It's a hurricane. Shouldn't it be EYEgor?

By Phil Plait | September 13, 2010 4:00 pm

I have no real reason to post this image of the new hurricane Igor — now exploding into a category 4 monster in the Atlantic — other than to make the joke in the title, and because it’s terribly pretty.


[Click to encoriolisize, or go here to see a range of size options.]

The picture was taken by NASA’s Aqua satellite on Sunday, September 12 at 16:00 UT.
It’s well east and south of the US right now, but its path is unclear. I suspect Chris Mooney at The Intersection will be keeping a close eye — yes, haha — on it. Stay tuned.

Image credit: NASA, Aqua team hunger force


Comments (37)

  1. Gary Ansorge

    Man, that’s a big, whirly thing. So, how come it’s not a hexagon shape, like a proper storm. Oh right. I forgot. It’s just Earth. Too small for a proper storm.

    Now, on Uranus(or was that Neptune), OUR storms are MUCH more interesting,,,

    It’s for pics like this that I wish I had a seven foot projector display.

    Gary 7

  2. B. Neuenschwander
  3. Tanya

    At Gary:

    Saturn Dude! Don’t you even know your home planet? And that’s the North Polar region too. 😉

  4. Yay! A new desktop image for my lappy!

  5. Werewolf! There wolf. There castle.

  6. Tensor

    Eye-gor, help me with the bags.
    Igor: Soitenly. You take the blonde, I’ll take the one in the turban.

  7. Seamyst

    Okay, so apparently I’m not the only one who connected the title to Young Frankenstein.

  8. Cody

    Heres a sat loop of Igor which is done by GOES-15 in its “super-rapid operations” mode. It takes a new image of Igor every 60 seconds.

    Its a pretty big file though.

  9. Floyd

    “That’s Fronkensteen.”

  10. Jess

    Our local weather lady here in Providence, RI keeps making Young Frankenstein references. I like them more now!

  11. nomuse

    I see I’m late to this party. Ah, well. “What hump?”

  12. Mike Sperry

    “Need a hand?”

    “No thanks! Got one!”

  13. Anita

    Oh, Phil. We read you in New Orleans. Please do not make jokes about hurricanes. That is all.

  14. Grisha

    “Could be worse. Could be raining.”

  15. Wayne Robinson

    I know that I’ll be accused of flogging a dead horse (not that there’s anything wrong with sadism, necrophilia and bestiality …), but I still think that this beautiful image proves my point about the inherent waste of money that the ISS represents.

    Robert Park, in “Voodoo Science”, puts this case much better than I can. There’s no science that the astronauts are doing on the ISS that couldn’t be done cheaper, safer and better by robots. The life support systems on the ISS result in vibrations degrading any images taken from it. The money spent on the ISS should have gone into developing the technology to get humans to Mars.

  16. Grand Lunar

    So I’m not the only one that likes to pronounce the name that way. :)

    “Walk this way!”

  17. NAW

    One reason I keep going to this blog is so I don’t feel so quite alone with my humor.

  18. Tribeca Mike

    While listening to a report on Igor over NPR today, I was hoping they’d play a sound clip of the late great Marty Feldman saying “That’s Eye-gor” every time they mentioned the name. I’d also like to see Robert Preston in The Music Man on Broadway again, but hey you can’t have everything.

  19. DLC

    If there were an alien race out there looking in on us, it might quip: “my what puny storms the third planet has in comparison to the outer planets”
    but we think its a humdinger.
    All a matter of scale.

  20. Paleoprof

    ‘but its path is unclear’
    Really?? The NHC seems to have a pretty good handle on it. Always has actually

    Abby someone . . . oh yeah . . . Abby Normal
    (apparently mandatory Young Frankenstein joke :)


  21. ggremlin

    “Where do you get that brain?”

    “Abby someone.”

    “Abby Someone? Abby Who?”

    “Abby Normal.”

    “ABNormal!” I put an ABNORMAL brain into a seven foot 500 pound Gorillia!!!” Sound of croaking with extremism prejudice.

