My Sooper Sekrit Project: REVEALED!

By Phil Plait | July 23, 2010 11:00 am

Yes, you read that right.

Finally, at last, after many months, I can now officially reveal the project that has kept me so busy over all this time. I think you’re gonna like this… so why not just jump right in to the teaser trailer posted online by a small TV network you may have heard of called THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL!

[evil laugh]

[UPDATE: D’oh! There was a problem with the video, and Discovery is in the process of fixing it. It should be back up soon.]

[UPDATE: We’re back, baby!]

How ’bout that?

I’ve been working with the Discovery Channel on hosting a new TV science show called "Phil Plait’s Bad Universe". It’s a three-part program where I dissect issues in astronomy and science, putting claims to the test. There’s no air date yet, but I’m hoping it’ll be on your TV sets this fall.

As you can see in the trailer, the first episode is about asteroid impacts, and we tackle the issue in a way that I don’t think has been done on TV. I get right into the mix, blowing things up, flying in a jet, going where the action is so that I can participate in experiments with scientists and try to find out what works and what doesn’t. The idea here is not to have some dry, narrated documentary. Instead I will show you what’s going on, take you along, so that you can see how these things work and what we’re doing to investigate these issues.

I’ve been having a tremendous time filming this, flying around the country, seeing things I ordinarily would never get to see. And the beauty is, you can come too!

Eventually I’ll post some pictures I’ve taken on this adventure, and we’ll be posting more video online as well as more information about the show soon. I’d like to thank everyone at Discovery Channel and Morningstar Entertainment for giving me this chance to fulfill a long-standing dream of mine. We’ve worked very hard on this program, and I hope you like it.



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  1. Japhy

    In your own words “Hawesome”!

  2. James Hammond
  3. CrankyNerd

    Coolest. Thing. Ever.
    This is awesome and a huge congrats!! Can’t wait!

  4. Seamyst

    Oh man, this is awesome!

    As I don’t own a TV, any idea if your show will be available online? (The whole thing, not just selected segments, though of course I’ll take what I can get.)

  5. Jim

    This is way cool, Phil! I can’t wait to see it!

  6. I’m forced to disbelieve that you can shoot lightning out of your eyes, though. Otherwise I would have expected to see it at TAM, with that moon hoaxer wandering around and all…

    Big congratulations. :) I’m going to see if I can talk the hubby into finally getting cable again, or I’ll have to mooch off of a friend when this starts up.

  7. Chaos

    I had been rooting for Cosmos season 2, but this sounds pretty cool as well.

  8. David

    I am just too excited. Doing something like that is kinda a dream job

  9. Did your Close Personal FriendTM hook you up with the demolitions experts?

    And what does this mean for the Skeptologists?

  10. Tom

    Nice! Looks like Mythbusters, but with space stuff. I’ll be watching for sure!

  11. Congrats, Phil! Can’t wait to set my DVR.

    @Seamyst & @Rachael, While I can’t guarantee it, Amazon VOD might have Phil’s show on it. I’m basing this guess solely on the fact that they have full seasons of the Mythbusters and other Discovery Channel shows.

  12. Ken (a different Ken)

    Ooh! AstroMythBusters!

    This makes it soooo tempting to get cable… maybe iTunes will carry it?

  13. Dan

    TiVo searchterms entered.

    It’ll catch and record this as soon as it’s ready to air, and I’m looking forward to it!

  14. Mircea

    Cool, i hope it’ll be in Europe too!

  15. Flip

    Will this be on Hulu?

    No, I have no interest in paying the cable duopoly mafia.

  16. Luke

    WOOHOO! Very cool Phil! Can’t wait to check this out! Since some of the debunking/explosiony stuff seems right up Mythbuster alley, will we be seeing any sort of crossovers from your Close Personal Friend?

  17. Steve Ulven

    I saw this last night (many times over and over) in my YouTube subscriptions, it looks like 10 tons of awesome! This is easily my most anticipated event on TV, even if we were still waiting for the Lost finale.

  18. Craig
  19. Chuangtse

    Looks good! Reminds me of Brian Cox. With less hair.

  20. That was such great news! Can’t wait for it to air on Discovery LA!

  21. Mythbusters… IN SPAAAACE!!!!

    Looks like… Mythbusters with bacon, AND Bluetooth.

