I'm giving away Mythbusters swag on Twitter!

By Phil Plait | May 12, 2010 11:00 am

[UPDATE: We have a winner! @Pryced got the winning retweet, picked at random. He sent me an acknowledging email, and the package is on its way to him. But don’t fret! More fun giveaways are coming soon…]

I haven’t done a contest in a while, but this one was worth the wait: I have some very cool Mythbusters swag I’m giving away!

Here’s the loot:


To wit:

  • A ginormous Mythbusters swag bag from the San Diego Comic Con 2009,
  • An autographed hardcopy of the cover of the September 2009 Popular Science magazine that had contributions by Jamie Hyneman and My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™,
  • A t-shirt, size medium (though it’s a bit small for me and I’m average in build, so consider it a small), from Comic Con 2008. The shirt has a drawing of Jamie on the front (with the caption "METHODICAL") and Adam on the back ("IMPULSIVE"). This shirt is also autographed by both Adam and Jamie. The sleeve has the SDCC and MB logos on it. And…
  • … what the heck: I also have a lot of miscellaneous cool stuff I’ve picked up over time, and I’ll throw a pile of it into the box. Stickers, buttons, things like that.

So how do you win this fabulous prize? Here’s the deal:

0) This contest is free.

1) This contest will be held on Twitter. Unlike in previous contests, leaving comments here will not enter you in the contest.

2) On Wednesday, May 12 at 11:00 a.m. Mountain time (17:00 UT), I posted a tweet that says:

Mythbusters giveaway: pic, bag, & shirt signed by Jamie & Adam! Retweet to enter. Rules: http://is.gd/c63E9 #BAMyth

The #BAMyth hashtag is critical! See #4 below.

3) To enter the contest, you must retweet that tweet.

4) All retweets must be posted between Wednesday, May 12 at 11:00 MDT and Friday, May 14, at 12:00 MDT. After that time, I’ll pick two random numbers, and then search Twitter for all instances of the hashtag #BAMyth. The first random number will be the search page result (using 50 results per page), and the second will be the number of the retweet on the page (1 – 50). That person will then win the Mythbusters swag!

5) Anyone on Earth is eligible, except (to be fair) for people who know me in real life. I’ll leave that up to you to decide if you count or not. People who know me can certainly retweet it, but they cannot win the bounty. Those retweets will count in the random numbers I pick (in other words, if my sister retweets it, I won’t give her the prize, but her RT will be counted in the search results). Please don’t retweet it more than once. That’s a tasing.

6) Just so’s you know, this is not an official Discover Magazine or Discovery Channel or Mythbusters contest. It’s just me playing around and having some fun. I’m doing this out of pocket because I love you guys, and because I figure in some way it’ll net me followers on Twitter, solidify my übernerd status, and eventually let me rule the world. The WORLD! Mwuhahahahaha!

So retweet that tweet, tell your friends, win something cool, and support my global domination. It’s win/win!

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Comments (35)

  1. Pepijn Schmitz

    Awesome! I’m retweeting at once! :-)

    One small thing: 11:00 am Mountain time is 17:00 UT…

  2. bluffcityjk

    The ISS crew is ineligible? Unfair!

  3. Thanks, Phil. You are worth following on Twitter even without things like this, so it’s an awesome bonus.

  4. CWorthington

    Yeah.. might as well. I fully enjoy both Plait and Mythbusters. So it is definitely win win to combine the two..

  5. Jason

    Any way of entering this contest that doesn’t involve me spamming my friends?

  6. Pepijn Schmitz (#1): Heh. I was originally going to post at 10:00 but had to run a last-second errand. I fixed it, thanks!

  7. RMcbride


    Sounds like a great contest. Then again it’s not available to everyone. I for one am left out even though I’ve followed your blog for a couple of months. Is there no way to enter without joining twitter?

  8. Will

    @2 bluffcityjk

    Yeah, shipping to @Astro_Soichi and others might be a tad expensive.

  9. Steve Ulven

    As enticing as this is, I still refuse to join Twitter.

  10. Rob

    I refuse to twat for a tweet. Cool prizes though. : )

  11. Plutonian

    Ditto with #9.

    Never sent a tweet in my life & not going to start anytime soon or likely ever but great prize.

    Can you do a comp for non-twits too please BA? :-)

  12. Ughhh! I don’t understand Twitter, now I have to figure it out! The horror!!!

  13. Mircea

    I’m on Tweeter just for this prize :)

  14. There is a flaw in your methodology: if the first random number is the page, how can you generate it, not knowing how many pages there are? You will either generate a random number between 1 and N, where N is smaller than the number of pages, eliminating late-entrants, or where N is larger than the number of pages, in which case you may select a page that does not exist.

    If N equals the number of pages, your second random number may be larger than the number of entrants on that last page, as well.

    One possible solution is to specify that the first random number will be between 1 and N, where N is the actual number of pages your search returns. Should that random number equal N, your second random number will also be constrained to the scope of the search results. Your current methodology specifically states that you will pick the random numbers “AND THEN” do the search. You may want to reverse these steps to allow your random numbers to be properly constrained.

    And, of course, I should win a “consulting prize” for being the first anal pedant to point this out :-)

  15. joseph

    Time create twitter account. Damn.

  16. avataru

    While I don’t like Twitter (never found a use for it), I like the swag. Since I had an account I decided to give it a shot. I hope it’s not a problem that there are no other tweets and that I only have 2 followers :)

  17. Stonez

    Phil, that’s an awesome prize! Nice one.

  18. Dave M

    I created a twitter account just a few days ago and have been lurking while trying to find a reason to [re]tweet. Ha, now I have a reason!

  19. Thanks Phil! I look forward to your tweets as it it. This just makes it more interesting!

  20. jcm

    I for one welcome you as the new overlord.

    Oh! Check this out:

  21. RTed. And a request sent to follow you.

  22. Joey Joe Joe

    5 & 9

    Agree 100%.

  23. Rory Kent

    Retweeted FTW 😀

  24. I have retweeted but will weturn and weinvade at a more opportune time.

  25. What about people with a restraining order? 😛

  26. Cindy

    I won’t win on two counts. One, I know you IRL (and far longer than Adam Savage) and two, I don’t tweet.

  27. Jason

    I”ve got two of Savage’s balls in my sock drawer. . . signed even.

  28. Navneeth from Under the Rock

    What’s Twitter?

    😉 J/K… I know what Twitter is. I just have to mimic a bird in spreading this message, right? Right?

  29. Robinki

    That’s PopMech magazine in the picture, not PopSci.

  30. Pepijn Schmitz

    What’s with all these people who feel the need to announce that they won’t use twitter? That’s entirely up to you, but why tell us about it?

  31. RMcbride

    Cause it’s really cool stuff that we are missing out on.

  32. Navneeth from Under the Rock

    31. Pepijn Schmitz,
    So that the BA may change his mind in announcing Twitter contests too often in the future. 😉

  33. Frank

    Sweet! I can’t wait till I win! 😀

  34. Tim

    @14 You would just mod by the amount of pages. If there are 5 pages worth and he picked page 7, then it would wrap around to page 2. Granted, these numbers are small to demonstrate a point. With a prize like this, I imagine it will be much larger numbers. :)


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