By Phil Plait | April 23, 2010 2:34 pm

Speaking of Trek, this is simply awesome.

And here’s the story behind it. You’re welcome.

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Comments (15)

  1. That is… something. I don’t think my brain likes it all that much even so it is totally awesome!

  2. Infinitely superior to the “Recursive Hasslehoff”


  3. Cindy

    Aaagh! Infinite studpuppy! My friends and I nicknamed Wesley Crusher character as “studpuppy”. In fact, my husband and I still refer to Wil Weaton as “studpuppy”.

  4. Brian



  5. Better would be a picture of Phil and Wil, each with an animated t-shirt of the other.

    I’m too busy to do it. Somebody else, get right on it.

  6. Chip

    He has >>>The Time Tunnel<<< built into the fabric of his shirt.

  7. DigitalAxis

    @6 Chip:
    Is it wrong that I read “The Time Tunnel” with the Time Tunnel announcer’s voice?

  8. Dave


    Nope. I did it too.

  9. Zucchi

    Before long we’ll probably be seeing video incorporated into clothing. Also greeting cards. Maybe tattoos.

  10. The GIF that keeps on giving!

  11. WJM

    (hWhW)^n, you mean?

    hWil hWeaton! hw00t!

  12. Mac

    @10 – That is possibly the worst pun in the history of bad puns. I approve.

  13. CR

    I saw the original photo posted at Basic Instructions a couple days ago, but the animated version is new. The animated pic was… interesting. (I feel like I should be chanting ‘all glory to the Hypnotoad’ or something.) Anyway, the Infini-T that he’s wearing is one I want (with my visage, of course, not his).

    By the way, Basic Instructions is hilarious, if not a little twisted. (It’s either cool or scary–or both–that I find I relate to it so often.)

  14. Toothygrin

    My god.. it’s full of (child) stars!

  15. Dangit, Toothygrin; I was gonna riff on that line! You beat me to it. (/ihasasad)


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