SMBC gives good skeptical advice

By Phil Plait | February 19, 2010 2:00 pm

smbc_geniusI am an authority and I argue that Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is my favorite web comic because it is the best. Therefore it must be true and if you disagree the terrorists have won.

Tip o’ the Einstein hair to all the people who say I should stick with astronomy.

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Comments (17)

  1. t-storm

    while smbc is good i believe married to the sea is better.

  2. Zach

    SMBC over XKCD? Not sure about that one, but both are fun reads.

  3. Tim G

    I actually admire Kasparov and wish him well with his political ambitions.

  4. I am forced to agree, because they also have funny, funny videos!

    And disagreement will make the Baby Jesus cry.

  5. Cheyenne

    SMBC is in medal contention but XKCD gets the Gold.

  6. dmf

    incidentally, your tautological proof of SMBC’s greatness has shades of the recent xkcd

  7. John Swindle

    I agree with the point of the strip: listen to experts when they’re expounding on their area of expertise. But these statements, “a fine line between a genius and an idiot” and “A genius is just an idiot except at one or two activities.” sound like something an idiot would say. In fact they sound like something an anti-intellectual republican teabaggin’ idiot would say. But I’m no expert.

  8. Nekura

    SMBC has it’s moments, but a lot of them I just don’t find funny at all.

  9. Randy

    I follow several comics. xkcd, smbc, abstruse goose, sinfest, jesus & mo, cyanide & happiness, user friendly, bizarro, joy of tech, ironic sans, athiest cartoons, atheist eve, etc. But xkcd is my favorite.

  10. CaptXpendable

    SMBC often has a skeptical slant. I loved the recent one with the kid asking: “Can God create an argument so circular even he wouldn’t believe it?”

    Did you see their recent “Both Sides” video?

  11. ND

    sinfest is still around?!

  12. Pieter Kok

    The first and the last panel in this one are made of win.

  13. dave

    @ 12.

    I agree. I’m sick of exp(i*pi)=-1. Give it a rest! If memorizing equations made you a mathematician then we would have already been enslaved by an army of robot Eulers.

  14. Lucas

    What’s with the exp(i*pi)=-1 thing? It’s the second time in a few days I see a reference to it in a comic when I already had forgotten all about it since university.
    It’s a new trend to show “how smart I am”?

    I can understand the “10 types of person” inside jokes, but this is no inside joke, just pure show off.

  15. I want that last frame blown up big so I can print it and post it in my cube. That one made me laugh so hard.

  16. Ed

    This comic reminds me of Carl Sagan. Brilliant astronomer, but didn’t know when to stop flapping his gums.

  17. The occasional science geek joke is made at, too, but it’s guaranteed to make you dumber.
    See: Wayne Newton’s Laws of Physics:


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