Glenn Beck: wait a sec. Who's the idiot again?

By Phil Plait | May 13, 2010 12:00 pm

I really, really don’t like using epithets. The worst you’ll almost ever hear me say is that someone is a goofball or a knucklehead. But sometimes, just sometimes, I have to call ’em like I see ’em. And when someone like Glenn Beck puts themselves out in the public eye pushing complete and utterly hypocritical malarkey under the guise of them knowing what they’re talking about, well, sometimes you just have to use an epithet. And since he decided to call the rest of us idiots…

So, besides being racist, wrong on climate change, wrong about taxes, and really pretty much everything else between here and the edge of the Universe, I want to point out something else Beck did.

His book, the über-ironically titled Arguing With Idiots, has blurbs on the back. The publisher decided to go with some, ah, negative comments. Here is a picture of the back of the book:


See the blurb right above my thumb? It says, "Glenn Beck is an idiot." True enough, but it’s the attribution I’m unhappy with: they say it’s from Discover Magazine. But it’s not really: I said it. Right here, on this very blog.

When I wrote that, I was talking specifically about his making stuff up about global warming and the then-raging southern California wildfires. I was a bit concerned about litigation, but having the blurb used on his own book mollifies that quite a bit.

But anyway, I just wanted to clear the air here. Discover Magazine, as an institution, has no opinion on Beck, I’m quite sure. However, I’m not the magazine. And I certainly do have an opinion, and as I have made clear, I can back that opinion up with objective facts.

Others agree, obviously. For example, Apple recently pulled its ads with Fox News because of Beck. So did BMW, and many, many more. His appalling behavior is rapidly depleting the number of companies willing to do business with Fox. I applaud them.

So anyway, I’ll leave you with this video of the fantabulous Lewis Black, raking Beck over the coals. With his ravings, Beck has managed to somehow merge the laws of both Godwin and Poe into some sort of hellish mix of insanity. Black shows that sometimes, the best way to point that out is pure satirical mockery.

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  1. RichW

    Beck isn’t so scary, after all, he’s just one guy. Now the people who watch him and believe this BS, that’s scary!

  2. Zucchi

    Mother Teresa was actually kind of an a-hole, and arguably did a lot of harm. Not Hitler-level, of course.

    Are there are really people who watch Glenn Beck and think he’s making sense?

  3. Gary Ansorge

    Lewis also pointed out to Christians ” The New Testament is for you. The old Testament is OURs and the reason we have a biblical injunction about marriage being between a MAN and a WOMAN is to keep Jews from marrying their SHEEP.”(paraphrase)

    LOVE Lewis Black.

    Gary 7

  4. Kieran

    Is it true Glen Beck raped and murdered a 12 year old girl in 1990? I keep hearing things about it.

  5. Chief

    What do you say that we start a collection for a ticket to orbit and then leave him there. To get back I wonder what he would do to correct a lot of the garbage he has spouted to the community that developed the sciences to do the job.

  6. BMcP

    Is calling someone of another ethnic group a racist, itself racist? Even if it is unsubstantiated accusation on Beck’s part, which is what I am getting from that link.

  7. My mother loves Faux News and Beck. It shames me.

  8. eliterrell

    Too bad there’s no one to remind Glen Beck the saying actually starts ‘First they came for the communists.’ That would be too complicated for his world view though, and might make his brain explode.

  9. Unfortunately, I’ve seen what can happen with people who buy these people’s garbage hook, line and sinker. My father listens to right-wing talk shows all the time and during the last election was trying to convince me that Obama really was a Muslim intent on taking over America. The election before that he told me that we couldn’t vote against Bush because “voting against our sitting President is showing weakness to the terrorists.”

    Hmmm…. Come the next Presidential election, I wonder how many right-wingers will trot that line out? You can’t vote against Obama or the terrorists win!

  10. MoonShark

    Heh, thanks for chronicling the burning stupidity, Phil.

  11. The man makes himself nuts so he gets press. That’s why the back of his books is flaunting the critics. The more we respond the more media attention and the more the people who have a critical thinking deficiency will think the man is some kind oracle of truth.

    The horrible thing is not responding feels like you are ignoring a large diseased lesion on the American Landscape. And if you don’t act, its going to keep growing.


  12. @eliterrell,

    Especially when he and his ilk call liberals (read: Anyone who disagrees with him in any way) both communists and Nazis. Look out! Obama’s coming for himself!

    @Lisa May,

    I think we need to start a support group: Families of Fox Fans.

  13. MoonShark

    @Kieran (4): No, she was 11. At least, that’s the rumor I heard. Pretty sick how they keep the guy on TV if that’s true.

  14. @Zucchi,

    I wish I could answer “No, nobody takes him seriously” but I’d be lying. Unfortunately, a lot of people listen to him and agree with his every word because he’s saying it on Fox. As Non-Believer pointed out, refuting Beck is a lose-lose proposition. You can ignore him and allow his ignorant followers to grow or you can address him and risk exposing more people to his drivel. Either way, Beck wins and the rest of us lose. (Well, unless you work on the Daily Show… Glen Beck is Daily Show Comedy Gold.)

  15. Jo

    Anyone got a Canadian link for the Lewis Black clip?

  16. @TechyDad

    Well, unless you work on the Daily Show… Glen Beck is Daily Show Comedy Gold.

    Indeed. John Stewart did an entire episode in Beck-mode. Hilarity ensued.

  17. Brian Smith

    I see he used the faux-Cyrillic backward R on the back too.

    Because the actual Cyrillic letter Я is pronounced like ‘ya’, I’ve taken to referring to the book as “Ayaguing With Idiots”.

  18. Empathy is a bad thing…(facepalm)

  19. Joe

    A few out of context quotes have demonized Glenn Beck for the left. Now, I don’t think everything he says is correct, and I do think he tends to jump the gun a lot in order to sound as radical as possible, which irritates me. But let’s take a few quotes by Phil’s Favorite President ™ in the same context:

    “We just have to, you know.. um… spread the wealth around”

    “I am and always have been a proponent of a single-payer health care system”

    “I chose my friends carefully… the more politically active black students, the Marxist professors and structural feminists”

    Now you all want to go around kicking and screaming about how Obama’s not REALLY a socialist, but using the same rules you’re playing by with Glenn Beck, ie taking a few quotes and defining his stances with them while ignoring any factual evidence for his claims he might have, Obama’s a whack-job Marxist who wants to destroy American capitalism.

    Skeptics indeed.

  20. Non-US based fans of Stewart/Colbert can install this plugin for Firefox to facilitate viewing. Plug a US IP address into it, such as ( and you’re good to go.

  21. Joe (19), the problem with Obama is that he’s NOT a socialist. If he was a proper socialist, Americans might actually have gotten proper single-payer healthcare instead of a fraud which will prop up the status quo. If you oppose single-payer healthcare, you pretty obviously are opposed to other ‘socialist’ things like roads, which are funded through evil tax-and-spend policies. Good thing you never leave Mom’s basement.

    Getting Americans to vote against their own best interests is a pretty good political trick if you can pull it off.

  22. Randy

    You have to admit he is great at what he does. Even if it is borderline insane

  23. Tim

    I don’t follow politics too much. I actually do wish I was more interested. I know of Glenn Beck, but not much about him. So, I followed Phil’s first “racist” link. And I agree with what what BMcP (#6) was getting at above.

    The link is about Beck saying that President Obama is or was racist by siding against the police and with an African American Harvard professor. How does that make Beck a racist? Can he (or I) not question the motives of a black person without it being racist? Are we all being racist against white people for calling Beck an idiot — everyone except Discover Magazine, of course.

    I just need to know if I’m a racist or not. I mean, I like Neil deGrasse Tyson, but I questioned an African American colleague’s work two days ago (she turned out to be wrong). What does that make me?

    Maybe Phil just dropped in the wrong link.

  24. Rodney Austin

    Just laugh and shake your head. It’s a sad old world and probably needs a 1000km asteroid to sort it out.

  25. Kieran

    I can see where Beck is coming from with regards to his fear of socialism though, I mean, I live in the socialist nightmare that is NZ, and it totally sucks having one of the lowest tax burdens in the OECD as well as interest free student loans for tertiary education, plus pretty much free healthcare. When will it end?

  26. Narvi

    @Joe The minute you find any quotes that indicate Obama’s a socialist, let us know. Until then, the liberal quotes you’ve pulled out don’t indicate anything.

  27. MartinM

    Now you all want to go around kicking and screaming about how Obama’s not REALLY a socialist, but using the same rules you’re playing by with Glenn Beck, ie taking a few quotes and defining his stances with them while ignoring any factual evidence for his claims he might have, Obama’s a whack-job Marxist who wants to destroy American capitalism.

    Rubbish. None of the quotes you gave suggest that Obama is a socialist, in or out of context.

  28. MartinM

    The link is about Beck saying that President Obama is or was racist by siding against the police and with an African American Harvard professor. How does that make Beck a racist?

    The unthinking assumption that one African American’s support of another must be due to race, perhaps?

  29. @Joe #19 – those are really nice quotes, but it’s fairly easy to call Beck a know-nothing freak show, an idiot, and a dangerous crusader for stupidity all in one without taking him out of context at all.

    When someone spouts off the kind of crap he says day in and day out, that’s the context. The man is a black hole of intellectual bankruptcy.

    Your silly diatribe against Obama completely failed to make any point whatsoever.

  30. Autumn

    I was at the dentist the other day, and in the waiting room I overheard a man telling his wife that, “well, Obama isn’t going to be able to take all of our guns and knives away, because he’s not the antichrist,” in a tone which indicated that the man was certain that, at some future date, the real antichrist would take away our guns in the name of Socialism.
    As I live in north Florida, I took this as a real step forward in the political dialogue.

  31. kirk

    I’m a fan… but… by 21st century journalism convention you are a click away from the Discover home page, the 68pt Helvetica font over your blog pixels spell out DISCOVER and so to me and the rest of your fans – you speak for Discover.

    Sure, by 20th century journalism you don’t have an [Dr. Evil finger quotes] EDITOR (although you probably have a laser) but we couldn’t see your editor over your shoulder anyway even in the last century.

    As usual our peer James Fallows gives a good guess about what happens next:

    Which means users of Google Reader just jump right to you (with your sponsors banner head just like on the main page where writers get editted) and start absorbing the goodness of your science. And we sure as hell hope it lives up to the Discover brand promise. Like calling light-bending-dense Glenn Beck an idiot. Which he is.

    that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  32. Curt G.

