I toad you it's Caturday

By Phil Plait | August 21, 2010 7:08 am

It’s Caturday! And I’m feeling amphibious, so here’s how a frog sees the day:

My brother-in-law took this (he’s making Caturday a lot easier for me these days). Look closely. Closer. Don’t be afraid, get even closer… because if you look closely enough, you’ll see why I think Chris is an excellent photography pupil.

*Yes, I know it’s a frog, not a toad. So sue me. Wart are you waiting for?

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Comments (24)

  1. He’s having a better day than the frog on pharyngula.

  2. Everybody loves Hypnotoad!


    Frog impersonating a Cat:

  4. Must…obey….hypnotoad….

  5. Aaron Rumney

    LOL is that a beer on the table in the reflection?

  6. Patrick


  7. Thought it was going to be that naked guy in a teakettle from eBay.

  8. No, that is not a beer bottle. That is one of those cable pedestals next to the fence. I had to go to the backyard to verify that.

  9. Gary

    And that’s why it is called a pupil…..which means “little doll” because of the image of a little guy inside when you look at it!

  10. Y’know, Austin is here with me and commented that one of the reasons he is having such a good time is that he doesn’t have to hear any of his father’s corny jokes.

    Now this.


  11. So, if you’re feeling amphibious, are you going to bat righty or lefty today?

  12. Chris Winter

    So what flavor of batrachian is this?

  13. John Paradox

    So, would this be considered a ‘self-portrait’?


  14. Yeebok

    Hey Feralboy – ambidextrous means “”use either hand”. Amphibious means “can live on land or water”.

  15. John Sandlin

    That’s toadally awesome. They say the Eye is the Window to the soul. I think in this case it’s more a mirror…

  16. MadScientist

    Fortunately for the toad it’s not Simianday.

  17. Jack Mitcham


  18. I can see your brother-in-law’s reflection in the toad’s eye.

  19. Jon
  20. JB of Brisbane

    Hey Yeebok – you’ve just been Poed.

  21. Blizno

    IVAN3MAN_AT_LARGE, I had no idea that toads could scream.

    A couple weeks ago I had a small toad hop into my house when I opened the door. I tried to shoo it out but it vanished inside the house. The next day I saw it and threw an old sock over it. I was able to gently grasp the sock and carry the toad outside. It never made a sound.

  22. I enjoy looking at photos of reflective things, and trying to find the cameraman on them. Anything chrome, especially ball bearings. Our minds seem to simplify all of that info into the word “chrome” until we look closer.

  23. katwagner


    I was in the hollyhock bed by the pond and there were two small things running around in the leaves. I heard a series of quiet chirps so I left them alone for awhile. When I went back I saw a really dark toad, a whole handful, and he chirped like a birdie while I held him. His buddy was chirping in a small hole so I put my toad in there too. Awwww!


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