The new Doctor Who

By Phil Plait | April 16, 2010 3:00 pm

doctorwhologoI just watched the series opener for the fifth season of Doctor Who, with the new guy, Matt Smith. No spoiler warnings needed here, because I won’t give away anything. I’ll just say…




I wasn’t sure if Smith could fill David Tennant’s shoes, but now I think he can. Whatever it takes to play The Doctor, whatever intangible quality an actor needs, Smith has it. This looks like it’ll be a very, very good series, especially with Steven Moffat at the helm. Oh yes.

And near the end, there is an excellent moment (one I knew was coming but still got to me) that hands the series over to Smith. Mr. Moffat, my hat’s off to you. Well done, sir.

So, when you get a chance, watch it. BBC America premiers it tomorrow, Saturday April 17.

In the meantime, this mathematical analysis of the ages of the actors playing The Doctor may amuse you.

Tip o’ the Sonic Screwdriver to Derek Colanduno for the regression link! And my thanks to Devin Johnson, BBC Senior Publicity Manager, for sending me the DVD screener.

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  1. Doc

    I watched it the day after it aired in the UK, and I agree with your assessment. I thought Smith’s portrayal had hints of (Tom) Baker, Davison, and Tennant, but was sill its own. I figure that after the Doctor settles down a bit from his post-regeneration quirkiness, then Smith’s version will fully develop into awesome awesomeness.

  2. James

    What new doctor? I was a little distracted…. mmm Karen Gillan.

  3. I can’t wait for the two parter The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone which will be written by Moffat and feature the return of both River Song and the Weeping Angels. It’s going to be soooooooooo AWESOME!!!

  4. Wait’ll ya see the new look Daleks, Phil. They look… different.

  5. GlennS

    Downloading the preview episode from iTunes. The first full ep will probably be available for download on Sunday (BBC America shows typically appear on iTunes the day after they air on BBCA). If I like it, I’ll go ahead and plunk down the $34 for the HD season pass.

  6. Kris

    What? It premiered two weeks ago in Britain. Who needs a DVD screener?

  7. maybrick

    And episode 2 is as awesome/nerdmode.

    Less timelord agnst, more creepy puppets and moral dilemmas.

    Dr Who is back.

    And Karen Gilliam is beautiful.

    And although it may make me a perv of some kind…just check out Dr 11’s view in the “spacewalk”. 900 + years old…and he stilll has the moves. :)

  8. Douglas Troy

    I must catch-up on my Dr. Who viewing! ARG!

    And my Torchwood viewing.

    and Flashforward.

    and Fringe.


  9. kodos96

    Wow Phil, you must be the only American Doctor Who fan in existence who doesn’t know how to use a bittorrent client 😉

    Seriously, on the off chance that the aforementioned senior publicity guy for the beeb happens to be reading this – you guys are seriously shooting yourselves in the foot airing doctor who 2 weeks behind in the states… Here in the US, Dr Who fandom is limited to the EXTREMELY geeky… i.e. the demographic overlap between whoovians and people who know how to use bittorrent is damn near 100%… so by delaying them you’re virtually guaranteeing nobody’s going to watch the official broadcast on BBCA.

    And Phil – if you liked the first episode, the next one is going to blow you away. I personally wasn’t 100% sold on the new Doctor based on the premiere, but episode 2 totally sealed the deal – my only disappointment is that Karen Gillan is no longer wearing the cop uniform 😉

  10. What I’d really like to see is doctor age vs. broadcast year, sawtooth, gaps, and all. I might have to fiddle with some data myself.

  11. Nekura

    The new Doctor and Companion are great, but I am disappointed with the new remix of the opening theme music. It has some echoes of versions I remember from when I was young, but it just doesn’t flow right for some reason. I haven’t seen enough of the new TARDIS to make a decision.

  12. All I have to add is….. *SQUEE!*

  13. Abbie

    I cracked out the ol’ bittorrent the day after easter and it took about 20 minutes to download a beautiful copy.

    My worries about Tennant’s replacement were always cushioned by knowing Moffat would be behind the wheel. (Once I realized which episodes he’d written: the best ones.) I thought the two Series 1/5/31 eps so far have been superb, and I’m really excited.

    Currently watching Torchwood. Been slogging through because I heard Children of Earth was superb… but I just finished Random Shoes and the show is finally grabbing me.