    It must time to generate some ad revenue…

  33. I don’t think there is much evidence to say that Beck is an out and out racist, but what Beck does engage in is playing the race card, by drawing a false equivalence between racist efforts to disadvantage minorities and efforts to overcome that racism with programs like affirmative action.

    It’s not quite as despicable as out and out racism, but the effect, if left uncountered, can be just as poisonous since it’s designed to build up resentment against minorities, which, of course, tends to lead to more racism.

  34. Nemo

    I’m not a fan of Beck, but I gotta give him props for having enough of a sense of humor about himself to put those quotes on his dust jacket. (It reminds me of an old TV ad for The State that was all excerpts from negative reviews, which actually made me want to watch the show. And of a newspaper ad for John Waters’ Cecil B. DeMented, in which he cheerfully quoted a reviewer calling him a “Balti-Moron”.)

  35. @Joe: Did you even watch the Daily Show clip? Even though they include only very short clips from Beck’s show, the context in all cases is more than clear enough to see exactly what Beck is doing, and just how utterly idiotic his Nazi assertions are.

    Lewis Black may be playing up the ridicule for effect, but all Beck is doing is lobbing up softballs for Black to knock them out of the park every time.

  36. When someone comes to this blog and says “You’re all so gullible to think that global warming isn’t entirely made up by the islamic terrorists to confuse and weaken us so that they can take us all over when the vaccines give us all the autism,” they’re not looking to make a coherent point or trying to educate others in any way. They’re looking for a reaction plain and simple. They genuinely don’t care how idiotic they sound as long as you give them the attention that they so desperately crave.

    That’s Glenn Beck.

    You’ve heard the term “Don’t feed the trolls,” right? Well, don’t feed Glenn Beck either. Although something tells me that saying that will be every bit as effective as saying “Don’t feed the trolls” has been.

  37. J.L. White

    Glenn Beck should be arrested for breaking Godwin’s Law so many times.

  38. jcm

    Certaintly Beck brings back memories reminiscent of McCarthyism.

  39. @Venture Free (36), ignoring trolls doesn’t always work so well. Remember Kerry getting ‘swiftboated?’

    Meeting trolls on an intermittent-reward schedule with mockery, satire and lampoon allows one to publicly dismiss them into their proper tinfoily, impotent rage context (without a lot of effort, I might add) and is much more effective.

  40. Todd Ferguson

    The bit that makes Beck’s comment racist is the notion that there is some sort of “white culture” towards which the president could show antipathy, regardless of whether the president actually demonstrated that antipathy or not.

    I don’t think anyone talks about “white culture” without feeling some sort of sympathy towards, if not actual allegiance with, white supremacist movements.

  41. Left_Wing_Fox

    @34: I disagree. I think it’s less a “sense of Humor” than reinforcing the persecution complex his show fosters in his viewers.

  42. Eduardo Almanza

    Just one question for those idiots out there, that believe Beck is wrong

    Do you really think Beck cares about you idiots think?

    As Beck book stated, it is imposible to argue with idiots, like yourselves.

    And yes he makes senses… a lot of sense.

  43. Michael Swanson

    I was mortified and, to be honest, infuriated when I went to Barnes and Noble to purchase Richard Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth.” I found four copies. That’s fine. Until I realized that there must have been a hundred copies of Beck’s book stacked all over the building. It’s maddening that such a liar, such complete blowhard can command those kinds of sales.

    I tend to be philosphically optimistic about humanity’s future. About the slow but steady climb we are making out of the barbarism, xenophobia and tribalism of our past. But then I notice how many people, people in a land wealth, freedom and opportunity, actually pay attention to Beck, Coulter, Hannity and O’Reilly. That shakes my views to their core. I expect it when semi-literate people in horribly impoverished nations pay heed to bin Laden or Kim Jong-Il (not that it’s right). They have reasons to be angry. But here? His fans and followers are fueled only by hate, greed and self-imposed ignorance.

    Glenn Beck hates the things do make the US great, and only loves his pocket and his kakistocratic visions of an exclusionist, hateful, Bible-thumping country. I could describe him with endless swear words or metaphors (I normally cuss like a sailor), but sometimes it’s best to jettision any vulgarities or hyperbole and just say that he is an awful, awful human being.

    Phil! You’re not allowed to bring up Beck anymore! It ****’s with my blood pressure!

  44. Gus Snarp

    #31 Kirk – “to me and the rest of your fans – you speak for Discover.” Speak for yourself. To me, Phil does not speak for Discover. My view of 21st century journalism is that writing a blog that is hosted on someone’s site does not make you their representative. I for one expect that more of Phil’s fans see that my way than yours, but I could be wrong.

  45. rob

    Beck is very very talented.

    haven’t you heard his track on Rock Band–E-Pro?

    he is also on Guitar Hero with Scatterbrain!

  46. Russell

    Today we read about a right wing tv entertainment show host, and so far we have no mention of the Neil Armstrong’s comments on the space program budget, The space shuttle Atlantis is ready for it’s final mission and who know what else!

    Phil, I love you man!, but I suggest you start a new blog for all the political stuff because it sure is watered down here. I would bet most of us don’t log on to see posts about Glenn Beck (I never heard of the guy until you mentioned him) . I gave it a glance and then scrolled down to see the fun stuff. I feel your efforts would be better served in a blog of it’s own. Who knows, it might become more watched than this one?

  47. Phil, I once saw a DVD of some episodes of “Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors”, and the cover had a blurb attributed to “IMDB commenter” asserting that this was one of the greatest cartoons ever made.

    Kieran (4), Moonshark (13): It is my understanding that he continues to fail to deny this – which, by the rules he applies to others, is the same as an admission of guilt.

    Brian Smith (17): When “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” came out, the title was in all-capitals with the “E”s replaced by Greek sigmas. I kept reading the title as “MY BIG FAT GRSSK WSDDING”.

    I remember a time when Glenn Beck was marginally sane, and the biggest complaint against him was that he was using the same lower-case “g” in a circle as Garth Brooks had been using for years. The Lewis Black clip (which I saw on a dozen friends’ Facebook feeds) is the most Glenn Beck I have seen in years.

  48. Doc


    The campaign to encourage advertisers to pull their sponsorship from Beck’s show seems to be having an effect. How about a boycott of bookstores that carry Beck’s books?

  49. Matt

    I’m with Kirk – while I agree with the Beck position in the majority here, I’m troubled with the hypocrisy in today’s post. Which is really troubling since as much as I’d like to believe all the Faux News & Beck fans are really dullards, please tell me SOMEONE else noticed this.

    Phil – you can’t – in the same post and in two consecutive paragraphs – first disclaim representing the views of Discover, while next telling us that it’s good Fox is being punished by advertisers for Beck’s comments! By the same logic, should all Faux News fans stop reading Discover?(maybe they don’t care about science already – but still the point is valid) Are Fox and Discover advertisers mutually exclusive? Should they be?

    People in glass houses…

  50. Daffy

    Glenn beck is an idiot; anyone with half their marbles can see that. But, sadly, millions and millions believe his nonsense and outright lies. And THAT’S what is scary…and makes me very pessimistic regarding the future of my country.

  51. Keith (the first one)

    I’ve only seen clips of him a couple of times, but from your description they sound pretty representative of the man.

    I’m slightly upset that you covered up Whoopi Goldberg’s quote. It looks like it would be pretty funny.

  52. Luis

    Adapting an old joke:

    A man walks into a bar and shouts to the top of his lungs: “Glenn Beck is an idiot!”. One of the patrons replies.
    – Hey, I find that offensive.
    – Why, are you a Glenn Beck fan?
    – No, I’m an idiot.

  53. #46 Doc
    -How about a boycott of bookstores that carry Beck’s books?

    How would punishing every other author in the bookstore be of any value? Since you would necessarily have to boycott just about every bookstore in America, you would very seriously undermine writers income everywhere.

  54. Zucchi

    How did Glenn Beck get that gig? I’d love to have a tv show where I could rant about literally anything that popped into my head, whether or not it made any sense, and then maybe cry a little. It’d be cathartic.

  55. @Russell #44, Phil has an “Astronomy Only” blog. It’s here:

    They’re called tags. Use them.

    (Sick and tired of this pointless complaint. No one ever walks up to me and my friends while we’re talking and says, “Hey, you all should talk about something else.” So why do people think that behavior is acceptable on someone else’s blog?)

  56. Joe Alvord

    @ 41. Michael Swanson
    I couldn’t agree with you more!
    I try to place rational books atop the diatribes by Beck, O’Reilly, etc. when I see them at Costco. I thought I’d get in trouble last week when I did it and an employee caught me, but he just said “good idea” and helped me cover the rest.

  57. rrt

    Russell @ 44:

    1. Next time you whine about how a blogger isn’t writing about what YOU want them to write about, try reading the blog first. It’d be SO embarassing to miss something. Many somethings. Recent somethings.

    2. WTH is going on here? Why do so many people feel so comfortable in telling bloggers what they should be blogging? Nevermind rights of ownership and creative license and all that, it’s frakking basic courtesy, man! This is Phil’s house, not yours! Feel free to argue, but don’t start rearranging the furniture.

  58. “I really, really don’t like using epithets.”

    Phil, you are teetering on intellectually dishonesty. I seem to recall you calling Tea Party people Tea Baggers.

    Not a fan of Beck, he is somewhat of a hack. But it is funny how liberals when presented with an idea outside their own narrow views suddenly are not so liberal.

  59. Brown

    Here’s a quote for you: “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” (Mencken)

    Here’s another: “In fact, some people make a comfortable living just from pandering to buffoons.” (Brown)

  60. Utakata

    Being an apologist for a blowhard nutter who likes to be called an idiot gives you no credibility, left, right or otherwise, Joe @ 19. Neither does calling Obama a socialist.

    *Goes back to watching the Eyjafjallajökull webcam*

  61. John Powell

    @Joe – Bring it on. Even out of context, I find nothing objectionable about those Obama quotes.

    We do need to reverse the last 30 years of concentrating the wealth of this nation into the top few percent.

    The rest of the civilized world has single payer healthcare, and it is both better and cheaper than ours.

    I’d be more proud to be associated with Obama’s black students, Marxist professors and feminists than Bush’s Saudi Arabian buddies, Karl Rove, and Harriet Miers..

