By Phil Plait | April 26, 2010 1:55 pm

I’m getting lots of email about this bit of pareidolia, purporting to show a shadowy Jesus in some farmland in Püspökladány near Budapest:


But as usual, I see something entirely different. It’s clearly Roger Hodgson, the singer from one of my favorite bands, Supertramp!


I know I’m right; note the hat in both shots. It’s only logical.

Tip o’ the American Breakfast to Michael Meadon, who was the first of many to notify me.

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  1. Owen

    And now, thanks to you, I have “The Logical Song” stuck in my head.

    There are worse fates. :)

  2. Okay, you officially have great taste in Music. More verification that my mancrush on you is fate. 😀

  3. G

    That looks like a mullet to me. Oh, and a Hawaiian shirt!

  4. sam

    that really does look like a person though, you can’t deny it haha. I think they should start checking proportions on faces like these. I have a dresser in my house with about ten faces in it all around the same spot, they look more like comic book faces though.

  5. Mr Ed

    That is Frank Zappa.

  6. DrNecropolis

    Hahaha, I’m also seeing Zappa. Nice to know I’m not the only one!

  7. tudza

    I understand your point completely, but it struck me that showing a comparison picture might not be the best route. I can look at that picture of Roger Hodgson and see clearly that the shadow pattern does not look like the picture, the nose is all wrong. My mental image of what the pattern does look like has far more leeway.

    With the Mars face, I thought the best counter argument they ever gave was more images of the feature at a different angle with different light conditions.

  8. It ain’t JeEEzuz and ain’t Zappa. Come on! It’s a chick eating pizza. Either that or she’s flipping us off.

  9. LPDad

    I, too, must go with Frank Zappa, iconic ‘stash and all.
    Without a doubt.

  10. Nemo

    To me it looks like he’s holding a microphone. So, still Roger Hodgson then.

  11. Bill

    Take a look at my farm field
    It’s the only one I got
    Not much of a farm field
    Never seems to grow a lot…

    (ducking and running)

  12. No, definitely Zappa. Unless Roger Hodson is wearing a comically oversized plastic nose and moustache.

  13. Sili

    I thought is was the Holy Virgin.

    Remember: looking down – Mary, looking up – Jesus.

  14. Wintermute

    Look at the ‘tache. That’s definitely Hitler, having grown a mullet as some sort of disguise. A message left by the Moon Nazis, possibly?

  15. John

    Definately a girl. You know, just by random chance there must be some fairly life like examples out there, any chance of a best and worst hall of fame Phil?

  16. “logical” – groan. I think you should take the long way home.

  17. Keith Harwood

    Looks to me like a young girl with long hair wesring lace and carrying a bunch of flowers, typical Victorian sentimentality, circa 1880, original in oils on canvas about 30,000 pounds, the biscuit tin, in good condition, about 50 pounds.

  18. Scott S.

    Toumas Holopainen of Nightwish is more like it.

  19. Revyloution

    Wait… Roger Hodson is Jesus?

    That could explain so much…

  20. Baz

    I saw Roger play in concert exactly two weeks ago. I’m taking this as a sign that he is the Messiah.

    I’ll get off my Soapbox Opera now.

  21. jcm

    It is too fuzzy. Can be anything.

  22. Dude, that’s totally the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann!

  23. Bee

    :-) Unlike a toast though, it will be hard to sell on ebay. Some months ago, I wrote a blogpost on a paper that examined the tendencies of people to see “faces” in random noise see here.

  24. The Ill Tempered Klavier

    Really looks like my sister in law in a halter top to me. I’m serious; no grin or wink smilies here. I know I have one of Amanda-panda in just that pose. I’m having a screaming fit digging through my photo collection trying to find it.

  25. I’m with the Hitler-thesis. Mustache!

  26. Bob_In_Wales

    I assume it’s a widespread technique, but I know here in the UK we use ariel photograph a lot to find archaeological remains – the different depths of soil resulting from subsurface features such as foundations results in different rates of crop growth which show up from the air nicely. You can see complete plans of old roman forts and such quite clearly.

    The outline on this figure spreads over several fields – I wonder if anyone is considering a dig of this site. It could be an old fortification of some sort. Anybody know what the topology or context is?