    I’m pretty sure it’ll be great, great. Congratulations, again and again!

  22. Yes!!! Well done Mr. Plait! Can’t wait to watch this.

  23. Brian Schlosser

    I suspected something like this! Too awesome! This will be must-see-tv for sure!

  24. Nick

    The teaser comes off a bit “Chicken Little” and overly dramatized. I guess that’s how you sell movies and TV shows nowadays, but I prefer a more even tone to my science programs.

  25. Edman

    I am unbelievably excited about this.

  26. JerWah

    F-16 Ride… Color me Jealous….

  27. Luis

    Totally awesome! When does it come out?

  28. Congrats, Phil! Can’t wait to watch it.

  29. Shoeshine Boy

    And you even get your name – in – the – title!

    Very, very cool!
    Congratulations & good luck with the project. I know I’ll be tuning in.

  30. Aerimus

    I guess we’ll soon starting seeing “You did a TV Show?” posts in the comments around here…

  31. Amazing! I’m sure it will be great!

  32. Gus Snarp

    Congratulations! Of course, PZ scooped you. And he has a lower Bacon number.

  33. AtomicTommy

    Congrats Phil! I will definitely be watching your program when it finally hits TV!! Can’t wait!!

  34. Chris G

    Wonderful! I’m really looking forward to it.

    Now, can we finally see the tattoo? Please? Pretty please?

  35. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  36. shawmutt

    Congrats! Have to wait for the DVD release, but can’t wait!

  37. Congratulations, Phil, I know you’ve been working toward this for years, its so great to see it become reality!

  38. You did a TV Show?

    (Can’t disappoint you, Aerimus.) :)

  39. sistercoyote

    Agrees with Seamyst @3 — will there be online access?


  40. So this IMDB entry was correct after all:

  41. First: I really look forward to your show. It looks really fun!
    Second: Is it just me, or does the sound on that video clip rather suck? Has YouTube claimed another victim of shoddy compression?

  42. Matt T

    So The Mythbusters got a bit sozzled, shagged Brian Cox, and nine months later…

    Looking forward to watching, and hopefully seeing a higher science-to-explosions ratio than the trailer implies… Don’t get me wrong — I love me some explozhuns with tangential relevance to teh sciencey stuff. But, well, y’know…,2897/ So I’m all in favor of more shows with teh explozhuns *and* real science.

    Mmmm. Science explozhuns…. [fx=homer drooling noise]

    I was thinking the exact same thing. When the music stops (or the TV show starts), everyone switch memes!

  43. Rory Kent

    Too… awesome… for words…. Must watch…

    Do you know if it will be shown on the Discovery Channel in the UK? Please-oh-please say it will.

    *puts on anticipation face*

  44. jrpowell
  45. hsj

    wow, looks awesome!

  46. NAW

    Looks cool, and as others have said. Hopes they will put timp episodes online.

  47. Warofart

    Awesome bro, awesome. Congrats!

  48. Idlewilde

    It looks great, but I don’t have the discovery channel…

  49. Tribeca Mike

    Prepare yourself for superstardom, Mr. Plait. Judging by this teaser, you’re going to be the Warren Beatty of science television.

  50. I hope you work the Smell-o-scope into every episode!

  51. Blaster

    I believe there was a short shot of a Thunderbird about to hand you your stomach, awesome :)

    Now you and Adam Savage can hang out as fellow Busters!

  52. Congratulations! I can’t wait to watch you on the TV and bask in your uber nerdy gloriousness! 😀

  53. LcNessie

    Oh, this is so going to be added to my outlook calendar as appointment/out of office/private, do not disturb/important! 😀

  54. That’s really nice!

    Now… for me… I have to wait about 6 months after the original airing takes place in the US to the translated version appears in Discovery Channel Latin America.

    Think it’s time to re-route some TV satellite transmission in a sikret way hehe


  55. OMG this is going to be awesome. I think I need to change my pants.

  56. Way to go Phil! Although unless Kevin Bacon is on one of the episodes, I still have a lower Bacon number than you :)

  57. Phil Plait the Science….Mate.

    (This is why I’m not in Marketing. Or comedy clubs.)

  58. Michelle R

    Man, Phil, you can’t imagine how thrilled I am to see this show. It’s the show I always dreamed of seeing being made! AND YOU MADE IT! You’re mah favorite astronomer and I just hope Discovery Canada will air it so I can watch it easily!