  62. Matt T

    Joe (19)
    The thing with quotes is that they are, in a sense, *always* out of context. That’s the point of a quote — to represent a whole view in a single line. The big difference, though, is whether or not those quotes accurately represent the quoted party’s actual views. So your Obama example fails as an analogy. You’ve deliberately chosen quotes out of context to make a point. Your point being that the same is true of Lewis Black’s choice of Beck quotes. But from what I’ve seen of Beck (not a huge amount, admittedly, but more than a few quotes) demonstrates that these quotes are not a misrepresentation of his views.

  63. Russell

    @ rrt Says:
    Well see, That’s what I did. I went back several days before commenting to see if Phil said anything about
    TODAYS news stories. I know he commented in the past on all the budget changes and mission changes, but today
    Neil Armstrong gave testimony, and TODAY there was an article about how Atlantis has been made ready
    for it’s final voyage (so sad!). And here we see all this tv show host stuff.
    Perhaps this blog is changing and morphing into something else? Oh well….
    But I love Phils sense of humor and have bothered to go see him in person. I want more of his wit and
    Writings on astronomy…I’m hungry for it!
    Just exactly why is it so bad to make a comment about the content here?
    After all we are all fans of this log. I not rearranging Phil’s living room, he invited me over
    for astronomy, and some fun, and he’s serving up something else…I’m just a little surprised thats all. You don’t have to be
    so terse and jump down my throat for it were hee to have fun ! …geeezzz :o)

  64. @58: The Arquette Sisters

    Not a fan of Beck, he is somewhat of a hack. But it is funny how liberals when presented with an idea outside their own narrow views suddenly are not so liberal.

    How so? Are you buying into the stereotype that liberals are supposed to tolerate all viewpoints as equally valid?

  65. M Burke

    Stick to science reporting that Discover Magazine is known for and leave the politics to others.

  66. Junior

    Bash Beck all you want, giving him press is the ultimate goal. He did make $7 million last year thanks to Liberals trying to paint him as a wacko and radical conservatives that latch on to every ridiculous metaphor he makes, it’s all for rating if you ask me. He’s not entirely wrong on everything either, but he does dramatize things way too much. He’s also not as Libertarian as he claims to be, but rather a religious Conservative type primarily.
    He makes a lot of good points, but then tends to take them too far…Every other show is a comparison of Liberals to Hitler, the same political theater and talking points are getting old. He’s the Conservative equivalent of left wing loonies Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow.

    I agree M Burke, the majority (if not all) of political articles on these Discover blogs are Liberal biased as well, stick to science, ditch the leftist propaganda.

  67. ts46064

    Is it possible everyone at Discover Magazine has said “Glenn Beck is an idiot”?
    Maybe they didn’t want to leave anyone out and just quoted the magazine as a whole.

  68. Lawrence

    Has anyone actually read any of the comments on in the Science section? The absolute ignorance and hatred towards anything that contradicts the Bible is amazing.

  69. What’s with the inverted “R” on the book’s cover? A not-so-clever attempt at bringing up old Soviet Russia memes and inspire the potential reader to put Glenn Beck on the side of the “patriots” (of course)?

  70. Daniel J. Andrews

    Considering how factually wrong Beck is on most things, it isn’t surprising the back of his book also gets something wrong–it has to match the inside.

    Incidentally, I was in a bookstore with a friend a couple of years ago and we saw the book title, Arguing with Idiots. She read it and then asked, “Is he arguing with Limbaugh now?”

    At M Burke–this is Phil’s blog. He can write whatever he wants. He’s not obligated to cater to my (or your) whims. I like the variety I find here. If I didn’t I’d go elsewhere. It’s not like I’ve paid to be here.

  71. Junior

    That doesn’t reflect the opinions of Fox News, Lawrence. It just shows that some religious conservative types are wacky.

  72. Levi in NY

    I love Lewis Black.

    By the way, what’s with the back of that book? I mean, the R’s are backwards, I’m guessing so they look like the Russian letter “ya”, and we’re supposed to associate the Russian alphabet with communists, because all Russians are communists just like all of Glenn Beck’s critics. Or something.

    I’m not convinced Beck actually believes the bile he spews. Maybe he does, but it just seems so much like performance artistry carefully crafted to push all the buttons of the right-wing dittoheads in this country, including no regard for internal consistency or fact-checking, and no aversion to just making stuff up out of wholecloth. It’s not hard for a good performance artist to woo a large group of dedicated ideologues who will readily absorb any rant that confirms their pre-existing conclusions, and with all the money involved in such an endeavor it would not surprise me at all if certain cold-hearted individuals take advantage of that.

  73. Steve in Dublin

    Stick to science reporting that Discover Magazine is known for and leave the politics to others.

    I suppose this means you consider the realms of science and politics to be non-overlapping? Nice try, thanks for playing.

  74. Yojimbo

    @65 M Burke Says: “Stick to science reporting that Discover Magazine is known for and leave the politics to others”

    Yeah Phil. Stop writing about what YOU want to. What do you think this is, YOUR blog or something?

  75. @The Arquette Sisters #58: “Phil, you are teetering on intellectually dishonesty. I seem to recall you calling Tea Party people Tea Baggers.”

    The Tea Baggers call themselves Tea Baggers. If they want to complain about its alternate meaning after the fact, well it’s too late. They should have done their research before they opened their mouths.

    Since that exact lack of forethought applies to everything else they say, I’d say calling them Tea Baggers just about sums it up perfectly.

  76. Levi in NY

    @ M Burke:

    Political figures are fair game when they are making scientific claims, such as Glenn Beck’s claim that global warming is a hoax. Just because someone is in politics or has a well-known political opinion, does not mean they should be immune from being criticized by scientists and science publications when they make false scientific claims. And they *certainly* shouldn’t be immune from criticism by skeptics generally when they make factually incorrect or illogical claims about any topic, scientific or otherwise.

    I want to see skeptics going after political figures more. Too often we don’t want to get involved because of the inevitable political arguments that often boil down to value judgments. But when political figures (and religious figures for that matter) make demonstrably incorrect claims, or commit logical fallacies, it’s up to skeptics and critical thinkers to point that out. It’s time to stop giving them a free pass when they foray out of the realm of value judgments and opinions and into the realm of facts.

  77. Junior

    I wonder how many college kids made a drinking game based on how many times Glenn Beck mentions Hitler. Same goes for how many times Obama says “swiftly” in public addresses.

  78. Douglas Troy

    Glenn Beck is first and foremost an entertainer. When in that business, any press is good press, so long as his ratings go up.

    He attacks people on issues that they’re passionate about, making outlandish remarks that he knows very well will get people all wound up, and he’s made millions pushing people’s buttons like that.

    I’ve listened to his show before, and it seems so obvious that he’ll say just about anything, straddling either side of the political fence, so long as he gets a reaction that he can work with, to keep his show going.

    So the guy has made millions off people dumb enough to buy his stuff, so you have to ask yourself: Who exactly is the idiot?

  79. PhilB


    I tend to agree with you. Especially when it comes to economic arguments made in support of one position or another. It’s seemed to me that skepticism could really benefit the public debate by actually asking for the data. Actually, I’d think economics as a discipline would benefit from healthy doses of skepticism.

  80. olderwithmoreinsurance

    Picking on that poor idiot Glenn Beck is a little like picking on the mentally challenged kid who lives down the block. With the major exception that your unfortunate neighbor doesn’t have millions of blithering, INSANE people at his beck (damn, that was an accident) and call.

  81. El Jefe

    My Great-Grandmother gave me one of the best tips I’ve ever gotten; “Don’t get into a pissing fight with a skunk unless you’re willing to win” You guys would’ve liked her…….
    One deals with a skunk via catch & release, a bunch of tomato juice, and negative reinforcement.
    Two-legged skunks require catch & release, a bunch of the truth, and negative reinforcement (ignoring of ranting, swatting with the rolled-up newspaper of scientific evidence)
    She never did tell me how to deal with the smell………..

  82. Cory

    You’re posting on the website. By hosting, advertising and sponsoring the content, Discovery Magazine is in essence taking ownership of your statements.

    Just about all of the “review” quotes from newspapers on the back of any book come from op-ed pieces, which are essentially the newspaper version of your blog page.

  83. @66:Junior:

    Rachel Maddow has more sense, integrity, and journalistic ability in her little finger than Glenn Beck has ever had. Comparing her as the left-wing version of Glenn Beck is like comparing Shakespeare with the writing staff of People Magazine.

    @78:Douglas Troy:

    The “entertainer” excuse is just as lame when applied to Beck as it is when it is endlessly trotted out as an excuse for Limbaugh whenever he says anything indefensible. An entertainer doesn’t create political organizations designed explicitly to rally support against the Democrats in government. Glenn Beck does. An entertainer doesn’t engage in race baiting, and play the race card whenever he can get away with it. Glenn Beck does.

    In the light of all his lies, smears and distortions, what do you expect liberals to do. Just sit up and quietly take it? Beck’s populist idiocy is going to be popular either way, so your far better off debunking his lies rather than letting them spread unchallenged. (And if advertisers who are being informed of Beck’s conduct continue to withdraw their business, it may well bring an end to his career on national television.)

    Either way, I’d far rather Beck enjoy his millions as a discredited ignoramus than have his brand of politics remain unchallenged and become the standard for America in the future. That’s is just too awful to contemplate.

  84. Gary Ansorge

    Just an aside to those looking for more science, the previous several posts are ALL about science and this one was clearly labeled “Glen Beck: Wait a second: who’s an idiot again?”

    If that didn’t clue you in to this post not being about science, I wonder what would?

    As a Dutch friend of mine once said “Einstein couldn’t be very smart since he wasn’t rich.”

    I suppose he might say about Glen Beck “He makes THAT much money off gullible people? Damn, he must be REALLY smart.”

    ,,,and he’s as hypocritical as they come.I guess that’s ONE way of getting rich. Personally, I think if I was forced to choose between his way of being or of being a Mafia hit man,,,I’d choose the latter. It’s more honest.

    Gary 7

  85. Mena

    Junior@66, please see post #59. Nice job of memorizing a Bill O’Reilly rant though. I’d just add that you post also helps to prove one other quote. It used to be said that there is a sucker born every minute but since this is the US and we do everything so much better than anyone else in the entire world, there’s a sucker born in this country every 45 seconds. Glenn Beck made $7 million (are you his agent or accountant or something?) last year after all. Lastly, if you want a blog with science and science only you can always start one. Post a link whenever you do. There are quite a few people who apparently agree with you and we can finally not have to read that tiresome meme any more.

