Hubble Gotchu

By Phil Plait | April 27, 2010 6:11 pm

I have to say, this made me smile. And even laugh.

True enough, Hubble got me. I can’t even complain that it’s the Bubble Nebula, not galaxy. Even I’m not that picky.


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  1. Chad

    haha, I was wondering when this was gonna pop up on here. I saw it when it aired, but I couldn’t find any videos of it on the internet for a while.

    Good stuff though.

  2. I was waiting for “And I suppose your Mother is JUST a Mother?”

  3. EZ

    why was that funny? Just because it’s a loud black guy amongst a bunch of giggly white people? Looks like minstrelsy to me.

  4. Cobey

    ha ha I love this! I’m glad to see something like this on popular television. Hubble gochu

  5. EZ (#3): Yes, you have nailed it. That was the exact reason it was funny.

  6. RM

    Smile. Laugh. And even cheer!

    I remember doing science reports in college (early 90’s) and using the Mr. Magoo Hubble cartoon as an illustration of our inept position in science and technology.

    I’m so glad and impressed that the Hubble has made such an historic comeback to take it’s position amongst the greatest scientific instruments in world history. What a wonderful ride.

  7. Messier Tidy Upper
  8. Messier Tidy Upper

    ^ In case just the emoticon was unclear – that rocked! I completely agree with (#7) RM. Excellent. Thanks for sharing this with us, BA, there’s no way I would have seen it otherwise & I’m very glad I did. :-)

    BTW. Letterman mentioned Hawking’s comments about aliens in a funny(ish) segment last night too.

  9. Navneeth

    I don’t see what is funny about a television network that discriminates Linux users against watching their video clips online.

  10. Your name here


    Definitely a new internet meme.

  11. Stan9FOS

    “Wowowowowo. Whoa. Wait a minute, Jimmy.” I thought he was going to launch into Eric Idle’s “Universe” song, but this one was suitably awesome.

  12. Mr Guy

    EZ(#3) must be a hoot at parties.

  13. RamblinDude

    Thanks for posting that! HUBBLE GOTCHU!

  14. Absolutely brilliant… we could do with more of this on popular TV shows… the audience obviously seems as though it really enjoys astronomy and the people’s telescope. I’ve got to admit that here in the UK the BBC is coming up trumps at the moment with shows like Brian Cox’s “Wonders of the Solar System”, and soon “Universal”, “Bang goes the Theory”, and “History of Science”. Plus, astronomy is regularly featured on BBC1’s primetime “The One Show”.

  15. Some followup videos for Phil to make:
    HiRISE gotchu!
    Very Large Telescope gotchu!
    W. M. Keck Observatory gotchu!
    and finally, Chacaltaya Astrophysical Observatory (Observatorio de Física Cósmica) gotchu!

  16. Sure it was funny AND it was kinda heartwarming. Am I wrong?

  17. Pieter Kok
  18. Rob G.

    Certainly amusing. Too bad I can’t stand Jimmy Fallon.

  19. Josh K

    Hubble Gotchu… I’d by a T-Shirt with that on it.

  20. LeslieS

    Yep, I agree. We need tshirts! Jimmy (Like Conan) started off a bit slow, but he has gotten better and better with time.

  21. Crudely Wrott

    So I take it, EZ, that you don’t appreciate the valuable explanatory facility nor, even, the embedded, historical humor in a caricature as hoary and ennobled as the black minstrel? My word, man, relax. Watch “The Jazz Singer.” That aught to teach you.
    Take it easy! ;^)

    Hubble has provided a visual symphony for all of humanity. I don’t think that it’s worth arguing whether Hubble has brought the heavens down to humanity or has raised humanity up to the heavens. In either case we are all at least impressed by the technical achievement. Yet more and more we are captivated by the sheer beauty, novelty and capriciousness revealed in image after image.

    Each service mission seems now have introduced new instruments not only into the telescope, but into the orchestra that plays to our eyes. New cameras seeing new wavelengths have brought a deeper depth and sensitivity to the interpretation. Just like a memorable symphony, the visual music that Hubble has played for us has gone through several movements and now seems to be playing the penultimate one.

    Still far from a finale, the orbiting orchestra is now as fully instrumented as can be and the musicians, the dedicated people who tease knowledge and beauty from raw data, are providing us a with melodies and tonalities that are almost too grand. Vistas never seen, rarely dreamed of. As if to prepare us in a state of pure joy and inward assurance to behold the last movement, the last bridge and arpeggio as this grandest of human efforts slowly closes that marvelous eye.

    And as the last bit of the last image is received and echoes in our eyes and memories a greater part of humanity will stop, I think, as Hubble relaxes into Earth’s embrace again, finally.

    And I think there will be a quiet then upon us for a time. A moment. A hush. In memory. With wonderful music of the cosmos singing and echoing in our eyes.

  22. jd-f

    Navneeth (#10) – the clips work on all our Linux boxes…?

  23. OK, so who is the ‘audience member’? He was pretty obviously planted, and he’s pretty obviously someone with talent. So let’s have some credit for him.

  24. RM

    Robert (#24) — how can you be almost certain he was planted?

    Ah, scientists. Always leaving a tiny room to doubt…

  25. JF

    RM/Robert (24/25)

    That guy is actually a producer/director/something of the show. He pops up in a lot of the skits they do and also plays a singing minister on the show when they need to plug a new sponsor…a segment I’m not really a fan of, but this was hilarious (and the second time they have done it) The first was in a segement they call “Shout Outs” when he does a shoutout to Hubble.

  26. Swagz

    AKA the red rectangle!!!!!!!

  27. # 22 Crudely Wrott

    Very nicely put.

    As one of the people that is responsible for bringing us the bits that comprise these beautiful images, I applaud your word smithing and apparant love for the work we do here at NASA with the Hubble.

    It indeed will be a sad day for the world when we recieve the final bits from her. I will do all that I can to keep those bits flowing as long as we can.

    I also look forward to see what new and wonderous image we will see after the James Webb Telescope is deployed

  28. Matthew Radcliff

    He’s one of the writers on the show. The “NASA Blueshift” blog has some “behind the scenes” video of his trip to the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, to prep for one of the segments.

  29. scgvlmike

    @#10, Navneeth: I’m running Ubuntu & just watched this clip.

    Also, I watch quite a bit of NBC/MSNBC/CNBC/(and no longer SyFy since it’s turned to crap) on Hulu, without a problem… all from the comfort of the Ubuntu box.

    Netflicks, on the other hand, I can’t stream. Angers me! Argh!

  30. Willian

    Uhauaha, I did watch it on late night show. 😀


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