I am, apparently, more accurate than an Iranian cleric

By Phil Plait | April 26, 2010 2:56 pm

As predicted by me in my post earlier today, a pair (ha!) of magnitude 5+ earthquakes hit off the Sandwich Islands (ha?) today. One happened at 08:46:32 UTC (before I posted, but I didn’t know at the time) and another, slightly stronger, at 17:04:50 UT.


There was a bigger one — magnitude 6.5 — off the coast of Taiwan, but that was much earlier today, actually yesterday evening US time, so I don’t count that one. But who knows? The day’s not over yet.

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Comments (36)

  1. All those bikini clad women running around there were OBVIOUSLY the cause!

  2. I hope that the women of this planet do not find a way to weaponize their cleavage. Think of the chaos that would plague on international relations!

  3. Clearly, we need to do a lot more experiments to get a statistically significant sample of earthquake levels on both boobed and boobless days. I’ve published a simulation, but I’ll need a couple of decades and several billion dollars to get real data: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32469084@N08/sets/72157623938342636/

  4. Allen

    With all of the beaches in the world, I’m surprised we all haven’t died yet.

  5. And don’t even try to tell me the shape of the fault line was a coincidence!

  6. Nigel

    So… would that pair of magnitude 5+ quakes be construed as DDs?

    Also, my friend points out that today is Charles Richter’s birthday.

  7. Richard Wolford

    Hmm, clearly you shook me all night long.

  8. Charlie Young

    The Brazilian beaches alone should have ended the world as we know it…

  9. Purrseffonee


  10. Iason Ouabache: Some would argue this has already happened.

  11. RL

    Earthquakes? Weaponized cleavage?…Sounds like Dr Evil must be at it again. Be on the alert for Fembots!

  12. ChH

    We’ll have to keep trying until we get a day with no earthquake higher than a 3.0…

  13. Bill

    The main problem with this study is that double-blinding takes ALL the fun out of it.

  14. JD

    The only place were woman cause quakes are in my pants.

  15. There’s a Bristol Island? Who knew!

    But srsly ladies, put the girls away, someone might sprain their ankle.

  16. The Other Ian

    There have probably been several already that aren’t shown there. Unfortunately, the “real-time” USGS list isn’t really real-time. I tried to use that site after the 2007 TU24 fuss to demonstrate that the asteroid’s passage had no seismic effect on the Earth, but I was somewhat confounded by the fact that new earthquakes continued to appear on the list for months after the event. By the time it finally stabilized, both I and those I was trying to convince had lost interest.

  17. Jerad

    Once again… maths.

  18. OregonMJW

    With success like this I, for one, am leaving my booby avatar up – for now! Bwahahaha!

  19. Cairnos

    @2 said “I hope that the women of this planet do not find a way to weaponize their cleavage. Think of the chaos that would plague on international relations!”

    Relax, if this were possible at least one nation would have worked it out and tried to take advantage of it by secretly infiltrating all it’s potential rivals with hundreds of hot secret agents….now if you’ll excuse me I have to answer my emails from all these gorgeous russian girls looking for western husbands ūüėČ

  20. Rick

    You know, if you look at that image in the right way, the red line looks like the outline of a busty woman’s breasts. Picture the point of view being above the right shoulder of a woman looking down.

    Just sayin … busty outline for a busty quake.

  21. Messier Tidy Upper

    I’m not surprised! ūüėČ

    You arguing with Hawking surprises me a little – arguing with & being smarter than an Iranian mullah – not at all. ūüėČ

  22. Dr. Rosenrosen

    I want to know what happened to a**quake. I mean, are thongs and super low cut pants now officially out of style? Shouldn’t they have caused massive fault lines? Oh, I just got it. Thongs actually removed fault lines.

    But what about muffin-top quakes with all the ladies squeezing into too tight jeans with thongs?

    I will lose no disrespect for our dear Mr. Plait should this this not get greenlit due to possible conflicts with Discover’s TOS. :)

  23. Hamish

    Of course, yesterday evening US Time was likely Monday over here on the left of the date line, so we can maybe see that as us having started the day with a bang.

  24. I luvs it! Geology and Cleavage united in the name of science!

  25. jcm

    Interestenly, nothing was said about man-boobs.

  26. John Paradox

    Time to find a copy of Doctor Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine!!


  27. Bob_In_Wales

    You are all bad people.

    My mum was a good egg and she brought me up not to mock the afflicted – and this Iranian certainly qualifies as that.

    Still, I’m sure she’d let it pass this once.

  28. R-man

    As I heard recently regarding fundamentalist religion nutters: “Its all fun and games until you realize that it’s just grown men arguing over whose imaginary friend is better”

  29. two words: SMOKE CURTAIN. Nothing like a bombastic and absurd statement like this to deviate the attention from the real problem: the absolute lack of infrastructure to deal with earthquakes in the wonderland for the religious extremists.

  30. Gary Ansorge

    ,,,and for those who wonder why powerful people are often so hypocritical(Gov. of New York, the Pope, the FAt Guy on t.v., etc)

    check out this link to physics archive;


    Gary 7

  31. Mike Mullen

    If god was punishing immodesty and immorality with earthquakes Las Vegas would be flat as a pancake by now…

  32. Via

    Not to be pedantic (esp. when everyone else is having so much fun) but shouldn’t that be the “South” Sandwich Islands? The U.K. claims the South Sandwich Islands- but the “Sandwich Islands” was the original name for what became our 50th state.

  33. Plutonium being from Pluto

    Meanwhile we learn that traditional Muslim attire is not just oppressive & misogynist but actively dangerous to your health :


    The rest of the Western world should follow France’s lead & ban Burkas – not just because the oppress women, not just because they can hide stuff like bombs but also becuase they’re a safety hazard.

  34. mike burkhart

    Phill do you know when the big one will hit California?

  35. Brian

    The best part about this seems to indicate that if we here in the USA dress immodestly, we can inflict earthquakes in other parts of the world! We have a new superweapon!


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