Not-So-Happy Valentine's Day. Love, xkcd

By Phil Plait | February 14, 2010 10:29 am

xkcd_valentineHmmm, not all VDs are happy: this strip from xkcd is a little bit of a downer, but I have a hard time disagreeing with his message. Hover your mouse over the strip to see what he means.

This particular strip reminds me of Robert Sheckley’s "The Language of Love". I have to say, I’m rather fond of his writing.


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  1. Jon

    “not all VDs are happy”

    Hmmm, “Valentines Day” was not the first thing I thought when I saw that abbreviation. And no, they’re generally not happy. :)

  2. Gotta love his quirky sense of humour. And yes, you really must read the alt text to really get it.

  3. I saw that one this morning. Made me laugh. I do *heart* xkcd. :-)

  4. Daniel J. Andrews

    I call bad science. How do you quantify feelings? Besides that, feelings come and go–they’re unreliable. Oops, I’m not in love with you anymore. Oh wait, yes I am. No, guess not. Agh, can’t live without you! Love is not just about feelings–it is also an act of will and commitment (which also can’t be quantified either so I’m not letting xkcd off the hook that easy).
    ūüėõ (/tongue-in-cheek)

  5. Luis

    Fortunately, and hopefully, good scientists are also ready to retract their mistakes. Happy Valentine to everybody!

  6. This explains why Isaac Newton died a virgin.

  7. Christopher Petroni

    Can’t read the although text on my phone! Guess I’m waiting until I get home. I won’t be doing so alone, thankfully.

  8. Christopher Petroni

    That should be “alt” text. Stupid phone.

  9. AbuMaia

    Yeah, not all Valentines Days are happy, that’s why they’re sometimes called “SADs,” Singles Awareness Days.

  10. riki

    I guess it wasn’t such a happy day for Saint Valentine either. Wasn’t he beaten to death and his cut off?

  11. AbuMaia

    St. Valentine was accidentally?

  12. ND

    Always do a mouse over on xkcd strips and you’ll get the bonus punchline.

  13. Why is there a gap in the data? I smell a cover up. It’s Valintinesgate*(tm) I tell you. Sheeple** etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum.

    **Gawd, I detest that word.


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