Carnival of Space 155

By Phil Plait | May 29, 2010 3:29 pm

carnival_of_space_logoTime for the Space Carnival, me droogs, this time at Backseat Driving. Just a little something for a lazy Saturday afternoon, or whatever time and day it is for you on this spinning ball.

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Comments (7)

  1. Thanks Phil… I love blog carnivals. I always find at least one new good blog to peruse.

  2. Grizzly

    All this and haiku too!

  3. jcm

    it’s Saturday, should it not be “caturday”?

  4. Chris

    Hi Phil,
    Normally I would just think this was bunk because of the way the website is designed, but it was referenced in Astronomy magazine, so there might be some creditability to it.
    I would be interested in your view on this. I would check the numbers myself, but the guy doesn’t believe in making easy spreadsheets and you are pretty good at seeing when the data was cherry picked to prove a point. Thanks.

  5. Rob

    Clockwork Orange! A classic!

  6. Grizzly

    @4 Chris.

    My brain hurts. There’s some fun in numbers there and I think the human penchant for finding patterns is at play. But I can’t help but get the feeling that this is in some way similar to Hoagland’s scrunching things to get to the bizarre angles he finds in everything, what is it, the 19.7 degrees thing that he’s so obsessed with.

    Close enough is only good in horse shoes and hand grenades. While the “discovery” bears some examination, I remain skeptical.

  7. Stewart, Scotland


    With you there. I reckon if I added up enough big numbers in some domain I could deduce a mystical relationship to some approximate common factor.

    A touch of finding the answer you want I think.


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