TAM 8 registration is now open!

By Phil Plait | March 2, 2010 10:14 am

Registration for The Amaz!ng Meeting 8 is now open!

Wow, what a lineup. Richard Dawkins, folks, as well as a whole passel of skeptical stars. I couldn’t help but notice I’m on that list as well. I’d better come up with a talk.


But I have a little while; TAM 8 is July 8 – 11. Maybe by then I’ll be able to open up on My Sooper Sekrit Project™. And show my tattoo!

So go and sign up. TAM 8 is the Woodstock of skepticism, and has earned that moniker. Man, it’s 5 months away and I already can’t wait!


Comments (14)

  1. DreamDevil

    The Great and Mighty(TM) RD will be there? Damn, wish I could go.
    Plane tickets from Sweden are a bit costly though.

  2. Bryan

    One of these years I’ll actually make it to a TAM. I’ve got a really good excuse this time, I’ll be in Iraq. Somebody needs to knock a few back for me.

  3. QuietDesperation

    Plane tickets from Sweden are a bit costly though.

    Can you get to CERN? Maybe they could pull off some sort of macro-quantum tunneling or something.

  4. DreamDevil

    “Can you get to CERN? Maybe they could pull off some sort of macro-quantum tunneling or something.”

    I’m guessing plane tickets are cheaper… ūüėõ

  5. Bah…. you skeptics and your conferences all being held on weekends when I have bridesmaid duties ūüėõ

  6. QuietDesperation

    I’m guessing plane tickets are cheaper…

    Nonsense. Simply choose not to observe it as so.

    Yeah, too many quantum mechanics books for me.

  7. angel in Indy

    The tattoo is public now, didn’t know if you had posted this, I looked, didn’t see it anywhere on the blog. http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/la-ink-season-3-fiery-tattoo.html Watching it made me nervous for you. I really like the way it looked in the “after” picture. Did you take that at home?

  8. LeslieS

    My dream is to meet a skeptical man and he will produce a pair of tickets to that thing I love like the guy in the Old Spice commercial. The thing I love being TAM, of course.

  9. Joey Joe Joe

    How many weddings will there be this year?

  10. Noam Zur

    FFSMS, can’t you guys get the timing right so I could go just once??? I’ll have to miss it again this year, I’m afraid.

  11. Ryan C

    Gah! I really hope I can make it this year. It’ll make up for the fact that I got sick with H1N1 at TAM7 last year, which was my first TAM ever. Really spoiled the occasion.

  12. Astrofiend

    Phil – this tat had better be awesome. It probably cannot possibly meet my expectations now. I expect the HUDF tattooed in every detail across your entire back…

  13. Astrofiend

    7. angel in Indy Says:
    March 2nd, 2010 at 11:59 am

    Hmmm – I guess it’s public now… Nice.

  14. MarkD

    300-400 per ticket? Bleh.

    Maybe if I am really good, and discredit enough moon hoax and creationist arguments, Carl Sagan will come out of atheist afterlife hyperspace and give me 2 tickets…

    But if that happens, I won’t be able to go to a skeptic’s convention as a skeptic anymore. Oh the paradox.
    (no offense to Carl)


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