WANT Part IX: Levitating TARDIS edition

By Phil Plait | May 21, 2010 12:00 pm

spinning-tardisDon’t even bother lying. You want one too.

Also? WANT to go. Maybe TAM London will be around the same time…

Tip o’ the sonic screwdrivers to Enigmanaut and Steve Plegge.

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Comments (14)

  1. Erin

    Dang. I already have a TARDIS USB hub, a remote control K9, and a Sonic Screwdriver flashlight to go with the 3 scarves I’ve made and my replica TARDIS key necklace. I don’t think I need or want another DW doodad.

    I’m lying, of course I do. It spins! Spinning is so much better than not spinning. *bookmarks*

    Also, that show looks awesome. Wish I could go, too. At least I got to see an exhibit of DW props when I was in London a couple of years ago. It had a room with motion-sensors that made Daleks move around and shout at you when you walked in, and I ended up walking out of another room backwards so that I could leave without taking my eyes off the Weeping Angel they’d set up. Pretty sweet.

  2. For a few months I have been having an idea of building a three story Tardis, expand the other dimensions as well, my nieces could use the first two floors a playhouse and I could find a way to open the top and use as an observatory where I can avoid the local coyotes at night. All I need is skill, the tools, and the lumber.

  3. I had a levitating globe. Not very accurate, but cool – and it featured bizarre zones on it like “The Awakening of Insects”, which I suppose is a Chinese thing. After a while it started to snap the globe up against the top part at the slightest perturbation. Then I started to notice that the base, which I assume houses the electromagnet, was getting really, really hot. Eventually I unplugged it and set it aside for later study.

  4. Ed


  5. Fritriac
  6. OMG- My daughter and I will fight over that. Definitely a must have.

  7. TheMark

    Oh would you please stop posting Dr. Who paraphernalia? It’s bad enough that your constant mentioning made me buy the first four seasons on DVD (plus the 2009 specials)…


    No, just kidding. Thanks for bringing a very entertaining piece of television to my attention!

  8. You want one too.

    Yes. Yes I do.

  9. Being ‘slightly’ interested in magnetism and electro magnetism, I own a nifty levitating pen and quite a few magnets hanging/levitating around the garage. Try playing with those magnets from inside computers – throw them together in your hands – snapping your hands off? How many people here go to Walmart or Tescos just to get major static shocks from the trolleys (and the shopping)? You earthed yet?

  10. Pi-needles

    Definitely *want*! That Looks Awesome. 8)

    @2. Davidlpf : Sounds great – do it if you can! Of course it’ll become a famous landmark – maybe you could get a council grant for bringing in tourism? :-)

  11. BracesForImpact

    There’s a remote controlled K-9?

  12. MadScientist

    You need one further modification though; have a small compressor somewhere and a pair of tiny nozzles to give the TARDIS some spin. Another way to get the effect is to embed some tiny magnets and make up some circuitry to create an appropriate field to cause the rotation – it would be more convenient than a compressor but far more work.

  13. Doug

    I have one of these. It’s as awesome as it looks. It levitates; then if you blow on it gently, it will spin. oooo-EEE-oooo.


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