Caturday night's all right for fighting

By Phil Plait | August 14, 2010 7:00 am

Last Caturday, I posted a picture of my cat relaxing a little too well.

This shows a slightly different side to her:

That picture, taken by my brother-in-law Chris, is somewhat more accurate. For some reason, she hates him (and his son Derek even more). She rears back, spits, hisses, and generally makes terrifying guttural noises. It’s really funny.

Chris is an amazing photographer. You should take a look at his stuff!

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Comments (22)

  1. Squeaky Woo Woo

    Is that you holding the cat, Phil?

  2. Alex Murdoch

    Why is it the most beautiful cats have the worst attitude? We’ve got one exactly the same.

  3. One of my cats treats my wife that way. I think she’s jealous. :-(

  4. I'd rather be fishin'

    It seems your cat is more territorial than my daughters’ cat. That hairball on legs tolerates me because of my skills at operating can openers and door knobs, back scratching and cleaning litter boxes. It doesn’t want anyone moving in on its turf.

  5. Everyone was cat-fu fighting.

  6. Your cat should count her blessings. She could be one of these cats instead.

  7. Terminator T-1000

    In the Terminator movies, the soldiers in the future used dogs to identify cyborgs. They never mentioned cats, but I suspect they had the same reaction…

  8. MadScientist

    But she doesn’t have 4 ears like ‘Yoda’.

  9. Gary Ansorge

    The cat was just trying to say ” Left profile, idiot! How many times do I have to tell you?”

    The one thing I know about cats is, if they like you, it’s total. If they don’t,,,well, you get the picture.

    Gary 7

  10. Chip

    Impressive expression from kitty – reminds me of a San Francisco Chinese dragon mask I saw last year.

  11. froonium

    MY towel! Get your own!

    (of course, if it isn’t a towel I’m screwed)

  12. Maybe cats are demonic-possession detectors akin to the coal-gas detecting canaries of yore. You may wish to consult an exorcist with regards to your brother-in-law.

    Or, maybe your brother-in-law looks like a vacuum cleaner?

  13. squirrelelite


    They’re Klingon detectors like Tribbles!

    Now we know the aliens are really here.

  14. Ah, that’s it. Phil, better check the quadrotriticale for poison.

  15. Brian137

    Such cute bellicosity. I’d love to smooch her, but she might smack me.

  16. bassmanpete

    Well if our cats reacted that way to anyone we wouldn’t let such a person in the house, related or not. The cats are FAR more important! :)

  17. cmon Phil… the cat’s in a towel… you just gave it a bath, no wonder it’s pissssssed!!!

  18. blf

    I’m thinking tribbles and klingons… only in this case, perhaps cats and reptilians.

  19. Dave Mundt

    Greetings and Salutations…
    Yea…cats are wonderfully complex creatures, and, very clear about how they feel about other creatures. Usually, too, they are excellent judges of character too….so take that for what it is worth.
    smart idea to use the towel! I am sure that at the moment she is proving that, inside all that fur and softness are some VERY sharp points!
    dave mundt

  20. MadScientist

    Towel? I would have guessed terrycloth pajamas or a bath robe. Ceilingcat only knows.

  21. stompsfrogs

    My cat hates my brother that way, which is odd because he’s usually the cat’s meow. I’m pretty sure he’s neither Klingon or Terminator. My other cat loves him. I’d have to disagree with the notion that cats are excellent judges of character. Excellent chasers of milk rings — yes, but judges of character — no.

  22. QuietDesperation

    Some cats are very focused in their affections. My sister’s cat will accept pets and head scratches from anyone, but only my sister can pick him up without fear of flesh loss.


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