Western US lunar eclipse June 26

By Phil Plait | June 25, 2010 7:30 am

There will be a partial lunar eclipse on Saturday, June 26, for folks in the central and western part of the United States. It’s in the morning, so you’ll have to get up early to see it. Here’s what it’ll look like, more or less, from the Mountain Time Zone (so mid-eclipse is at 06:38 central time or 04:38 Pacific):


The folks at Stardate.org have more info.

A lunar eclipse is when the Moon passes into the shadow cast by the Earth. It can be seen by anyone as long as the Moon is up and visible when it’s in the shadow. In this case, the farther west you are the better; the Moon will set before the action really gets going for people on the east coast, and sets mid-eclipse for Central and Mountain timers. If you’re in Hawaii, you can see the whole thing.

Lunar eclipses are pretty, and they last for a long time, so you can get a decent chance of seeing it. They’re also pretty easy to photograph, so if you get some images online link to ’em in the comments and let us ooooh and ahhh over them!

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Comments (39)

  1. Darn. I’m in New York, and the Moon will have set before anything “good” happens.

  2. Tony

    I was lucky enough to see a lunar eclispe a few years ago on the East Coast of the US. It was pretty cool. Tried to a get a picture of it but really didn’t have the right camera for it.

  3. Kolya

    Not a great picture, but I took this with a HP P&S on 10/28/2004 near Seattle:


  4. Phil Z

    I’ll be walking around a track in Olympia, WA when this eclipse occurs (Relay for Life – Thurston County). Awesome to watch while trying to find something to do in the middle of the night. Sweet!

  5. Messier Tidy Upper

    This partial lunar eclipse will be visible in Adelaide (maximum at 21.39 hrs) South Australia too. :-)

    @ 3. Kolya : Nice photo. Thanks. :-)

    @1. Ken B : So you’re literally caught between the Moon & New York city then? ūüėČ

  6. Michel

    And nobody said fivethousandFIRST!!

  7. kevbo

    Weatherman calling for clouds, and sunrise at 4:14am up here in BC. I might have to…sleep in. Grr.

  8. Pi-needles

    Partial eclipse – is that like only reading /seeing *some* of that silly Twilight movie / book thing? ūüėČ

  9. Hannah

    I knew I could count on you Phil. I live in Wyoming and I wanted to know when I should wake up to see something worth waking up for. Bad Astronomy delivers every time.

  10. Blizno

    The site says it will be visible across much of North America. Surely it’ll be visible in South America as well, right?
    Am I mistaken and there’s a reason why only NA will see it or are the authors being Northern Hemisphere-centric?

  11. Blizno

    I looked up moon set time for Minnesota. It’ll set for me a few minutes after the eclipse barely begins. Oh, well.

  12. sylva333

    Can anyone tell me the best way to photograph the moon? I have tried before and failed. What settings should I use (shutter speed, etc)?

    Sadly I am on the East Coast and will miss this one, but I would still like to take pictures of the moon!

  13. Jason


    Taken with the following settings

    Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
    Aperture: f/5.6
    Focal Length: 300 mm
    ISO Speed: 400

  14. Itzac

    What about those of us north of the 49th? Will the earlier sunrise interfere, or just make this event even cooler?

  15. Itzac


    I just looked it up. Sunrise and moonset in Edmonton are at pretty much exactly the same time tomorrow morning. This should be very interesting.

  16. Keith (the first one)

    Shame it’s not visible from the UK

  17. Chanelle

    @10 Considering that almost all of South America is East of almost all of North America, I’m guessing the moon will have set by the time the action gets to you. (* Weather looks to be about 60 and clear here in Boise, after a thunderstorm passes by, so I might just get up early to watch this). If it makes you feel any better, it appears that you’ll get a solar eclipse in a couple of weeks that we can’t see here in NA

    Ok, edited to say I am incorrect. Looking at the picture at http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEplot/LEplot2001/LE2010Jun26P.pdf I see that because of that whole “curved earth” theory :) you get to see about as much of it as we do, depending on where in SA you are.

  18. Allen

    Shame I’m on the East Coast. I’m counting on all of you Midwesterners and West Coasters to take plenty of pictures for us!

