I'm coming to w00tstock in SF and Boulder!

By Phil Plait | September 13, 2010 2:00 pm

w00tstockThe good news: I’ll be performing onstage at two w00tstock events: this Friday, September 17 at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall and again in my hometown of Boulder on Saturday, October 23rd at the Boulder Theater!

Yay! I’m really excited about this!*

IMPORTANT! There are specific things to keep in mind for these two events, which follow:

San Francisco

The bad news: tickets are sold out for the September 17th San Francisco performance.

The medium news: there may be tickets available at the door, but you’ll have to go there that night to find out.

The other other good news: there will also be a performance in SF the night before, on Thursday September 16, and there are still tickets. However, I won’t be there (I don’t know if that’s medium news or bad news, so I’ll leave it as is. It’s just news).

As usual, Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage, and Paul & Storm will be there, as will singer Molly Lewis and magician Jamy Ian Swiss. There may be more special guests too!


Due to a scheduling conflict, Wil Wheaton won’t be at the Boulder show. This makes me sad, as I was planning on pitting him head-to-head against The Little Astronomer in Rock Band at my house. I think he suspected this, and that’s why he scheduled some sort of emergency acting excuse to get out of it. You can’t trust that guy. Have you seen his beard? Evil.

Because of this it’s not really an official w00tstock show, so they’re calling it "w00tstock Presents". But you still get Paul & Storm and My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™, so it’ll be a great show.

About w00tstock

w00tstock, for those of you who are not hopelessly uncool, is a sort of nerdvana of music and geekery. They helpfully have a primer online. Basically, if you like my blog you’ll love w00tstock. I was thrilled to be a part of w00tstock at Comic Con in July, and wrote up my squeeing about that in an earlier post.

The gang also announced several more venues in October, including LA, NYC, Boston, Austin, and Dallas.

I won’t be at those, but in SF and Boulder I’ll be talking about astronomy. You should know that it’ll have a decidedly, um, adult theme to it. Well, maybe late-teenager theme, given the level of jokes I’ll be making and the pictures I’m showing. Video of my last Comic Con w00tstock talk is online, but I’ll be making somewhat different jokes this time… including what may or may not be a picture of me being or not being in a state of undress.


[Please, if you know what I’m talking about, NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS!]

As Paul from Paul&Storm warmly emailed me to say, "Although admission is open to all ages, some content may not be appropriate for younger children". In other words, naughtiness and maybe swearing may ensue. I’d wager hijinks and shenanigans, too.

Want more? You can check out my Flickr stream for some pix I took backstage at Comic Con’s w00tstock, or check out everyone else’s pix.

I can’t wait! Hope to see some BABloggees there!

* You can tell by the number of sentences in this post ending with exclamation points!

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Comments (14)

  1. Sounds awesome. The only issue is that this sort of thing always and only happens on the West Coast, in the Midwest, and in New England.

    i.e. everywhere except places teenagers like me can get to. :( Though tbh this particular show sounds like one I’d rather skip anyway.

  2. Time for a trombone solo! W00T!

    Spoilers? You mean about the famous shower scene? No way, not from me!

  3. (promises not to spoil. I’m not certain, but I have a pretty good idea which picture you are referring to EDIT: If it is the one I’m thinking of, I have been very tempted to add the subtitle: “The man has a point” and use it in a post).

    I do have a question (for when I post this on Geeky Pleasures tomorrow) or maybe it is a point needs to be clarified. There will be no w00tstock 2.x number attached to this show? It will be entitled “w00tstock Presents” etc.?

    SQUEE! (I’m also squee’ing because it makes me so happy when I see others squee. Something I do quite often).

    Now where is my damn teleporter when I need it!?

  4. Zucchi

    Yea! I say that both to express approval, and to demonstrate how to spell the word “Yea”, indicating affirmation. “Yay” is a different word.

    Hope you can make it to Dragon Con out here in Atlanta some year, Phil!