    …Otherwise well I guess I’ll have to buy the DVD releases. 😀

  59. Brian

    Oh, Phil. The Discovery Channel has disappointed me so many times in the past, I’m afraid to get my hopes up … This looks like it could be very very very good. I’m cautiously excited for you, and for us your audience.

  60. Bouch

    Congrats Phil! That looks wicked frackin’ pissah! Can’t wait to see it!

  61. Congratulations, Phil! Real Science on the Discovery Channel! I’m doing a little happy dance right now. It’s probably good that you can’t see it; it’s not a pretty sight.

  62. Nigel

    Bad Universe; no biscuit!

  63. Tad

    Congratulations! I know that I’ll tune in when you show it online.

  64. Excellent news! We’ve been waiting to hear about this since your podcast reveal (w/swoopy i believe)

    PVR’ing this baby tonight!

  65. TSC

    To add to the chorus of foreigners… do you know if this will air on Discovery Channel Canada, Phil? I really want to see this.

  66. flibbertigibbet

    This looks… shiny. (in the browncoat way, not the valley girl way) I’m excited to check it out.

  67. «bønez_brigade»

    Your sekrit was revealed by everyone except you over the last 24 hrs! It looks awesome, and I will definitely dig out & dust off the old TV for every episode.

    [*hoping N.dG.T. makes some random (or even regular) appearances*]

  68. OtherRob

    Can’t wait to see Dr. Phil on tv. Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right. 😉

  69. W00Ts!, Gratscon, and Lumbar Support! (W!GLS)

  70. Tribeca Mike

    By the by, friends in “the industry” (love that term) have often corrected me when I use the word “trailer.” In La La Land they normally say “preview. ” The good thing is, this shows you haven’t gone all Hollyweird on us.

    Further by the by — you might want to think about getting a bigger little black book.

  71. «bønez_brigade»

    BTW, will your sooper sekrit tattoo finally get revealed on the show?

  72. Chip

    [Bragging]I met this guy in person once![/Bragging] — He knows a lot!

    [Bragging]My wife and I had dinner with him in Davis, California.[/Bragging] — We still talk about the things we talked about! Phil Plait makes you think.

    This show looks great. I also think it will open doors to further exciting projects. Congratulations! 😀

  73. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing it soon.

    Discovery was starting to worry me after I’d watched back-to-back showings of “Pig Bomb” then “Man, Woman, Wild” the other day — both pretty much sucked with respect to basic appreciation of science/nature, IMO. They seemed big on entertainment value at the expense of quality science/nature content, instead of in conjunction with such content. Anyway…

    Again – congrats!

  74. «bønez_brigade»

    At 1:24 in the trailer, it looks like Phil is at the Whipple Gamma-Ray Observatory on Mt. Hopkins. So, I guess that means there’s an episode devoted to GRBs, yes, yes?

  75. Needs more assplosions. 😛

    Seriously, this looks like a lot of fun.

  76. Only three episodes you couldn’t get a whole series, so disappointed. :-)

  77. MoonShark

    This looks like… a conglomeration of pretty much everything I’ve hoped for out of BA. HOORAY!! 😀

    Although I am a bit curious what flying in a F-16 — or absorbing solar radiation and growing 50 stories tall to shoot down flying saucers with eye-lightning — could possibly have to do with the cosmos. Guess I’ll hafta tune in and see.

    Oh and ++ to the hopes for an online version. I’m not paying for cable TV (luckily my girlfriend has it though).

    [cynic mode] Yeah, good luck making a show about the Universe. It’s mostly empty space, you know. [/fake cynicism]

  78. Mount

    Looks like someone’s seen Mythbusters before 😉 I can only imagine that there might be guest appearances by close and/or personal friend(s).


  79. Could this be a step toward finally getting invited on the Colbert Report?

  80. Zucchi

    Fantastic, Phil! Just don’t go Hollywood on us!

  81. Wow! Just saw the trailer at Randis and your site and IT LOOKS GOOD TO ME! I’d hope this sooper not-anymore-sekrit project will be translated and broadcasted here over the big water in .de.

    Good luck, Phil!

  82. Genesius

    Maybe the newfound fame coming your way will finally be enough to get Colbert to interview you instead of that other, Pluto-hating guy!

