Geek A Week starts its second half

By Phil Plait | September 17, 2010 11:34 am

My pal Len Peralta is doing this cool thing called Geek A Week, where he interviews one Alpha Nerd every week, and then draws them in his own nifty style.

He just interviewed Nerdist Chris Hardwick, which was pretty funny (though be ye fairly warned, says I: Chris is a bit of a potty mouth, in the sense that a GRB is a bit of an energy source). Here’s the whole list of interviews, where you may note he kicked off his second half with Steve Wozniak! Holy Apple Computers!

You’ll see lots of familiar names on that list, like Hwil Hwheaton, Adam Savage™, Brea Grant, and even, might I add, me. Do not taunt the Alpha Nerds, for we are mighty. But you should go listen to the interviews.

Oh– I’ll note that as you read this I’m getting ready to perform at w00tstock 2.5.1! I’ll be live-tweeting it, so check that out for more nerdery.

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Comments (12)

  1. All praise to the mighty alpha nerds.

  2. Wayne on the plains

    Given your description of his linguistic impairment, I think I’ll pass. Smart people should really be more original.

  3. Tribeca Mike

    I’ve been enjoying the nerd bios, and Len Peralta is a very clever artist.

  4. Ryan S

    Web Soup (with hardwick) > Tosh.0

  5. Daniel J. Andrews

    Speaking of Brea Grant. I just watched more Heroes on DVD so now I know who she is. Phil…perhaps you could use your contact with her to kindly tell the writers to stop mangling solar eclipses. They treat them as if they were lunar eclipses, visible all over the globe and taking hours to end. Just a minor pet peeve…and the tie-in with the sun and mutation powers still eludes me—are they all refugees from Krypton?

    @2 Wayne. Yeah, I expect more creative clever use of language too. Shock value can be funny when unexpected but it loses value when used all the time. Just my taste in humour though…(but I never understood the 3 stooges either).

  6. John Paradox

    Regarding use of language, especially insults… James J. Kilpatrick had a great article years ago about Creative Insulting. I got rights to republish it, so you can read it here

    @Daniel J. Andrews – the ongoing worldwide eclipse was pretty much what killed Heroes for me, though I stayed watching to the end.


  7. Dan B

    Quite an enjoyable interview, though he only swore a handful of times. The dolphin reality show line was so deadpan it was hilarious.

    @2. Wayne on the plains – I really have to disagree with that opinion. To suggest use of such words denotes a lack of creativity is really quite a shallow way of seeing things. These words are used because they are clear and concise and can convey emotions in ways that other words or phrases are incapable of doing so. Listen to a great comedian like George Carlin and you can see this in action.

  8. QuietDesperation

    Do not taunt the Alpha Nerds, for we are mighty.

    Yeah, you’re just ruling the world, aren’t you? That’s why we are clearly heading toward a peaceful world where science and engineering are respected fields and religion is on the wane and governments use reason and logic to… wait a minute… oh yeah… *I* live in the universe where scientists are depicted as bespectacled misfits who are either stumbling over their own feet or trying to destroy the world; where engineers, the ones who deliver to the world most of what makes civilization wonderful, are in one of the most ridiculed professions around; and politicians either treat science with disdain or use it to push one wacky agenda or another.

    Now give me your lunch money.

    Smart people should really be more original.

    Smart people should stop calling themselves geek and nerd.

    the ongoing worldwide eclipse was pretty much what killed Heroes for me,

    Their mistaking “incoherent and rambling plotting” for “epic heroic storytelling” is what killed it for me. I gave up and went over to Burn Notice which knows exactly what it wants to be an pulls it off nicely. And it has Bruce Campbell.

  9. Wayne on the plains

    @ 7 Dan B,

    That’s the great thing about opinions, we don’t have to agree. I would say that strong language does have it’s place, but when someone is described as a “potty mouth” that signals to me overuse for comedy or shock value to the point that it’s just annoying. I’ve never seen someone who was offended or put off by someone’s lack of cursing, and if given the choice I’d rather not be offensive on purpose. Maybe I’m just not hip enough to “get” it, but foul language when not coupled with extreme emotion appeals to me about as much as taking up smoking (ie, not at all).

  10. Dan B

    I can totally understand that. The interview wasn’t nearly that severe though.

  11. QuietDesperation

    but when someone is described as a “potty mouth” that signals to me overuse

    When I was on a work trip to a remote satellite receiver station several years ago, I was fiddling with our computers and overheard two people talking in the garage area. One guy was dropping an F-bomb literally every four seconds. Effing this, effing that, the effing thing.

    And he wasn’t angry or anything. He was calmly describing some stuff they had to move for a big project somewhere else, and the logistics involved. I had to go see who this was, so I walked through the garage to where our project’s crates were. It was some guy in a shirt and tie- total executive looking type. Turned out he was one of the managers in charge of that other project.

    I never heard anything like that even back in grade school. It was beyond “potty mouth” into some sort of Tourette’s style mental problem, but where the obscenities are inserted smoothly into normal conversation. I not sure he was even aware he was doing it.

  12. jeff

    after 30 years teaching, I finally get to take the gloves off, until I’m banned.

    geeks : not good, thank goodness I was able to work around them most of my career, not the only group of creeps on this earth but one of them

    science: very good. that is nature itself

    My point, nature is beautiful despite the creepy nerds that inhabit and think they own science


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