The Carnival of Space is gross!

By Phil Plait | March 10, 2010 5:36 pm

The 144th Carnival of Space is up at my bud Ian O’Neill’s Discovery Space News blog. Now does this post title make sense?

Anyway, go there, read it, study it, and that way you’ll pass the test. Oh, you didn’t know this will be on the test? C’mon, you’re a human, and this is life. Everything is on the test.

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Comments (7)

  1. tudza

    Nope, this is life and everything is on the menu.

  2. “Everything is on the test.”

    But is it open-book?

  3. bystander

    144 is (a) gross

  4. Messier Tidy Upper

    Is this the find deliberate mistake test? :

    Look Out for the White Rabbit (with Alice Enevoldsen as your guide):

    As Alice In Wonderland is opening this week, it seems only appropriate that Alice’s AstroInfo should conclude with a few notes about what’s going on above our heads over the coming weeks (remember to say “hi” to M31, she’s an aging cluster, but she still has her sparkle).

    Messier 31 – the Great Andromeda *GALAXY* – an aging “cluster” – I don’t think so!!! ūüėČ

    The fuzzy ex-nebula (before we realised how distant it was and what it really was) “sparkle” hmmm ..? I suppose it could, maybe, work as a metaphor but no, its not really a word I’d use to describe it – glow or shine, yes but “sparkle” not-so-much.

    Well did I pass? ūüėČ

    Great carnival with some familiar notes – lunar caverns and that humungous cannibal galaxy, some good news and articles , new orange giant variables & some waay out there ideas – Promethus black hole?! I like it. :-)

  5. John Paradox

    Michael Gross? Loved him in Tremors!


  6. Pi-needles

    This :

    And look Spirit and Opportunity are OK… but a giant rover that can fire laser beams?

    Immediately made me think – K9! ūüėČ

    PS. Tried to post this before but got marked as spam -WTF?

  7. Wendy

    When I was little, my dad used to use the 144/gross joke whenever the opportunity arose… I started using it too, thinking it would make me look smart. Little did I realize that most adults weren’t as smart as my dad and had no idea that 144 was a “gross”. Suddenly I was the weirdest kid in town!


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