  19. Hedgie

    Here in Perth, Aus it’s apparently going to be quite good at around 7.30 this evening. Full reddish tinge to the entire moon from our vantage point, or that’s what we’ve been told anyway.

    Shame I’ll be sitting watching Toy Story 3 as of 7pm lol

  20. maui momi

    Aloha from Maui Hawaii. I will wake at 11:30 to view around midnight. Sorry for all of you so far away. I will wake everyone I can on island to enjoy with me. With 2 kids, under 4 years I will try to pull it off and take some PHOTOS but no promises. wish u were here adam.

  21. isaac

    i am here in hawaii, i am a photographer with a 300mm lens, and i am 30 + miles from my equipment. Should i drive to get my gear and get a shot or should i just enjoy for the moment? any suggestions?

  22. Stephen

    So im quessing that since i live in NC that i want be able to see it. does anyone know when there will be one on the east coast so we can see??

  23. Eric Juve

    Thanks for the Heads up. The viewing conditions here in Newport Oregon were perfect.

  24. Matthew J.

    On the subject of the moon, here in the UK it had a very yellow tinge to it last night (25th June). Has any one any idea why this was so?

  25. squirrelelite

    Thanks for the notice on this Phil.

    Here is a link to 6 photos I took this morning with my Panasonic DMC-ZS3 camera.


    Most of them were taken at 12x zoom.

  26. jessycah

    well we are on the east coast iwaie up last night to see it nd i didnt, what happened? had my cameras and everything ready please explain this to me. did i miss it or it didnt come here

  27. Tam

    There was a partial eclipse visible on Monday June 21, 2010. No one is reporting it, but my family and I witnessed it and are kind of outraged that no one is talking about it at all. It was beautiful and we did get some pics of it though they did not turn out well with my digital camera. We live in Colorado and it was visible for maybe two hours. It went from red to light yellow then dark red again. It is baffling that no one has reported anything on this as we talked to friends on the west coast who say they saw it too.

  28. Renee Jones

    “The Church says the Earth is flat. But I know that it is round. For I have seen the shadow on the Moon. And I have more faith in a shadow than in the Church.” — Magellan

  29. I managed to snag a reasonable shot of the moon through my Galileoscope before the eclipse. Unfortunately the actual eclipse clashed with a blockbuster footy game for me as far as astrophotography goes but I did manage to see the eclipse and grab a shot or two with a small digital camera.
    Pictures on my blog here.

  30. Hi. Beautiful eclipse this morning from my roof. I got several good shots. After heavy snow the previous days, there were some clears in the sky which allowed to see the eclipsed moon as it set behind Cerro Catedral and the city of Bariloche. Enjoy.

    From: Eclipse de luna sobre el cerro Catedral
    From: Eclipse de luna sobre el cerro Catedral
  31. wetchet

    Here in suburban Arizona, I crawled out of bed at 0430 local and got about 5 minutes of umbral eclipse before moonset (below the rooftops). Worth getting up!


  32. Bill from Fallbrook

    60 miles N of San Diego, it was foggy and overcast. No luck this time. Thanks for the heads up anyway.

  33. Better late than never

    We had a lunar eclipse in Eastern and Central Australia last night but we missed it due to rain and clouds. I was hoping to show the children as they were going to be up and outside in the cold anyway. Very sad.

  34. Josh in the Gong

    Had an awesome but kinda chilly clear night, a great view from right outside the backdoor. Had an Indian feast and the wife and I stepped outside every few minutes to admire the phenomenon. Good night! Thats in Wollongong, Australia.

  35. Neil Haggath

    #27 Tam:
    How could there have been two eclipses five days apart? That’s impossible – obviously!!!

  36. Tom

    So that explains it. On the east coast, we saw a blood red moon at dusk. It was hot that night, hazy and humid, but that was way too red to be simply due to the atmospheric smog.

  37. Messier Tidy Upper

    My folks and I saw & enjoyed the lunar eclipse. Saw a nice moon halo – shifting into a moonbow the other night too. Freezing cold outside but made a breif trip outside worthwhile! There was an inner lunar halo with colour evident and then an outer moonbow with colours reversed as clouds passed by. Wish I could’ve photographed it. Very transient but spectacular. :-)

    Great lunar halo on Monday night too. :-)


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