  86. I want pysch exam just watching him saying god talks to him.

  87. Dean

    @82 and others… Since when have BLOGs been taken as vehicles for ‘official stance’ statements? There have been times when organizations have officially endorsed this, that, or the other thing, but it is quite a stretch to view a BLOG as this sort of thing.

    Discover didn’t say that, Phil did. I realize it is “shorthand” but it is also misleading. But I guess that “misleading” is what GB is all about, as it gets him his notoriety and income.

    I’d love it if Discover came out with an official stance like that, but that’s not what has happened.

  88. gss_000

    @15 Joe

    Here’s it from youtube, so hopefully you can see it:

  89. Jeffersonian

    @19 Joe
    Except…Beck is a professional commentator, so we judge him by his comments. We measure Obama by his policy and it’s outcome.

    He just comes as close as he possibly can without being canned. You couldn’t come any closer.

  90. rrt


    I’m sorry, but someone has to jump down your (and others’) throats. I can easily imagine that you didn’t think it was inappropriate, that you meant nothing bad. Doesn’t change the fact that it IS inappropriate, especially considering how long this has been going on now, and how often Phil has responded to this very thing.

    Phil has discussed Armstrong’s opinion. He discussed the final Atlantis mission a week ago. I think this isn’t about whether Phil covers those topics, unless you want to claim he should be covering them on a daily basis like a newspaper, and then how would this not be telling Phil how to blog again…? No, I think this is about you rationalizing your reaction to Phil discussing topics that make you uncomfortable, for whatever reason (and I’ve seen many different ones). It isn’t so much “cover this!” as it is “don’t upset me!”

  91. Yeah, and I would add that unlike many other blogs, Phil doesn’t just quote from a story and add a pithy comment after it. He writes detailed opinions on the subject (most of the time anyway) that take time to put together, so if you’re looking for instant reaxx then you are looking in the wrong place.

  92. Eric

    “Discover Magazine” is a general attribution and it does include this blog; whether or not the publishers actually endorse its content. It’s no different than attributing a movie review to the newspaper rather than the columnist. Happens all the time.

    There are people people the left just as idiotic and vitriolic as Beck, including some of those quoted. (Not you, Phil). The irony is wonderful.

  93. Bruce

    What’s the matter, Phil? A little grumpy because Beck’s book is outselling yours?

  94. The Panic Man

    What a surprise – every single idiotic Beckerhead trope has been trotted out in these comments.
    Seriously, get ONE new friggin’ argument and come back. OR better, yet, don’t. Go bother someone else.

  95. The Panic Man

    J.L. White @#37: Please stay where you are. A representative from The Internet will be by to slap you upside the head for referring to “breaking” Godwin’s Law.

    It’s a law in the scientific sense, people. Seriously, look it up.

  96. Jefferson

    I hope you washed your hands after handling that book!

  97. LifeIsUnfair

    Wow, how many of you ranting about GB actually watched his shows, listened to his programs or read his books? Great example today was when the committee asked Holder if he has read the AZ law, SB1070 with H2162, Holder said no, he has not read it yet. Wow, and yet he has for the past two weeks been on news venue after venue spouting how the law creates racial profiling…etc and yet he didn’t even read it yet up till today (still hasn’t read it)—-best part it’s less than 20 pages! The zinger? — He is our AG??!!! Teachable moment.

    @#89 re: to #19 really? That’s your logic? Please say you are still a high schooler.

  98. demonrho

    This is unreal but here’s the real Glenn Beck practicing crying:

  99. JMW

    ‘…It says, “Glenn Beck is an idiot.” True enough, but it’s the attribution I’m unhappy with: they say it’s from Discover Magazine. But it’s not really…’

    It’s marketing. If they cite “Glenn Beck is an idiot. – Phil Plait”, people are going to say, “Who’s he?” But if they cite “Glenn Beck is an idiot. – Discover Magazine”, Glenn Beck’s fans might recognize the name as a science magazine, and so know who his enemies are.

    A man is known by his enemies.

    Also, consider: if the back of the book cited Phil Plait, a small percentage of people who read the back of the book might actually google Phil Plait, find this blog (and other material), and eventually might learn something. Can’t have that.

  100. Jesper

    “Sorry, Videos are not currently available in your country.”


  101. Michel

    I live in Spain and have no problems viewing them here: www—happy-happy-merry-merry

  102. richard

    Joe #19 (and some others), thanks for being a voice of calm intellectual reason. I’m a bit disappointed by Plait here…(let alone the comments, which live up the usual vacuous internet standard).

  103. MartinM

    There are people people the left just as idiotic and vitriolic as Beck…

    That may be, but the left generally doesn’t take them seriously.

  104. complex field

    I *wish* Beck were an idiot. Or insane. But clearly he is not. He is simply evil.

  105. Jamie Mueller
  106. Utakata

    Bruce @ 93 says:

    “What’s the matter, Phil? A little grumpy because Beck’s book is outselling yours?”

    I would imagine Phil is far more disturbed (and so should you be) that claptrap is out selling science, whether it’s his own work or someone elses.

  107. mike burkhart

    Beck is an idoit why worry about him? If he becomes president then we need to worry.

  108. Sili

    OMG! Lewis Black tell Beck to shut up! CENSORSHIP! CENSORSHIIIIIIIIP!

  109. Ray

    Just to be fair, Keith Olbermann is a tool too.

  110. Junior

    Matthews is also a tool…Obama provokes tingles down his leg. All political commentators are just that, political commentators. Their primary objective is to stir emotion into issues and dramatize anything possible to demean the other party while elevating their own as high and mighty. That’s how every one of them work, including the “uber talenented” Rachel Maddow. Anyone that defends either side is just showing their own political bias because both sides spew political spin on a regular basis. You want real news, read the Wall Street Journal and the Economist.

  111. Junior

    However, to be fair, Maddow is my favorite leftist commentator because she’s generally fair and sensible in defending her positions, unlike the wacko things that come out of Olbermann and Matthews.

  112. MartinM

    You want real news, read the Wall Street Journal

    I hope that was a joke.

  113. Junior

    Wall Street Journal is not a partisan political source simply because it is owned by Rupert Murdock’s company. It’s a well respected publication. I’m also referring to the real news articles, not the op ed, editorial pieces (which tend to be Conservatively biased). Your positions on it seems to be a result of political brainwashing, as I’ve seen many times in these blogs. I can almost guarantee you gathered that opinion from a Liberal “news” source.

  114. James H.

    Lewis Black is truly made of awesome. That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!
    “Beck uses more Nazi footage than the history channel” just about made me wet my pants I was laughing so hard.
    Lewis Black in 2012…for any position!

  115. @TechyDad

    I should have checked back here sooner. That’s a good idea. I like it.

  116. tesstricks

    Glenn Beck IS an entertainer. The problem is that he’s on a news channel, right alongside actual journalists and talking about real news. This makes it easy for the average person to believe that there is fact in his opinions; this makes it harder for the average person to separate him from the objective fact of ideal news reporting. It’s a lucrative trick that certain people in the media business have pulled – it’s very smart of them but it’s hurting our political discourse. And it’s mean, in my opinion, because it takes advantage of the not-so-savvy, the not-so-smart, and the busy who can’t devote a lot of time to really think about things.

    I don’t think Glenn Beck is an idiot or that Fox News is idiotic. I just think they’re greedy and want to make loads of money – despicable, but not an uncommon desire. My opinion is that the people who believe it all, hook, line, and sinker, are the real idiots who trust the images on their televisions that are encouraging their fear. It’s easier to allow your feelings to be roused by a person looking and talking to you than it is to read an article and look at FACTS and interpret FACTS objectively. This is why I refuse to WATCH news and prefer to read it. (Lucky for me, Jon Stewart isn’t real news.)

    The only thing that one can do is talk truth with the idiots and prove, prove, prove your arguments with evidence – logic 101. Essentially, keep up the discourse but employ sane, respectful, commonsense talk combined with proof. Even idiots will eventually get it if they hear it enough. (Oddly, I’m not normally this optimistic. I might still be hungover, I think.)

  117. David D.

    @61 John Powell–

    We do need to reverse the last 30 years of concentrating the wealth of this nation into the top few percent.

    Can you show me exactly where and how this occurred? Or is this kind of an opinionated general observation?

    The rest of the civilized world has single payer healthcare, and it is both better and cheaper than ours.

    Again, can you show me where this is true? The whole rest of the civilized world? We may not have the best or cheapest healthcare system in the world, and it sure needs a lot of fixing, but last time I checked, there seems to be a lot of folks who come to the US for treatment.

    I’d be more proud to be associated with Obama’s black students, Marxist professors and feminists than Bush’s Saudi Arabian buddies, Karl Rove, and Harriet Miers..

    I may not agree with Bush or Rove or Miers, but I don’t think I would be “proud” to be associated with anyone who was still a promoter of a failed political ideology that in its 20th century iterations was responsible for many millions of deaths.

  118. Paul

    If you don’t believe Obama is a socialist, then you are a DENIALIST!! Come on people, when are you going to wake up and smell what you’re shoveling. I worked hard to obtain what wealth I have and no, I’m not willing to share with people who make poor decisions in their lives. Poverty is a mentality, being broke is a financial situation. Why do people deserve the money I worked hard for? I don’t care about paying taxes, it keeps the country running but giving a bunch of bums money because they are too lazy to work is crap.
    In order for government social programs to work, we must all be fitted in. Those who won’t fit voluntarily must be coersed which is why socialist countries build walls….to keep the people in to “enjoy” the “benefits”. When you have you head stuck in the sand, don’t forget what you have exposed.

  119. stompsfrogs

    Wall Street Journal – not a partisan political source. Just happens to be conservatively biased.

    *head desk*

    The “real news articles,” like the ones from the AP? You can skip the middle man, you know.

    Why do all the comments have poorer spelling on the political topics than they do on the science ones? Do they get bussed in? Is the bus… normal length?

  120. I may not agree with Bush or Rove or Miers, but I don’t think I would be “proud” to be associated with anyone who was still a promoter of a failed political ideology that in its 20th century iterations was responsible for many millions of deaths.

    American Imperialism?

  121. JohnG


    Why is it “dispicable” to want to make loads of money? Are all the shareholders of News Corporation dispicable for wanting the corporation that they collectively own to try to make as much money as it can?

  122. Paul

    @JohnG 122
    Like I said Poverty is a mentality.