  27. Gábor Török

    The patterns may be remains from old floods and riverbeds. There was a big river regulation program 19th century ( around Tisza River.

  28. Paul Claessen

    #26: “It could be an old fortification of some sort”

    It also could be a fairly simple Photoshop job. Especially the light outline on the left side of the head is suspect. So are the very clear facial features.
    Maybe there WAS some vague resemblance of a face there, but THIS picture is clearly doctored.

    Update: maybe not. Now considering that you can find it with Google maps … hmmm.

  29. Thomas Siefert

    I saw Nick Lowe.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    His first solo album was called “Jesus of Cool”, although in the US it was released as “Pure Pop For Now People”.

  30. sophia8

    Bob_In_Wales: Don’t forget, this is a Hungarian landscape with a nice, highly visible straight road running though it. Some of those markings could be WWII bomb cratering.

  31. Condorman

    Bah! Its clearly Inigo Montoya.

    How could you miss something that obvious?

  32. mike burkhart

    This is geting funny when Phill posts these.My favorte was the brilo pad that someone said look like Jesus but looked like Dr Eggman (aka Robotnik) form the Sonic the Hedghog games .For those who know nothing about the Sonic the Hedghog games ask your children or grandchildren

  33. Mark

    C’mon Phil… Give A Little Bit why don’t you? This just looks like someone’s Child of Vision if you ask me. Besides, some of these people aren’t Crazy, they’re just Dreamers.

    Whenever subjects like this come up in Casual Conversations I try to keep my cool; if I didn’t I’d be Just Another Nervous Wreck.

    From Now On, Phil, I’m Beggin’ You, instead of trying to put these people Bloody Well Right I think you should just Put on Your Old Brown Shoes and Take The Long Way Home.

    Unless, of course, It’s Raining Again…

  34. Aufwuch

    Nope, you are all wrong. There is a picture (photo?) of Jesus behind the pulpit in my church, and that’s not what he looks like. Proof? yes…so there!

    Zappa? Could be and I wish.

  35. Ha Condorman! I was thinking that it’s Weird Al Yankovic, during his Like a Surgeon video.

  36. Solitas


    First thing I thought when I saw the picture was Jim Morrison…

  37. Jake

    I thought it was the Mona Lisa.

  38. Pat Harris

    Go to the Googlemap page and zoom out a bit.

    Just to the North West the series of old river beds looks an awful lot like the Flight Spagetti Monster (may you be touched by his noodely goodness) to me!

    I think it is significant that the FSM’s image is much larger then Rodger Hodson’s.

  39. Ryan

    I’m sorry, but your wrong Phil. It is obviously the likeness of Geddy Lee!! You may now bow down in reverence to my amazing visual skillz.

  40. If that’s some kind of heavenly depiction of Jesus vaguely implanted upon the surface of the earth for the occasional airline passenger to notice…. wouldn’t Jesus have his beard? Not often you see a heavenly depiction of Jesus where he’s clean shaven. 😛

  41. Brian Too

    Must I point out that Supertramp has been around so long, it could be BOTH archaeological and Roger Hodgeson. Not that I’m complaining; Breakfast in America was one of the first albums I ever bought. Aaah, good memories!

    Hey is Supertramp still playing together? I thought Roger struck out on his own…

  42. fernando

    this is a big issue for the farmer… should I start working on the chin ? may be the eyebrows ? Jizz I wonder if it is a sin to work on the hair first…

  43. Blue Bottle

    Looks very like Veronica Lake to me.

  44. Why do you suppose Jesus and his mom like to place their images in such weird locales. Potato chips and the like. And now apparently in purple fields in Europe. Is there supposed to be some deeper significance?

    I would have to wonder about why a god, who can apparently create something as super complex as the universe, doesn’t just send a clear message. And send it in person, so that there is no actual misunderstandings. Because there is clearly a Super Tramp variation on the purple field picture and if I were Jesus, that would kind of tick me off. I mean if you go to all the trouble of creating a self portrait in purple fields, its disheartening to have people think its just a pop singer.

  45. Katelin

    Roger Hodgson is currently in the midst of a world tour. check out to see the tour schedule. lol.


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