By Phil Plait | April 1, 2010 3:00 pm

hauntedscrotum[Note: This post honors the day that is April 1.]

I have posted many a picture purporting paranormal parts that are actually just our minds playing tricks on us. But this one really puts us to the test. Or testis.

Yes. It’s a haunted scrotum.

It looks more like a monkey to me than a ghostly face, and there’s a vas deferens between them. Maybe you see something different. Leave a comment if you do, and please keep it clean… but have a ball.

Tip o’ the urethra to Dr. Joe Albietz.

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Comments (52)

  1. Aaron

    I don’t see it. I think they’re nuts.

  2. Chip

    Believe it or not my very first impression was of Albert Einstein leaning over a dark balcony (perhaps at the opera) to get a better view of the soprano and saying to himself “Ooooo! Nice.”

  3. Inertially Guided

    Hmmm…I have a hard time qualifying this posting with decent commentary. Guess I’ll just let it hang.

  4. Chris

    Phil, you need to put a NSFW notice on this.

  5. Kendall

    And you go this where? Will be photographing my testicles tonight just to make sure they are not haunted or to make sure Jesus is not hanging around down there.

  6. Lara

    I honestly thought that was an old photograph of a monkey when I first saw it.

  7. Mark S.

    There’s nothing NSFW about this as no one will recognize it as a testicle.

  8. Brian

    I tried to think of a clever comment I could make about this, but nope. I guess I’m too tired. I should just hit the sack.

  9. Queen B

    knowing it is a testie, i still cannot tell

  10. I spent so long trying to figure out how this could be a testis until I read the link. Apparently this is just a CT scan. I feel so much better.

    Except of course that there is a weird monkey alien in this mans sac. That’s just odd.

  11. kevbo

    It took balls to post this one, Phil.

  12. jasonB

    … Leave a comment if you do, and please keep it clean… but have a ball.

    Or two

  13. Ad Hominid

    Here’s some supernatural weirdness that is definitely not any fun:

    Beheading planned in Saudi sorcery case

    The “sorcerer” is a Lebanese TV psychic who was unable to foresee that he would be arrested and sentenced to death by dark age barbarians if he traveled to Saudi Arabia for the Haj.
    The sentence will be carried out, with a sword, in public, within a few hours.

    I am no friend of alleged psychics, televised or otherwise, but this is seriously messed up.

  14. MadScientist

    Well, DUH! Anyone who’s been to Roswell can tell you that it’s an ALIEN IMPLANT! You can see that this is an experiment to reproduce aliens from the tissues of other species – obviously the aliens in question have either lost their reproductive capacity or find their method of reproduction too icky.

  15. Jon B

    Phil: In totally unrelated news, Dr. Singh won: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/8598472.stm.

  16. Steve

    With that hair I was was agreeing with Chip, thinking it looked like a miraculous appearance of our deity Einstein. But then again I always see genital manifestations of great scientists. Otherwise, I think it also looks a bit like Don King. Don King isn’t deceased, but he may well be dead inside.

  17. Actually, that may be the first confirmed image of a homunculus in the original preformationist sense of the word.

  18. Kimpatsu

    It’s a new villain from the forthcoming season of Doctor Who.

  19. Roger Wilco

    It looks like The Mekon to me.

  20. Adrian Lopez

    Like Chip, I saw Einstein. Not his scrotum, mind you. Just his face.

  21. BJN

    So there I was, vas pulled out and clamped, thoughfully looking at the ceiling when my wife says to the urologist,”The tray’s on fire!” Urologists take note, check to see that the power button on your cheap, disposable cautery tool doesn’t stick in the “on” position when you set it down on a surgical drape. My wife’s quick action prevented great balls o’ fire.

    And never let your urologist carve a face on your sack.

  22. kevbo

    I’m just glad that it isn’t the face of Jesus on a testicle.

    That would be sackreligious.

  23. Yoeman

    Looks like Rubber Johnny to me.
    Googling that may cause nightmares.

  24. North of 49

    At first glance it looked to me just like the face of one of the Wicked Witch of the West’s flying monkeys. On second glance it still did. Thing is, those “monkeys” didn’t really look much like monkeys at all, if you compared a photo of one to a photo of an actual monkey. Which just goes to show that our visual perception and processing is willing to accept even a crude approximation as “good enough”. Must be so, in fact, or a circle with two dots and an arc in it would be just that, instead of a smiley face.

  25. Don’t leave us hanging.

  26. Subwlf

    I wondered what happened to voldemort

  27. Diego

    “Vas deferens between them”– pure gold, Phil! It reminds me of how when I taught anatomy at Florida State (home of “Chief Osceola”) that the students often confused “seminal vesicles” with “seminole vesicles”.