  123. stompsfrogs

    “dispicable?” See what I was saying? The little squiggly red line means you SPELLED IT WRONG, guys.

    Should put spell checkers in their damn helmets. Under the little tin foil hats.

  124. David D.

    @121 Carey–

    Lol. “The Communists were bad, even though they had great intentions, but you know we were bad, too–so we’re just the same!”

    What a nuanced, mature world view you have.

  125. mena

    Paul, hubris is a mentality too. By the way, how exactly is Obama a socialist? Do you even know what the word means?

  126. Junior

    “Wall Street Journal – not a partisan political source. Just happens to be conservatively biased.”

    I challenge you to find evidence that the news articles in WSJ are Conservatively biased, without citing Liberal sources. In fact, one media study noted that the WSJ news articles were actually Liberal, although the method of evaluation has been a source of controversy, as has the definition of Liberal since 2004.

  127. stompsfrogs

    “Wall Street Journal is not a partisan political source simply because it is owned by Rupert Murdock’s company. It’s a well respected publication. I’m also referring to the real news articles, not the op ed, editorial pieces (which tend to be Conservatively biased).”

    source = guy who commented on a blog post.

    Personally, I like NPR. For-profit news outfits are too flashy for my taste. I was just making fun of you, because you contradicted yourself a little before and uh, I was just being a jerk. I called the typo kings retards, if that makes you feel better.

    I don’t really care about media bias, as long as they don’t out and out lie. Or twist up facts so much that they may as well be lying. O’Reilly lies in his books. I picked one up, and it had a fact that was easily checkable. I used US Census data from the year that was specified. He just lied, just made some crap up. They don’t do that on TV, but they do do it in their books because they know no one’s going to pay attention or check.

    But, uh, yeah, I don’t care other than that.

  128. Paul

    I got this from wikipedia for you mena. Really, I mean, come on….I know this isn’t an all encompassing explanation but it should help you.

    Socialists generally share the view that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and derives its wealth through a system of exploitation. This in turn creates an unequal society, that fails to provide equal opportunities for everyone to maximise their potential, and does not utilise technology and resources to their maximum potential nor in the interests of the public.

  129. Junior

    You must have missed the part about news vs. op ed editorial pieces. Read a bit closer next time. Op eds and editorials are not news, they are opinions, exactly like the opinions/views offered by political commentators. Political commentary is not news, it’s biased entertainment. Clearly, you cannot back up your claim with facts, typical of political spin.

  130. Brody

    Wow, these are some of the weakest troll attempts I’ve ever seen on this blog’s comments, even weaker than the Global Warming deniers or that Louise Riofrio nutjob…

  131. stompsfrogs

    I got what you were sayin there, Junior.

    You were sayin that the WSJ’s news articles were not partisan. Only their op eds were conservative. Then you trotted out a study that said the WSJ’s news articles were liberal. Sounds like a lovely compromise (read: turd sandwich) but I think I’ll stick wit NPR.

  132. Junior

    Under that same study, NPR was concluded to have a Liberal bias as well. However, as I mentioned, the methods are controversial.

  133. Doug Little

    NPR was concluded to have a Liberal bias as well

    Reality has a liberal bias, so NPR is probably OK to listen to then.

  134. Russell

    Maybe everyone that is so bothered by Phil posting a little article defaming an ultra–I don’t want to say right wing–let’s go with “ultra-conspiracy nut propagandist,” should create a more right leaning magazine to add some fair opinion balance to the science media spectrum. Then, when you post an article about some irritating left wing talking head, you all could have the reverse position in the comment spectrum, and it would all amount to the same continuum of time wasting.

    So come on guys, where’s that American spirit of ingenuity that you goes are always claiming will save the world? Make your own magazine and stop complaining about reality’s liberal bias.

  135. tesstricks


    I knew I should have clarified that part. Well, here it is. I think greed is despicable. I think trying to make money by taking advantage of people’s laziness or ignorance is despicable. And I think that’s what many higher-ups in the media business try to do. I think they’re more concerned with ad revenue than educating the populace or presenting the truth. This isn’t new, of course. But the 24-hour news cycle IS new and I think it’s made the greed worse (and more blatant). There’s more time to fill up and more market share to fight over. So of course they’ll air what draws the most eyes and not real news or actual journalism – there isn’t enough real news to do that every single day. The obvious, business-savvy next step is entertainment, specifically news entertainment.

  136. JJ

    Beck is a part of the outrage industry.

    Whip your supporters into an outrage by saying outrageous and controversial things, which generates outrage by your detractors. It’s a self-fulfilling cycle and keeps a lot of talking heads on the air.

  137. Junior

    The market is free, people make the choice to fund the success of people like Glenn Beck. If people had enough sense to take responsibility for themselves in separating facts from political commentary, they would realize that political commentators always create an atmosphere which defends their own view while demonizing the other. Take everything with a grain of salt, realizing it’s biased entertainment. I think most people have enough sense to realize that and Glenn has said it on his show multiple times; calling himself a commentator, not a reporter.

    Greed is punishable by law when money is made illegally, there’s nothing wrong with making a lot of money in a free market, especially since we have anti-trust laws to prevent people from controlling an entire market. Don’t hate the player, he’s just playing the game, no different from the likes of any other political commentator. He must be doing something right to garner this much attention from both ends of the political spectrum. Love him or hate him, he’s a successful entrepreneur.

  138. Mena

    Paul, I’ll ask you again. How exactly is Obama a socialist? Not “what does it mean”, please explain “how is that definition even remotely applicable to what he has done”. Like I said in the post, I know what it means. I still don’t think that YOU do. What I don’t understand is where you get your “facts”. Do try to actually understand what is written instead of skimming and blathering. It makes for a much more interesting conversation. Repeating Reagan era cliches and memorized buzz words is extremely lame. I’m probably never going to get an answer, am I, unless Beck or someone gives you a new meme to regurgitate, am I?

  139. flip

    @Paul, 119

    I seriously hope you are a Poe.

    “Poverty is a mentality, being broke is a financial situation.”

    So people who lost their jobs through no fault of their own, those who have a mental or physical disability that prevent them from working… those people are just not ‘thinking’ correctly, because if they did, they’d suddenly find work and not have to take your taxes anymore? I suppose you also never use cars, public transport, or anything that requires a road. I mean, if you’re healthy and wealthy, you don’t need roads right? Do you have your own private helicopter or something?

  140. Bruce

    @139 Mena:

    Let me help you out here, Mena. One of the aspects of socialism is redistribution of wealth. Obama has said he wants to “spread the wealth around.” And what has Obama done? He’s taken over the financial, auto and healthcare industries. Controlling the means of production.

  141. Pi-needles

    Well BA I don’t know whether to congratulate you for getting Beck (or his staffers) to notice you & quote you on the cover of his bestselling (*gag*) book or commiserate with you for being denied an attribution there. 😉

    @57. rrt Says:

    This is Phil’s house, not yours! Feel free to argue, but don’t start rearranging the furniture.

    That reminds me about a rather nasty Stevie Wonder joke .. 😉

    @81. El Jefe Says:

    My Great-Grandmother gave me one of the best tips I’ve ever gotten; “Don’t get into a pissing fight with a skunk unless you’re willing to win”

    Thanks. Now I have this crazy urge to get myself a pet skunk just so I can try that game … 😉

  142. Jessica

    My mom watches GB..everyday. He does make honest, good points. However, you have to slog your way through alot of gloom and doom to find them. I personally have only seen or heard snippits of him. (My mother gives me the highlights.)

    I didn’t vote for Obama. Why? It wasn’t because “he’s anti-christian,” or because “he’s a socialist.” I didn’t vote for him because simply put, I didn’t agree with alot of what he believed. I didn’t think he would be right for my country.
    Most of the issues I have with him are personal views and spritual views, yes, but that was my decision.
    I may not have voted for him, I may be a “bible thumper,” but I voted best for me.

    I really didn’t need to tell you all that, but everyone else seems to want to tell where thay stand with Obama. I just figured I would, too.

    He’s my president now. All I can do is pray for him. And GB. And my mother. I like my news to the point. Not seved up center stage and over-acted.

    And before anyone jumps to conclusions that I am anything other than what I’ve said…let me just say that I am a 32 year old, high school graduate, mother of three. That’s all I am. Perhaps I could write a book about my opinion and make loads of money though. Of course I would get a good editor to fix my spelling mistakes.

  143. Messier Tidy Upper

    @90. rrt Says:

    … Phil has discussed Armstrong’s opinion. He discussed the final Atlantis mission a week ago. …

    I saw the Atlantis discussion(s) (two of them for the current STS-132 mission – & my congrats & thanks for that. :-) )

    But I don’t remember seeing the BA discussing Armstrong’s view’s anywhere, sorry. I could be, heck I prob’ly *am* wrong but has the BA covered Neil Armstrong’s comments* opposing Obama’s space plans &, if so, could someone please post a link of that thread for me? I’m interested in reading that.


    * From Page 71, The Advertiser (Adelaide’s local newspaper) on 2010 May 14th :

    Obama ‘errs over space’ [Headline]

    WASHINGTON : [caps original] Neil Armstrong .. says US president Barack Obama is “poorly advised” on space matters, renewing criticism of a plan to abandon a project to return US astronauts to the Moon.

    Appearing before a Senate committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation, Armstrong said Mr Obama’s plan to end the Constellation program and cut space efforts appeared to be made without input from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or the President’s Science advisor.

    “If the leadership we have aquired through our investment is allowed to fade away, other nations will step in where we have faltered. I do not believe that this would bein our best interests.” Armstrong said.

    What is your view on this BA and have you commented about it (or similar comments by the First Man) before or is this new “news” to y’all?


  144. Pi-needles

    His [Beck’s] book, the über-ironically titled Arguing With Idiots,

    Actually that title is not ironic at all but is quite honest if intended in the same way that a cookbook by a celebrity chef is often titled. You know, like how you get books such as Cooking with Nigella Lawson or Cooking with the Two Fat Ladies* or the travel version equivalent Scottish Lochs with Billy Conolly and so forth! 😉

    In fact, it could be argued that GB is being generous by including his writers alongside himself in the title rather than just the alternate title of Arguing with Glenn Beck subtitled “an idiot’s guide on how to argue by an idiot for other idiots”. 😉


    * Believe it or not, that (or something very close to it) *was* the name of a real (British?) cooking show I saw years ago which was hosted by two plump lasses who tour the world (?) on a motorbike with sidecar and then cook very fattening, delicious meals – although I’m not sure if there’s a cookbook with that precise title or not. 😉

  145. JJ

    Ron Paul/Sarah Palin 2012! And for all the Palin bashers, she has much more experience in public office than Obama :-)

  146. @JJ (146) Oh yeah, by all means- Paul/Palin 2012! If that’s the Repuglican ticket, Obama’s 2nd term is 100% guaranteed. Bring on the teabaggers.