  83. XPT

    This is astronomers meet mythbusters: I like it!

  84. Another Eric S

    Grats to you, sir!

  85. OMG…I think I just had a GRB in my pants…

  86. dWhisper

    Now just make sure you rip apart ghost lab on there and we’ll be golden!

    Looking forward to the show!

  87. Saganite

    Phil, I’m so excited for you! Now I’m off to go pimp the hell out of this series to everyone I know.

  88. MoonShark

    @Nick M (87): Haha, you almost made me choke on the candy I was eating!

    @dWhisper (88): OMG, I’d love it if Phil discussed spectroscopy and ripped on the deliberately-vague “EM device” from Ghost Hunters. What a bunch of crap!

  89. Mike

    Congrats Phil, looking forward to it!

  90. Congratulations :) We’ll be sure to follow it when it airs.

  91. Oh man, I’ve soooooo been hoping you’d do a show like this! I’m so stoked to watch this.
    From all the little tidbits of clues you’ve been giving out about the Sooper Sekrit Project, I hoped that maybe you were doing something like this.
    Man oh man, Fall can’t arrive too quickly now!

  92. Mister Earl

    Excellent, excellent! I can’t wait to see it!

    Congratulations, Dr. Plait!

  93. What? No “squee”?

    Hmm.. Thought-provoking. Intriguing. Scientific. Intelligent.

    It’ll never last.

    Oh, wait… “Blow s**t up”. It’s a keeper.


    There’s no air date yet, but I’m hoping it’ll be on your TV sets this fall.

    Please keep us informed on this.

    I wonder if I can set the DVR to record upcoming episodes of a show that’s not on the air yet?

  94. Tony

    So is this show going to be sandwiched in between the tracking bigfoot show and did aliens build the pyramids?

    Discovery channel is such junk.

  95. Douglas Troy

    Hot Dang!!


  96. Simiankolya

    Haha, congrats Phil! And yay to Discovery Channel for giving you a slot instead of yet another goddamn haunted house show!
    Btw who did the cartoon of you? That’s really funny!

    I’m hoping PZ Myers gets his own show some day too, haha!

    Best of luck, I can’t wait!

  97. Okay, gang, we have our work cut out for us. As Tony (and probably others) says, Discovery Channel has gotten into some pretty flaky programming of late.

    They’re just following the ratings, and the advertising dollars – that’s what networks do. So we have to show them that real science programs work.

    Everybody you know, and everybody they know, has to be watching this show. Spread the word. Program the TiVos when no one’s looking. Lie if you have to, and say it’s a reality show with boobies…

    Have your laptop handy, and buy the sponsors’ products the moment the commercial airs. Yes, you already have a cellphone plan and no need of a new Kia, but it’s a small price to pay to finally have decent content.


  98. Chris

    You should have had the preview at ComicCon!

  99. Aleksandar

    Congratulations Mr. Plait. Congratulations, and hope you manage to control the show enough to minimize Discovery’s sensationalism.

  100. On second thought I think it is good that you did not get an entire series. You would probably start going talking about anti-vax and other non astronomer topics and we all know that is bad.

  101. Chris

    How many millions died in the making of this episode?

  102. Sweet!! I can’t wait to see it.

  103. #105: Millions for sure… in some distant star system… cooked by GRB blasts and crunched by tons and tons of asteroids…

    poor distant, ancient alien souls…

  104. Rob MacDonald

    Looks great! Can’t wait to download… uh.. I mean watch it : )

  105. MoonShark

    Millions? You mean billions, with a B.

    Actually I probably killed that many last time I mopped my kitchen with Lysol. You’re talking about bacteria, right?

  106. Scxin

    This looks great! Congrats!

  107. Carter

    Congrats, Phil! I had a hunch it was a Discovery TV show, but that seems fairly obvious given that they have just about the best science TV programming. I don’t watch TV but hope to catch your show somehow. Is Mr. Savage involved in the show somehow?

  108. Michel

    *strats pressing F5 from now on constantly in favourite torrent site*

  109. Jason

    Fantastic, but does that mean the History Channel and The Learning Channel are going to up their dose of woo?

  110. Alan Leipzig

    THIS will be used in my classroom.