  14. mike bukhart

    Earler this year I mention a book combining Star Trek and Dr Who I have some more information .I found a web site that has information on all the Star Trek novels even ones that were unarthorized publications .This crossover is one of unarthorized, it was writen by a Britsh Star Trek and Dr Who fan .This is why the novel isn’t widely avalable and was sold only thro underground catalogs.

  15. Shane

    I have seen it also, it is pure awesome. The new doctor’s ability to deliver a line is well above expectation. I laughed loudly and repeatedly. Excellent writing as well.

  16. megan

    I haven’t really liked Dr. Who since Peter Davison’s doctor and stopped watching completely after Sylvester McCoy. Wasn’t there a limit to Timelord incarnations and lives. Isn’t he going through his rather quickly and bout near his 15h it was as the last, like the ninth of 9 cat lives.

  17. R-man


  18. jcm

    Off topi:
    PZ Myers responds to your “The Pope, the Church, and skepticism” post.

  19. Jack Mitcham


    Random Shoes is the episode that convinced me to quit watching Torchwood. I tried getting into it, but Random Shoes killed it for me.

  20. Aila

    I thought it was wonderful as well, my reaction was very similar to yours. Smith seems most like Troughton to me, and that’s a good thing. Definately different from Tennant, which is also positive (not that I didn’t/don’t like Tennant, but it was time to change). However, I will say that the second episode, “The Beast Below,” was absolutely awful in my opinion. Don’t want to spoil anything, but I’ll just say lazy writing. The next one, episode 3 (“The Victory of The Daleks”) looks promising again though…

  21. jcm

    Speaking of the mathematical analysis of the ages of the actors playing Dr. Who, using a regression formula (without using Excel). I got the following formula for calculating the approximate age:
    y = -2x + 51.18 or f(x) = -2x+51.18

    The regression formula that I used can be found in “Astronomical Algorithms” by Jean Meeus. Pg. 36. The book is available on or

  22. drow

    doctor who. it keeps getting better and better.

  23. ChrisM

    Freaking rocked indeed!

    All hail the Grand Moff

  24. Mike

    I just watched season 5, episode 2, and it was fantastic! The only thing that I am having to get used to is Matt Smith’s accent. Great opening to the season, though! I am looking forward to the rest!

  25. Captain Swoop

    “Wasn’t there a limit to Timelord incarnations and lives?”

    As if they are going to stop making the show when they get to 12?
    Will some obscure bit of ancient ‘Canon’ finish aone of the most popular shows on the BBC?

    There’s always a way when you are making it up.

  26. @13 You certainly missed a hell of a lot of good instalments then!

    @23 It’s called ‘retcon’…

  27. BigBob

    Agreed Phil. Matt Smith is terrific and if I could choose a companion for the Doctor, I couldn’t choose a better one than Karen Gillan. Just so you know, the lass that plays the young girl is Gillan’s real life cousin.

  28. Hedgie

    Awesome new series; but I agree about the new theme tune mix. Disappointed to say the least.

  29. Tivo is recording as we type!!!!

  30. Matt Penfold

    The Daleks make an appearance in the episode being aired tonight here in the UK.

    It seems Winston Churchill has called for the Doctor’s help.

  31. JD

    I’ve never watched a Dr. Who episode ever before, but the series seem interesting. Where should I start if I want to watch some good stuff? I don’t think I’m going to watch the whole thing (all 10 doctors), so don’t recommend the very first series unless it really is the best one.

  32. BigBob
  33. 24601

    I want to echo 31 JD’s comment. I have not yet watched any Dr. Who, but I’m considering getting started. Do we need to start at the beginning (if possible) or can we just jump in anywhere?

  34. tom

    JD: I’d start (and in fact I did start) with Season 7, which is the first series in color. It begins with the introduction of the Third Doctor, and Season 7 is the first complete season (although a few exist in black and white only) – many previous episodes were lost when the BBC wiped the tapes for reuse.

  35. captain swoop

    I have to say tonights episode was a big let down. What a load of Tosh!

  36. captain swoop

    JD and 24601.

    Watch Tom Baker episodess if you want to see the best Doctor Who.

