Am I a Geek Dad?

By Phil Plait | March 8, 2010 1:00 pm

Am I a Geek Dad? Well, I’m a geek, and a dad.

But in this case, I’m talking about the cool website Geek Dad. To celebrate their third anniversary they’re opening up voting for their Geek Dad Awards, with categories like Best Actor/Actress, Best Gadget, and so on.

Geekdad bannerOf particular interest to me are the categories of Best Social Media Star and Best Geek Celebrity (overall). That’s because, for some reason, they put me on those lists.

Now, I love Geek Dad, don’t get me wrong! But I’m up against folks like My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™ and My Not Quite As Close But Still A Friend Felicia Day, so my odds of winning are smaller than the gap between the time a tribble is born and when it gets pregnant.

See what I did there? Yeah, I deserve to win a geek award, but I’m guessing it won’t be this one given the competition. And worse, Fwhil Fwheaton is in both categories, and I can’t in good conscience ask you to vote for me thousands of times at the expense of my mancrush. No-names like Neil Gaimon and J. J. Abrams, sure. But Wil?

So if you care to, go to Geek Dad and vote your own conscience. And I won’t ask the couple of folks I know at GD to send me the lists of IP addresses of the voters so that I can exact my revenge as necessary. Seriously. I won’t. At all.

But hurry! Voting ends at 8:00 p.m. EST on March 14th. If I win, I’ll give everyone who voted for me a unicorn*.

*But not really.
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  1. Randal

    And we’ve seen what you do when you exact your revenge.

  2. No Unicorn. No Vote. Rules is rules.

  3. Who is this Wil Wheaton guy that keeps appearing.
    Darn no unicorn my nieces would like that.

  4. dave

    Sorry Phil, gotta go with Wil Wheaton on this one. I mean, he’s actually BEEN in space.

  5. Arno

    If I do remember my Star Trek correctly, Tribbles are already pregnant at the moment they are born.

  6. This post should have a warning: Warning Geek Content.

  7. Charlie Young

    Well, Phil, you are in fine company. It should be an honor just to be listed on the same ballot!

  8. LastAncientGreek

    Well, since the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many …

  9. Daniel J. Andrews

    Neil Gaiman! Oh wow! That guy has some of the most original and clever writing I’ve read in years. I’m afraid I’ll have to vote for him. Maybe if you’d written a book…. ūüėČ

  10. ttrygve

    Forget the poll, I’d love to see you become one of the GeekDad bloggers, you should ask them if they have any openings! I’d love to read your thoughts/etc on GeekDad-like topics in addition to your usual Bad Astronomy blog.

    In anticipation of you muttering excuses about too much writing/too little time, I would just like to say that you brought this on yourself: the price you pay for your success is our greediness for more. =)

  11. For games they did NOT list World of Warcraft? I guess it’s talking about released in the past year? /boggle!

    Artists for music? What? I guess TMBG will have to do (They do that awesome song about the Sun that’s 50x better live). I’d have put maybe OK Go (Rube Goldberg video) and Muse (Space Rock!) on the list also. They’re geeky/nerdy guys that happen to know how to rock hard.

    Ok, Phil, you got my vote just because I’m here every day. :)

  12. To be fair, while we can attest to your geek credentials, we pretty much have to take your word for it on how you’re doing on the dad front. It’s not as if we ever hear from the Little Astronomer directly. Distinguished competition, though.

    ps J.J. Abrams? In all the interviews he did on the new Trek movie, didn’t he admit that he had never watched the old show? How does that not disqualify him as a geek?

  13. Brian

    I voted, and I am now camping out next to my mailbox waiting for my unicorn*.

    *But not really.

  14. Dave

    If you don’t win I don’t suppose this’ll make it seem any better, but Crispian Jago’s included you in the S-Team, along with Neil deGrasse Tyson as Mr T: … “skeptics of fortune,” yeah!

  15. SO if we don’t vote for you you take revenge? Wow, beware of geeks bearing miffs!

  16. Sarah

    I voted, and now waiting for my unicom *


    * for a differently obsessed sort of geek

  17. Kyle

    Well I voted for you in both categories since I actually met you once and you even answered my question in the audience Q&A, that made me geektasticly happy. I’m sure you remember your lecture at TCU in 2003-2004 or so, second audience question that was me! That was before you were super blogging famous even.

