Comic Con 2: SMBC and me

By Phil Plait | July 25, 2010 7:00 am

I have no real news here, except that one of my missions at Comic Con was to meet up once again with Zach Weiner, who writes and draws my favorite web comic, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. My wife and I went over to his booth, and there he was! As this picture shows, I was overjoyed to see him:

While we were chatting and mutually insulting/praising each other, who should walk up but blogger, actor and all around good-guy Wil Wheaton! I was shunted aside, but managed to make my presence known:

Anyway, you should go read Zach’s comic and buy his stuff and support him in his attempts to take over the galaxy. Don’t forget to click the red button.


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  1. The Man Version

    The second picture looks like recursive photobombs. It was good attempt on your part, Phil, but I think the winner has to be the Russell Brand lookalike behind you.

  2. Gary Ansorge

    I think it was Joseph Campbell who said “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, find your bliss.”

    Ok, that WAS a paraphrase AND a mashup, but from the smiles I see, bliss seems to be everywhere.

    Good-on-ya, mate.

    Gary 7

  3. Scottynuke

    Phil really needs to get some more “This is Photobomb” love. I mean, Savage has some skill but Phil can really EMOTE, yanno?

    And I’m really just insanely jealous of Phil’s life, too. TV star, friend to TV stars, all he needs to do is write a book or something…


  4. John

    Hmm, Wil Wheaton as Zaphod Beeblebrox, it might work :)

  5. RAF

    Isn’t that the “evil” Wil Wheaton?

    He does, after all, “sport” a beard. :)

  6. Tobin Dax

    He seemed fairly evil in Friday’s Eureka episode. And his beard was thicker, IIRC.

  7. Weed Monkey

    No way that can really be Zach. He’s wearing a shirt, for Carl’s sakes!

  8. Zach looks like what one would expect if the public conception of comic con were somehow brought to life as some kind of uber-nerd.

  9. Tribeca Mike

    Those t-shirts ain’t in English. Expect to be slammed by Glenn Beck and Andrew Bretbart over the next few days.

  10. Mike Sperry

    Is it just me, or does Zach look a lot like Vincent Caso, the actor who plays Bladezz on “The Guild”?

  11. No! Don’t choke your Weiner!

    (You do know he is probably going to make a cartoon based on this encounter, don’t you?)

  12. Sili

    Isn’t that the “evil” Wil Wheaton?

    He does, after all, “sport” a beard.

    No. This is the good one. It’s the one without a beard that evil. Didn’t you watch TNG?

  13. Darren Evans

    Are you trying to show him just how hard it would be to breath in the vacuum of space Phil?

  14. Darren Evans

    When did Will Wheaton sprout a Zaphod Beeblebrox second head on his shoulders?

  15. Tribeca Mike

    What I wanna know is, how did you get Peter Jackson’s authorization to use these shots from the set of “The Hobbit”? This is a real coup.

  16. mrboma

    Phil, do you coach the Minnesota Vikings?

  17. RAF

    Looks like Wil had a bad burrito…and it “inspired” him to play his “air” guitar.

    …and he traded down for that 2nd head. :)

  18. Brian

    What an awesome pair of photographs. Phil, can I please have your life for a week?

  19. I’m reading this entry from my phone in Germany and, er, I’d prefer not to press the red button thank you very much..

    Astrology, fortune telling and Clairvoyance? :-)

  20. DLC

    Hmmm… this post disproves my “Too many Geeks in one space” theory.
    Or perhaps the addition of repressive screwballs across the street had some counterbalancing effect. More study is required.

  21. Grand Lunar

    Thanks for this Phil! Really made my day!

    Coincidently, I’m watching a tribute to another person named Phil, who was even crazier than you. But not in a sci-fi geeky way.

  22. Gary Ansorge

    The main thing to remember when hanging out with stars is:they all have to eat, breath and poop just like the rest of us. I’ve hung with a few, like Dave Nelson, of New Riders of the Purple Sage (at a party in LA, after a Cubensis concert. He just wanted to know why all we hippies had no coke for him) , Donny Baldwin, drummer for the Jerry Garcia Band and a few others(Hey, the ’90s were something of a blur for me) and Jack Herrer(The Emperor Wears No Clothes). Nearly all the talents I’ve known were good people, making a living doing something they love.

    Which is probably why people think they’re so cool;because they’re actually, you know, HAPPY doing what they do, while the mass of humanity live in quiet desperation.

    Which brings us back to bliss.

    Gary 7

  23. DrFlimmer


  24. DennyMo

    At least you don’t poke each other in the eye with a pen…

  25. Darren Evans:

    Are you trying to show him just how hard it would be to breath in the vacuum of space Phil?

    Don’t you read xkcd?

  26. OK, the first photo actually evoked a real LOL from me. It looks like something Zach would draw. :)

  27. Brian Too

    –deleted, premature post–

  28. Brian Too

    (Sound of breathing through mask)

    Zach–I… am your FATHER!!


  29. spork

    @The Man Version: That’s not Russell Brand, that’s Pau Gasol!

    (a short Pau Gasol to go with evil Wil Wheaton).


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