  37. kodos96

    JD and 24601 – if you’re just getting started on Dr Who, as good a place as any would be to start at the 2005 revival, i.e. ‘Season 1’. They carried over continuity from the classic series, but understood that there would be a lot of new viewers, so they did a pretty good job of bringing everyone up to speed starting from there.

  38. Suicidal Zebra

    Go go Dalek Rangers!

    (sorry, you’ll know what I mean when you watch episode 3)

  39. I have mixed feelings about the latest version of the show. It seems to be emphasizing more of the stuff kids would like. There were some nice touches in the first two episodes (the Raggedy Doctor was a GREAT idea), and Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were both terrific. Haven’t given up on it yet; I’m just surprised that Moffat seems to have a little trouble getting going. Looking forward to the WWII and the River Song episodes.

  40. NathRuss

    It’s on tonight is Australia, on ABC1.
    Can’t wait.

  41. Korou

    I have to agree with Aila that the second episode was, and I say this as a very enthusiastic Dr.Who fan, disappointing. Nice start, weak middle, unrealistic ending – and the Companion seems to be doing a better job of acting than the Doctor.
    Well, give him a chance – my hopes are still high for episode three!

  42. captain swoop

    Last night episode was terrible I am afraid.

  43. celestial toymaker

    #41 Agreed. The series started brilliantly, but so far, it hasn’t sustained the level of Episode 1. The resurrected Daleks in WW2 episode last night was just silly.
    How did those Spitfires get into space?
    Amy Pond needs to sustain her naive sense of wonder for longer so the audience can experience it too. But all of a sudden, she’s a know-it-all who can explain everything.

    Hopefully the Moffat penned episodes which feature the return of the Angels will be better.
    But to progress, the series has to avoid repeating the same old themes with a bit of added techo-geekery, like the Daleks on Steroids last night.

    That’s like thinking “Alice” is a better film just because it’s in 3-D.
    It’s never a substitute for the kind of good writing and characterisation that was evident in the first episode.

  44. Messier Tidy Upper


    Too late to warn now I guess. :-(

    I was hoping people wouldn’t do that. Sigh. At least I didn’t check here before seeing the first ep air – I’ve just now seen the first Matt Smith episode (screened Australia ABC-TV 7.30 pm) &, wow .. the new companion sure looks gorgous! :-)

    I agree with others about the new theme .. but perhaps it will grow on me.

    Matt Smith as the new Doctor .. well, likewise a bit – will take some getting used to.
    Not bad, a bit slap-sticky but he had a certain charm & I do want to see more. :-)

    Saving the world in 20 minutes (or a bit over half hour all up) indeed. 😉

  45. Billy Bob

    I saw it last night, liked it. Even though it was a rerun and so it was on very late and now i’m very tired.

  46. Ohp

    Gah. I did a pointless age repression post about Doctor Who over a month ago! do keep up people!

  47. Ohp

    repression? I mean regression.

  48. Generally liked the WWII episode (and the “how” behind the Spitfires was explained) more than the first two. Amy wasn’t a “know-it-all” except on one important point. She made what could be interpreted as a really good guess (which, of course, turned out to be spot-on).

    Didn’t like the…ahem…reinvention of an old enemy for what seems to be the sole purpose of selling more Dr. Who figures.

    Glad that the River Song/Weeping Angels mash-up episodes are the next two aired!

  49. IBY

    Huh, I really like The Beast Below. While I agree with the weakness of the episode other people mention, it didn’t detract my enjoyment of the episode too much.

  50. fcuk

    I dont think that Matt Smith is a very good Doctor, he lacks the something special. He is more of a childs actor than and adults one.

    David tenant was fantastic as the doctor and will remain my fav.

  51. QuietDesperation

    so by delaying them you’re virtually guaranteeing nobody’s going to watch the official broadcast on BBCA.

    Disagree. I used to torrent a lot, but the people who create the video files couldn’t find a proper compression setting with both hands and a flashlight. I gave up after the umpteenth crappy looking video (labeled “HD”) in a row. The Divx and Xvid stuff may be fine for watching on a laptop, but not on a proper telly. Being a patient and mature fellow, I can wait and watch it in glorious BBC America HD on a 72″ screen, thank you very much. I don’t work hard to have highly marketable skills to watch Dr. Who on a 23″ or less screen. 😛

    Another gripe is you people who watch entertainment on your computers are driving the computer monitor market to the 16:9 format. Some of us do actual *work* on our computers and that 1080p format BLOWS for working on a document or a schematic.