  111. Congrats! That’s awesome. Read about it this morning at Wired and already programmed my TiVo to look out for it. =)

  112. Very nice! Congratulations.

  113. Mark Hall

    Oh man, I can’t wait to see this show!

  114. Ray

    @ Just Al,

    “Everybody you know, and everybody they know, has to be watching this show. Spread the word. Program the TiVos when no one’s looking. Lie if you have to, and say it’s a reality show with boobies…”

    Just had an awesome idea for a TV show. Split the TV screen, on the left side play anything. On the right side, boobies. It will be the single most successful show in history.

  115. Debra

    Too bad these are the same network clowns who gave Caribou Barbie her very own TV show (TLC and Discovery are owned by the same company). I may have to break my boycott of any Discovery network channel to watch this.

  116. jaranath

    Phil, you’ve GOT to get a viral promotion crew going. Whedon had his Browncoats…well, we don’t want the connotations of network mishandling and cancellation, but still, Phil needs his crew! I’d sign up in a heartbeat. But we need a name…

  117. Leon

    That was Way Cool.

    I must see it!

    Hard science and big explosions make a powerful combination. Let’s hope this helps punch through some of the scientific misconceptions out there. Sometimes unlearning can be fun!

  118. Sili

    You look like you’re having wayyyyyy too much fun.

    Also, very strident of you to point out that the Universe is not perfectly suited for life as we know it. 😉


  119. TSC

    Oh, also, you say that this will be a three-part show; is there any talk that this will be turned into a regular Discovery series? That is to say, is this considered a pilot of sorts?

  120. Congratulations! Looks like it’s gonna’ be a blast. My 12 year old daughter is crazy excited about it!

  121. Kurt_eh
  122. John Paradox

    The ‘growing to gigantic size’ reminds me of Jet Jaguar in Godzilla vs Megalon…

    Would that also make you The Amazing Colossal Astronomer?


  123. PsyberDave


    I am REALLY happy for you! I can’t wait to see it on the TV set.

    I don’t mean to be greedy, but here’s to a long-running series!

  124. Stan9FOS
  125. Radwaste

    Hey, the Browncoats have a fan movie coming out the weekend of DragonCon – will this air on DC*TV?

  126. Kyle

    I actually preferred not knowing, now I have to wait and wait and wait, forever to get to see it. Thanks for the torture.

    Congrats sir, I’m sure it will be well done.

    And ditto, will your tat ever be “revealed”?

  127. Icepick

    Too sweet for words! That’s just wonderful. It sounds like a great mix.

  128. Gary Ansorge

    Let’s see? How many people can I forward this link,,,mumble,,,ok, about a billion. I guess that should help a little.

    I hope this leads to a more regular gig. A single three parter is just too little for such a great idea.

    Gary 7

  129. Cool beans, Phil. Can’t wait to watch.

  130. Congratulations, Phil! Your new show looks terrific. I assume you’ll let us know when we can to expect it to air, and I’ll be sure to bring it to the attention of all my online pals.

  131. @jaranath

    Whedon had his Browncoats…well, we don’t want the connotations of network mishandling and cancellation, but still, Phil needs his crew! I’d sign up in a heartbeat. But we need a name…


  132. BMcP

    I didn’t see in the post or video, when does this series actually start?

  133. Utakata

    *Waiting to see if BA’s show will be as well recieved if it takes on climate denial nonsense*

    …but on a better note, glad to see something of our wonderfully spastic host gets introduced to a wider audience. I think Phil will do really well with this. :)

  134. @BMcP

    From the post: “There’s no air date yet, but I’m hoping it’ll be on your TV sets this fall.”

  135. alfaniner

    I hope you got to use “Holy Haleakala!”! Or at least… “embiggen”.

  136. Blizno

    When I try to watch the viddy I get “The video has been removed by the user.”

    What’s up?

  137. “This film has been removed by the user”?

    Has something gone wrong, like a lawyer?

  138. Scott

    That sounds awesome, Phil. Can’t wait to see it.

    I just saw you on Penn & Teller the other day, haha.

  139. Richard Carnes

    WTF? “Video has been removed by user” Where is it? Now I can’t go to sleep tonight!

  140. breadfred

    @Blizno: same here.. looking around to find a mirror. Will post when found.

  141. Tom (H. Type)

    “Holy Haleakala!” Looks really good…can’t wait till it airs.
    Congratulations, Dr. Plait!

