Saturday Morning Breakfast pandering

By Phil Plait | March 5, 2010 9:01 am

Zach Weiner is a shrewd, shrewd man. He does stuff like this just because he knows I’ll link to it.

It's a Weiner joke, be warned.

Click through to see why (NSFW-ish). But he should know better. I got my revenge years ago by failing all those jocks in my astronomy class*.

Also: Zach is 28 today, that whippersnapper. Get off my lawn**!

*Actually, that’s not true. They all got the grades they worked for and deserved. In reality I got my revenge by hacking into their accounts and changing their sports stats.

**I mean, get off my astroturf!


Comments (38)

  1. N.B. I was going to wait to post this for another hour or so, but I decided to go ahead to staunch the tide of emails and tweets I’m getting asking me if I’d seen it. For the record: I read SMBC and xkcd every day. So the answer to the question “Have you seen this?” in reference to either of those two is either “Yes” or “I will very soon.” :)

  2. You work for SETI? 😛

  3. MoonShark

    You might like this one from Big Fat Whale too 😀

  4. Hmm, how can I reference Phil in a TL comic…. 😀

  5. Not all bullies are jocks unfortunately.

  6. Evil Merodach

    So Phil is from Zorblax? There is a resemblance with that species.

  7. Mike

    I still don’t get it. What does 8==D mean?

  8. Chris

    Why is this NSFW-ish?

  9. Mike, look in the mirror after you shower. It’s an anatomical joke. 😉

    And I would promote a TL comic with a Phil reference!

  10. So Larian you like yourself that much.

  11. @Mike: Hover your mouse over the big red dot below the comic.

  12. Gary

    If you stare at the “equation” long enough it becomes 8======D

  13. You know there are probably hundreds of grad students out there right now trying to come up with a plausible set of complex equations that resolves to that.

  14. MoonShark

    Jeez Gary, you’re such an equation-gazer :p

  15. MoonShark

    @Tree Lobsters: I almost linked one of your comics but I couldn’t come close to picking just one strip. Love it 😀

  16. John Paradox

    Zach is 28 today

    Won’t he be 28 for a year?



  17. Gus Snarp

    @Dennis – Has that red dot always been there? I’ve missed so much.

  18. @Larian,

    Huh? I still don’t get it. All I see in the shower is 8:D

  19. Mchl

    @Gus: Not always, but for a long time.

  20. Bill

    @Gary (#12)
    > If you stare at the “equation” long enough it becomes 8======D

    But only if you massage the data.

  21. Tom

    @The Chemist,

    You can turn the hot water on in the shower…

  22. @MoonShark: Thanks! I wish I was in the same league as SMBC but, let’s face it, celebrity/alien/math/dick jokes are webcomic gold. I can’t compete with that.

  23. I guess there’s no reason to tweet this any more then 😉

    Another great SBMC joke and another Bad Astronomer reference.

  24. Katharine

    If it gets cold, it looks like:


  25. ND

    Tree Lobsters++ !!!!

  26. I just sprayed coffee out of my nose and all over my monitor. That was awesome!

  27. Christine P.

    OMG that gave me such a huge laugh! 😀
    Wow, and the hidden bit under the red dot – even better!

  28. Levi in NY

    Did anybody else catch the mistake in the hidden panel? Read closely.

  29. Cindy

    Levi in NY
    Yeah, I caught that, too.

  30. bigjohn756

    8==D is not very realistic. After all the paper is only 8.5″ wide.

    As to the error, I was hoping that there was an ampersand which didn’t show on the clip.

  31. upgrayedd

    if you massage the data for too long the equation becomes 8======D~~~~~

  32. Tim G

    I don’t believe that equation is true. I think it’s some sort of phallacy.

  33. JenniferBurdoo

    I still don’t get it. What does Dr. Plait getting bullied in school and being mean to the military have to do with it?

  34. locke

    Some of my favorite students of all time have been jocks, in particular Division I basketball players at a very competitive mid-major. Many of them were great guys (with only maybe one jerk out of a dozen or more) and they worked harder and knew more than my average students. I also fondly remember some Div. III football players because I was often bigger than they were (and I’m not all that big).

  35. Matt T

    @Bill (21): that’s when you have to turn a trick to hide the decline

    (is there an intertubes prize for making a nob gag out of leaked climate emails?)

  36. NSFW? It’s just an ASCII smiley-fa–ohhh…


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