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By Phil Plait | May 13, 2010 2:47 pm

seti_instituteI’ll be at SETIcon, a celebration of 50 years of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, August 13 – 15. It’ll be a lot of fun, featuring some famous scientists and actors from Star Trek.

Part of the festivities will be a night of Rock Band hosted by me. If people pander enough, then I might take the stage as well. Can I sing or play drums? Come and find out.

They’ve also announced some new guests, including my friends Robert Sawyer (who wrote the novel Flash Forward) and astronomer Gibor Basri, who was a panelist on the recent Quest for a Living World event I moderated last month. Gibor is actively involved in the Kepler mission, which is looking for new Earths orbiting other stars.

Also — and this is very cool — there will be a copy of the novel Contact signed by Carl Sagan, Jodie Foster, and Jill Tarter auctioned at the event. Cripes, I may bid on that myself.

I plan on having a blast. I wind up working hard at these meetings a lot of the time, but for this one I think there will be some kicking back and actually enjoying it. You should come, too.

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Comments (13)

  1. John Baxter

    I very much enjoy Robert Sawyer’s work. Hmmm–off to the Amazon Kindle store.

  2. kevbo

    REAL rock stars have tattoos…

    What’s yours?

  3. Love to go but there is this pesky thing called money, more like the lack of.

  4. TravisM

    Phil, you better not play drums. I play a mean guitar sir.
    I’m thinking “AstroNots,” huh? huh? No? :)

  5. wade

    One of my favorite classes when I was an undergrad was taught by Professor Basri. SETIcon looks like a good time.

  6. Sounds awesome, wish I could go. I also wish I could go because really miss San Jose, I used to live in Monterey and go there almost every weekend :) And drums rock! (#4) I play them and I’m awesome…at least *I* think so ūüėÄ

  7. Jefferson

    Yay! Something in my town! Err .. I guess city, technically. We have Rock Band at all our parties. I play a mean drum. I may have to partake! Time to figure out which ticket level to get ….. but otherwise Phil, definitely see you there!

  8. Oh my, that rockstar session sounds like it’s going to be amusing XD
    I seriously want that signed novel. I can’t wait for the con!

  9. Jamie Mueller

    You may want to have them fix your bio: they state you’re still the JREF president.

  10. Cameron P

    I might go just for for the auction!

  11. bernie d

    $35 for a weekend pass includes Friday nite, I think this ones affordable!

  12. I’d go, but unfortunately I am but a poor college student…

  13. Because I am not a UFOlogist, I have purchased . It up to individuals to dictate their ‘ologies.’ Try copying and pasting the URL on the top bar for a surprise. Skeptic, accidental and mistaken redirections welcome! No outright fraudulence!


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