Cox on Ross

By Phil Plait | April 2, 2010 12:00 pm

My friend and fellow science promoter Brian Cox will be on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross tonight on BBC America (it already aired last week in the UK). Brian is funny and smart, as is Wossy (as Ross is called), so this should be a great time. And speaking of Matt Smith and Doctor Who, Mr. Smith will be on Wossy’s show as well.

Speaking of speaking of Doctor Who, oh how I wish this were true.

Tip o’ the sonic screwdriver to Fizzygoo for the Obama link.

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Comments (16)

  1. jcm

    All hail to our new photoshop overlord.

  2. bigjohn756

    Wonderful! Now, if only I could watch it.

  3. Ian Regan

    There’s already a clip up on YouTube (courtesy of the official BBC channel, I might add).


  4. Gary Ansorge

    4. Martha:

    It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

    Simon still faces the possibility of further legal hassles if the BCA appeals to their Supreme Court.


    I’ll bet our Pres watches the Dr. whenever he has the time.

    Gotta unwind from running the Free World somehow.

    Gary 7

  5. bigjohn756

    Anyone have any idea how to watch this?

  6. @6, Gary A.

    I understand that, but judging from his attorney calling it a “resounding victory,” the smile on Simon’s face and the headline on JREF I would say there is something here to celebrate.

  7. Allen

    Any way to see that on the internet for free and legal in the US?

  8. @allen the bbc channel on youtube.

    also check out the bbc model of the lhc quite funny.

    also check out coxy other docs search for these

    what on earth is wrong with gravity

    do you know what time it is

    search with those terms, it shouldn’t be that hard to find them.

  9. you can find the interview on youtube search for jonathan ross brian cox

  10. Gary Ansorge

    8. Martha

    It WAS a resounding victory that may well result in new law, which is admirable but I expect that scares the frak out of the BCA (and others) so, fight on Simon. I hope you win BIG time and WHEN you do, we’ll all dance upon their grave.

    3. bigjohn756:

    If folk in different geographic areas are constrained from seeing particular sites due to their urls, isn’t that equivalent to de facto censorship? I wonder how that differs from Chinas Great Wall?

    GAry 7

  11. Mike Mullen

    So from the Obama link we finally know what his new plan for NASA really is. :)

  12. AlexB

    am i the only one who wanted to read that as “ross on cox?”

  13. Peter Henderson

    After wtching last Friday nights show, I was struck on how little Ross new about actual science. Brian Cox had to correct him on a number of occasions and was quite surprised at Ross’s comments. I reckon Ross is one of those who would be easily persuaded by either Russell Humphreys or John Hartnett

    Still, Matt Smith was good.

  14. Albert

    Anyone here seen Sunshine? Cox lays down an epic commentary track.


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