get your wake up call eventually. Then you’ll realize that you had it all wrong. Nature heals. Your own body does the healing if you let it. Eat Raw Live Long, stay away from the medical establishment unless you have a bone fracture. Be organic. Doctors don’t cure anything they just pump you up with nasty drugs and charge you money. Kevin good luck to you and thanks for .

  129. Bruce

    I agree with Kevin,and you people that are disagree with him calm down and take some stupid pills and drugs.

  130. Lisa Wolosh

    Wow, has anyone actually read his books? or are you all just using the medical and pharmaceutical opinions to judge his books and not even your own?? lol
    has anyone “tried” naturophatic mehods for certain things? probably not, otherwise you would know they work, but instead you chose to create more illness within yourselves with DRUGS(define that word, if you can)
    So sad how close minded the world is. I bet all of you come from a family of doctors or ceo’s affiliated somehow with the goverment b.s!
    Its too bad for you.

  131. Lisa Wolosh

    Sorry, not all of you, my previous comment is for the “haters”. And to Bruce, I like your comment for these haters to keep taking their drugs. lol thats exactly what the pharma world wants, idiots that will make them rich.

  132. Lisa Wolosh

    OMG ppl are complaining for being “ripped off” by Kevin, but dont mind paying for DRUGS that actually cause negetive side effects!! WTF is wrong with people!
    If you had to pay for shipping for a book and some extra costs but the information was true and able to help you save in the long run(from buying drugs non stop) then wouldnt it be worth it? Dont judge by someone elses opinion, first, try a natural method, then you can judge if it doesnt work!

  133. Trish

    Kevin is one of the very few people in this world pursuing the truth ….I Wish we could find a way for people to realise they are being murdered by the drug companies.

  134. Wayne

    How can anyone question Trudeau when billions have been raised for cancer over the past 50 years with little result and no accountability !! I would trust Kevin before I would trust the Drug Companies.

  135. alex

    Anyone who honestly doesn’t believe that drug companies are only interested in profit just google Vioxx and read up on it. Would love to hear your opinion after you mindless drones.

  136. Cornelius

    All you people bashing Trudeau, have you even read anything he has written? ITs obvious you haven’t. Why don’t you go visit a cancer ward in a hospital. You can see how people look when they get the non-“quackery” treatment. Modern medicine is all about money and they all know it .So who is the con artist? Trudeau for making some money off of a book that exposes them or the drug companies who DELIBERATELY manipulate safety studies on new drugs when it suits the bottom line. Why do you think you see a class action lawsuit against drug companies on TV everyday? A hundred years from now people will look back at our medical system and be horrified much at like how we view the allopathic medicine’s forefathers who poisoned peole with mercury(like George Washington) and bleed people to death. Shooting people full of toxins during chemotherepy is no different.

  137. Chris

    The big problems with Trudeau is that his claims are based on unfounded and some ridiculous ideas. No I haven’t read his books but what I am saying is based on the snippets that he gave in his infomercial. You can see a review of it here:

    I don’t entirely agree with everything mentioned in the review but it’s mostly accurate and much more truthful than the infomercial. Do like I did and Google what is said to decide for yourself.

    1.He says that the government wants you to be fat for insulin manufacturers and the food businesses. If that was true than why would the government have dietary recommendations for all to see and which is updated regularly?

    It isn’t their fault, or the doctors that tell you to watch what and how you eat to be healthy, when people don’t follow the advice given. They can only advise and make recommendations. My dad has Diabetes and was on a pretty decent dose of Metformin but has followed his doctors advice (for the most part) regarding his diet (I know, a medical practitioner giving advice on how to eat healthy goes against what many here have said they would do and is a major shocker) and has been able to reduce the dose that he takes by quite a bit, has lost weight, and is healthier for it. I have Hypoglycemia and have been given advice on how to manage it but it is up to me to follow it. Also, just because you are thin and eat mainly organic foods, it doesn’t mean you can’t get Diabetes. My best friend’s, skinny as a rail, husband was diagnosed with it last year. They eat primarily organic foods and won’t even have short-grained white rice in their house due to it not being as good for you as long-grained brown rice.

    2. (A statement made by him in his infomercial.) TRUDEAU: “Okay. Nobel-Prize-winning authors have said this. Doctors around the world have said this. Your body has a pH. Okay? If you remember your swimming pool, you tested your pH of acid/alkaline. . .”

    MATTHEWS: “Right, right, right.”

    TRUDEAU: “If your body pH is alkaline, you can not get cancer.”

