Nimoy. Sunset. Pie.

By Phil Plait | May 14, 2010 1:30 pm

This is without doubt the single greatest thing on Earth, and the very reason the Internet was invented.


Sure, I came for the one about Doctor Who, but stayed for the rest of the magnificence that unfolded before me.

My hat is off to you, sir. Kudos. Kudos, indeed.

Tip o’ the brain and brain, what is brain? to BABloggee Oliver X for making my life so wonderfully better with this.

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Comments (45)

  1. BJN

    So the internet exists as a showcase for bad Photoshoppery? Fascinating.

  2. Phil, do you have an email for people to tip you on things? If so, I can’t seem to find it…

    “Astronaut Sally Ride, shown here, became the first woman in space when she launched aboard the shuttle Challenger on June 18, 1983.”

    I think Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova might have something to say about that.

  3. ggremlin

    “Revenge of the Possessed Computer” is the Title.

    In the prior scene, Stock commands the computer, “Compute to the last significant digit the value of pi”.

    However, having seen reruns of Star Trek in the past, the computer responds, “Pi, Pi!, I’ll give you PI!!!”

  4. Wow. And I looked at them all, which somehow removes my ability to make any derisive comments without looking like a shameless hypocrite. So…OK, then.

  5. Bill


  6. jcm

    I guess this what the übergeeks live for.

  7. Tod

    Oh shoot. I was hoping to see Spock contemplating Edvard Munch’s “The Picecream” (or the Pie Scream). At least Dali was represented very nicely. that’s my new iPad desktop.

    Thanks Phil.

  8. some one has wayyyyyy to much time on thier hands

  9. Ian

    Just when I thought the internet was becoming completely worthless… this comes along. Awesome!

  10. Eidolon

    Besides being poor work in photoshop, this is indeed geekery and neither clever nor funny.

  11. Russell

    I really thought they were pretty great, but I can’t help but think I am missing the joke, because it seems utterly random to me.

  12. You humans are just so illogical…

  13. jumblepudding

    someone needs to find a picture of lil’ spock from the animated series, put it on the wrapper of one of those lardy hostess pies, and then photoshop this mess onto the cover of a Billy Thorpe album. I would but I have no talent, just ideas.

  14. I LOL’d til pie came out of my nose!

  15. BlindRobin

    I new there was a very good reason that I don’t visit your blog on a regular basis. It probably has something to do with the reason that you are doing this rather than something more ummm serious.

  16. wildride

    @feliciaday – Sphinx – Steak and Kidney Pie:

    Stonehenge – @oliviamunn – Bowling Ball!:

  17. Bahdum (aka Richard)

    “Pie! Pie! PIIIIEEEE!!!!

  18. Frosty

    This is off topic, but it seems that recently (April 22) the Voyager 2 spacecraft was sadly hijacked by space monsters and is now sending back a stream of unintelligible alien data:

    Or, perhaps it is just a software error.

  19. boib

    I just saw Plait on murdoch’s tv channel
    Plait supports murdoch.

  20. Rob G.

    Well, there’s a minute of my life that I’ll never get back. Never ceases to amaze me what passes for amusing these days.

  21. boib

    Plait supports murdoch.

  22. Eidolon (#11): Oh, and I was going to buy you a pony.

    I will never, for as long as I live, understand why some people feel it necessary to rain on other people’s parades.

    Eidolon — and the others who felt it necessary to be wet blankets — please read my commenting policy, linked in the sidebar of every post on this blog.

  23. Andrew

    How about Picard/grapefruit/grassland?

  24. Very trippy! Now we know how Spock feels about berry pies.

    If you liked that, check this out from my blog:

    It’s from my fumetti/review of Star Trek TOS’ “The Tholian Web” –

  25. Beelzebud

    I have a very odd view of Nimoy. On one hand I love the guy, and on the other, I hate him for his involvement in the show “In Search Of” where he pushed mountains of pseudoscience quackery. That show was what gave Sylvia Brown her “big break’.

