Trudeau's going to jail. Schadenfreudelicious.

By Phil Plait | February 17, 2010 10:26 pm

UPDATE: Kevin Trudeau has been cited with contempt of court and must serve time in jail for it.

I love how that article describes Trudeau as "deeply tanned". That’s awesome.

For those unaware, Trudeau is not one of the good guys. In fact, to describe him in the terms I want, I’d have to violate my own rules on this blog.

The bad part of this? He’s only getting 30 days. Once he’s out he’ll still have all his books and a radio show on which to shill them. But I still have hope the system will prevail. There is a limit to free speech, and fraud breeches that limit. As Trudeau should have learned the first time he was convicted of it.

Tip o’ the coral calcium to Chris Babarskas once again.

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  1. Uselesstwit

    You gotta love this. Not only is he pissing off the judge of his upcoming trial, he’s going to have to start all over on his tan.

  2. VERY good news. He could still get more time from the actual charges, though, right?

  3. Jim

    This is kind of hilarious. I picture him sitting in a cell: “What are you in for?” “Oh, I tried to DDoS a federal judge.”

  4. I want me some fraud breeches. They’d go swell with my larceny spats. ūüėÄ

  5. isles

    It’s about time. I hope Trudeau remembers his time in jail for the rest of his life.

  6. Sharkweek

    I do hate that man, whenever I see an infomercial of his I get sick in my stomach, yet for some reason I can’t turn away for about 5 minutes. It’s the same process as staring at an auto accident. Maybe I should write angry e-mails to the networks that run the infomercials; writing angry e-mails to TV networks is starting to become a hobby of mine.

  7. Will coral calcium prevent me from wetting myself out of sheer joy?

  8. John Paradox

    I was up late the other night and tuned to the ‘local news channel’ (re-broadcasts of one channel’s newscasts) and viola! there’s our little Kevin hawking away with his woo. My first thought was I’d accidentally gone to one of MSNBC’s ‘people in jail’ series. Unfortunately, I was wrong.


  9. The Playboy Scientist

    Uri Geller is the one who needs to go to jail for a long time!

  10. As with religion, I’ve always wanted ol Kevin’s claims to be true. That memory stuff, man, if only.

  11. Alex Murdoch

    I can’t wait to see his next book “Things That Happen in a Prison Shower ‘THEY’ Don’t Want You To Know About”.

  12. DennyMo

    “Viola”, a stringed instrument slightly larger and deeper in pitch than a violin… (Sorry J/P, couldn’t help myself.)

    I get a kick out of some of these shillsters. One advocate tells us we should eat raw, because it’s what our ancestors did for millenia. Then he tells us we should buy his coral calcium supplements, because we don’t get enough calcium. That last bit is probably true, but how many of our ancestors went skin diving for coral, ground it up, and sprinkled it on their steak tartare?

  13. Moose

    isles: It’s about time. I hope Trudeau remembers his time in jail for the rest of his life.

    Better if he doesn’t have to _remember_ his time in jail for the rest of his life. ūüėČ

  14. Zucchi

    Anybody with Trudeau’s talents for hucksterism should be able to make a living selling legitimate products. If I were an ex-con, I’d be very careful NOT to do the exact same thing that put me in prison the first time.

  15. This combined with AVN probably shuttering their doors in 10 days AND rumors circulating now that Andrew Wakefield is resigning from his position at Thoughtful House is making this a very good month indeed for battling woo.

  16. Ad Hominid

    Contempt is quite rare in federal courts and it usually involves grandstanding lawyers and fines. You have to be really, really stupid, obstinate, and arrogant to actually end up behind bars for it. Trudeau’s career seems to embody all of those however, so off to the slammer he goes.

  17. On the subject of cow emissions…

    I cant help but think he WANTED to go to jail… egg on a judge, serve for only a few days, and then get to claim “They wanted to keep my NaturalCures(c) a secret so badly, they threw me in jail! My treatments MUST be effective if the Big Bad Pharma has to pay off the Government to silence me!”

    It wont be long until conspiracy theories and martyrdom complexes make this guy even louder… Unless he finds an even More lucrative scam.

  18. Peptron

    I think he will just use that to “prove” that the establishment is out to get him. However… is it still conspiracy mongering when the establishment REALLY is out to get you?

