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By Phil Plait | July 28, 2010 7:00 am

I just found out that video of my talk at w00tstock has been posted on YouTube. The quality is a little shaky, since it was a handheld video taken from a distance back, so some of the pictures may be hard to discern, but I think it suffices to get the point across.

This may surprise you, but the content is pretty much Not Safe For Work. Yeah, I know: I’m not generally known for that. But hey– it’s an astronomy talk! What better place to go a little blue?

The video is in two parts; the first has the last couple of minutes of the warmup before my talk (I came on after the intermission), and the second part includes the premier of the trailer for my new TV show. The reaction of the audience was… well. It made me happy indeed.

Here are both parts. Part 1…

… and Part 2:

That last slide with the Hubble image says, "W00tstock: Where no astronomer has gone before."

I want to make sure I give plenty of credit Amanda Bauer, aka AstroPixie, once again for her inspiration for this talk. It’s something I’d been thinking of doing for a long time, but her blog post really got things started. Way-hey. Giggity.

There are pictures going up about w00tstock all over the place, so check with Flickr to see ’em. And also, please read Wil Wheaton’s thoughtful and wonderful words about that night.

Thanks also to Kevin Savino Riker for posting that video. One of the beautiful things about w00tstock is that everything is licensed under the Creative Commons theme, which means it can posted publicly. Why? Because like Wil, Adam, Paul & and Storm, I agree that things like this get better the more they are shared, and become more valuable when they cost less. Or nothing at all.

[Brief update: Julia Sherred has many more w00tstock videos on her blog.]

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Comments (17)

  1. But hey– it’s an astronomy talk! What better place to go a little blue?

    I dunno, I’d think an astronomy talk would get red-shifted…

  2. Chris

    The paper is at
    S. C. Gallagher et al 2010 The Astronomical Journal 139 545
    for those with access

  3. Creative Commons: a nice license style borned from the free open source idea.

    Yeah, I <3 FOSS! (and Linux!)

    Clear skies!

  4. Messier Tidy Upper

    Nice talk – unusually risque from you indeed! 😉

    But you could’ve also mentioned one of my favourite variable stars FU Orionis :


    Which is second only to RU Lupi (pronounce it aloud!) as my all-time fave variable star name. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RU_Lupi )

    Or, if I’m allowed to say it here, you could’ve mentioned the proper name of Beta Pegasi :


    which you need to pronounce rather carefully to avoid misunderstandings! 😉

  5. Michelle

    Awesome! You know, I’ve wanted to go to w00tstock for a while now–any chance it will be coming to the East Coast? I particularly want to see Molly Lewis perform; I’ve seen Paul and Storm many times, but never Molly Lewis.

  6. Phil,

    Thanks very much for the shout-out! Again, it was a delight watching your presentation, and if any better footage shows up, please feel free to replace my shaky-cam stuff… the public deserves the best presentation possible 😉

    Oh, one quick note – you have my name hyperlinked, but it’s actually pointing to Julia Sherred’s YouTube account – you can remove the link from my name or correct it so people know they’re going to her page.

    Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the fantastic work!


  7. Pi-needles

    @1. John Armstrong Says:

    “But hey– it’s an astronomy talk! What better place to go a little blue?”
    I dunno, I’d think an astronomy talk would get red-shifted…

    Well, that depends whether your approaching it or going away from it. 😉

  8. Wow my minion beat me to posting again! (He’s quick and efficient)

    It was actually I who edited and posted the video. Kevin was the darling minion who took all the video for me and sent it my way for me to do my thing with because Kevin rocks! Hence why I gave him credit at the end.

    Awesome job yet again sir!

  9. Must be nice to have minions…

    Can’t wait to get home to watch this.

  10. It is nice because he tolerates me calling him a minion and finds it some strange type honour. If I couldn’t get away with calling him one, if he didn’t find it as amusing as I do, he would just be the awesome guy Kevin who went to w00tstock with instructions and came back with the video I asked for.

  11. Mike C.

    The beginning reminded me of the opening credits of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” And the opening night audience of that movie (including your humble poster) shrieked in almost exactly the same manner.

  12. Navneeth

    2:22 – 2:31!!!

    Where else could one witness that spectacle… wish I could have been there.

  13. Harvi

    Oh my, I was wondering if HCG 31 was from the paper associated with the group I’m on – yep, it is.


  14. Allen

    It’d be nice to be able to see all of those pictures in full color as they were presented, and in higher resolution. But that was a fun talk. You have to do more like that!

  15. Steve Ulven

    That was a great talk. People went crazy for your new show. I can’t wait for it, either.


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