    My favorite scene :)

  22. Messier Tidy Upper

    If you really want “eye-gore” check out Shakespeare’s King Lear play. 😉

    Three words : “Out vile jelly!”

  23. Paleoprof: Note that path gets wider with time, indicating uncertainty (it’s also called the “potential track”). Also, it’s only up to a certain date; it’s not clear if it will swing in to hit the US coast or not.

  24. JB of Brisbane

    Wayne Robinson (#16) said –
    “There’s no science that the astronauts are doing on the ISS that couldn’t be done cheaper, safer and better by robots.”
    Sorry, I can’t resist…

  25. @ 23 ggremlin: Actually, here’s that same line, but with a modern day update:

    “Where do you get that brain?”

    “Abby someone.”

    “Abby Someone? Abby Who?”

    “Abby Normal.”

    “ABNormal!” I put an ABNORMAL brain into Glenn Beck?”

  26. Georg

    just a small problem:
    the name Igor is pronounciated like Egr,
    there is no trace of an O in there.
    Of course unspeakable for an angloamerican

  27. Messier Tidy Upper

    If you don’t get the King Lear reference see :

    Those who are squeamish may wish to avoid even though its not too graphic..

  28. DrFlimmer

    Yeah, Young Frankenstein was also what I thought of the moment I saw the title! A bloody good flick!

    To give the German dubbing of that scene:

    “Du bist Igor?” (>>You’re Igor?<>That’s “Eyegor”… I’m from the North face!<<)

    (The "Eiger-Nordwand" ( Eiger north face) is a famous and very dangerous ridge in Switzerland!)

  29. Mike

    Its Fronk-en-schine. Sure my name is Eye-gor

  30. Kevin

    Thank you Phil!

    A local meteorologist posted something about Igor on his Facebook page, and when I commented on it, saying “it’s pronounced EYE-gor”, he got pissed and took down my comment, plus about ten others after me continuing the Young Frankenstein riff.


  31. “Blücher”

    *Rears up on hind legs, whinnying in terror*

  32. Carter

    I want to work for NASA’s Aqua Team Hunger Force.

  33. Paleoprof

    I live, teach and research in South Florida I know all about Cones of uncertainty and the limits of our abilities to accurately predict where these storms are going to go. And yes my degrees in geology have enabled me to read the map and see that the prediction only goes out 5 days (seriously, condescending much?)
    My point is that by saying “the path is unclear” you imply a great deal more uncertainty than exists. The NHC forecast is clear enough, it’s going to turn north and may be a threat to the Eastern US but while the odds of it getting into the Gulf of Mexico are not technically zero they are practically zero. Your statement was correct but it was not accurate.
    This not really a big deal and I’m sorry to be such a tool about it but one of the things I run into in trying to teach critical thinking is that my students cannot distinguish between what’s possible and probable. (Sure it’s possible we faked the Moon landings but when you look at the facts it’s not really probable at all)
    Maybe this just comes down to our definitions of “unclear” I’ve followed storms where the cone of uncertainty was literally a circle around the storm. It had an equal probability of going in any direction.
    Ok, sorry rambling and I’ve got class to get to. . . really do usually enjoy the blog.

    Frankenstein – Igor, help me with the bags.
    Igor – You take the blonde, I’ll take the one in the turban.

  34. Messier Tidy Upper

    @33. GumbyTheCat Says:

    “Blücher” *Rears up on hind legs, whinnying in terror*

    The cat *whinnies*? (Puzzled) 😉

    @34. Carter Says:

    NASA’s Aqua Team Hunger Force.

    I don’t get that reference – the BA’s or yours – at all I’m afraid.

    But I am wondering : Were they aqua-marines? 😉

  35. Robert Carnegie

    So is “eye as in centre of a hurricane” part of the joke, or is it just the movie?

    Jokes happen, but I’m being cautious what I say about this one now so that I don’t end up feeling terribly guilty later on.


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