    From the point of view of a long term US expat in Australia (since 1996, thanks), watching Fauxbots carping that Obama is a socialist is a huge laugh. Confirms only that the fully uninformed commenter doesn’t know what socialism is and is programmed to presume that socialism is in some way a bad thing for the public. Protip: socialism does not equal authoritarianism.

  147. Yawa

    oh by all means run that ticket. You’ll never see a major office or influence again.

    What a silly debate to be having. Beck is a sensationalist. People who defend him have very little palpable opinion’s of their own. There are tons of talking heads on the news, representing both sides of the coin. I have found in my watching of all of them, the reason I can be ok with the daily show, or a Maddow, or the such, is that the things they talk about tend to be true. Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, will generally go as far as they can with fact, then make up the rest. Also they aren’t entertaining (Unless you find watching insane conspiracy theorists rant about their theories with tears in their eyes entertaining), and all they tend to do is flag suck.

    Also if you have faith in either party as being the savior of our country and way of life, you have the attention span of a lemur, and have obviously forgot how polarized and useless our government was under a Republican led white house and congress.

    Also, the Neo-con’s re-branding themselves the “Tea party” and trying to run as more extreme versions of themselves, minus the complete and utter lack of understanding as to what the Boston Tea Party actually was and represented, will be a hilarious failure.

    Oh yeah to the I pulled myself up by my bootstraps guy, and the making of your money was all your own. I’m sure you did a lot and worked hard. Know two things. No one is coming for your money, and you were incredibly lucky. You were not born in a third world country, you were not born with an illness that gave you no fighting chance, you were not forced into slavery, prostitution, poverty by a horrific group.

    And before you say “How dare you! This is an outrage!” Keep in mind I’m lucky as well. As is I’m sure a vast majority of the people able to sit in front of a computer and debate these high matters. Luck always has something to do with it. I’m glad you made the most of your opportunities and got rich. Now stop being paranoid, entitled, and greedy about it.


  148. rrt

    Messier @ 144:

    Phil mentions Armstrong’s diagreement here:

    “Obama lays out bold revised space policy”, 4/15

    But I could have sworn it came up more often than that, and in more detail. That post isn’t what I was thinking of, and I couldn’t turn up more in a search. I may have been confusing him with Aldrin, who does come up fairly often.

    So apparently, Phil mentioned Armstrong’s opinion, but not with the significant attention I thought he did.

  149. Floyd

    @141: “Let me help you out here, Mena. One of the aspects of socialism is redistribution of wealth. Obama has said he wants to “spread the wealth around.”

    I guess I should point out the conservatives have been spreading their wealth around for a number of years. They spread it out so much that the financial and auto industries went bankrupt and heavily damaged the US economy. The only reason the US finance and auto industries (mostly owned by their shareholders) still exist is because they got loans (not gifts) from the government to be able to stay in business.

  150. Oomingmak

    Glen Beck said God speaks to him and gave him “A Plan” that he will share with America.

    Beck is as dangerous a character as we’ve seen since Joe McCarthy.

  151. mena

    Bruce@141 recited yet again:
    “Obama has said he wants to “spread the wealth around.” And what has Obama done? He’s taken over the financial, auto and healthcare industries. Controlling the means of production.”
    When and how exactly has he done any of that? Giving someone a loan (which Congress and Bush did a lot of with the financial industries but I suspect that you don’t think that that counts) doesn’ t have anything to do with production. If I were to give you a small business loan I wouldn’t be over at your office checking out the production or looking at the books all the time. I’d just expect that you would pay your payment on time. I wouldn’t have a stake in your business. As for health care, are you still on that canard? Did the public option pass without anyone but you and those who keep repeating it knowing about it? Yet again, I’ll ask. How exactly is Obama a socialist? What has he DONE that makes him a socialist. Think of it this way: A is to B as C is to D. Obama is to socialism as (some tenet of socialism) is to (something that he has DONE). Not something that you heard someone telling you that he has said. Done. Done, done, done, done, DONE.

  152. Messier Tidy Upper

    @ 149. rrt Says:

    Messier @ 144: Phil mentions Armstrong’s diagreement here:
    “Obama lays out bold revised space policy”, 4/15 But I could have sworn it came up more often than that, and in more detail. That post isn’t what I was thinking of, and I couldn’t turn up more in a search. I may have been confusing him with Aldrin, who does come up fairly often. So apparently, Phil mentioned Armstrong’s opinion, but not with the significant attention I thought he did.

    Yes, I saw that when it first came out & that was before Armstrongs comments as quoted in my local paper the other day.

    I would have really liked to see the BA cover and discuss the comments by Armstrong and also by former mission control boss Gene Kranz which I posted somewhere here via link but now can’t find. :-(

    Yeah, I know its the BA’s blog & all but I’d sure like to see what he thought of their opposition to “saint” Obama’s scheme or even that he noted what these space heroes and very smart folks have said.

  153. Messier Tidy Upper

    Finally found it – for Kraft’s (Not Kranz’s) comments see:

    BA, please let us all know what you think of these comments and those by Armstrong up at comment # 144 here. Don’t you think these people’s views are worth something? (Off topic here I know but .. )

    NB. If anyone wants to see it the “Obama lays out bold revised space policy”, 4/15 article noted above by rrt & hasn’t already the link is here :

    The *only* reference there to Armstrong’s views & comments was this :

    “You may also note that NASA astronauts are split over all this, with Buzz Aldrin, for example, supporting Obama, and Neil Armstrong and many others disagreeing.”

    Which isn’t much at all in the way of discussing Armstrongs comments methinks.

    I know this is your blog BA & you write what you want, fair enough, but [Oliver twist voice] Please sir can we have some more [/Oliver twist voice off] about this? 😉

  154. Sean H

    @:34 I’m not a fan of Beck, but I gotta give him props for having enough of a sense of humor about himself to put those quotes on his dust jacket.

    That wasn’t about humor. Beck is reaching out to the “silent majority” folks that Nixon pandered to in the 60s/70s. When those are listed they list whatever they can as institutions so that you can know that they don’t like him, and that “they’re not like you and I”. He did the quotes to create a sense that the book is something they don’t want you to know about, and something you shouldn’t read.

    But “they” are the elites and what do they know? I found it informative that he neglected to include clips that insulted him from conservative intellectuals/institutions like Christopher Hitchens, The Economist, Atlantic, and The Weekly Standard.

    @146: Ron Paul/Sarah Palin 2012! And for all the Palin bashers, she has much more experience in public office than Obama

    Obama’s been president for a little more than a year and has been in some form of elected office since 1996 when he was a state senator. Sarah Palin quit halfway through her first term because she missed the attention. There are plenty of serious well thought out conservatives but Paul/Palin would add nothing to a race.

  155. rrt

    But…he already has noted what these space heroes and very smart folks have said, as you acknowledged. He noted that they disagree with the current approach. And he has discussed that approach, and dissenting opinions including Aldrin’s, at some length in the past, at least to a degree that I would think would satisfy your interest.

    Is it really so important that he write a specific article addressing each instance a prominent space personality expresses an opinion on space policy?

    I’m not trying to be hostile here. I just think your expectations are still a bit impractical, and largely met anyway.

  156. JJ

    Why are Liberals so afraid of Sarah Palin? Must be because she knows how to use a gun and doesn’t kill babies… :-)

  157. AL

    The Arquette Sisters@58:

    Phil, you are teetering on intellectually dishonesty. I seem to recall you calling Tea Party people Tea Baggers.

    How on earth is this intellectual dishonesty? He didn’t say he never uses epithets, he said he doesn’t like using them, and would prefer not to. That doesn’t mean that an occasion never arises where he would use them, as he just did now when he admitted to calling Beck an idiot. No dishonesty here, just lack of reading comprehension on your part. And as for Tea Party people being referred to as Teabaggers, many of them call themselves that. Sure, their critics now use it pejoratively as an insult, but those intellectually deficient teabaggers should’ve thought about that before they decided to call themselves teabaggers.

    Not a fan of Beck, he is somewhat of a hack. But it is funny how liberals when presented with an idea outside their own narrow views suddenly are not so liberal.

    I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Are you trying to sound intelligent by being obscure? I consider myself to be liberal on most social issues, but none of my liberal beliefs involves restrictions on calling out stupidity with some well-deserved ad hominems. Don’t like it when stupid people get called out? Tough.

  158. Sean H

    @157: I’ve seen her shoot and she’s not very good at handling recoil on the rifle. Especially when it’s mounted on a pivot on a helicopter. Oh wait… I forgot that since I’m a pinko commie fag I can’t know how to shoot or own firearms. Oops! I guess I better turn in my Hi-Power at the next meeting where we plot out ways to further villify hard-working Americans(if you say something about arugula or wine in a response I should give you fair warning that I only learned what the former was from being called an “arugula eating wine sipping liberal” and I can’t stand wine).

    Anyways… I’m only afraid of her if she holds an elected office as she’s not equipped mentally to do so. There are plenty of people who I disagree with that, I think, would not destroy the country if at the helm. That being said Sarah Palin and Ron Paul are not among them. I respect Mr. Paul’s consistency in his positions but they’re too uncompromising to deal with the facts on the ground.

    @58: When presented with a cohesive reasonable argument from a different point of a view I’m more than willing to hear out the other side if they’re speaking from a point of genuine debate on a complex issue. I don’t abide teaching the bible in science class because it’s not a reasonable argument to be had. Science is science, theology is theology. When presented as theology it gives the disclaimer as such, when it’s science you stop dealing with a “soft” subject and start to take on the spectre of fact. On the other hand if you were to effectively describe why you think the law(which I feel is draconian) in AZ is a good idea then I’d listen to you. I might disagree, but I’d still listen because illegal immigration is a legitimate security concern that has many different angles to it and hearing multiple sources is always a good way to realize the flaws in your own logic and those in the arguments of others. There’s even a chance that I’d change my mind like I have on multiple issues once I’ve seen it from a different yet still sane point of view.

