A teacher gets booked

By Phil Plait | July 7, 2010 11:02 am

Remember in an earlier post where I asked for help for Alan Leipzig, a teacher who wanted to buy a class set of my book Death from the Skies!?

I’m pleased to say that within two days he reached his goal thanks to you guys! He actually got his goal with just five donors. As he says on his DonorsChoose page:

I am astounded. Thirty-five hours. Five donors. This is the fastest I have ever seen a project funded. I am incredibly thankful to all of you, and will remember this with every amazing class discussion I get this year. You have taken a step towards elevating science back to its place of honor in America.

The books you give me will inspire wonder in dozens if not hundreds of kids in the years to come. You’ve replaced the static 60’s style drawing of the Solar System in their textbooks with a dynamic, changing, and exploding universe. The far away pictures of galaxies are now personified as giant crazy monsters. You have helped make this class FUN.

That’s fantastic. I’m really proud of you guys; you helped an educator educate, and helped some students get excited about astronomy.

THANKS. You rock.

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