  19. Just to back up what Ad Hominid said, I think this statement from the judge says it all:

    “I can count the number of people I’ve held in contempt on one hand and three of those fingers have Kevin Trudeau’s name on them.”

    He not only found Kevin Trudeau in contempt of court one time but three times. After the third time, the judge lost his patience and sentenced Kevin to 30 days in jail. If anything, I’d say the judge was more than patient with him and gave him more than enough opportunities to behave.

  20. I’m not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV, but can someone speak to the legality of holding someone in contempt that wasn’t the actual sender of all the emails?

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of Kdaeu sharing a cell with Tiny the Touchy Hell’s Angel. It’s just that my schadenfreude isn’t complete until I find an answer to the question.

  21. IBY

    Man, I was hoping for decades in jail. But hey, at least he is in jail. I can’t have everything.

  22. Several folks over at RI have confirmed that Wakefield has resigned from Thougthful House.

  23. Blashy

    I bought his “Cures” book, it was 7$. I was curious to see what it was all about.

    The sad part is allot of the nutrition stuff he talks about makes sense in making you healthier (like coconut oil for cooking and it’s proven health benefits as healthy fat) but then he goes overboard on unproven health benefits of coconut oil. He does that with any healthy food he promotes in the book.

    Oh and 1/3rd of the book is about his “war” with … everyone it seems.

    He’s like the Health Ranger, they know the basics of good nutrition but loose all credibility when they go cookoo about tons of unproven or disproven issues.

  24. Bill

    Best part of the article, IMHO:

    Asked if he had anything to say after Gettleman’s ruling Trudeau said: “I wish I could. I’ll have a lot to say on my radio show when I get out,” he said. “This is a First Amendment issue … I was exercising my First Amendment right.”

    His lawyer then told him not to answer any more questions.

    Next, he’ll sue his own lawyer for negating his First Amendment rights…

  25. JimTKirk

    Sounds like Trudeau got off lightly!

    To PsyberDave – Think of this like a murder by proxy. If I’m able to talk someone else into killing you, who’s at fault? The fault remains with both the instigator (me) and the killer. Even though this is to a lesser degree, the law still remains and the chain of evidence remains clear that Trudeau instigated the whole thing. BTW: Just IMHO as I’m not a lawyer either.

  26. Katharine

    I see Trudeau has no understanding of the First Amendment.

  27. Peptron

    @ 26 Katharine

    It seems that some people do not understand what freedom mean. For them it means the right to do anything you feel like doing, including things like swinging your fist in other people’s faces because you can.

  28. ShaneC

    Judge: “Are you trying to show contempt for this court?”
    Defendant: “No, your Honor, I’m trying to conceal it.”

  29. Bahdum (aka Richard)

    Don’t frak with the judge.

    Still, you have to give Trudeau his props. He has inspired so much confidence in his marks…er, I mean followers that he is their main man for Alt(-Reality) Medicine. No matter what he does, his marks…, er, (there I go again, jeez) followers can’t help but have confidence in this man.

    So, give a big round of applause for this Man of Confidence. For a Confidence Man, any willing person can be a mark of inspiration. All hail Kevin Trudeau, the ultimate ConMan.

  30. G Williams

    “”This is a First Amendment issue … I was exercising my First Amendment right.”

    His lawyer then told him not to answer any more questions.”

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should ūüėõ

    @ 21. PsyberDave
    It’s too early in the morning for me to cite precedent right now, but I believe that public figures can be declared in contempt of court for using, or attempting to use their influence to disrupt court proceedings.

    Contempt is really a great tool for judges to use against tools like Trudeau, judges shouldn’t have to put up with bullshit, and they don’t.

  31. j davis

    Unfortunately the sentence will only be for 30 days. It should be three decades in a maximum security prison and seizure of all assets. Trudeau is a dangerous sociopath and only prison time will prevent him from running his many scams. What I find really weird is that so many believe and actually support this fraud. You can see him every night whining like a little girl about how he is being ‘persecuted’ by the big bad FTC and FDA who are working hard trying to protect the public from scum like Trudeau.

  32. nyor

    Did the hookers on his info-mercial have to go to jail too….for abetting.
    Ha, ha


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