  142. Bryan

    I can’t believe you got to fly with the thunderbirds….please please please hurry with that footage!! :) congrats on the show!!

  143. Drat… video is gone. Look forward to the show though. :)

  144. grcg

    So very cool!! I hope it will be available online – since I don’t have cable….

    Congrats Phil!!

  145. jcm

    Can’t for it. Hopefully it comes before/after Mythbuster.

    The video has been removed!

  146. JBNoHo

    Yay, congrats and kudos. Can’t wait to see it!

  147. Prof. Jim

    Soooooo, will you have “Junior Bad Astronomers,” and will one of them be a cute redhead?

    Seriously, Phil, mucho gratz, as the Kids Today say. Can’t wait to show them to my students!


  148. Colin Fox

    This looks awesome. Hopefully Discovery Channel Canada will be playing it.

    Dr. Plait, you rock! Congrats!!

  149. Blake

    Ummm yeah. Dead video.

  150. hello

    Aww, it says your preview video is deleted :(

    Is discovery going to reupload it?

  151. It would be great to see this, except all I get is …

    “This video has been removed by the user.”

    If that is the extent of the series, than I am not impressed. :-(

  152. Awesome news Phil!!! Sadly, I don’t have cable, but I’d love to see it! Couldn’t view the trailer, though…video removed :-(

  153. olderwithmoreinsurance

    did you get sooked with a sooper scooper while filming the sooper sekrit project? more importantly, need a barf bag on the fighter joy ride?

  154. Titan

    I can’t wait!

  155. h0mesick

    You’re video has been removed by the user. That does not bode well.

    Hope it can be put back up!

  156. Ken

    Awww, “This video has been removed by the user”.
    Gosh, well that sucks. Post an updated link, please, Phil?

  157. JoeSmithCA

    It’s sooper sekrit again!

  158. logicboy


    I’m a long time fan and I’m glad to see you getting some big time respect.

  159. Excellent news about your show! but I cant help to wonder about your other sooper-sekrit scoop that is imprinted in your arm!


  160. Kaveh

    Video not working for me either, man, this suxors! :-(

  161. JRB

    Long time lurker here. This news just made my day, and let me tell you, it was going pretty rotten until now. Kudos, Phil! Looking forward to it!

  162. Jonathan

    When’s it being shown in the UK?

  163. I cannot WAIT to see this. Congrats!

  164. Capttu

    Congrats Phil! Looking forward to seeing your show.

  165. Brian Hamm

    Congrats Phil! cannot wait to see my favorite astronomer on TV. Now there isn’t any reason for Craig Ferguson not to have you on the show…. Phil + Science-y goodness + TV = squee

  166. viggen

    Score one for science outreach! Way to go Phil!

  167. J-Mo

    Oh noes! The video has been removed by the user!

    How are we supposed to share this greatness now?! :(

  168. paranoid humanoid

    so the sooper sekrit project, having been unveiled, has fallen foul of the men in black and been deleted from the internet. shame…

  169. Lurker

    Congratulations BA! Look forward to watching!

  170. BigBob

    Saw it on P Zed’s blog earlier. Looks like a triumph! Many congratulations and see you back in the UK when there’s time.

  171. skylyre

    All I have to say is….


    I couldn’t get the grin off my face after watching this, even after the third time! Soooooo excited. I can’t help but picture teachers showing this to students in class, much like my astronomy teacher used to play Jack Horkheimer every Friday!

    Don’t tell Jack, but I think your show might be way cooler 😉

  172. AliCali

    Video removed? Wow, you’ve been canceled already? That has to be some kind of record.

  173. Grand Lunar

    From what I saw of the trailer earlier, it’s like “The Universe” meets “Mythbusters”. :)

    Looks awesome, Phil!

    It’s about time this happened. When it airs, I’ll be sure to catch it!


    Phil Plait:

    D’oh! There was a problem with the video, and Discovery is in the process of fixing it. It should be back up soon.

    Well, Phil, that’s what happens when you say “fall” instead of “autumn”! 😉

  175. Brian Too

    87. Nick M,

    You had a grub in your pants?? No, that’s burst. Oh that’s worse, much worse (slaps head in vain attempt to delete image)!

