May the cumulus be with you

By Phil Plait | May 7, 2010 12:18 pm

Taking pictures at a Vancouver airport long-time BABloggee Michael Lonergan was, when spotted this odd cloud he did.


When 30,000 feet you reach, look as good you will not.

Too bad this didn’t come out on May the 4th. Of course, the dark side clouds everything…


Comments (62)

  1. “I saw the little runt sitting there on a log
    I asked him his name and in a raspy voice he said…”

  2. bigjohn756

    Yoda rules…

  3. Paul

    …..a jedi craves not these things.

  4. QuietDesperation

    What’s odd about it? Admittedly I’m an avid cloud spotter, so maybe I’m jaded. 😉

  5. Michael Swanson

    A sign! Yoda is Lord! Cast away the false god of grilled cheese Jesus!

  6. George

    Would someone explain the Yoda/Star Wars references? I don’t get it…

  7. Maybe only people with the force can spot the resemblance!

  8. George, Yoda was a character in Star Wars. The cloud looks like him.

    So let’s see… we’ve had a grey whale visit for the first time in decades… over 300 dolphins sighted in Howe Sound, the first time so many have been here… and now, Master Yoda! Things are looking up!

  9. Nation under Yoda, Canada is.

  10. Douglas Troy

    Yoda in the sky with light sabers.

  11. I just flew in from a galaxy a long time ago and far far away and man are my arms tired.

  12. The galaxy is not a galaxy just under the christian force, but many forces, strong, weak, electromagnetic, gravity and all the other forces people believe in. Oh wrong post.

  13. Bill

    Looks more realistic than the Dooku-duelin’ flea-on-crack(tm) Yoda in Ep 2…

  14. Evil Eye

    Pareidolia is awesome!

  15. mike burkhart

    This looks like a thunderhead forming thunderhead is the term for cloud that causes thunderstorms they are miles high and have a anvil shaped head .And quit picking on Yoda he may be small but hes strong with the Force and a very good with a lightsaber and maybe the best Jedi master.

  16. Mike, there were several anvil clouds forming at the time, but did not develop into any thunderstorms.

  17. It’s nice to know Yoda is looking out for us!

  18. jcm

    Feel the force!

  19. Luke

    While I see Yoda in there, there is some resemblance to the aliens from Independence Day. All the same, it is amazing what a few odd shapes and some line-of-sight can do!

  20. shawmutt

    OMG, I come here to read about astronomy, not clouds resembling green dudes!

    (sorry, couldn’t resist…just wondering where all the outraged readers are on this “offtopic” post)

  21. Kurt_eh


  22. Furie

    My wife pointed out that cloud to me yesterday as it was hovering over Grouse Mountain. Never expected to see it here!

  23. Sili

    May the 4th

    Oh … I see …

    Ha … Ha …

  24. Me

    Epic win!! Force feilds rule!

  25. Kevin

    @ 16. mike burkhart – the correct term for what you are attempting to describe is a cumulonimbus cloud.

  26. Steve Ulven

    That’s fantastic! The nose down to the chin look almost dead-on.

  27. Trebuchet

    Thank you, Sili. I couldn’t get the “May the 4th” reference until your post.

    By the way, due to my past religious upbringing, I am unable to hear “May the Force by with you” without mentally adding “and with you also.”

  28. Atropos

    I think it looks more like Bozo. I’ve taken it as a sign to quit clowning around.

  29. KC

    The Force is all around you, everywhere, yes. Even between you and the cloud.

    (No sense of humor you have.)

  30. Daniel J. Andrews

    heh–May the 4th…I get it now. Thanks Sili.

  31. mike burkhart

    I need the clouds midaclorn count .Thats tell us how storng it is with the force.To a bit off topic I mentioned I liked the Dune novels,now I know Phill might have a few problems with the science in Dune for example “folding space”to go form one star system to another gulid navagaters that because of consuming high amounts of spice keep space craft on the right path thro fold space useing only there minds enhanced be spice .Some speculated Frank Herbert author of Dune was trying to find a new religon I doubt that ,but he did write a good and very different sci fi series(Frank Herbert always denied the reumor about finding a new religon with the Dune series)

  32. Plutonium being from Pluto

    Classic! :-)

    Wonder if that Yoda cloud sent down force lightning? 😉

    (Although being Jedi not Sith probably not.)

  33. Mircea

    Clearly it’s manga, people ! :)

  34. The Other Ian

    It looks to me like the big bad wolf wearing a nightcap and pretending to be granny.

  35. Gary Ansorge

    37. mike burkhart

    I have a friend who writes the way you do. Poor punctuation and even worse spelling,,,unfortunately, he’s schizophrenic,,,

    Herbert wrote Dune as a cautionary tale of what happens when a leader gets branded with the title Messiah,ie, be prepared for “holy wars” and the destruction of all non-believers.

    Yoda is my hero. A little guy that absolutely kicks butt.

    Gary 7

  36. Cool!

    My wife and kids had no problem recognizing Master Yoda and they liked it.

    Worth to be recognized in the archives of the Facebook profile! :)

  37. Barneyj

    My Korean jedi master is Yobo.

  38. RichiGO

    Good mentalist jedi trick

  39. jedi83

    Awesome was that

  40. HOLY GOD ! Yoda is really real !!!

    This is rare photo.. i hope not photoshop.. If not.. its really great :)

  41. Bill G.

    Ah, I see, on the right side of the cloud formation. Maybe Yoda’s spirit is trying to tell us something, like Mufasa to Simba.


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