By Phil Plait | June 24, 2010 10:29 am

tardisOh, this is nice, someone is auctioning off a nice replica TARDIS from Doctor Who and it looks pretty good, and in fact OMG IT’S AN ACTUAL TARDIS FROM THE FIRST SERIES OF DOCTOR WHO SQUUUEEEEEE!

Seriously. An actual TARDIS from the show is being auctioned. It’s from 2005, and was used during the first series by Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. How awesome is this?

Incredibly, the expected price is less than $20,000! Who out there in BA land wants to send me a check? I’ll let you play in the TARDIS if you do*.

Wow. If someone out there reading this does somehow manage to score this, let me know so I can come over and play. Wow.

Tip o’ the sonic screwdriver to Crunchgear and BABloggee Doug Troy.

* Offer not valid nor to be taken seriously outside the Medusa Cascade.

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  1. Narvi

    This isn’t a Tardis from the first season of Doctor Who. This is a Tardis from the twenty-seventh season of Doctor Who. There is a difference.

  2. rcn2

    This is the TARDIS from the first season of Doctor Who that didn’t suck. It’s a big difference, yes.

  3. Meg

    I saw a suggestion somewhere that if you really wanted to get that “bigger on the inside” vibe, what you should do is place the prop on a blank wall with a door the wall. (Placing the TARDIS so you can’t see the door or what’s on the other side of the wall.) Then, when you walk through the door of the TARDIS, you enter the room on the other side of the wall. That would be awesome.

    (P.S. – While Narvi is correct that this isn’t the 1963 TARDIS, the BBC restarted the numbering system. So it is the first season, just the 2005 first season.)

  4. Maldoror

    “Offer not valid nor to be taken seriously outside the Medusa Cascade.”

    So if someone sends you an actual cheque for $20,000 you will not let them play in it? Tsk, tsk. ūüėČ

  5. I always wanted an indoor pool. This would give me the room.

  6. KC

    Narvi – the Brits refer to it as the first series of the new show, even if it is technically the 27th to long-time fans of the show.

  7. OK, why don’t you just build one? It’s a weekend or two project and it wouldn’t even run you $100.00 for all the materials.

  8. OK, I take that back. With the lamp on top and the glass windows, it will probably set you back more than $100.00. Still inexpensive, particularly when compared to what the auction price will be.

    Here’s the dimensions of the “real” tardis:


  9. And here are instructions of how to build one.


    Note on the link in my previous post. It may not be the size of the actual tardis used in the show. It appears to be a replica a company makes and I have no idea if the dimensions are accurate. But since there is no such thing as a “real” tardis, what difference does it make?

    If you can tell the difference then correct it. If you can’t tell, you can’t tell.

  10. Hunter

    I hope it comes with a key and actually locks.

    Two keys, actually, one for Rose.

  11. Kurt_eh

    Shane, I thought it came with a pool. And a library, and a huge wardrobe room, and…

  12. $20,000? That’s nothing! After getting it you could just hop back in time a few days and buy a lottery ticket…

    And don’t you have that money, what with the government constantly paying you shush money to perpetuate the Moon Landing Hoax?…;)

  13. OK, just checking here phil…

    you do realize that this one doesn’t have the inside bigger than the outside….right?

  14. Brian Hamm

    Only if it’s actually bigger on the inside

  15. If you really want to create the tardis effect in your home you need half a tardis placed up against a mirrored wall so that the reflection looks like the missing half. Through the door the mirror is cutaway giving access to the room behind the mirror.

  16. bouch

    Maybe I’m reading that site wrong, but it looks to me like the auction was actually yesterday, (6/23), and it sold for 10,800 pounds. Sorry Phil, I think we’re outta luck…

  17. andy ross

    http://www.thisplanetearth.com will make you a Tardis. It’s GRP so you can leave it outside if you want.

    They also make replica Daleks to the original specs of both the ‘new’ Dr Who and any of the ‘Classic’ variants including the old Movies.
    They do a couple of the ‘classic’ Cybermen costumes and a K9 as well.

    They are about to add a ‘Weeping Angel’ statue to the list.

  18. froonium

    “I’d buy that for a dollar!” – Bixby Snyder


  19. @Sadie — Yep; just a few weeks ago when I was in London. :-)

    I want a TARDIS!!! Want! Want! Want!

  20. jcm

    Off topic: Futurama premiers tonight on Commedy Central. More here.

  21. Meg

    The first twenty six series of Dr Who didn’t suck, they were just differently gifted productions. Shot entirely under one big light and tight Union rules and zero budget. I remember reading somewhere that each episode cost something like ¬£5000 ($7,500). And every penny was on the screen err…

  22. @Sadie 19,

    Not that one, but I got my picture with one in Glasgow last March. I felt very nerdy, but it was worth it.

