Sie sind unter uns!

By Phil Plait | September 20, 2010 12:06 pm

Translated from German, this means "They are among us!" and it’s a slogan the German SciFi channel has been using. And just to prove that every country is cooler than we are, they ran this commercial:

Now don’t get me wrong– I love me some Sharktopus — but I wish we had more TV ads like this one. Awesome.

And, of course, highly logical.

There are others, too, like this one, and this one, and this one, and this one which made me seriously LOL.

I love being a geek.

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  1. Which means you got well over 50% of good or at least acceptable German commercials linked here. For most commercials for just about any product, I can’t help thinking our German advertisers deliberately pick the worst, most boring and most annoying ideas…

  2. Charlie Rocker

    Those were all fun to watch. Thanks, Phil.

  3. The Worf haunted house one is funny as hell too! Thanks Phil,

  4. dave

    Do they still call it “SciFi” over there? Changing the name to “SyFy” in the States was one of the dumbest decisions in the history of television, right up there with having the Bradys adopt Oliver.

  5. Yogzotot

    I completely agree with cimddwc – usually, German commercials are really boring and stupid. Love that they got those spot on.

  6. I’ve seen ads for a Star Trek movie coming to theaters. I can’t tell if it’s a new one, or the original Star Trek movie being re-released.

  7. DrFlimmer

    Thank god that I don’t watch much TV (usually dvds), because, as it was already mentioned, German ads suck. But in which country don’t they?

    However, those are nice. Good catch, Phil 😉

  8. Jeremy

    “Unter” is “under,” not “among,” unless there’s an unfamiliar idiom at work here.

  9. AliCali

    While “Unter” means under, “unter uns” means “among us” colloquially.

  10. Strahlungsamt

    Here’s the German Star Trek. :)

  11. @dave: Coincidentally, German SciFi changed the name to Syfy today…

    “unter” = under, below, beneath, among, between –and not just colloquial.

  12. DemetriosX

    OK, I haven’t seen any of these either, but then like the other commenters, I watch very little television. I’m not even sure my cable company carries SciFi/SyFy. Most of these are pretty good (though given Ferengi physiology, the one with Quark has some rather R-rated overtones) and German commercials do generally suck. Half of them are like 70s era, big market independent station ads and most of the rest are either the same ads you get everywhere or have an 80s style. Heck, I still see ads that I first saw when I moved here over a decade ago. Not to mention really bad market targeting: toy ads after 10 PM, beer and car ads during kids programming.

    Anyway, maybe it’s just me, but for all their cleverness, the slogan carries certain… uncomfortable associations. I’m just sayin’.

  13. Tribeca Mike

    Wunderbar! Tribbles nächstes?

  14. Douglas Troy

    LOL! Those were great. Needed a good laugh today.



    Not to mention really bad market targeting: toy ads after 10 PM, beer and car ads during kids programming.

    Actually, there are good reasons for that:

    1. Adverts for toys are shown after 10 p.m. so that long-suffering parents of bloody spoiled brats aren’t pestered for the latest “Ich will eins!” (I want one!) toy, because the brats will be in bed!

    2. Beer and car adverts are shown during kids’ programming so that long-suffering wives are not pestered by their beer-bellied Mannsvolk (menfolk) shouting, “Ich will eins!”, because the men will be at work!

  16. timebinder

    You can tell it’s German, because someone had to die in it.

  17. theMark

    @timebinder Huh? If you’re referring to the first ad, the Vulcan nerve pinch usually puts people to sleep …

  18. Daniel J. Andrews

    Guess I’m dense, but I didn’t get the one with Data and with Quark. I thought Quark was buying q-tips for his ears but perhaps not? And I don’t know what Data was putting money into…a sleeping chamber??

  19. DrFlimmer

    @ Ivan3man

    Good one 😀

  20. Adam

    @Daniel J. Andrews: data was putting money into a tanning chamber.

  21. #4 Dave

    Oh noes! You invoked the name of the evil entity Oliver! Now Phil’s blog is going to have nothing but bad luck… the only cure is for Fonzie to jump a shark NOW!!!

  22. Georg

    Are You sure those ads are German production really?
    In general, German ads are boring, this is a fact, which is
    produced by a cooperation of traditional German civil law
    and cowardice of ordering parties.

  23. Lars

    That ‘German Star Trek’ video up there is from a comedian called ‘Bully’ which in no way means what the English word bully means. Anyways he has/had a comedy show on TV similar to Mad TV. One of the regular skits he did was a gay star trek. And as for German TV ads, normaly quite horrible. A perfect example is the Mentos commercials that played here in the US.

  24. Grand Lunar

    Excellent find, Phil!

    Too bad Sci-Fi..oops, I mean SyFy, here in the US doesn’t do a similar series of ads.
    Nope, got to focus on the ghost plumbers!

  25. ND

    The mentos commercials were from Germany? I knew there was something European about those ads.

  26. Messier Tidy Upper

    LOL! :-)

    I can imagine a whole story from that on who she was and what Spock was doing there.

    I guess Spock was out of pon far at the time although being half-human as well … Hmm ..?

    BTW. A bit off topic but I have to say there’s some very bad biology (& I’m not even a biologist) in Star Trek. Vulcans and humans being able to interbreed equals they are very closely related species – essentially the same species – and if Spock really is a hybrid human-vulcan the same way as we get hybrid “liger / tiglon” lions & tigers, horse and donkeys then it implys he’s sterile like a mule. Logically.

    The same applies to most alien-human cross breeds with the possible exception of Minbari-human Delenn & her son given her “Chrysalis” machine alteration of her body.

  27. Messier Tidy Upper

    If folks haven’t heard of the lion cross tigers & are curious see :

    & for more on mules see :

    Including weirdly enough the idea they are less stubborn (“obstinate”) than donkeys despite the saying.

    For another well~ish known naturally occurring mammalian hybrid see :

    the Polar Bear / Grizzly bear cross.

  28. Daniel J. Andrews

    ahh…thank you, Adam.


  29. Peter Henderson

    What about the Scottish star trek Phil:

  30. Messier Tidy Upper

    @30. Peter Henderson : Nice clip .. but I need a subtitled version, I cannae understand a woerrd they sed. 😉


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