Are We Alone Skeptic Check: Oil's Pill

By Phil Plait | May 18, 2010 2:32 pm

arewealonelogoThis week on the Are We Alone radio/podcast show, Seth Shostak and I talk about the Intention Experiment, a group of people who think they can meditate away various problems in the world… including the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. You can guess how I feel about this. Oh wait, you don’t need to! I’ve written about it.

Go to the Are We Alone website for a synopsis as well as a list of other segments on the show, or get the direct download here.

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Comments (6)

  1. Plutonian

    Hmm .. Shouldn’t that slogan there be :

    Science radio for a thinking species?

    Also, which species would that be – not humans surely! ūüėČ

    – Ex-Plutonium being from Pluto.

  2. Slappy

    Maybe someone should organize a group to try to meditate away the Intention Experiment. That group would have to call “no-thinkbacks” just to be safe though.

  3. As always a great programme… I bet BP wishes that the oil slick could be meditated away, judging by the cost of the clear up. The bottom line with all of these things like the Intention Experiment, psychics, UFOlogists etc etc is that there will be money being taken somewhere down the line out of people who normally do not consider themselves to be gullible.

    I must admit I’d never heard of the strange messages from the ‘Illuminati’ at Denver airport, of the peculiar noises recorded from the sea floor in the mid ’90s. I reckon Occam’s Razor could do with some better marketing!

  4. Ben Gebhart

    This podcast is wonderful as always!

  5. jcm

    I have already listen to the whole thing.

  6. Action speaks better than words and the Intention Experiment is just there to, in a social sense, parasitically take the credit for other peoples efforts without lifting a finger to help out. I bet than in their future it will be illegal to have notions that can be proved to be ludicrous by using natural laws as a basis for judgment. Natural laws have existed before the evolving of ant intelligent life in this Universe, as far as humans can tell, and are equally applicable wherever.


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