    That being said- saw the opener today.


    Plusses: I liked Matt Smith. I was already used to him by the end of the episode. Dig the new girl.

    Minuses: Story was a bit jumbled. Prisoner Zero just didn’t seem like something you’d fry a whole planet to stop. Didn’t give me even a drop of dread. Seemed fragile, like a good blow with a 2×4 would have taken it down.

    Overall, happy it is back and hit the ground running. Now give me back my Torchwood as well, and I’ll be a happy man. I miss Gwen!

  52. We’re 3 episodes into the new series, and so far it’s excellent. OK, the spacefaring Spitfires were a bit much, but it was still fun.

    I like the new cast and writing team.

    And the weeping angels are back next time. They are some of scariest Dr. Who baddies ever.

  53. DennyMo

    Finally watched a couple of the newer episodes, found myself totally brain-dazed. As I told my wife, I either need to watch this a lot more, or not at all…

  54. !AstralProjectile

    I enjoyed it, but the GF won’t watch until he disses the bow tie. (She whimpered throughout the entire last episode of season 4- she loves Tennant and thinks no one can replace him.)

    Agreeing Prisoner Zero wouldn’t seem to pose much of a threat.

  55. I think he is doing a good job. A few great moments in that first episode. Look forward to the rest!

  56. RAF

    I don’t get BBC america on cable, but did watch the new who “on demand”…imagine that. :)

    I was pleasantly surprised by this new who…I’ll certainly continue watching.

  57. Calli Arcale

    megan @ 16:

    I haven’t really liked Dr. Who since Peter Davison’s doctor and stopped watching completely after Sylvester McCoy. Wasn’t there a limit to Timelord incarnations and lives. Isn’t he going through his rather quickly and bout near his 15h it was as the last, like the ninth of 9 cat lives.

    Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor, assuming we take Paul McGann’s FOX-produced Doctor as canon (and the BBC quite clearly has, as they used a clip of him in the progression of Doctors shown in “The Eleventh Hour”). The Tom Baker story “The Deadly Assassin” established that Time Lords are limited to 12 regenerations (which would imply 13 total Doctors). This pissed off a lot of fans at the time; “The Deadly Assassin” is very popular now but was widely reviled at the time for tinkering with the (previously largely absent) backstory. In Colin Baker’s penultimate story, “The Trial of a Time Lord”, it was revealed that the villain was a potential future 13th Doctor. In Colin Baker’s premier story, “The Twin Dilemma”, we also meet an old friend of his, Azmael, who is on his last body and who attempts to regenerate and consequently dies.

    So there should be two more Doctors available. And Steven Moffatt, the current producer, played around with that when he wrote the comedy Dr Who show “The Curse of Fatal Death” — due to not unplugging a device before attempting to repair it, he ended up using all of his remaining regenerations in just a few minutes, going from Rowan Atkinson (#9) to Richard E Grant, to Jim Broadbent, to Hugh Grant (who later was foolish enough to decline the *real* part), to, lastly, Joanna Lumley. (It was very funny.)


    It is established that the Master exceeded the 13 body limit. In “The Deadly Assassin”, the very story which established the limit, the Doctor explains that the Master was on his 13th body. And 13 is obviously an unlucky number for Time Lords, as a death at that point is forever, something just accepted as fact by other Time Lords. But the Master was trying to find a way around it. He was unsuccessful in that story, but on his next appearance managed to steal the body of a Trakenite (which is how Anthony Ainley got the part). Furthermore, in “The Five Doctors”, the Master is hired by the High Council to locate four stranded incarnations of the Doctor, and the fee they propose is to give him a completely new regenerative cycle. He doesn’t end up collecting the fee, but the implication is clear: though not normally permitted, there is a way to do it. In the same story, we find that a mysterious person is using the Doctors to play the Game of Rassilon. The prize of this game is immortality — a gift which, according to legend, Rassilon achieved millions of years ago. He’s not dead; he’s simply sleeping. (And we find out at the end of the story that this is actually true — though the “gift” turns out to be more of a trap for the overly ambitious.) What’s more, Rassilon apparently showed up during the Time War.

    So Time Lords are generally restricted to 13 lives. But there are ways to extend that.

