Godwin godwinned. FTW.

By Phil Plait | February 17, 2010 7:17 am

This is beyond brilliant. It is head-asplodey meta-hyper geekariffic.

If you aren’t familiar with the Hitler parody videos you can catch up here, but you really have to watch a few before seeing this, the transformative end-of-the-meme bringer. Anyone making a Downfall parody after this is basically an SEO professional getting a Twitter account now.


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  1. Meta Hitler | February 17, 2010
  1. I like the Ipad one.

  2. Lee

    “Now get me my TRON helmet.”
    Too funny.

  3. Thomas Siefert

    I like the one about the defence of Berlin…

  4. Kees

    @Thomas: These things are a bit less funny when one understands the German. Kind of awkward to laugh while hearing Hitler talk about drowning people in their own blood.

  5. I agree with Phil: this one is hilarious AND it is an end-of-the-meme bringer. I could barely get through the first 60 seconds of the ipad video in #1 before having to turn it off. Funny how that works.

  6. Messier Tidy Upper

    That ref there to Felicia Day & Adolf Hitler teaming up?

    Spooky but kinda strangely sexy – well for one half of that duo anyhow. ūüėČ

  7. themos

    I think this is better (found in Theregister.co.uk)

  8. Morbid Florist

    Agree with Kees.

    It’s all in bad taste, even if it’s trying to put an end to the tomfoolery.

  9. Eidolon

    Objectively, there is not one damn thing funny about Hitler. On the other hand it is just the juxtaposition of someone so utterly beyond redemption ranting about some sort of trivial pop culture event that makes them funny.

    Thanks Thomas @3 for the original subtitles.

  10. deep

    Respectful Insolence had this one up awhile ago. It’s gotta be the best one i’ve seen.

  11. ScottW

    The Downfall re-sub about Downfall re-subs was an inevitablility :)

  12. I saw the same video on Youtube except Hitler was routing for Alabama and was being told they were being beaten by Utah:

  13. mmcconnell

    @11 – that was hysterical – a complete put down of chiropractic. (Good thing I don’t live in Britain because I’d get sued.)

  14. ScottW

    Next iteration of these – skipping the subtitles altogether, and dubbing over the dialogue with other dialogue and silly voices. ūüėõ

  15. DaveS

    Morbid Florist@9, so what you’re saying, basically, is that It’s Too Soon?

  16. Sudro Brown II

    The timing of the discomfort of the generals as they realize they’re actually in the video Herr Monster is describing at the end is absolutely brilliant.

  17. Moxiequz

    Who else rented the movie “Downfall” after seeing a few of these? I did and I’d recommend it to everyone – it’s a brilliant film. Wonderful acting and direction.

    I think the best one I’ve seen of these is the ultra-meta one where Hitler was ranting that all the YouTube parodies are taking away from the film “Downfall” itself.

  18. Eh, I don’t see this one as the end of anything. Whether these parodies are funny or not depends on the writing, the timing, and the juxtaposition of the words and tone of the subtitles to the action and tone on the screen. Just saying “it’s all been done” doesn’t diminish that.

    In my limited research into the history of these videos a few weeks ago, I read a statement that “Hitler Banned fron Xbox Live” was actually the first parody. Does anyone know if this is true? Also, I’ve been seeing these parodies for quite a while now – my first one was when Brett Favre did his little retirement triple-cross, and Hitler was upset because now he couldn’t wear the Favre jersey he had just bought. I think that was at least two years ago.

  19. jcm

    And then there’s this:

  20. @Kees: “Understanding the language” is a problem with these, yes. Oliver Hirschbiegel, the director of Downfall, says he *loves* them, but always has to turn his sound off and watch them in silence for pretty much the exact same reason.

  21. Franziska

    @Kees: You’re right, its pretty unsettling; I stopped halfway through. Turning off the sound works for me and makes them great :> Love the atheist one.

  22. Yeebok

    That’s a crackup, but I am not sure it’s the last one :)

    This one’s about the Oz internet filter. It’s pretty good too, though non US people may not get all of the references.

    I won’t embed it there’s quite a few in here already but it’s worth watching ūüėČ

  23. BamSaidTheLady

    It’s not the first meta I’ve seen of this fad. I discovered this one by accident and thought it was the best Downfall vid I’d ever seen. Sadly, it’s had less than 6000 views:


  24. TR

    “FTW?” “Asplodey?” Really, Phil?

    One of the things I enjoy about the BA-Blog is that is stands against the cultural ebb tide being caused by the Internet dumbing down science and generally pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    But recently this blog, too, has started to adopt more and more of the careless use of language (not to mention grammar and spelling) that threatens to make the Internet the closing parenthesis on an era of literary progress opened by the Gutenberg press. (The actual, mechanical press, not the Project Gutenberg web site.)

    What’s next? “Nom, nom, nom – I can has science?”

  25. Gumba Masta

    … Don’t give us ideas for LOLphil posters.

  26. Alan

    This one is also meta-memish – I think it is better than the Hitler makes a pardoy video:

    It features Hitler as the “Downfall” producer trying to order a takedown of all the Hitler Downfall parodies. He freaks when told that parodies are protected under fair use. The resulting rant is full of references on the DRM debate and is well written with some great geek references and a great slam on YouTube at the end. There is reference to Richard Stallman even.


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