Atlantis schools Colbert

By Phil Plait | June 5, 2010 7:30 am

Oh, it’s so hard to maintain my long-standing feud with Stephen Colbert when he does stuff like this.

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I suppose I could take him to task for saying Obama is canceling the manned space program — sigh — but even with that this is still a terrific clip. And I’m over my Colbert obsession anyway. I have new sights to set… Craigy? Craig? Oh, Craiiiigggg…?

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    This is the message I am getting above:

    Sorry, Videos are not currently available in your country.


  2. Cindy

    Thanks, Phil. That was a good laugh.

  3. RawheaD

    That was epic.

  4. Gotta love Colbert. I hear that Neil DeGrasse Tyson may be back on the show again. I think he gets a free foot long as a result of this visit.

  5. Ed

    I love Colbert, and he is one of the few pop culture icons that promotes space and science, we need more of him. And yeah, Obama isn’t canceling the manned space program, just the stuff outside of LEO. 😉

  6. Mike O

    LEO in my boat. Lets go solar sailing.

  7. Messier Tidy Upper

    @ IVAN3MAN : I can see this video from Australia so I wonder where you are .. ?

    I found this bittersweet because its frighteningly close to the sad truth in a couple of places like the oil spill & the shuttle’s & US astronauts end :

    I could take him to task for saying Obama is canceling the manned space program — sigh

    Sorry but I’m one of those folks who think that’s true – Obama is effectively ending the manned space program as I see it.

    I hope I’m wrong, I really do &, yes, the launch yesterday of Falcon 9 was a good step but I still have my doubts and I still wish us Westerners had our own human space exploration and development program and vehicles and weren’t relying on private companies & the Russian govt with their even older & also dangerous Soyuz craft.

    Still it looked like both Colbert and the astronauts had a lot of fun with that interview. Bet they all enjoyed that. The “near /far” & “hither /yon” tags were classic too. 8)

    Hmm .. wonder if any of them had just used the Colbert facility on the ISS? 😉

    Loved the Space Odyssey 2001 ending theme too. :-)

    Thanks for sharing this with us. :-)


    PS. Off topic : I have also seen a few more of those “Climate crock” videoclips too & aside from insulting CAGW non-believers and casting grubby aspersions at “deniers” motives, I have to grudgingly concede they do a good job of discussing the science and making an interesting, well-explained & fairly convincing case for AGW. I guess I owe you thanks for sharing those too.

  8. StevoR

    LOL. 8)

    At the 5 minute 10 second mark :

    “So drinking heavily would be a start.”

    Hmm .. I can do that! Can I call it “astronaut training” now? 😉

    “Lost signal .. I’m going to assume an alien just burst out of your chest..”

    Can’t believe he missed the chance to add :

    ” & I for one welcome our chest busting alien overlords!” [/Kent Brockman voice off.]

    there! 😉

  9. complex field

    Chock full o’ win.

  10. hello

    you should link to videos that aren’t blocked outside of the USA, phil :(

  11. Sili

    Good thing they didn’t tell him the module they carried up is Russian. He’d have had a fit given how he reacted to teh Limey.

    Oh, and I’m in Denmark and could watch without trouble. Dunno why.

  12. Alex Murdoch

    Man, sometimes is sucks being Canadian. As a citizen of Upper Canukistan, we can’t see the Comedy Central Clips. Something about broadcasting to an enemy country or something. If we get to see Colbert schooled, the terrorists win.
    Anyone have a link we can see outside the 50 most liberated states in the Universe?

    While I’m waiting, I think I’ll have a Canadian Beer, at least we got THAT right!

  13. Allen

    Can’t see the video (been storming here lately, and that messes with my wireless), but I’ve read in Craig’s autobiography that he’s actually a fan of astronomy.

  14. Navneeth

    BA, did you see the longer two-part interview with astronaut Garrett Reisman on YouTube? You can only hear Colbert’s voice — and no studio audience, I presume.

    P.S.: I don’t live in the US, but I did not have a problem watching the video.


    In case anyone is wondering, I reside in London, UK.

  16. Paul

    I am in Leeds in the UK and I cannot see the video neither, Is there any chance of someone uploading it to somewhere that UK residents can view the video?

  17. hello (#10): I’m not going to stop embedding videos because people outside the US can’t see them. I’m sorry about it, but there you go. I cannot see a lot of BBC content because they don’t allow people outside the UK to see the video. I just shrug my shoulders and move on.

  18. Buzz Parsec

    Craig Ferguson was in Red Dwarf once… “Oxygen is for losers!”

  19. Messier Tidy Upper

    @15. IVAN3MAN AT LARGE : Okay thanks. So Aussies & Danes can see it but Brits can’t. I wonder whty the blazes that is .. (Puzzled.)

    Given the net is totally international in nature I wish such petty and unfathomable restrictions would just vanish and the powers that be let everyone everywhere see everything. Still spose it ain’t that simple. Sigh. :-(

    – Messier Tidy Upper aka StevoR

  20. Sohvan

    I live in Finland, and I can see the video. It seems to be a problem just for the UK people.


    So, U.K. residents can’t view some U.S. videos, and U.S. residents can’t view some B.B.C. videos — so much for the bloody “Special Relationship”! 😐

  22. Adrian Lopez

    Blocking content by country is a vestige of the old-school approach to content distribution. Now that content can reach the whole world via the Internet without any extra effort by content producers, I expect these per-country restrictions will not survive in the long run.

    Still sucks, though.

  23. bassmanpete

    I’m in Australia and it played for me but I too have problems with some BBC videos. Would particularly like to see the football team I used to support in the UK (especially when they win!) but ‘video not available in your country’. At least we’re now getting Doctor Who within a couple of weeks of it being shown by the Beeb instead of about 6 months later.

  24. Scott B

    You people trying to view content from other countries need to become acquainted with proxy servers. A few Google searches will show you how to view videos in about any country.

  25. Just me

    All you who can’t view the video, maybe you should try again, because I was able to see it no problem, and I’m in INDIA of all places!! Or maybe I’m just special. 😀

    Also, WOW. I was amazed. First, the logistics of getting all of that to work (I still believe it’s magic!). And, the astronauts met Stephen wit for wit, which made the clip so much brilliant-er.

    My face hurts from the stupid grin I had throughout the playing of the video that was played. 😀

    @20: I totally agree. Teh internets were supposed to make the world smaller and bring us closer together, but instead, certain groups decide to put blocks and restrictions on their content based on geography. Stupid. :(

  26. Just me

    @22: Maybe there are still some lingering grudges over the whole Revolutionary War thing…

  27. They should figure out a way to get each astronaut their own microphone.

    And I agree. It’s strange to have geographic restrictions on a video like this.


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