I am a skeptic chipmunk

By Phil Plait | April 15, 2010 7:28 am

Last year I linked to Crispian Jago’s brilliant Skeptic Trump playing cards, featuring a few of skepticism’s stars. He included me in that constellation… but apparently was determined to make up for it by updating the cards and implying I have gained weight, presumably all in my mandible:


Hmph. I think Rebecca faired better, though apparently she ironically has the mumps (I blame Jenny McCarthy). To be fair, though, he nailed Ben Goldacre’s hair and Brian Cox’s teeth. And, I’ll admit: it’s not bad company for a chipmunk.

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  1. Crazy Tom

    Yes, but how much wood could you chuck if you wanted to?

    The other cards have other stats attached to them, but you didn’t show us yours. Care to divulge?

  2. Mchl

    Phil usually does not post entire graphic in his blog, forcing you to click it to see more.

  3. Ok, who infected Phil with the DNA of David Letterman and Jay Leno?

  4. Plutonium being from Pluto

    Trump card – nice! :-)

    Asteroid scarred? Ouch! :O

    That must have been one very small asteroid surely! ūüėČ

  5. Messier Tidy Upper

    @3. TechyDad Says:

    Ok, who infected Phil with the DNA of David Letterman and Jay Leno?

    Yeah, well spotted there TechyDad – looks like the BA has Leno’s jaw and Letterman’s forehead.

    Great card. :-)
    But … isn’t that a microscope rather than a telescope at the bottom right there?

  6. timebinder

    Perhaps the BA’s proximity to that basketball-sized atom is mutating him.

  7. Reynold

    Well, off topic but since this isn’t a serious topic and the diversion is good news, I feel safe in bringing it here:

    The British Chiropractic Association has dropped its libel action against the science writer Simon Singh.

  8. Hey Phil – I did the actual caricature of you on Crispian’s excellent card so please blame me for the chipmunkification! And I thought I’d been quite kind ūüėõ

    Look on the bright side, your the best looking astronomer in the pack. Till we do Neil de Grasse Tyson of course…

  9. Gary Ansorge

    7. Reynold

    I like their rationale,,,

    “BCA has taken the view that it should withdraw to avoid further legal costs being incurred by either side,”

    What sweet guys. They’re SOooo concerned about Simons legal costs. Snort! What hypocrites!(IMHO)

    5. Messier Tidy Upper

    ” isn‚Äôt that a microscope rather than a telescope at the bottom right there?”

    Ah, both make small images larger but if we call one a MICROscope, shouldn’t we call the other a MACROscope?

    ,,,just saying,,,

    Phil! Love the big grin.

    GAry 7

  10. Kimpatsu

    Don’t forget that he labels your nemesis as Richard Wiseman. Presumably, your Evil Twin has just as big a chin.
    Anyway, what are you worried about? Don’t the following words mean anything to you?
    “Nose… I’ve… had worse…
    Chin…. Blimey!”

  11. Martha

    Re: BCA withdraws suit against Simon Singh. Discretion is the better part of valor.

  12. Reynold

    Valor implies honor, which implies honesty. They’re just trying to save their own skins.

    Still, I’ll take what good news I can get these days.

  13. Beelzebubba

    Gained the girth in the mandibles.


  14. Just another in a plethora of exotic mandibles.

  15. Utakata

    The one on Christopher Hitchens…makes him look like some sorta creature from Star Wars. :)

  16. Agustina Iansilevich

    Awww, you look so happy :)

  17. NewEnglandBob

    At least you can say he didn’t give you a fat head.

  18. Phil –

    I’ve got to hand it to Neil. Except for the girth of your middle face (close to the size of Middle Earth), he has you drawn solidly, right down to the extra large canines!

    Nice work, Neil!

    (I can’t wait to see what Phil’s sister and mother say about this!)

  19. Distorted as though your trump card was, you did fare better than Michael Shermer. That man has a mouth a mile (1.61 km) wide!

  20. Thanks for the kind comments! Please go and check out all the cards done so far (around 21 I think) on Crispian’s blog:


    (or indeed on my own blog: http://singleservingjack.blogspot.com/)

    There are plenty more to come as well – we’ve got around 60 planned at the moment, and perhaps more in the future…

  21. The “faired” should be spelled “fared.” The “fair” is fine. Picky aren’t I?

  22. jcm

    But I don’t think the special power would be used against the purveyors of woo anytime soon.

  23. Trust me, as an illustrator who used to make his living drawing characticures (never did learn to spell that word), I must say you got off easy. That’s a mighty nice piece of work!

  24. Bryan


    They turned Hitchens into a Hut!

  25. My favourites are Tim Minchin (Best by far!) and “The Hitch” (Gloriously grotesque in a strangely appropriate way). I don’t think Richard Dawkins or Sid Rodrigues have been exaggerated enough (Dawkins seems hardly caricatured at all). Most of them, including the Phil Plait card, get thumbs up though.

  26. Hey it is better than… squirrel.

  27. Brian

    I love Christopher Hitchens’ stats — especially the choice of Oolon Colluphid as an archnemesis.

  28. Doug

    Thanks for putting up that picture, Phil. Now I’m going to have nightmares for days!

  29. Jay

    Wallpaper for the day! Nice Phil!!


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