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By Phil Plait | July 7, 2010 11:02 am

Remember in an earlier post where I asked for help for Alan Leipzig, a teacher who wanted to buy a class set of my book Death from the Skies!?

I’m pleased to say that within two days he reached his goal thanks to you guys! He actually got his goal with just five donors. As he says on his DonorsChoose page:

I am astounded. Thirty-five hours. Five donors. This is the fastest I have ever seen a project funded. I am incredibly thankful to all of you, and will remember this with every amazing class discussion I get this year. You have taken a step towards elevating science back to its place of honor in America.

The books you give me will inspire wonder in dozens if not hundreds of kids in the years to come. You’ve replaced the static 60’s style drawing of the Solar System in their textbooks with a dynamic, changing, and exploding universe. The far away pictures of galaxies are now personified as giant crazy monsters. You have helped make this class FUN.

That’s fantastic. I’m really proud of you guys; you helped an educator educate, and helped some students get excited about astronomy.

THANKS. You rock.

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  1. Mchl


    (I’m feeling this comment is too short so I’m adding this text to make it longer)

  2. RMcbride

    That is great news!!!

  3. Aerimus

    “That’s fantastic. I’m really proud of you guys; you helped an educator educate, and helped some students get excited about astronomy.”

    …and helped get Phil some royalties…

    I kid.

  4. CW

    Royalties well deserved – it’s a fantastic book, great science and in layman’s language. Congrats to the teacher and the class!

  5. Jim

    I just got this out of the library and I and my seven year old have been reading bits and pieces. Well, I’m reading the whole thing, but he’s enjoying every bit we’ve gone over so far.

  6. QuietDesperation

    Free copies of Death From The Skies for all! Woot!

  7. Alan Leipzig

    I am very happy with the response. Phil was magnanimous and helpful the entire time. You all may rock, but he co-ordunated the rockage. I now have enough stuff to run the class. We even had someone contact us to send us their extra copies! And if anyone missed it and still wanted to help… http://www.donorschoose.org/mrleipzig

    (a teacher’s work is like debunking astrology; never done. :D)

  8. Greg in Austin

    You wrote a book?


  9. Melody

    Alan is an old friend of mine, whom I met in middle school indecently; and this is a truly brilliant happenstance. Pairing your writing with his abilities is incredible. I can’t believe that its really happening. I wish I could retake middle school science now and be in his class. (Sorry, Mr. Durfee.)

  10. I think you’re obligated to send signed copies to those five donors, Phil :)

  11. It’s fantastic that Mr. Leipzig cares enough about education to use Death From the Skies as a teaching tool. I don’t remember having books nearly so interesting when I was in school. I’d love to see a generation of kids have some fun with science and be inspired to go into scientific careers. Wouldn’t that be something?

  12. jcm

    Good to know that you’re using your (super) powers for good. Thers is hope for science education!

  13. Karen Paloor

    I have known Alan since a young child. He has been an inspritation to everyone who has been lucky enough to cross his path in life, both young and old. He has been honored as a gifted teacher and has made a difference in the life of many students in his short but fabulous career and will go far. He has another book he needs for his class as well. You can find the site to donate to this book so he can continue to enrich the lives of his many students. If more teachers were as dedicated and as talented as him our next generations will continue to prosper and become amazing adults, such as Alan Leipzig. He has set a standard of teaching that is hard to be matched. To donate to this last book go to
    http://www.donorschoose.org/donors/proposal.html?id=396941 You then click on
    Starfleet Academy: Astronomy Through Apocalypse! (Classroom. You will then see his book fully funded and type Leipzig where it says see more projects,double click on Leipzig ,you will see Starfleet Academy: Giving Kids the Universe and you will be able to donate to the last book he needs for his Starfleetacademy class. Help Mr. Leipzig, continue to help our new generation. Congradulations to Mr. Leipzig and Thank you to all who have donated and to the fabulous author of Death from the Skies.

  14. Nivi

    I’m very glad his students will read the book! Such a wonderful read and solid on the science.

  15. Glenn Davis

    Well, leave it to Alan Leipzig to do what can’t be done, and in the name of education.I’m happy to say I know that man, and he changes every life he touches in the best way possible.

  16. JB of Brisbane

    You wrote ANOTHER book?

  17. Mike

    This teacher had better not use this book in Texas, oh that is right there is no science in Texas. I have read this book and it is great it rates up there with ‘A Brief History of Time’ in my opinion.

  18. DrFlimmer

    That’s fantastic. I’m really proud of you guys; you helped an educator educate, and helped some students get excited about astronomy.

    …and YOU’ve got a little bit more money 😉

    But that is well deserved; I just wanted to tease you a little bit 😉

  19. Neil

    As a poor but hard-working science lover who is quite disturbed and distraught about the future of education, particularly science education, in this country I just want to thank the donors who made this possible. Every little bit helps us all in the long run.

    personal note- To be honest, the only shame I ever feel about being on the low end of the economic scale has nothing to do with social status or nice clothes or public opinion or my cruddy, barely working car, but the fact that my economic status severely restricts my ability to contribute to important causes and help change unpleasant realities. So with no bitterness, maybe just a hint of jealousy, and mostly just plain gratitude, let me again say thank you to those who helped on this. I would have loved to have such a cool book as a text in science classes as a kid, and I wish I had been able to contribute. Thanks for picking up the slack and getting the job done.

    Now, we just need a few hundred thousand more dedicated, inspiring science teachers with the energy to seek out help where it can be found, and a few hundred thousand more generous donors willing to help!

  20. Damon

    great job guys


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