Mission Accomplished

By Phil Plait | August 5, 2010 2:30 pm

On behalf of "Surly" Amy Roth and myself: thank you to everyone who bought Amy’s necklaces.



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  1. bigjohn756

    Hugs and kisses for Amy…oops, sorry Johnny, didn’t see you standing there:D

    Apologies to the children. I forgot to say; FIRST!!!!

  2. DubiousCanuck

    As someone currently battling cancer (ovarian) let me say thank you as well. The only reason I have any chance at all is because of the millions of dollars, thousands of hours and hundreds of researchers working tirelessly to find new and novel treatments.

    Go science!

  3. This is so wonderful! Thanks to Phil and Amy for putting together such a great collaboration in the name of science and art and saving lives.

  4. Buzz Parsec

    Whoops! I was telling people at Boston Skeptics there were still a few left. This was a counter to Power Balance, makers of wicked expensive rubber wrist bands, promising to donate a pittance to cancer research. In contrast, Amy was donating 50% of the price of the Bad Astronomy pendants to the ACS. Woot Amy! Anyway, you snooze, you lose, but you can still donate directly to the ACS or another worthy organization, and buy some pendants at full retail.

  5. Tribeca Mike
  6. I ended up buying 3! One BA one, and two others. Thanks to Amy for making them. :)

  7. Mike

    Hooray! Got mine at TAM and it’s awesome. :)

  8. chris

    My pleasure! I love wearing it to work. People ask “what’s Bad Astronomy?” and I get to tell them!

  9. Geomaniac

    Bought two. Love them. Thank you Amy. Thank you Phil.

  10. Pi-needles

    Congratulations. :-)


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