That alien look

By Phil Plait | September 2, 2010 12:07 pm

I know, this blog could be all Mitchell and Webb, all the time. But man, they’re just so spot on with this stuff!

I would’ve changed one single line: "Fortunately the aliens landed somewhere very remote which is also a well-known top secret Army base," adding "… where we also happen to be doing high-altitude atomic bomb detection research using weather balloons that, when crashed, look very much like flying saucers."

But then, I’m a humorless skeptic striving all the time to bury the truth.

Tip o’ the tin foil beanie to Anders Øverby.

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Comments (24)

  1. Daumier

    How can you forget Mitchell and Webb’s Fake Moon Landing sketch, Phil? ;D

  2. Totally unconvincing – who would let Brits into a top secret American military base?!?!?!?

  4. @IVAN3MAN

    …a wicked long time ago…

    The aliens are from Boston?

  5. DrFlimmer

    a well-known top secret army base!

    I like it 😀

    @ Ivan3man

    nice cartoon 😉

  6. Jamey

    You know, that kind of pissed me off. Oh, well.

  7. You completely missed the one about faking the moon landing!

  8. Love that it’s “Somewhere in Nevada” and no one even tries at an American accent. Although, the clip may have lost something if they did =)

  9. Zucchi

    Why didn’t we use that flying saucer technology to go to the Moon? Then we wouldn’t have had to fake it on a sound stage! (Though I’m not sure those flying saucers are any good; they seem to crash a lot.)

    Sounds like they’re conflating Roswell, New Mexico (where the high-altitude balloon incident happened in 1947) with the base near Groom Lake in Nevada popularly called Area 51. Not that it matters.

  10. Venton

    OMG! The British have infiltrated the US government!

  11. Jamey

    @Zucchi: No, actually, they’re talking about Walker AFB (at the time named Roswell Army Air Field) or Roswell Army Flying School. Of course, these kinds of discussions of the incident don’t give the Government credit – that they might have tried to hide things to give themselves time to *THINK*. But hey, it’s a MTV world now. You make the claim with the most emotionally loaded words you can, and then you move on.

    I think solid evidence of alien technology *should* be kept quiet for at least *some* time, to help maintain a quarantine against xenobiological issues, possible radiological issues (there’s a lot of guessing we’re still doing about possible elements up in the “islands of stability”), and other issues I simply haven’t thought of – I haven’t spent the time working on it that some of these people have.

  12. me

    We did use the flying saucers to go to the moon.. we had to after the whole giant sound stage thing didn’t work out when we dropped a few of them from the top of stratosphere with rockets attached to get the acceleration to 1/6th G inside. However the rockets kept on blowing up, leading to the three supposed meteor airbursts over Canada between 1965 and ’67 and the loss of several b-list television actors who were playing the part of the astronauts.

    The recent economic meltdown is entirely due to the US government not keeping up the repayments on the rental for the saucer and the trilithium crystals consumed in the process. If a suitable debt consolidation is not worked out soon, the aliens are going to fly down and repossess Miami, which they have had their eye-stalks on for years, as human brains marinated in cocaine and methamphetamine is a particular delicacy on their home world.

  13. squirrelelite

    We might also want to keep it in a sealed vault filled with a nitrogen atmosphere so that the magnesium alloys in the spacecraft frame don’t ignite and destroy the evidence.

  14. The failure to use appropriate accents is a running gag on the latest series of Mitchell and Webb. And of course it’s not worthwhile for a one minute sketch.

    The room with the blue lighting was also used for the Princess Diana sketch where they played MI6 agents.

  15. MadScientist

    Check out Dave Mitchell’s Soap Box via the Guardian as well:

    Well, there are more than just that clip, but I’m sure folks can find the other links on their own.

  16. Crudely Wrott

    “. . . that’s just the sort of thing that governments do.”

    Now that’s a final line! Priceless.

    (But why does it seem so fitting?)

  17. me

    Talking about accents, I’d love the UK film industry to start doing “historical” films in the same way that Hollywood does. We could have the RAF winning the Vietnam war in Spitfires, with all the Viet-Kong played by New Yorkers, or something…

    …alternatively, perhaps I should pitch that idea to a producer. If I say it also has nudity and a fluffy animal, but definitely not in the same scene, then it might be in with a chance.

  18. Buzz Parsec

    You guys got it all wrong. We didn’t use the alien tech to go to the moon to film the fake moon landings. We used the alien tech to go to MARS to do that. Everyone knows the fake moon landings were filmed on Mars.

  19. DrFlimmer

    @ Damier and Darren Landrum

    Check out the “related posts”. Phil didn’t forget about them!

    @ Buzz Parsec

    No, how can you say that? The successful Mars landing is kept a secret. No way, they could fake the fake moon landing on a faked Mars mission that was actually not faked!


  20. DLC

    Ahh, you’ve fallen for one of my Least Likely Plans!
    We’ll keep the Aliens secret, right next to where we stored the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Hindu Temple Stones. yes, that’s it… just put them next to the Crystal Skull collection.

  21. Could it just be a coincidence that David Icke is also British?

    Could it just be a coincidence that Ridley Scott, who directed “Alien,” is also British?

    Could it just be a coincidence that “The Matrix” was filmed in Australia, which a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, which is overseen by the Queen of England, who is herself British?

    I don’t think so.

  22. @DrFlimmer: Ah, okay, I stand corrected. Clearly I’m the one who missed it. 😉

  23. Chris L.

    “Why didn’t we use that flying saucer technology to go to the Moon?”

    Apparently one of Dr. Plait’s favorite pseudo-scientists (the one who discovered the city on Mars) thinks we did something like that. Not alien tech per say, no. Seems Von Braun accidentally discovered both anti-gravity and free energy with the launch of Explorer 1, and used that to go to the Moon. Yeah, that guy. LOL


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