  176. Lars

    Todd W. @39: Darn you. Darn you to heck! (SFW as always..) That was my line (albeit scheduled for much i.e. now).

  177. joshua

    congrats Dr. Plait, but P.Z. Beat you to this yesterday. I might get cable to watch your show.

  178. Carlos Grohmann

    “This video has been removed by the user”

  179. Messier Tidy Upper

    SUPERLUMINOUS!!! (Superlative – Beyond merely brilliant!) :-)

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it – or the video trailer above. Will we get to see it in Australia do you know?

    Cable .. hmm.. Hope its online as well. Would be great to see it syndicated to free TV eventually so folks like me that don’t have pay TV get to watch it too. Still awesome news. :-)

    @58. Naked Bunny with a Whip Says:

    Phil Plait the Science….Mate.

    Well, that works okay in Aussie lingo. 😉

  180. Jeff

    congrats Phil!

  181. Good luck! Remember all the little people.

  182. Jim

    Little people?

    There are gonna be midgets on the show? AWESOME!

  183. Navneeth

    I have Nat Geo’s Hubble programme on TV right now, and guess who is speaking?

    IVAN3MAN_AT_LARGE, now it’s time for

    You have your own TV show?


  184. Pi-needles

    @ 186. Jim Says:

    Little people? There are gonna be midgets on the show? AWESOME!

    Yeah, they’re going to have dwarf stars! 😉

    Plus one supermassive one in Phil. 😉

    Congrats BA – awesome news! :-)

  185. culwin

    Yay! My favorite part is where it says “Video removed”! AWESOME

  186. Finally!
    Move over Dr Phil there’s a new (and better) Dr Phil in town.
    Congratulations BA!

  187. Chris

    Phil, I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say how excited and proud of you we all are. Your hard work has paid off big guy.

    Myself and the wife look forward to it immensely.

    See you @ Dragon*Con!

  188. Kevin F.

    Thou hast come a long way.

  189. Chuangtse

    You had a video?

  190. Mike

    I think the lack of “dry narrated documentaries” is exactly what’s wrong with most of the educational tv coming out of the US. Most of them, even those coming from more “reputable” sources such as Discovery, feel more like action films than documentaries. Especially when you have something like the BBC to compare to.

    Now, I’m not saying yours is just another Mythbusters-lets-blow-it-up-and-pretend-its-science -fluke; just a general observation from someone who watches these things and is fed up with the shows where most of the time is spent repeating what has been shown or telling about what’s going to be shown (instead of, you know, actually showing it) or trying to create suspension and exitement with annoying monologue.

    Edit: I mean, just because the documentary doesn’t have fast action scenes or explosions or what not doesn’t make it dry or boring. Some of us, I like to pretend the intelligent half, can get plenty exited just by watching interesting science being done and told about.

  191. This sounds absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait for the trailer to be re-posted! Will have to devise a way to watch it since I finally got rid of cable. (Probably crashing a friend’s apartment!)

    I’m sure it’ll be exciting and chock full of sciency goodness!

  192. JerWah

    I hereby submit my request to be a member of your wacky team of assistants who handle the “lesser” stories or have to be put out as bait for sharks, etc. I’m good with my hands, can do framing and construction, also I am told that for a male, I look quite good in a bikini

  193. Hurry up with the video. I want to see it.

  194. Uselesstwit

    Congrats Phil.

  195. Justin

    Awesome! I’ll make every effort to watch!

  196. QuietDesperation

    Everybody you know, and everybody they know, has to be watching this show. Spread the word. Program the TiVos when no one’s looking. Lie if you have to, and say it’s a reality show with boobies…

    Sorry to say, but unless all those people are recorded by the official ratings outfits, this will accomplish nothing on the ratings front. I still recall when it was announced that “Firefly” was the #1 season pass on Tivos, but it still got canceled.

  197. I'd rather be fishin'

    Finally a Dr Phil that I can watch!

  198. Dengar's Mom

    @204 Damn, you got there first!

    Congrats Phil! As long as they air it on Discovery Canada I’ll be watching for sure :)

  199. I keep wanting to show the trailer to my friends, but it’s still gone. I have been searching for it elsewhere, and can’t find it. Luckily I got to see it early in the day Fri while it was still up. I hope it gets reposted soon.

  200. t-storm

    pretty cool. I saw you on SyFy (I think) the other day. I think it was about asteroids smacking the Earth.

