Star party to kick cancer's butt

By Phil Plait | August 1, 2010 7:12 am

atlanta_starparty_logoIf you’ll be in the Atlanta area on September 2 — the night before Dragon*Con — then I strongly urge you to attend the Second Annual Atlanta Skeptics Star Party. This is a charity event to raise money for the American Cancer Society Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, in memory and honor of our friend Jeff Medkeff, an astronomer who died of liver cancer two years ago. Jeff was a good man, naming asteroids after noted skeptics, and did a lot of work to promote critical thinking.

Last year’s event was fantastic: there was a full house of people listening to short talks by Pamela Gay and me, and then migrating outside to view the heavens. This year, the speakers include Fraser Cain (from the newly remodeled Universe Today), Pamela once again, and musician George Hrab (who made a typically over-the-top cool promo for it).

I won’t be there this year — months of travel for my TV show have made me long to be home for more than a week at a time — but I hope some BABloggees will be able to attend. And don’t forget: Surly Amy and I have teamed up to raise money for the event as well. It’s a great night, a fun time, and a way to help us all kick cancer’s butt.

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Comments (8)

  1. I’ll be at that Star Party. It was an awesome time last year, really looking forward to it. I’ll be snagging more Surlyramics gear as well, all for a great cause.

  2. Damn, I’d love to meet both you and Scott, it might be time for a road trip.

  3. Zucchi

    Damn. I live in Atlanta — but, after a year and a half of unemployment, I’m more likely to be homeless by September than to have the money for this event.

  4. PeteC

    “…for my TV show… ”

    How much did you enjoy typing that phrase, Phil? :)

  5. SRQHivemind

    I live near Atlanta as well, but I can’t afford to go to Dragon*Con proper, much less an awesome event like this.

  6. Radwaste

    Pbbbb. Just found out you won’t be at DragonCon. Bah!

    But – nice that the not working a real job routine is producing results for you! Hope you can make it next year!

  7. Patrick

    I wish my company could attend these sort of events (we produce astronomy equipment). Unfortunately associating with skeptics would be a bad business move, because believe it or not the amateur astronomy community is heavily religious and under educated, and we would lose a lot of business.


    Gotta make money.

  8. «bønez_brigade»

    I’ll most likely be at Dragon*Con but don’t have the extra funds for this event. You will be missed, Phil. The SkepTrack is a weekend of rational fun.

    @ Patrick,
    I know what you mean. A few scopes with babble verses printed on them have been spotted by me and my fellow astroheathens. I can’t recall any of those scopes being operated by younger astronomers (which is a hopeful sign for the future).


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