  18. Can I get something else? I already have a unicorn.

    (psst….they sure do poop a lot. :/ )

  19. Tom Woolf

    I gave you the Media Star, and Felicia Day the Celebrity*. Poor Wil W. got left out.

    (*Sorry dude, but she is just too dang cute** to not vote for – nothing personal, really)

    (**… and I’ve thought she was just too dang cute since her Buffy days)

  20. NewEnglandBob

    I voted for that Phil guy in 2 categories.

    What is his last name again? Platt? or something.

  21. John Paradox

    Had a few choices to make but definitely had to put one vote for Felicia. Oh, BTW, she will be starring in a ‘SyFy’ original movie where she plays a descendant of Red Riding Hood as a ‘werewolf slayer’. Here’s the including ‘Do You Want To Date My Avatar?’ (yesyesyesyesyesyes…)


    (third try…. has COX changed their servers to Windows ME?_

  22. kevbo

    Whil Wheaton? Is that pronounced with the same emphasis as Cool Whip? (you can’t have pie without Cool Whip)

  23. Evan Berkowitz

    A real geek would not compare odds (a dimensionless number) to a time span. What you mean is that your odds of winning are less than the fraction of a tribble’s life before its first pregnancy… or some other dimensionless number built from tribble lifecycle events.


  24. Ryan

    Well you won out easily for Social Media Star, but I just couldn’t hand you the prize for Overall. It went to your Close Personal Friend for three reasons:

    a) he has an excellent TV Show (someone needs to get you one, imo)
    b) he has a robust speaking career (better public exposure), and
    c) his last name is Savage. Unfair yet undeniable advantage.

    In the name of fairness and to split the difference, I’ll graciously accept half a unicorn*, which I will be eagerly awaiting** in the mail.

    * provided the other half is used in the pursuit of science or other such awesomery
    ** but not really

  25. Dr. Plait, does the restraining order say anything about me not being allowed to vote for you?

    <3 ūüėõ

  26. Cindy


    Even though I have been friends with you IRL for far longer than Mythbusters has been in existence, I had to go with Adam Savage for overall. You got it in social media. And I went for Neil Patrick Harris over Wil “Studpuppy” Wheaton because of Dr. Horrible.

    Can I get the half of the unicorn that doesn’t poop?

  27. Andrew Miller

    No way are you winning Best Geek Celebrity (overall), I mean, going up against Adam Savage? You don’t stand a chance! Sorry Phil, nothing personal. Hope you understand.

  28. Brian Davis

    Just give us the unicorns, subject to availability.

  29. Elidor

    I like you and all, but you have no chance against Felicia Day.

  30. I already voted for you a couple days ago when Paul and Storm asked for my vote and got it.

    I also voted for Wil Wheaton in a couple of categories and John Scalzi in another.

    Can’t remember exactly what categories, I just know that those are whom I voted for.

  31. I will be expecting my unicord*.

    * – but not really!

  32. I spread my love and voted for Adam, Felicia, Wil and you, in different categories.

  33. Adnan Y.

    A unicorn? Feh.

    Now, a Unicron, on the other hand…

  34. SionH

    Gaimon? Gaimon? Eat correction fluid, infidel!

  35. Jack Mitcham

    I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. But I had to vote for Wheaton.

  36. I just have to say that I really like #10 ttrygive’s comment/idea! If Phil ever wants to write about geekery and parenthood, he is more than welcome to come on over to GeekDad as an honored guest contributor.

  37. Dave C

    I couldn’t choose between Jamie and Adam, so I voted Mike Rowe. Between narrating “Deadliest Catch” and starring in “Dirty Jobs” he probably deserves it anyway.

  38. Gus Snarp

    I always thought I was a geek. But since I have seen none of these movies, only heard of one of the bands/musicians, never heard of any of the books, and only know a handful of the other references, I guess I am no longer a geek.

  39. Davros

    one vote for Will and one for you

  40. Tangofish

    9. Daniel J. Andrews Says:
    “Maybe if you‚Äôd written a book‚Ķ. ;)”

    24. Ryan Says:
    “a) he has an excellent TV Show (someone needs to get you one, imo)”

    This wouldn’t be anything to do with you would it Phil? ;P

    Heres hoping ūüėČ

  41. Pernille

    I will go vote for you. Can I have a purple unicorn please?

  42. QuietDesperation

    This is the point where I usually rail against the term “geek” but I’m just too tired today so I’ll just let the boulder roll downhill.


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