    What a bunch of garbage! Here is just one chemist who has debunked similar claims:

    Even if he hadn’t shown reasons chemically, our stomachs are nothing but filled with acid in order to break down the food we ingest. Just thinking logically, how can we have too much acid in our system since our stomachs are acidic already? If we were to eat acidic foods (citrus fruits like “oranges” for example), we get a little extra acid in our stomachs which can cause heartburn but we don’t end up with overly acidic blood. I actually have GERD (GastroEsophogeal Reflux Disease) which is not the same as occasional heartburn. It wasn’t caused by the food I eat, but instead by the sphincter that closes off the stomach from the esophagus not completely closing like it should which allows the acid to leak back into the esophagus while laying down. Because of it, I take a prescription daily antacid “pill” (capsule actually) to keep the level of acid down so that it isn’t high enough to leak back while I’m on my side. If his ideas are right, that alone should cut down on the acidity in my blood or it wouldn’t be called an “antacid”.

    3. He mentions Fibromyalgia in his infomercial. I have skin sensitivity with my Fibromyalgia and yet, with the tests done by my rheumatologist, that is all it could be. She had me do a blood workup to make sure it wasn’t anything else, such as a vitamin deficiency. I know, another doctor taking note of deficiencies in a natural part of the body and not just a deficiency in a medication, is shocking! She found that I am deficient in vitamin D and (Gasp!!!) prescribed a regimen of 50k IU of vitamin D for a month to bring it up to where it should be and then a daily dose of 1k IU, of this ‘natural remedy’, to maintain the proper levels from now on out. Since that wasn’t the cause and my pressure points and symptoms were consistent with the diagnosis, Fibromyalgia was the conclusion. I trust her judgement.

    These are just a few of the issues that I had with his ‘infomercial’ and that isn’t even from reading his book. If there are these problems with it, why would anyone read his book? I know this is long but I had to put in my response to many of the responses here regarding homeopathy, doctors not prescribing anything but meds, and his claims about the government. There are many more but I won’t bore you with them. I mean honestly, if there were cures that the government knew about, wouldn’t they be at least giving them to their families to prevent them from getting sick and curing them of what they do have? Why would any government officials or their families take any medications if they can be cured? This just is the nail in the coffin that he is a con artist and has a lot of people fooled. That’s just my opinion though.

  138. Cnris

    It’s sad to see how quickly people are to judge in this world. You don’t like or believe KT, don’t buy his products. You are so quick to ridicule and condemn and most without knowing what they are really talking about. So quick to bash a man who is not forcing you to do anything. Imagine if you had this same conviction against the people who have been taking your money and trying to control your every move since the day you were born.

  139. Aaron

    My father died from “traditional” treatment of cancer (notice I didn’t say died from cancer), but not before a kings ransom went out in medical bills. For decades trillions have been spent on “reasearch” of cancer and other diseases and I have yet to hear their conclusion as to what causes it, much let alone an intelligible cure. All we see is new drugs, virtually none of which do anything without a side effect that rivals the original problem. Then, several years later some attorney posts an ad to help you or loved ones collect money if you took this or that drug and had this or that bad result, usually death…it’s a vicious circle…Traditional medicine hogs the stage, most people are followers by nature which is why most people FOLLOW their propaganda. Not unlike the music industry which commissions radio stations to broadcast the same overplayed annoying song 2-4 times an hour and tell you it’s still number one on the charts-people believe it, denying their own intelligence. I personally support Kevin Trudeau and everyone else who looks for alternatives. As far as his criminal past, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  140. Kadia Purcell

    my father never believed nor went near orthodox medicine in his life until one day he fell and broke his knee, therefore had no choice but to be hauled into a hospital, not by choice either, next minute, we are being told he needs this, that and has to attend this, that and all this carry on. It turns out to be that he ends up with cancer in the pancreas, and i blame the food industry for this because he was a cook for approx 22 years using MSG – the so-called monosodium guatame stuff that kills, then he was getting brainwashed into the medical side of it all. He refused chemotheraphy and died naturally because do you think he would really allow his wife to sell up the house he worked hard for to pay for all the medical costs to a system he never believed in to start with?

    The one thing i do believe in for sure and agree with kevin on is money,money,money because the evil designs of men will never cease because money is the root of all evil…….

  141. Aaron

    It’s no accident that the same monster that sanctions the medical scene also drives the food wagon; Food and Drug Admin. They bless the disbursement of food laced with crap, MSG is a great example, knowing full well that in a few years you’ll be a customer for their other “service” . It’s sad, the other day I was leaving my local walmart plaza and there was eight college aged kids standing there jumping up and down to keep warm while holding out cans for cancer research donations from motorists! I’d be all for it if the scientific machine was actually programmed to seek a CURE, but it’s not…it’s designed to generate new drugs; therefore, more money. Kadia, I’m sorry about your father, I’ve been there too. Unfortunately, natural treatments work slower and in some cases the person simply has gone too far by the time they know whats going on. The key for natural cures is to find a good healthcare practitioner who knows what he or she is doing, and start a lifestyle overhaul before any problems start. Problems can be as simple as indigestion on a weekly basis, headaches, athletes foot itch, diarhia…”little” things that the medical world has simple remedies for, often over the counter drugs, advertised in comically rendered commercials. Beware, if you don’t get the cause adressed, it will develop into something bigger no matter how well you manipulate the symptoms. For instance, 6 years ago I had toenail fungus-nasty! Went to MD, he gives me a script for Lamisil…didn’t work, went to natural practitioner, he said lay off sugar…it cleared up in 2 months and never came back. But some people simply love their lifestyle and are happy to die between 50 and 70 in the “care” of someone who is competing for their children/spouses inheritance…to each his own.

