The Futurama is almost presentama

By Phil Plait | March 22, 2010 3:27 pm

Futurama comes back in June on Comedy Central!



Futurama Weeknights, 9p/8c
New Episodes on Comedy Central
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Tip o’ the brain slug to my pals at io9.

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Comments (28)

  1. Jason

    Anyone have a link for the poor Canadians? I can’t seem to find it on the Comedy Network’s site yet.

  2. Gary Ansorge

    Now this is the kind of un-reality I can enjoy.

    GAry 7

  3. NewEnglandBob
  4. phil

    “Sorry, Videos are not currently available in your country.”

    *looks at his DVD shelf* … hmmmm.

  5. Let’s hope the return to half-hour episodes brings back the magic that was lost with the full-length features!

  6. TheInquisitor

    Someone put it on youtube. Why do they have to be so protective of their damn trailers?

  7. BJN

    I assume the definition you’re using means you’re “baked” now.

  8. XMark

    We’re sorry, but the future isn’t available in Canada.

  9. Dan I.

    All glory to the hypnotoad


  10. Mike C.


    Bender: Ah, beer. So many choices, and it makes so little difference.

    Fry: How ’bout Löwbrau? It has dots.

    Bender: Overruled! The choice of champions is Pabst Blue Robot.

    Fry: I can’t drink that. The metal shavings make my throat bloody.

    Bender: Wah, wah! Baby wants a Zima!

    Leela: Hey, hey! We can all fight when we’re drunk.

  11. Greg in Austin
  12. KC

    Crack open a Slurm(TM) boys!

  13. Brian Too

    Let’s take refuge down at the Libary!!

  14. Mike

    I’m so jazzed, can’t wait. Gonna fire up the dvds for a semi-futuramathon hopefully ending around the time that the first new episode airs. Yay!

  15. At the risk of endangering my nerd/geek/artist cred, I admit that I am forever puzzled that I don’t like this show more than I do. When I first heard about it, I was pumped:

    Simpsons creator? Check.
    Cryo-time travel? Check.
    Aliens? Check
    Snarky robot? Check.
    Great voice talent? Check.
    Soul-sucking corporation commentary? Check.
    Syd Mead-designed spaceship? Check.

    I propose it has something to do with the difficulty of creating satire of a future world we know little about and therefor can’t easily identify with. Satire is often based on knowledge of one’s culture (or probably more correctly, pop/trash-culture), which then gets skewered in some ironic or slapstick fashion.

    Much sci-fi suffers from having to explain everything to the reader/viewer, and in comedy, this is not an attractive option if you want it to be, you know, funny. It probably explains why they have to go to the “make fun of the 20th century” well so much – and why the slapstick episodes were often the funniest, to me anyway.

    That said, I’ll fall back on the “blog-poster’s lament” and say it’s still better than 95% of all the other shows out there, which doesn’t really say much for television.

  16. Dennis

    I’m shocked I actually get to be the first one to say it:
    “Great news everyone!”

  17. showshine boy

    Great news, indeed.

  18. jcm

    Yay! All hail the hypnotoad!

    Click the shiny metal links in this post.

  19. Ibeechu

    @16. artbot

    You call it a future we know little about, but isn’t it really a future we know nothing about? I think thats where a lot of the humour is derived from. If it’s a parody of anything, it’s a parody of the past’s vision of our present. That we’d have all these weird gadgets that never came into existence. That’s why I find gags like the professor always using the “Gizmometer” to measure things appealing. It’s an absurd reality that could never exist, but is believable because of how far in the future it is. In a thousand years, who says the Globetrotters won’t be math geniuses and have their own planet? Or that robots will be powered on alcohol?

    It’s definitely a unique type of humour. It’s not that we can’t identify with the future. That’s the point. It’s so strange that it’s allowed to be completely implausible and insane. I really don’t think it’s satire. It’s just goofy, but goofy with structure and purpose. That’s the best kind of goofy.

  20. Sharkweek

    All I know is my guy says “maybe.”

  21. Monkey

    Doesnt do it for me.

    Meh, x2.

  22. @Dennis,

    I’m shocked! Shocked! Well, not that shocked.

  23. I gave up on Comedy Central and the Comedy Network long ago. If CC doesn’t deem Canadians worthy of watching their content on their site, I’m not arsed to go track it down on some other site. It’s their loss – they depend on viewership much, much more than I depend on their content.

  24. Kimpatsu

    So what? Doctor Who returns early NEXT MONTH!!!!!

  25. The question is, will it be as good as before?

    The answer? It doesn’t matter – a lot of people will claim it’s not, will say it’s “lost the magic”. Why? Because they can’t complain that it’s not on anymore. It’s not about the show or the quality of the show, it’s about having something to whine over.

  26. Michael

    All you canadians that feel slighted should try living in France. We’ll get access to the new episodes in about 4 years and only have the French dubbed version.

  27. Coleman

    Some said that the series was originally cancelled in part do to it’s dark humor. Let’s hope they don’t cut back on that.


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