  5. Cindy

    Hmm, you wouldn’t be showing a certain telescope picture would you? Nudge nudge wink wink

  6. Katie

    Aw, poo…my hubby and I will be at the Thursday show. If you have any free time in your visit, try to get over to see the new planetarium. I’m not really there anymore, but I could see about arranging a tour for you.

  7. Wendy

    Boo… very sad that Wil won’t be there, but I’m stoked that the rest of the gang are coming to Boulder! I never get to go to all those exotic far away destinations for this kind of a show.

    Extra bonus – it’s the weekend of my thirtieth birthday!! I think I can talk the geek hubby into springing for tix :)

  8. Jason

    Hi Phil,

    I know this is out of your control since you’re not an organizer, but if you could pass on the gist if not the message, I’d appreciate it.

    The Wootstock people do realize that almost half the national population lives in the eastern time zone, right? There are a few tame little hamlets they may have heard of, like New York City, Boston and Washington, DC. If they could make their way past Flyover Country to visit us outlanders I’m sure we could get at least a couple dozen people to wander out of the cornfields for it.

  9. Jason

    Julia: Glad to see it. Living in the area I was hoping for DC, and just threw NY out as an example of a place that could probably get a couple people to come out for a show :) But I might be able to make it.

    Odd that it still isn’t on their Upcoming Shows page, which is where I looked and only saw four shows in places like LA and Dallas.

  10. Brett Glass

    Phil, I think you should tweak the wOOtstock folks a bit! I am glad that they are coming to Boulder, but fear that they are not putting enough effort into publicizing the Boulder show. As of this posting, it is not even on the list of shows on their Web site. They also do not seem to be looking for good, local, nerdy acts (of which there are many, such as “Danielle Ate the Sandwich” – see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsO9BS4ojCc) to fill the void left by the large number of performers who will be missing.

    That’s good for those of us who want to get nice seats (which are still available as of today), but bad if they want to fill the room. I don’t want them to have a poorly attended show this October and then write the Denver/Boulder area off as not interested in geekery or in a full wOOtstock (which we are)!

  11. Ron

    Great points Brett. I know plenty of us have been bugging the hell out of Phil to bring wOOtstock home to Colorado, and he’s done that – thanks Phil!

    And while Paul and Storm (and JoCo) also know there are plenty of geeks on the front range, Colorado usually plays Rodney Dangerfield to the West and East coasts when it comes to national “niche audience” shows. So you’re right – the last thing we want is a poor showing for Denver/Boulder.

    Fantastic idea about bringing in local acts to compliment the gang, especially Danielle. I’m not sure if Molly will be at the Boulder show, but wouldn’t it be memorable to see both of them on stage together?

    So yes, let’s hope the wOOtstock team does all it can to promote the Boulder show every bit as much as the other shows, and in the mean time, let’s all keep talking about it to make sure folks know how great it will be, especially since Wil WON’T be there because he’s a big wimp who can’t handle the altitude. You can tell him I said so Phil..

  12. Brett Glass

    Well, Danielle seems an obvious choice. Like Molly Lewis and and Kristin Shirts, who have performed with Paul, Storm and JoCo – she’s a Youtube ukelele lady. (Try saying that three times fast.) And she will just happen to be home, between a tour of the West Coast and a tour of the East Coast, on that particular weekend.

    wOOtstock should also advertise in WestWord. It’s amazing how much traffic even a small, relatively inexpensive ad there can make. And they should try to get an article placed. The publisher would almost certainly be game.

    Finally, the wOOtstock folks should make sure that all of the geeks attending MileHiCon – the Denver science fiction convention which is going on the same weekend – know about the show. The MileHiCon hotel is, alas, in the Denver Tech Center, a 40 minute drive away. This means that the show won’t be nearly as close to the SciFi convention (low hanging fruit!) as previous wOOtstocks have been to conventions like San Diego Comic-Con. But attendees would be interested, and if they knew about it they might well con-voy to the show.


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