    I’m going to go skeptically drink some Makers.

  201. Mary

    I am so glad that we now have a PVR. I’ll be watching the program guide to see when it will be aired in Canada. This is one I definately don’t want to miss.
    Congratulations, Phil!!

  202. Jeff

    Where did the video go? Which user removed it?

  203. John Berryman

    Soon you’ll bring your name-dropping, anti-vax-obsessed, astro-narcissism to a whole new level. Congratulations!

  204. very cool, Phil! I can’t wait!

  205. Justin

    Cannot wait! Phil, you would be excellent for this kind of role. Fall can’t come soon enough, Alabama weather notwithstanding (too damn hot)!

  206. ellie

    Phil, I want to thank you in advance for bringing some sense of wonder and Discovery back to the DiScovery Channel. Their suite of channels have been overwhelmingly full of stupid and woo in the past few years (although there have some very nice exceptions) that just seeing the name “Discovery Channel”, “TLC”, and the “Science Channel” make me very stabby. [Seeing shows about the Bible listed in Science Channel’s line-up is actually offensive.]
    I’m excited for you personally and professionally, and really giddy that there will probably be some quality stuff on DSC again! Can’t remember the last time I watched anything on that channel, but I will watch your show, and spread the word!

    In summary… CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  207. Freespeaker

    Great!!!! when will the Discovery channel take on something controversial? Like vaccines?

  208. JohnW

    Good job, Phil! Congratulations!

  209. Murff

    WoW, 217 comments. I didn’t read them, but whatever.

    Congrats on the Project, course, now I’m all excited to see it!

  210. Congratulations! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

  211. noobule

    Fix the freaking video already! 😛

  212. Messier Tidy Upper

    Still no video above here – will it ever be back or has it gone for good? :-(

    I’d love to see that ‘Phil Plait’s Bad Universe’ trailer – is there another site showing it somewhere?

  213. Beelzebud

    Congratulations Phil! You’ve earned it!

  214. Yaaaay!

    You know, we all knew it was gonna be a TV show about astronomy starring you. 😉

  215. DrFlimmer

    You wrote a book? 😀

    You had a super-sekrit-project? 😉

    Someone else might put up the video again?

  216. Shawn

    I can’t wait!!! Will you have any Bad Universe promo SWAG at DragonCon? :-)

  217. Cuing up “Death From The Skies” by George Hrab in your honor.

    Ooh, exciting thought: would Discovery let you get Geo to write the theme song? I think that would be TOTALLY FRICKIN’ AWESOME!!

  218. Awesome! so can’t wait to see it!

  219. Poot

    Right on – can’t wait to download a torrent of your new show!

  220. Gebo

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait to see it. Congratulations!

  221. The video is back up on Discovery Channel’s YouTube page. Phil still has to update his blog post.


  222. Mister Earl

    The trailer is back up. New link is:
    Enjoy everyone. I can’t wait to see it.

  223. TheGuy

    Congrats man!

  224. Man, that is so freaking awesome. I can’t wait! You’re the best, Phil!

  225. Messier Tidy Upper

    YES! Seen it at last – & WHOOO-OOOAAAHH!!! 😀

    That looks good and fun! Sadly, I won’t be able see it myself unless its online somewhere or eventually reaches free-to-air TV but, yegods, that looked like a great show. :-)

    One very minor nit – is there an audio problem there with that synthy-bubbly sounding bit (around the cartoon – independence day-ish section where the BA grows bigger than Paul Bunyan) or is it actually meant to sound like that?

    Do you love the smell of mass extinction in the morning? 😉

  226. Congratulations!

    I really hope this airs here in the Netherlands. Is it bad form to download it if there’s no other way?

  227. That is some news! Congratulations! Just tell me when it will be on in Russia. Please. Please? Please?!?!?!?!?!

  228. MoonShark

    Yay, the video is back. Too bad it was down all weekend, I wanted to show my girlfriend :p

    Also, the sound quality still sucks. Can we get a version that’s not overcompressed? The giant explosions sound muffled, like they’re underwater :( No, it’s not my rig, I play loud kaboomy stuff (heavy metal, video games) all the time.

  229. Frikkin Awesome – that’s a keeper!

  230. Where the hell have I been. How did I miss this?


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