    Personally, I quite liked “The Eleventh Hour” and “The Beast Below”. I liked the emphasis on how *children* relate to the Doctor. Back to basics for the show, in many ways. 😉 Having the Doctor be her childhood imaginary friend is particularly nice. It encourages children to make believe they are friends of the Doctor as well.

  58. Chris F.

    One thing I didn’t like about about 11th Hour is that they seemed to have been beating us about the head and shoulders with “This is the new Doctor! Hey, if you just tuned in, this is the new Doctor! Don’t recognize this guy? He’s the new Doctor!”

    I mean, I know it was part of the story where everybody goes “Hey, your imaginary friend wasn’t imaginary after all!”, but really, it seemed like someone was pointing him out as the Doctor every 5 minutes or so, as if trying to hammer it into the viewer’s skull.

    Its been a while, I don’t remember, did they do that for Tennant? I know Eccelston didn’t get that kind of treatment.

  59. Doug Little


    I second the Tom Baker episodes as a place to start. Grew up with Tom being my Doctor back in Australia when we only had two television channels, those were the days, the good old ABC played a lot of the BBC stuff. My favorites were in no particular order

    • Doctor Who
    • The Young Ones
    • The Bill
    • The Goodies
    • Ronnie and Ronnie
    • The Kenny Everett Video Show
    • Fawlty Towers

    Watched the new Doctor the other nite. Don’t know if I like him or not, I will need to see some more episodes, The new tadis and sonic screwdriver looks cool though. I did like the end of the episode when he lays down the law regarding the destruction of the earth and how it doesn’t work out too well for the aggressors, seems to still have a bit of the David Tennant dark side to him, which is great, I would hate to see a “goodie two shoes” doctor.

  60. Jeremy Greenwood

    The age regression thing is interesting. It confirms my suspicions: Time Lords, like Merlin, age backwards. They must therefore return in order for him to return to the uterus sometime in the next few decades. Should be an interesting episode, but I bet they don’t screen it.

  61. Calli Arcale

    Would be interesting to try to get through the time lock at that point. 😉

    Actually, it has been established that a Time Lord’s *apparent* age is no indicator whatsoever of his (or her) actual age. It is coincidental at best.

    Note also that a major factor in the apparent downward progression is that the oldest Doctor was also the first, and the youngest Doctor was also the last. The outliers are at the ends, and that causes an apparent decline. Steven Moffat, the producer, indicated that his preference was for someone in his 40s (which is the mean age of Doctors) — old enough to look wise, young enough to run. But Matt Smith’s audition surprised him.

    Oh, one point about the new look TARDIS. The exterior of the TARDIS, which is all neat and clean and new looking, was built to copy, as closely as possible, the original police box prop from 1963. This is, however, the first time any attempt whatsoever has been made to explain changes to the exterior. (Changes to the interior were generally a result of the Doctor deciding to redecorate.)

  62. cmflyer

    Watched it on BBC Amer. (not HD). Loved it. But, why wasn’t the video de-interlaced? Anyone notice that?

  63. Annie M

    Wee spoiler alert..

    Every out and proud geek at the CSIRO was happy ‘cos we got mentioned with the big guys (NASA etx) when the ‘conference’ was ‘hacked’. Yay us!!!!!!! We’ve made the big time!!

  64. Andrew

    Sorry, but I think it’s very poor in comparison to the old series I grew up with in the 80s. I guess I’m just old school.

  65. Calli Arcale

    If you grew up with Dr Who in the 80s, you aren’t old school. Sorry. 😉 (Neither am I; my first Doctor was Tom Baker.)

    You’re a JNT-era fan. That is to say, you came to love and adore Doctor Who while John Nathan-Turner was producer. He was the first “fanboy” producer, and hardcore “oldschool” fans in the 80s blasted the series then in pretty much the same way JNT fans blast the current series today. (To be fair, JNT did bring a markedly different flavor to the show.) It’s a fact of Doctor Who — each new season will be hated by about the same number of people for not being “proper” Doctor Who, and they’ll hold up an equally criticized season as their example of “proper” Who.