  28. squirrelelite

    Maybe they’re the Visitors (V)!

    Weren’t they supposed to come back today?

  29. kinem

    It’s haunted by a monkey ancestor.

    This finally proves evolution!

  30. Allen

    I saw Einstein, as well. In his later days, he did look a lot like a monkey, so I can see how one would get the two mixed up.

  31. WJM

    Leave a comment if you do, and please keep it clean…

    Keep it clean? Nuts to that!

  32. jcm

    Hanging on scrotumeidolia.

    @Chris (#4):

    This is definitely NSFW

  33. Mary Stack

    Man: Honey, this is what our kid will look like.
    Woman: It doesn’t look cute
    Man: Pull the lever for the next image.

    #22 Kevbo, simple, yet genius

  34. I thought it was Marcel the capuchin monkey from Friends.

  35. DLC

    Urine for a surprise if you can see a face there.

  36. Jon B

    And, come to think of it, it looks exactly like Larry King.

  37. Seems like one of those angry conductors at an opera.

  38. Nigel Oulton

    For years pseudo science ‘nut’ jobs have claimed that Phil Plait talks b*ll*cks… well now its true.

  39. Kevbo: sackreligious – I almost spit my coffee.

  40. Zucchi

    “Vas deferens between them”? You got some balls on you, Phil.

    Saudi Arabia was heading toward a modern society before the seizure of the Great Mosque in 1979. Bad year.

  41. Sgt Skepper

    HA! “There’s a vas deferense between them” just made my day.

  42. Moose

    Phil, I really _really_ wish you wouldn’t put inappropriate-for-school material on the main page. It makes your blog a serious hazard to teachers as a resource to energize students into giving a damn about science. I can tell you for a fact that elementary school kids (at least mine did) place “fresh science pic roulette” (although I don’t call it that in school) at the very top of their preferred activity list.

    Stunning volcano pics adjacent to a ballsack. Kaguya videos adjacent to male-on-male PDA. This is _Russian_ fresh science pic roulette, Phil. If you have to do articles on ‘nads and PDAs, fine, have fun, but could you _please_ consider setting up a mirror page laundered to show only school appropriate materials?

  43. swillyroot

    If you think that’s a picture of a phantom, you must be on the pills.

  44. swillyroot

    Not up to your usual standard of brilliance, Phil. Definitely below the bar.

  45. Dave C

    @ Jon B. – That is HUGE news about Simon Singh and I had not heard that. thanks for sharing.

  46. Old Muley

    #42, If you can actually see Phil’s blog at an elementary school, consider yourself lucky. This site is “banned” at the school where I work!

  47. @42, Moose:
    Let me guess: Abstinence sex education for your family? (In our school, we don’t even have the balls to show balls!)

    They’re testicles for God sake! They’re not going to jump up and bite you or your kids. Unless you are a tea-bagging Republican.

  48. Moose

    MichaelL: No. I had the regular, full information kind. I was never denied knowledge in my life, nor would I ever deny knowledge to my own children. And I believe students can’t be expected to make rational decisions and take smart precautions without dependable, evidence-based information. Information is a mandatory component for making informed decisions.

    But I don’t make the rules about what I can and can’t show other people’s kids. In loco parentis isn’t (and has never been) absolute.

    Teachers have been fired over students seeing nude art at an art gallery, despite parents having signed waivers, despite the principal having signed off on the trip. In that particular case study, the school board settled with the union. The teacher was still out of work, but an earlier letter of commendation that had been omitted from the teacher’s file was restored to it. I don’t know if the teacher’s career ever resumed. My education law primer doesn’t offer a definitive cite, probably due to the terms of the settlement. It never went to court and so wasn’t public info.

    If you think teachers aren’t walking career minefields every single day they’re on the job, then you have no business calling anybody sheltered.

  49. James B

    That picture looks bollocks.

  50. Mary Stack

    Moose, I fully understand your predicament. I just signed a waver for my 7th grader to watch Apollo 13 because it was PG. I thought it silly to hear parents and TV personalities criticize Erykah Badu for her artistic video in Dallas . It struck me as fascinating that a woman said she did not want her son exposed to the breasts of a naked woman. I couldn’t help but think it would have been her opportunity to discuss breast in a non-sexual context. Essentially, that is the loss opportunity for all children who are banned from nude art in museums.

  51. mike bukhart

    I think you better call Ghostbusters the pke readings are off the scale .Is that ectoplasmic residue I see?Ive been slimed!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Livormortis

    Maybe this will bring Ghost Hunters to Cinemax for a new after-dark reenactment.


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