Doctor Tongue's 3D Carnival of Space

By Phil Plait | May 12, 2010 7:20 pm

carnival_of_space_logoThe new Carnival of Space is up! And it’s in 3D!

I love the future.

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  1. Messier Tidy Upper

    Love the Saturn fairground.

    .. & isn’t *everything* in 3D? (4 D if you count time!) ūüėČ

  2. Messier Tidy Upper

    From the Cumbrian Skies hosting blog :

    One such blog is ‚Äú21st Century Waves‚Äú, where Bruce Cordell uses a statistical crystal ball to try and gain glimpses into our future. For this week‚Äôs Carnival, Bruce takes a look at ‚ÄúThe Greatest International Space Project of All Time‚ÄĚ And what is that project? Make a few guesses before you click on the link and actually find out.

    Okay .. in order of thought (ie. chronological) my guesses would be :

    1. The International Space Station or is that just *too* obvious?

    2. The Apollo-Soyuz peace link up thingy during the Cold War after the Moon landings -although was more just a political stunt.

    (See :

    3. The Moon landings themselves because of the international tracking and co-operation, eg. getting the pictures back from via the Dish (Parkes) in Australia?

    4. The Cerro Tololo observatory collaboration built in Chile with, I think, a large number of nations participating and co-operating. (But is that a space project strictly speaking?)

    ( See : )

    5. Wasn’t there some major collaborative project that was aimed at detecting cosmic rays and neutrinos between a number of nations incl. Japan, Europe and the US that was among the detectors of Supernova 1987 a and solar neutrinos and high-energy particles? Didn’t that involve using the Earth itself as a filter and cross-checking betwen distant lands? Could that be it?

    Okay .. now to click the link & find out if I was anywhere close with any of those guesses ..

  3. reidh

    Voyage to Encleadus?

  4. Brian Schlosser

    Rip and tear, Bruno, rip and tear!!

  5. Pi-needles

    Aha – Seti @home or GalaxyZoo! I bet that’s it … What could be more international or collaborative across the planet than them? ūüėČ

    Let’s see … I’ll just click here & …

  6. Wally

    Yo! Props for an ancient SCTV reference. (From just outside where they filmed Melonville segments)


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