    I would like to state that if a person’s knee jerk reaction to something is automatically “OH MY GOD THEY’RE JUST LIKE HITLER” then they’re not exactly the brightest of the bunch. One of my big regrets is that, even though I never claimed Bush was a chimpanzee or retarded, I sounded like an ass for using the Nazi/fascist card as my go to when Bush was president. It diminished my points on that when it was valid since I used it so frequently. The difference was that from 2001-2006 I was in my mid to late teens. The “Tea Party” people are on average older than that and should know better if they want to be taken seriously.

  159. JJ

    Liberal, in the traditionalist sense (during the founding of the country), is not the same as the modern definition of Liberal. Today’s Liberal means big government regulation, social engineering, and forcing people to abide by the laws of a few politicians. The traditional definition of Liberal most closely fits the current definition of Libertarian, namely small government, free markets, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and equal opportunity for all; socially liberal, fiscally conservative. Today’s Liberals have it all wrong, their title is an oxymoron. For example, most Liberals don’t want people to have guns, that’s hardly Liberal in the traditionalist sense. Same goes for affirmative action, which may have been appropriate in the 1950’s, it’s no longer needed today. It gives an unfair advantage to someone based on skin color over achievement (discrimination? every man created equal?). Racial discrimination is already considered a hate crime under the law, why do we still need affirmative action? Would you feel good knowing you scored lower on an exam than other qualified people and got a job over them for simply being a minority? That’s degrading in my opinion. I’m not much a fan of arugula or wine myself.

  160. Blizno

    160. JJ Says:
    “Today’s Liberal means big government regulation, social engineering, and forcing people to abide by the laws of a few politicians.”

    Because the Liberals are working ferociously to control who marries whom, one of if not the most private of personal decisions that a person can ever make? Who is controlling citizens’ behavior in their private bedrooms? Liberals? Uh…no.
    The state-controlled domination of the most private of human activities is only being pursued by the Right-wing Republichristians. Liberals keep their noses out of citizens’ private lives, as they should; as all should.
    Today’s Conservatives are doing their utmost to dominate what every citizen does and what every citizen wants. Freedom? Hardly.
    “Social engineering”? Please tell me how the social engineering of who marries whom is a liberal agenda. Please.
    Please tell me how the social engineering of deciding that marriage forbids two loving men to marry each other or two loving women to marry each other is a liberal agenda.
    I’m waiting…

    “…forcing people to abide by the laws of a few politicians.”
    Are you making a joke? You describe the Republican agenda, which is to force all citizens to abide by the laws of a few politicians (gay marriage, abortion, etc.), and then you twist reality to pretend that it is the agenda of those who represent freedom, the Liberals. I’m stunned by your audacity.

    “Same goes for affirmative action, which may have been appropriate in the 1950’s, it’s no longer needed today. It gives an unfair advantage to someone based on skin color over achievement”
    Because US businesses are dominated by blacks, by Hispanics and by women.
    Oh, wait…they’re not.
    Equal opportunity hasn’t yet been achieved. I’m sure that you can relate a few anecdotes of a white man who was passed over for a promotion so a less qualified woman or Hispanic could get the promotion. Please tell us how many women, how many Hispanics, how many blacks, how many gays, how many atheists did not get the jobs or promotions that they earned. Tell us the whole story, not a tiny snapshot.

    “Racial discrimination is already considered a hate crime under the law, why do we still need affirmative action?”
    Because the upper levels of business and politics are still dominated by white men.
    Yes, Obama is at the highest level an American can reach (hurray USA!) but he is an outlier. Except for Obama, all US presidents have been white men. All of them who professed a religion, except JFK, were Protestant Christians. JFK was fiercely attacked (by the Conservatives) because he was a Catholic Christian. There has never been a Jewish, a Shinto or a godless president.
    We have a long, long way to go before we can even approach equality. It was only because G. W. Bush was so universally despised and the Republican party so badly discredited that it was even possible for a half-black man to be elected president of the USA. Under any other circumstances Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton would have had no chance against any white, Protestant-Christian man running against them.

    Your bizarre fantasy that women and minorities are overwhelming white men is, frankly, puzzling.
    The religions of US presidents? Of those who clearly declared their religion affiliation, all but one were Protestant Christian. The one outlier was JFK, a Catholic Christian.
    Diversity is out of control!

    JJ, the USA is not a furiously boiling melting pot that is crushing white, Christian men under the boots, sandals and bare feet of non (white, male, Christian, whatever) s that you fear so much. The USA remains firmly under the domination of white, Christian men. You are safe. Relax.

  161. Blizno

    Sarah Palin represents nobody.

    She was elected to a very, very high office, Governor of Alaska. She decided simply to quit her position.

    This wasn’t a “job”. She didn’t quit her shelf-stocking job at Wal-Mart.
    She abandoned her position as one of the highest elected officials of the USA.

    Palin did not have the right to abandon her responsibility. If G. H. W. Bush had decided that he was tired of being criticized and abandoned his post as president of the USA, would he have been handled as gently as S. Palin? Of course not. Any elected official who just up and quit in violation of his or her mandate would be treated like an incompetent idiot.

    S. Palin has been handled with kid gloves by everybody on the planet. Any honest person will say that Sarah Palin is very, very stupid, is very corrupt and must never be allowed to have any power over anybody, ever. This walking, talking joke needs to be put in a little box and hidden away from history. She embodies the worst disgraces of the Republicans, The radical Christians and the Conservative (control every aspect of US citizens’ lives) party.

    Conservatives, throw this idiot (S. Palin) onto the trash barge and try to recover at least a scrap of credibility.

  162. JJ

    Blizno, I’m talking about Libertarianism, not Conservatism. Palin also resigned because wack job Liberals were suing her for everything under the sun, all of which was eventually acquitted on all charges. It was a matter of protecting herself and family financially. Bush was not facing tens of thousands in legal fees. Did you forget she served in that position for 3 years?

    I don’t disagree on the gay marriage issue, but that’s the only case Liberals have on Conservatives for wanting to control everything, typical talking point. Liberals want to control people’s lives like Conservatives, they’re essentially the same for different reasons. I’ve also not known of anybody getting rejected from a job based on race, color, religion, etc., but I’d like to hear all of your evidence supporting that claim. There’s not much evidence to support that claim in the media. Discrimination of that kind is punishable by law, the playing field is level, no need for affirmative action. Liberals represent just as much freedom as Conservatives, as long as you share their views, otherwise you’re demonized.

    As for Social engineering, forcing low income government housing in communities that don’t want it there, just happened in my neck of the woods. Making a local secretary in my former high school take down a menorah in her office because a local atheist a-hole parent happened to see it in there! I’m not religious, but who gives him the right to tell her what to do in her own office? This also happens across the country, people alienated for displaying an American flag of all things at work or school. Praying in a classroom to oneself or with a teacher and being suspended. Not allowing senior citizens to pray before a meal because their food is subsidized by the government. Yet, you think Liberals stand for freedom? I beg to differ. Liberals and Conservatives are essentially the same, do as they say or else. They’re also terrible at handing finances, look at NY and California, both run by Liberals, both nearly bankrupt. The conservative states, they’re not too deep in the hole and some are running surpluses, like Montana. Montana even has a Democratic Governor, fiscally conservative of course. I wish he ran my state.

  163. JJ

    To be fair, there are some wackos on the right too, like those morons that protested at funerals of fallen soldiers, claiming soldier’s deaths are the result of God’s wrath against homosexuality. There’s also the ones that want to teach Creation as science.

    I also forgot to mention that even Obama opposes gay marriage, as do the majority of African Americans, which vote Democrat/Liberal 95% of the time. It’s not just a Conservative issue, that’s a common left wing talking point. Just as labeling Conservatives as racist gun toting, Bible thumping rednecks; they may exist, but they don’t hold a political office.

  164. The Panic Man

    JJ, you’re a tempest of every far-right hate meme out there. Just shut up before you make yourself look like even more of a brainless idiot, if that’s possible.

  165. Paul

    I guess I should point out the conservatives have been spreading their wealth around for a number of years. They spread it out so much that the financial and auto industries went bankrupt and heavily damaged the US economy. The only reason the US finance and auto industries (mostly owned by their shareholders) still exist is because they got loans (not gifts) from the government to be able to stay in business.

    The union is what has destroyed the auto industry and almost every other industry, and the democrat congress forcing Freddy and Fannie to give home loans to people who can’t afford. A guy making 40000/yr should not be in a $500000 home.
    Mena, are you kidding…..when the gov controls means of production is just 1 example….wanting to stick it to big business owners with taxes is another….wanting a “sin” tax is another…taking over health care….what do you want. Maybe you don’t know what it is. What’s going to happen is that big business will either move out of the country, start getting rid of employees, or outsourcing.
    I still haven’t seen 1 example where socialism works.

  166. JJ

    An intelligent addition to the conversation panic man. Only brainless idiots make comments of that sort. :-) I know it’s frustrating when you’ve run out of any intelligent ideas.

    Paul, you’re right on the unions, they contributed heavily to the downfall of GM and even the left is starting to question their demands for legislative “special treatment”. Fannie and Freddie are corrupt companies as well and they’re still looking for billions in government bucks, they should be audited. Republicans foresaw issues in their lending practices and called for an audit about a year before their collapse, but the Democrats blocked the motion, insisting they were financially sound. Just so happens they donated millions to Dodd, ranking member of the banking committee, and Obama, for the Presidential campaign. That’s a red flag if I’ve ever seen one.

  167. Tia

    You people are so amusing. Beck is brilliant. Stew on. See how far it gets you.

  168. Jonnan

    Wow. Amazing the number of people that will do anything to support a paranoid hysteric like Beck.

    At the end of the day, Beck can’t back his arguments up with facts or logic. He states unjustified speculation about people motives, unseen links, historical untruths, and so on facts, either knowing they aren’t justified, exhibiting dishonesty or . . . not knowing they aren’t justified, exhibiting paranoid psychosis.

    Frankly, I would prefer to think he’s simply dishonest, but I suspect paranoid psychosis. But, unlike Glenn Beck, I am at least aware I can’t know what is in his mind from here, I can only know his actions.

    And his actions are that he stirs up hysteria without any regard for truth, facts, or logic.


