Captain Disillusion… in 3D

By Phil Plait | July 7, 2010 2:05 pm

I love me some of the Captain! Captain Disillusion, that is. He’s just created a new skeptical video, this time in 3D!

YouTube doesn’t allow 3D videos to be embedded yet, but here’s the link to it, and you can watch the 2D version below.

I hear that Captain Disillusion will be at TAM 8, but he may be disguised as a mere mortal. I will never give away his secret identity — we superheroes stick together — but if you go, maybe you’ll run into him. He’ll be the one with length, depth, and width.


Comments (8)

  1. Sili

    Oh … he means handegg. I thought he’d gone contemporaneous.

  2. John Paradox

    Actually, this was posted 3 weeks ago.. I’ve only watched the ‘2-D’ version, since my red/green glasses are in the bedroom



  3. Zucchi

    I hope this latest iteration of the 3D fad runs its course soon. Good video, Phil. Y’know, I think there’s a bit of Javascript that’ll darken the rest of the page when a video is played. That would enhance the viewing experience.

  4. Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    I’m capturing 3Disillusion. (Well, it wasn’t the background that was boring this time.)

  5. sadpanda

    It’s damn shame they’re not live streaming TAM this year like they did last year. The video stream last year was watched by hundreds of people, man this year promised to be even more awesome. If you get a chance please ask DJ Grothe, Jeff Wagg or Randi about this oversight.

  6. Grendel

    I’ve never seen capt. Dissillusion before so thanks for that great new resource for my kids.

  7. Stan9FOS

    Thanks for that. I’m liking the YouTube 3D interface, which lets you choose the method of madness you prefer. Not having access to glasses, I can choose “cross eyes” and watch in 3D, as long as I keep my head level & don’t move around too much.

  8. Gus Snarp

    I hate 3D. It is an abomination and must die. It adds nothing to the viewing experience but annoying distraction, reduced brightness, and migraines. I hope this fad ends soon, because if it become permanent and I have to pay extra for something I don’t want as the only way to see a movie – I’ll have to stop seeing movies.


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