  23. Rae

    I went to tiny little small-town sci-fi convention when I was 10 (9 years ago) and met a delightful man who called himself “Time Lord”, real name Dale. Dale was an old friend of my mum’s. Dale found the original TARDIS from the original 1960’s show abandoned and rotting in some BBC back lot, he stole it and restored it to its former glory. Then, when the BBC decided they wanted to start the show up again they contacted him and bought it back from him for an undisclosed amount of money. Go Dale!

  24. John Paradox

    Wondering, with the pending ‘destruction’ of the TARDIS (I have the series up through The Pandorica Opens, plus most of the DW Confidentials), what changes they may make….


  25. Composer99

    This topic reminds me of the ‘Big Bang Theory’ sitcom episodes featuring the time machine and the One Ring replica.

  26. Uber

    Probably as close as I could afford, http://jefita.com/gallery/plush/59

  27. Jack Mitcham

    This thread reminded me of the episode of The Big Bang Theory where the guys buy a “replica” time machine that ends up being full size.

  28. LSandman24

    @ Sadie (#19):
    I saw a few when I was in the UK. Some were worse-off than others. The perception filters must have been off because I saw them for what they were. Unless they were actually dinosaurs with perception filters to make them look like TARDISes. Hrm….

  29. Georg

    Who is Dr.Who?


  30. Douglas Troy

    #31 – Why, he’s the Doctor, of course.

  31. the gerry anderson-thunderbirds/captain scarlet drawings after the tardis are wonderful.

  32. I think I’m getting my geek on.

  33. Buzz Mega

    Next January: iTardis from Apple Inc.

  34. Michael Kingsford Gray

    Get your Good Friend¬ģ Adam Savage to build you one!
    Complete with telescope inside.

  35. Nigel Depledge

    CafeenMan (9) said:

    Note on the link in my previous post. It may not be the size of the actual tardis used in the show. It appears to be a replica a company makes and I have no idea if the dimensions are accurate. But since there is no such thing as a ‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ tardis, what difference does it make?

    What difference does it make? The actual prop has been on telly, that’s what difference it makes!

  36. Ginger Yellow

    It’s $20,000 for the outside, $20m for the inside.

  37. Nigel Depledge

    Slightly OT: Just finished watching the season finale, and OMG!

  38. AJ

    “6. KC Says:
    June 24th, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Narvi ‚Äď the Brits refer to it as the first series of the new show, even if it is technically the 27th to long-time fans of the show.”

    Uh… which Brits? I don’t.

    First SEASON. :-p

  39. Brian Too

    Funny thing is, I can actually imagine Phil making the sound “SQUUUEEEEEE!”

  40. mike burkhart

    This is good but do you know where I can get the U.S.S Enterprise or an X wing fighter ? thats what I wanted as a kid .

  41. @ mike burkhart :

    If you got the U.S.S. Enterprise, where would you keep it? Any of the various ships named “Enterprise” is going to be at least dozens of meters long, if not over a kilometer.

  42. Tal Greywolf

    mike burkhart – There was an auction yesterday at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas of items from the Roddenberry estate – there were some interesting items that were auctioned off, including some props and costumes from the most recent Star Trek film. You can go to https://www.juliensauctions.com/auctions/2010/star-trek/icatalog.html and view the auction catalog.

  43. Brian Too

    Amusing dissonance here concerning the term “a real Tardis”!

  44. Dys

    Seriously, NOT the first series.

    The BBC may number it from 1, but even in that case it’s the first of the NEW series, not ‘the first series of doctor who’. That phrase is just plain wrong. False. Inaccurate. Counterfactual.

    Red mist rising…

    You should know better than this.
    Goddamn yanks…

    (It’s not even like the auction mentions anything about the first series, clearly a perception problem.)

    Sorry. Peeve over. Still, fix it. Please? ūüėõ

  45. I own a replica TARDIS that I take to to the Gallifrey One convention in L.A. every year. She’s nine feet tall and weighs about a thousand pounds.

    I offered to bring her out for w00tstock, in San Diego but Paul and Storm said y’all didn’t need her.

    Anyhoo, she spends most of her time in my living room in Albuquerque. If you ever want to borrow her, drop me a line.

    P.S. The previously mentioned Dale is a buddy of mine. We do the ‘Happiness Patrol’ podcast with another fellow TARDIS prop owner, Lewis Bailey.

  46. I can assure you, the Brits do NOT refer to the Ecclestone series as the first series. We’ve been watching Dr. Who since childhood for decades, so why would we? This is from the 27th series…


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