  142. Faith7

    This man is definetly a con artist..he preys on the public who have very little income!!! I bought the book and was very hopeful that i would be able to bring in some money into the household. I am a single mother with two children. I ordered and read the books Debt Cures II and Free Money…there was not any information in these books that could help me make money!!! I felt like a fool for falling for his “SCAM”!!!.

    Would you believe one of the the free money recommendations was to pan handle. I could not believe what I was reading. This guy is a joke. I will do everything in my power to get him off the air!!

  143. Aaron

    LOL, good luck with that Faith. I stay away from all the financial gain propositions of any sort. I learned my lesson a few years ago when I bought into one of those back tax property how-to programs…it’s all the same, if their programs were so great their inborn greed would cause them to hoard the mystical secrets behind their success and NOT share it with the public. Granted, I haven’t read any of Kevin’s debt or free money books, only the natural cures one…scammer or not, he does have a valid point which is the fact that the government is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and most Americans put their faith in both which helps “Big Brother” tweek the social security by predicting lifespans…

  144. Jeff

    It’s great to hear logical, intelligent people who haven’t developed the magical thinking paradox. The guy is a con man, but he is also ill. That is, he can’t help it. He represents a HUGE portion of society with whom you can’t even have a rational discussion. It is a mental flaw. The above comment is right –he DOES have a few points. That’s the danger. If you take a psychological evaluation there are “clincher questions.” You might start a T / F section: “Sometimes I over-react when I’m angry.” “Sometimes I think my friends aren’t really listening to me.” Then suddenly a question such as: “Since I am Jesus Christ, it seems to me that more people should catch on to my eventual sacrifice and respect me more.” TRUE on the first two would mean nothing, but the third TRUE answer is the clincher. This is what would happen to libertarians (obviously, not in such a drastic way) and to our pal “KT” on such a questionaire. They are mentally askew.

  145. Aaron

    Uh, could you repeat the question? LOL

  146. Eli

    Someone at work gave me their copy of KT’s blather “Your Wish is Your Command.” I have been listening to him aimlessly babble for the last 20 minutes- and he has yet to say one single thing of substance. Evidently there are some awesome Secrets that only the elite (whoever they are) know about … and apparently even KT does not know what these secrets are. Soooo glad that i did not pay a nickel for this nonsense.

  147. DMV

    Pleasant caliber :)

  148. Im so glad that I didn’t listen to my doctor and got a second and 3rd opinion. If I hadn’t, I would be dead right now. Instead I read natural cures, did the gerson therapy got better and haven’t needed the use of a single drug including Tylenol and the like in over 3 years. I took KT’s advice and have never looked back, no colds no flus and no diseases. I’m happy that you retards that love drugs will continue to take them cuz someday when your liver dies and your blood pressure medication kills you I’ll be smiling cuz I will never have to worry about it. Enjoy your ignorance no matter how many degrees you get, they won’t help you when the medical industry gets their meat hooks into you and your wallet! 😉

  149. Kim

    I was reading all the comments on here and would like to say I appreciate the people like Brenda and Leanne on here for standing up for what they believe when the rest of the world has been completely brainwashed by major corporations, government and FDA and FTC. I read his books, studied Herbology, Nutrition and health sciences for years and came to the conclusion long before he wrote his books that this system we live under in the modern day world is completely screwed up. They don’t care about our health, only our money and how to make more of it. Most diseases out there can be cured with a diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, etc. There are many natural products out there that can help boost your immune system enough to ward off and cure diseases that the FDA says are incurable. A drug will never sure a disease because people do not have a drug deficiency but rather deficiencies in proper nutrition and exercise and overexposure to harmful elements, radiation, electromagnetic stress, etc. Much of what Kevin says in his books is absolutely true and even though I do not trust him fully with his past I know from my research that his books have absolute merit and if more people read them they would realize exactly why people get sick and get diseases and what they can do to help which are very simple things. I know many people personally who have died from conventional use of prescription drugs and standard medical treatments and also know many who have cured themselves of diseases naturally by changing their lifestyles and diet. The only reason the medical industry keeps people on drugs for the rest of their lives to sustain them long enough to live a miserable life in pain with a disease is so the drug companies can make money off people for the rest of their lives. No one can be cured of anything with a drug and if they could be, drug companies would lose billions of dollars in loss of drug sales once someone is cured. The only thing that can cure a disease is a healthy body, a healthy and strong immune system and a healthy diet.

  150. Kiki

    Wow most of you guys commenting are verrry IGNORANT to the fact that conventional medicine is about profit. NOT curing people. Medicine treats symptoms not cures diseases. If you actually read this man’s book and have a LITTLE common sense you just might learn something……


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