  26. Hoonser

    Is this all in reference to that episode where the baker came on the ship and kept making pies, and everybody was eating them and not getting any work done. Then eventually Spock put him out the airlock? ‘Problem with Pies’ or something to that effect?
    So the joke is now that Leonard Nimoy is retired he can finally enjoy the pie. Pretty deep.

  27. Pi-needles
  28. fatkid

    Nimoy was blessed by having the Bear Jew deliver his dead pan to a new generation. Talk about a Vulcan grip!

  29. Awesome

    I didn’t get this either, but I don’t recall being designated the Arbiter of Comedic Value. If I went around telling people off when they made jokes that I didn’t appreciate, they’d probably just stop talking to me.

    Humor is subjective. Sure, some people didn’t like it, but if you read the comments, you’ll see that a lot of people did. There is absolutely no reason to try and be the killjoy here; Phil has made several “serious” posts lately and you can go read one of those if that’s more your thing, and, if his interviews are any indication, he only comes with one setting: ON. I doubt you’re really going to slow him down with anything short of a strong dose of sedatives.

  30. TheInquisitor

    I’m not familiar with the type of thing I’m seeing.

  31. Pi-needles

    Loved it – surreal, dreamy, some good artistic & SF refs. 8)

    @11. Eidolon:

    Yeah it was geeky (*very* – but nothing wrong with that) and also funny – although humour is subjective same as aesthetics (beauty) is natch.

    Please note:

    One person’s “OMG! This so funny I’m wetting myself!” humour may be another’s “Huh? I don’t get it?” may be another’s “that was in such bad taste I take offence” may be someone elses “yeah I smiled but didn’t laugh” . Some folks love puns, some hate ’em and the same goes for slapstick, gallows humour, satire, etc..

    Just because *you* don’t find something funny doesn’t mean other people won’t or that the joke in question isn’t intrinsically funny just that its not what floats your boat.

    This floated mine. ūüėČ

    One addition I would suggest though : a ŌÄ symbol *made* of pi & have it ŌÄ-squared or cubed myself. :-)

    @ 33. Awesome: Ah, you beat me to it.

  32. Scottynuke

    That’s fruit on a tart shell, not pie… (/sarcasm) :)

  33. Sili

    Is it supposed to be a pun?

  34. Ray


    Phil, it sounds rather hypocritical of you to whinge about raining on people’s parades even as you do it to someone.

  35. Tony Sidaway

    I am disappoint.

  36. Crudely Wrott

    Well, if it’s got pie in it then it must be alright then. We all eat pies and here we all still are. I like lemon filling under my meringue. And the little golden droplets on the peaks if you bake it just so. Nothing logical about it.

  37. I came for the science… and left with the pie!

  38. mike burkhart

    This is form an episode that never aired.It was about flying pie monsters that take over by haveing people eat them in the end its found out Spock is imuned ,Dr M coy finds a chemical to cure everybody and Kirk and the monsters singh a peace treaty .Speaking of In Serch Of, Nimoy also stared in a tv movie called Bafeld in witch he played a psycic race car driver who uses his power to prevent crimes.Nimoy was also the voice of Galvatron the new decptacon leader in the 1986 Transformers the movie

  39. mike burkhart

    Also a little off topic but interesting its little known but there was a attempt to return Star Trek to tv in the 1970s .They were planing a show called Star Trek phase 2 it would have all the regulars on excpet Nimoy (so Spock was going to be replaced by a Vulcan named Xon) they had the scripts writen and even the costumes . Paramount pulled the plug. After Star Wars became a box office blockbuster Paramount decieded to make a Star Trek movie Nimoy returned , Star Trek the motion picture was basied off the stroy for the piolt episode of Star Trek phase 2 . Also some of the scripts for Star Trek phase2 were rewiten for Star Trek the next generation.


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