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By Phil Plait | February 22, 2010 9:10 pm

I’ve written about the horrible state of libel laws in the UK before, but there are a couple of new developments:

1) Simon Singh wrote about the issue for the JREF’s Swift blog. He asks people to sign the online petition for reform, and it helps even if you’re not a UK citizen. In general I don’t support online petitions, but in this case it will have a real and important impact; they can present it personally to people who make the laws and show them this is an important issue. I signed. You should too.

2) Simon’s libel case goes before the Court of Appeal in London on Tuesday, February 23 (today for most folks reading this). No doubt the major media will be covering it, as it’s a big story. I’ll try to post something here if and when I hear anything.

You can find out more at the Libel Reform website, including how (if you’re local) you can go downtown to show support for Simon on Tuesday morning at 09:45 (here’s the location).

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  1. earth2allie


    Met Singh once and really liked him as a person and as a scientist. Really hope he gets out of this.

  2. The story got quite a bit of attention on BBC Radio 4 last week Phil.

    I was glad to hear it. The ground swell of support needed to change things is beginning I think.

  3. Jon Hanford
  4. Jackson

    Signed. What a dumb law.

  5. mixonph

    Does anyone know when the decision is expected?

  6. G

    Seconding #9: where’s the best place to keep watch for news? Any idea when there will be any?

  7. Jon Hanford

    OT, but well worth the diversion. ArXiv recently posted a paper entitled “Sub-arcsecond Morphology of Planetary Nebulae” and they aren’t kidding, with many obscure PNe like HaTr 10 in magnificent color! Copy and paste to (http:) // Prepare to be blown away. :)

  8. Daniel J. Andrews

    Signed, and forwarded the petition email (I’m on the mailing list) to some friends–something I haven’t done before so they know I feel strongly about this issue, and I’m hoping they’ll sign as well.


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