Bad astrology

By Phil Plait | June 16, 2010 2:00 pm

Like there’s any other kind!

But after that last bit of nastiness involving astrology, I thought a palate cleanser might be in order. So, I offer to you the utter delightful nonsense that is The Astrology Site, a watering hole on the web so full of fertilizer they should bag it up and sell it to be-droughted nations. Specifically, for reasons beyond understanding, though I suspect related to trying to mock reality, they decided to post a link to my book Bad Astronomy. That book, my first, has a whole chapter slamming astrology to the ground. The astrology site doesn’t have any actual content on the page; it just has a link, a picture, and the text of the blurbs from the book cover.

The comments that were left, though, are highly amusing. The very first one is from an astrology apologist who also think the Moon landings were faked! Ah, these blog posts sometimes write themselves. It reminds me of something I wrote in this post:

I’ve said here before that the path of reality is razor-thin: there’s only one way to be right, but an infinite number of ways to be wrong.

The thing is, that narrow path is like a single, unbroken strand, but each path of unreality leads to every other. If you can chuck reality into the dustbin, then all manners of silliness seem equally plausible. You might think that believing in Santa Claus is a lot sillier than believing in homeopathy, but really they’re the same: they’re both fantasy.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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