  169. JJ

    “In our home page we demolished the myth that authoritarianism is necessarily “right wing”, with the examples of Robert Mugabe, Pol Pot and Stalin. Similarly Hitler, on an economic scale, was not an extreme right-winger. His economic policies were broadly Keynesian, and to the left of some of today’s Labour parties. If you could get Hitler and Stalin to sit down together and avoid economics, the two diehard authoritarians would find plenty of common ground. ”

  170. D

    Glenn Beck just addressed a massive conservative rally. We better start believing that there are way too many people watching and believing this stuff. Glenn Beck may be an idiot, but just think how much dumber the people who believe his crap are.

  171. profmanagement

    In response to #160 JJ Says, affirmative action did not occur until the 1960 and only is enforced on those with federal contracts or those found guilty of discrimination. Without affirmative action there is a supposed neutrality that the “best” person will always be chosen. Instead the research shows, that those most like the person hiring are likely to be both interviewed and selected as the outstanding candidate. This typically means that whites get an unfair advantage ( it is an affirmative advantage) and that non-whites will typically be excluded (from persons who do not considered themselves as racist in any way and sincerely believe it). I don’t believe that these people who choose their own race over others are intentionally trying to be hateful or racist, but the outcome is to choose one race over another in an affirmative way. This puts non-whites at as a distinctive disadvantage and given this knowledge the federal government has tried to even the playing field for those doing work under a federal contract. It has little effect beyond this narrow area and most companies can easily ignore it by not pursuing a federal contract or by not being found guilty of discrimination. JJ are you aware of the law and the research that led to the law or are you like Beck and misinformation (or lack of) seems to be sufficient to lead to conclusions?

  172. Dennis

    Americans need to wake up the fact that Beck is simply another opinion pushing charlatan who is a product of mormon cult theology. He does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity, he has no qualifications and he is definitely not a true conservative. But then, what can anyone expect from someone who can’t find anything filthier than their own personal reflection. Since people like Beck cannot survive on the basis of any personal merits, they survive by puting others down with lies and half truths in order to feel good about themselves. The truth about Beck is that he a dry mormon alcoholic who never got the counseling required for alcholics. He flippantly throws around Christian terms like “God”, “Jesus”, “Holy Spirit” as well as voices of other so called “Spirit Powers” on his radio talk show. Beck is a mormon in active standing with the mormon church and is not a Christian. Mormonism teaches many gods, that the god of the earth was once a man who attained godhood status, there is no trinity, the cross of Christ means nothing and that Jesus Christ and Satan were brothers. Because Beck does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity, he is the perfect abortion poster child for Fox Network. The people who love what Beck says are no different than the impressionable sheep who loved every speech made by Adolph Hitler in his early years when he brought Germany into an era of economic prosperity. These same sheep (like the ones who listen to and believe the lies of Beck) also blindly followed Hitler into one of the darkest chapters of world history. Beck and the Fox Network both cater to the same lowest common denominator of demagogery. The man would not know the first thing about God as he is a mormon. Someone should ask him which of the many mormon gods he kept talking about during his argument with himself on Saturday. Unfortunately, these teabaggers out there do not realize that Beck is talking about a different god than that of Christianity, Judaism or Islam and that he has been a product of mormonism cultism from the day he started doing a radio talk show as an opinion pusher.

  173. evilroy

    Beck is a loon, yes, and in my limited exposure to him I believe I see a man edging ever closer to actual, clinical insanity. But the author, Phil Plait (not to be confused with Discover magazine) asserts that Beck is a racist. He (the author, not Discover magazine nor any of its subsidiaries) then offers proof via a link to a story in which Beck accuses someone else of being racist. So while Discover magazine may never have called Glenn Beck an idiot (nor anyone else anything ever due to its lack of vocal cords) they DO publish the works of a man (Phil Plait, who is not now nor ever has been Discover magazine) who not only believes that those who accuse others of racism are themselves ipso facto racist, he clearly thinks that everyone else does, too.

    And as to the meat of the non-Discover-magazine-author’s complaint, let me see if I have this straight: Apparently Mr. Beck’s publisher (an entity that I am sure the reader can agree is NOT in fact, Glenn Beck) attributed a quote penned by Phil (“I am NOT Discover magazine”) Plait on a blog post under the domain to Discover magazine rather than to Plait himself? Which is NOT AT ALL the same thing as publicly lambasting a person for the decision of a corporation that publishes that person’s books, got it?

  174. The more I read from people like you, the better I understand the comment that journalism is dead. You are so full of it I can’t believe it. You are an advocate not a journalist.

    I listen to Glen Beck every night. I also listen to CNN on Sunday mornings. I read a great deal and I write a great deal.

    Those who critize Beck the most seem to me to know the least. I listen to him the way I used to listen to testimony in court, looking for errors, watching to see if he says something that is patentedly false. (Remember his show is a commentary show and I have seen him bring no charges about anyone without presenting the evidence he thinks backs up what he is saying. So far, it clearly has.

    Glen is not wrong about man made global warming, you are.
    It doesn’t exist.
    He is also not wrong about taxes, again you are.
    He is not a racist, but YOU are. And so are those who use race to try to intimidate others. Why is it recism to disagree with a Black President? Didn’t Blacks ever disagree with a White President? Were they racists?
    You are ridiculous. I disagree with people who say stupid things no matter their race, creed or color. I disagree with you completely and I don’t even know who you are let alone what you are. I just read what you say and I find it laughable.

    As to taxes what the hell do you know about taxes. I will help you to understand. If you spend money you don’t have and then take money from others to pay for your shortfall, and you don’t stop spending, you will only have to come back again and agin to the people that have money – we the taxpayer. That is a sure path to disaster.

    No, you have to stay within your means or as close to that as possible. Spending money like a drunk sailor (my apologies to the sailor) without giving it proper thought, is stupidity. That’s what this Administration is doing. That’s what government usually does, but this team is over the top. You see DUMBO, most of the people around the White House these days are ideologues that are part-time “educators” and part time “revolutionaries”, people who know nothing about working for a living. People who have never started or run a business successfully.

    There are a number of things we should do to jumpstart out economy but this group doesn’t even know what they are. And please, as much as I can forgive your rantings since you obviously have no idea what you are talking about, let’s heed the words of your own favorite financier: George Soros, who said quite clearly earlier this year that the “no doc” loans (if you want to call them “loans” rather than “handouts”) were the root cause of the financial collapse. Sure others jumped on board and made it worse but screwing up Fannie Mae was the gut cause of this disaster and the Democratic Congress in power since 2007 was the cause of that happening.

    I would add, with the complicity of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank who took huge campaign contributions from the folks at Fannie Mae even as they were supposed to be in regulatory positions over Fannie with their respective financial oversight committees. Gee doesn’t that sound like a conflict of interest? Shouldn’t we investigate this? Nah. They are Democrats and Liberals – get outta here!

    By the way, Beck has been on the money for this entire year and if you can present evidence that he has been wrong (EVIDENCE like the evidence HE uses), do so in an article. That way, your article might even get read.
    I know I’ll read it. I love to analyze and double check “evidence”.

    I’ll wait for your article just as I will wait for his red phone to ring. Hasn’t rung this year at all. Damn.

    You know the people that criticize Beck the most, listen to him the least. How about that.

    God help Freedom with people like you lapping up the Kool-aid. What was your name again?

    Beck has about 4.4 million of that listen to him and can ell the difference between the truth and the crap people like you put out. So you can’t win. Notice, who listens to you? I only found this article by accident lol.

    Didn’t Newsweek sell for $1.00 last month? Not for a copy, the whole damn magazine, lock stock and barrel! (Yes, it did. It has a lot of debt and no readers. Sad.)

    And who reads the Globe and the Times and the Post anymore?
    Who watches NBC and MSNBC and even CNN that does a little better lately since they are trying to present a little of both sides. All these so-called news shows are almost off the air, so much so that the President is trying to find a way to fund them too with my tax dollars. Know why? Nah, I’ll let you figure that out. What a pack of losers.

    But who listens to them? Almost nobody.

    That’s because we are anything but idiots and we can see through people like liberals with no trouble at all. Now for a quiz:

    PS Who appointed the first Black man to a cabinet position?
    A. George Bush (R)

    Q. Who appointed the first Black woman to a cabinet post?
    A. George Bush. (R)

    Q. Did anyone in the Republican party raise a fuss over either appointment.

    A. It didn’t make a ripple.

    As Glen says, it’s impossible to argue with idiots.

    See you in November.

  175. My article doesn’t need moderation. it is moderate and truthful. If you censor people who don’t write what you want them to write, you are destroying free speech and what goes around comes around.

    Dumbo is no harsher than idiot.

    Both work equally well.


  176. Dan 1778

    The person who created this blog has no facts about Glenn at all. I doubt the person who writs tis blog and most of the negative comments about Glenn are by people who have never watch him before. I wish the progressives would use some facts some times espectally when you through aroundthe race card. so a comedy viedo is the best evidence you have. WOW pathetic…

  177. Ryan

    Have any of you read the book? before doing a fair bit of research on the right side i was pretty liberal…there are things you wouldnt realize between those covers and on his show. he is a little chemically unbalanced but at least he isnt chris matthews who stated that he gets a thrill up his leg when he hears obama speak. or nancy pelosi in general. good riddance.

  178. Armageddon T Thunderbird

    People need to wake up the fact that Glenn Beck is simply another opinion pushing charlatan who is a product of mormon cult theology that he mixes with parts of Catholicism and his personal core as a dry alcoholic. And for the record, he is a Mormon and not a Christian. The two are not the same as one is a cult and the other is a religion. This makes Glenn Beck one very twisted screwed up moron who sold his soul to the lowest common denominator of personal stupidity. And for the record…the religion of Islam has far more in common with Christianity than the mormon cult.

    The truth about Beck is that he a dry mormon alcoholic who never got the counseling required for alcoholics. Because he does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity, this makes him the perfect abortion poster child for Fox Network. Considering the fact that Beck’s personal views are extreme Marxist Libertarian, his form of patriotism is false and he is a person who has no real substance or depth.

    Glenn Beck consistently demonstrates all the unstable behaviors of a dry alcoholic which include grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance, impulsivity, ADD, indecisiveness and blindness to truth. In short, Beck, Limbaugh, O Reilly, Hannity, Palin, O Donnell, Coulter and others like them frequently pervert truth, history, facts, religion and the US Constitution when they open their big mouths. Beck is simply part of a national league of pseudo-conservative idiots who make big money by selling lies and half truths to impressionable fools that occupy the lowest levels of society. Basically…tea baggers and registered republicans who are condemned to repeat the mistakes of history.


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