    Though I must say, I’m starting to feel a little old. People are now holding up the JNT years as “proper” Who. Used to be, it was folks saying it hasn’t been proper Who since Jon Pertwee. I’ve even met people who say this current series isn’t a patch on Sylvester McCoy, who was the incumbent Doctor while I was in college. McCoy fans! Shouldn’t they still be too young? But no, they’re grown up, and holding down jobs and everything. I’m not a kid anymore, and the people I used to see as kids are in many cases not kids any more either. Heck, this new Doctor is one of them! He was five when Sylvester McCoy became the Doctor.

    It’s not a bad thing, really. It’s just the progression of time. And you know, if there’s one thing Dr Who fans know, it’s that time never stands still — and that you never really forget your first Doctor.

  66. gabriele

    sorry, but what’s wrong with the authors of season 5? dr. who is supposed to be a model of correctness, never shouting, never angry, never violent. nothing wrong with mr. smith, but please, they should have left the dysfunctional childish behaviour to the very first minutes of the first episode. besides, nothing new on the plots: keeping torturing a giant brain (the oods), don’t blink again, world war 2 and rebirth of the daleks once more… please, shall we have again masterpieces as the wasp and the unicorn or the library? shall we have something intelligent and educational for the future generations? and what was wrong with the theme of season 4? this one recalls sarah jane’s. i know brilliant brains work for this program, where are they? bye.

  67. Elles McGinnis

    Sorry, but long time watcher of Dr Who and loved DT. Struggling to stay awake for the new Doctor, Matt Smith. He’s too arrogant which he just doesn’t pull off for an alien who’s been around long enough to have the “maturity” and resolve to deal with his power. Watched the first 3 episodes and I just can’t get hooked. Greatly disappointed. And WTF with the daleks turning colors, what have we introduced here? Some kind of hard candy shell with a creamy center? A joke. Too many SW undertones too! I mean really! Serious Scifi fans can’t pick up on all the Star Wars references? Please! I may have to skip this season if I keep falling asleep on it! Sorry all, not liking the new Smith: too arrogant, young, pious, lacking that “something” that connects me.

  68. Enlibra

    The show is going down. Season 1, 2, 3 and 4 were brilliant, but the more I see of 5 every week, the worse it gets. Climax: Playmobil Daleks. What on earth is up with that? Moffat is breaking with all of the former seasons and that’s completely unnecessary.

    I like Steven Moffat’s work in the previous four seasons, but left to his own devices, he’s a bit of a loose missile.

  69. petra

    Trying to like the new Doctor but am having a difficult time with the story (or directing) and acting…
    The doctor and Amy are too similar ..Amy needs to be in fantastic awe of her situation…she acts like she went to the corner for a slice of pizza! It’s just not believable….
    So far I have enjoyed all previous seasons of “THE DOCTOR”. They were such an enjoyable adventure!…..Something about the new season seems terribly childish. I don’t want to give up just yet but remembering back to DT’s first show..HE HAD ME HOOKED FORM DAY ONE!

  70. Gitane

    I was beginning to doubt the new Doctor and Amy…until I saw the Vampires of Venice…I’m not a longtime watcher of Dr. Who, but I liked Christopher Eccleston off the bat. I didn’t like Tennant in the beginning, but he definitely grew on me, and I think the same will hold true with Matt Smith. The writing seemed a bit basic in the first couple of episodes, but I think it will improve. Chalk it up to character development, and learning to use the cast to their strengths!

  71. Billy

    You have to be joking! What is it? Human? Android?…Moron?..The BBC is getting more camp by the day..


    lost the plot,agree with all the negative comments and any one who thinks otherwise does not know the qualities preceeded

  73. Manosgerms

    I was expecting not to like this series because I do think that David’s doctor is the best one ever. However , Matt is suprisingly good – the only thing that he doesnt do that David used to do so well is have a sense of being 900+ years old – he really doesnt seem like an old soul at all.
    If that is actually an example of good acting because he is just coming off the regeneration then that would be great but I am just not sure if he really will end up being that strong a doctor. We shall just have to wait and see.
    I do sort of like some aspects of the new Daleks but they are definitely too duplo to be convincing (also the Dalek Supreme looks the same as the others which is a bit strange). I dont particularly like the throwback look of the Dr Who movies as I was no fan at all of Peter Cushing.
    Having said all that – the first three episodes of the new series have been pretty good if a little bit too much like some of the old episodes (as some others have commented) and slightly predictable…


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